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Raymond's New Look for 2013

Discussion in 'Fan Art' started by CptScorpion, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. CptScorpion

    CptScorpion Scrafty Artist

    Raymond the Eelektross is one of my Pokémon characters who is having a major makeover for 2013. This will be a more fitting look for him to fit in with the RaymondXAurora pairing because of Aurora being some sort of a scene girl.

    Because his girlfriend is a scene girl, I'm gonna make him a scene boy. His hair will be slightly longer, spikier, and have a reddish-orange trim around the fringes. He will also have a much different outfit from what he looked like in the past pictures of him. He will wear a black t-shirt (possibly with a metalcore band's name on it, but was hidden under the jersey), a sleeveless basketball jersey layering on top of the black shirt, a pair of tight black jeans, and he will also be wearing a pair of canvas sneakers (or vans). He will also have a wristband with spikes on it, just like his girlfriend. The only article of clothing Raymond will be keeping for the following year will be his infamous poké ball bandanna.

    Although, the jersey he is seen wearing appears to be equipped for an away game. The number 64 on the jersey also appears to be out of proportion.

    Eelektross(#604)(c)Pocket Monsters 5
    Pokemon Black and White(c)Nintendo

    Please note that this look will not be officially in effect until January 1, 2013. Until then, he will still use his current appearance.

    Raymond 2013.jpg

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