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Rayquaza Emboar Entei - Rayboar NXD on decklist

Discussion in 'Rate My Deck' started by L3GNDKILLA, Nov 14, 2013.


    L3GNDKILLA lf shinys+events :D

    okay so basically i'm thinking of making a rayboar deck, i used to play with a rayeels list which still is one of my favourite decks, so basically there are some cards in here which may make you think why are they in there, well ill start with the list then put explanations for some of them below.

    3 Rayquaza EX
    2 Reshiram
    2 Entei EX
    3-0-3 Emboar

    4 Juniper
    4 N
    2 Cilan
    2 Skyla

    1 Computer Search
    4 Superior Energy Retrieval
    2 Energy Retrieval
    4 Switch
    2 Heavy Ball
    2 Level Ball
    2 Super Rod
    2 Skyarrow Bridge
    2 Energy Search

    4 Lightning
    10 Fire

    Card Explanations

    Reshiram - Good counter for decks running sigilyph or decks that prevent ex's from attacking.

    Entei EX - Sets up pokemon on bench if you're not able to find any retrieval's and also a good virizion/genesect counter. (Also searchable through heavy ball)

    Cilan - Good for getting energy straight from deck to hand to me fandangoed onto rayquaza or entei or reshiram. (Good combo with super rod)

    Skyarrow Bridge - Gives Rayquaza free retreat.

    One other card i need to consider is tool scrapper but had trouble making room for it.

    Help is greatly appreciated
  2. ven?

    ven? Kanto Region Champ

    -1 switch
    -2 cilan
    -1 energy retrevial

    +4 rare candy, rare candy is worth more then any of those 4 cards in this deck, especially when you play no pignite.
  3. Swagsire

    Swagsire Well-Known Member

    -1 cilan
    -2 SER
    +3 RC Qwaa ;195;
  4. ven?

    ven? Kanto Region Champ

    ^have you played rayboar 2/2 e.retrevial and ser is not consistent.
  5. Swagsire

    Swagsire Well-Known Member

    its pretty close. With 14 energy. Entei for extra retrieval utility. It's pretty solid. And I think I have a handle on rayboar. It's the deck I first started in this format with. Qwaa ;195;
  6. ven?

    ven? Kanto Region Champ

    That maybe true, but against certain matchups, relying on the 2/2 line plus the entei can kill you more then save you, hench why the 4 SER straight is a better play (however in certain matchups the entei, ultra ball, rayquaza combo is one of the best ways to go to pull off 1-2 ohko/ko combinations however since we work in a non-catcher format it is more efficient to knock down whatever is in you're way then to catcher kill 90 hp remaining EX's on the bench, discarding through the engine and using various SER to setup greater dmg exploits overall).

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