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[Razgriz's Dream World Shop]

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by Razgriz644, Apr 24, 2011.

  1. Razgriz644

    Razgriz644 New Member

    [Razgriz's Flawless/Near Flawless + Dream World Shop]

    [Razgriz's Shop]

    *Note, Read this before posting*

    - I do not accept hacked Pokemon/nor do I trade hacked Pokemon.
    - I do not RNG/clone/hack.
    - All Pokemon I have to offer are Legit and are in English.
    - You must fill out the order form at the bottom of this post for requested Female Dream World Pokemon

    Near flawless, EVd Pokemon that I bred without the use of RNG for trade:

    Timid Politoad Lvl 100 Female l Hidden Power Dragon 67
    Drizzle l Choice Scarf l OT Calisto l Pokerus Cured
    IVs 31/X/28/31/31/31
    EVs 0/0/4/252/0/252
    Hydro Pump l Ice Beam l Psychic l Focus Blast

    Modest Gorebyss Lvl 100 Male l Hidden Power Dragon 68
    Hydration l White Herb l OT Calisto l Pokerus Cured
    IVs 30/X/31/31/31/31
    EVs 4/0/0/252/0/252
    Hydro Pump l Ice Beam l Shell Smash l Baton Pass

    Adamant Toxicroak Lvl 100 Female l Hidden Power Ice 54
    Dry Skin l Black Sludge l OT Calisto l Pokerus Cured
    IVs 31/31/31/X/31/4
    EVs 252/252/0/0/4/0
    Sucker Punch l Drain Punch l Bulk Up l Substitute

    Bold Whimsicott Lvl 100 Female l Hidden Power Grass 68
    Prankster l Leftovers l OT Calisto l No Pokerus
    IVs 31/X/31/X/31/31
    EVs 240/0/54/0/216/0
    Leech Seed l Taunt l Encore l Substitute

    RNGed Flawless/Near Flawless Pokemon for trade:

    Shiny Jolly Growlithe Lvl 1 Male l Hidden Power Dark 70
    Intimidate l Choice Band l OT Sunny l No Pokerus
    IVs 31/31/31/31/31/31
    Fully - Redistributable
    Flare Blitz l Close Combat l Wild Charge l Roar

    Adamant Larvitar Lvl 1 Male l Hidden Power Dark 70
    Guts l OT JET l No Pokerus
    IVs 31/31/31/31/31/31
    Fully - Redistributable
    Stone Edge l Earthquake l Payback l Dragon Dance

    Shiny Jolly Bagon Lvl 1 Male l Hidden Power Dark 70
    Rock Head l OT Jake l No Pokerus
    IVs 31/31/31/31/31/31
    Fully - Redistributable
    Dragon Claw l Dragon Dance l Brick Break l Fire Blast

    Shiny Jolly Gible Lvl 1 Male l Hidden Power Dark 70
    Rock Head l OT Brad l No Pokerus
    IVs 31/31/31/31/31/31
    Fully - Redistributable
    Outrage l Earthquake l Stone Edge l Roar

    Timid Shaymin Lvl 100 Genderless l Hidden Power Ice 70
    Natural Cure l Choice Specs l OT TRU l Pokerus Cured
    IVs 31/30/30/31/31/31
    EVs 4/0/0/252/0/252
    Fully - Redistributable
    Seed Flare l Air Slash l Earth Power l Hidden Power

    Adamant Axew Lvl 1 Male l Hidden Power Dark 70
    Mold Breaker l OT Black l No Pokerus
    IVs 31/31/31/31/31/31
    Dragon Claw l X - Scissor l Poison Jab l Taunt

    Shiny Adamant Pawniard Lvl 1 Female
    Defiant l OT kobold l No Pokerus
    IVs 31/31/31/X/31/31
    Brick Break l Sucker Punch l Pursuit l Thunder Wave

    Pleasant Forest Dream World Pokemon for trade:

    - Rattata (Hustle)
    - Nidoran (Hustle becomes Sheer Force Nidoqueen)
    - Oddish (Effect spore Vileplume or Healer Bellossom)
    - Bellsprout (Gluttony)
    - Ponyta (Flame Body)
    - Farfetch'd (Defiant)
    - Doduo (Tangled Feet)
    - Exeggcute (Harvest)
    - Lickitung (Cloud Nine)
    - Tangela (Regenerator)
    - Kangaskhan (Inner Focus)
    - Sentret (Frisk)
    - Igglybuff (Friend Guard becomes Frisk Wigglytuff)
    - Mareep (Plus)
    - Sunkern (Early Bird)
    - Stantler (Sap Sipper)
    - Poochyena (Rattled becomes Moxie Mightyena)
    - Lotad (Own Tempo)
    - Surskit (Rain Dish becomes Unnerve Masquerain)
    - Bidoof (Moody)
    - Shinx (Guts)
    - Growlithe (Justified)
    - Scyther (Steadfast becomes Light Metal Scizor)
    - Psyduck (Swift Swim)
    - Marill (Sap Sipper)
    - Sudowoodo (Rattled)
    - Girafarig (Sap Sipper)
    - Miltank (Sap Sipper)
    - Zigzagoon (Quick Feet)
    - Electrike (Minus)
    - Pachirisu (Volt Absorb)
    - Buneary (Limber)
    - Glameow (Keen Eye becomes Defiant Purugly)
    - Vulpix (Drought)
    - Poliwag (Swift Swim Poliwrath or Drizzle Politoad)
    - Elekid (Vital Spirit)
    - Skitty (Wonder Skin)

    Windswept Sky Dream World Pokemon for trade:

    - Caterpie (Run Away becomes Tinted Lens Butterfree)
    - Pidgey (Big Pecs)
    - Spearow (Sniper)
    - Zubat (Infiltrator)
    - Hoothoot (Tinted Lens)
    - Ledyba (Rattled becomes Iron Fist Ledian)
    - Natu (Magic Bounce)
    - Hoppip (Infiltrator)
    - Yanma (Frisk)
    - Murkrow (Prankster becomes Moxie Honchkrow)
    - Gligar (Immunity becomes Poison Heal Gliscor)
    - Delibird (Insomnia)
    - Taillow (Scrappy)
    - Swablu (Cloud Nine)
    - Staravia (Reckless)
    - Drifloon (Flare Boost)
    - Skarmory (Weak Armor)
    - Tropius (Harvest)
    - Chatot (Big Pecks)

    Sparkling Sea Dream World Pokemon for trade:

    - Slowpoke (Regenerator)
    - Goldeen (Lightningrod)
    - Krabby (Sheer Force)
    - Horsea (Damp)
    - Magikarp (Rattled becomes Moxie Gyarados)
    - Wooper (Unaware)
    - Qwilfish (Intimidate)
    - Corsola (Regenerator)
    - Remoraid (Moody)
    - Mantine (Water Veil)
    - Wingull (Rain Dish)
    - Carvanha (Speed Boost)
    - Wailmer (Pressure)
    - Barboach (Hydration)
    - Clampearl (Water Veil Huntail or Hydration Gorebyss)
    - Luvdisc (Hydration)
    - Buizel (Water Veil)
    - Finneon (Water Veil)
    - Tentacool (Rain Dish)
    - Corphish (Adaptability)
    - Anorith (Swift Swim)
    - Feebas (Adaptability becomes Cute Charm Milotic)
    - Shellos (Sand Strength)
    - Lapras (Hydration)
    - Dratini (Marvel Scale become Multi-Scale Dragonite)

    Dream World Cafe Forest Pokemon for Trade:

    - Smeargle (Moody)
    - Eevee (Anticipation)
    - Burmee (Overcoat)

    In game Dream World Pokemon for trade:

    - Munna (Telepathy)
    - Darumaka (Inner Focus becomes Zen Mode Darmanitan)

    Breeding order form [keep in mind, I can not RNG nor clone]:

    Dream World Pokemon name:
    Pokerus (Cured, None, Neither):
    Egg Moves:

    What I am looking for:

    - Flawless/Near flawless Pokemon
    - Flawless Japanese Ditto
    - I am not looking for other Dream World Pokemon except for the male only species/events

    Looking for these Pokemon in particular:

    Nature: Bold
    Gender: Male
    IVs: Flawless
    Ability: Storm Drain
    - Stealth Rocks
    - Energy Ball
    - Recover
    - Mirror Coat


    Nature: Modest
    IVs: Near Flawless, hidden power ice 70
    - Fire Blast
    - Earth power
    - Hidden power
    - Nitro Charge
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2011
  2. cuty_pie98

    cuty_pie98 Gallade Lover ♥

    A Liberty Ticket Victini for your Arceus
  3. Excitable Boy

    Excitable Boy is a metaphor

    I'll trade an Uxie (nn'd "CREHELF") and a female Telepathy Musharna for your Ralts and Oddish.
  4. Ginji

    Ginji <-most recent shiny

    Yo, im interested in these:

    Ralts (Either Telepathy Gardevoir or Justified Gallade)
    Shinx (Guts)
    Snivy (Contrary)
    Torchic (Speed Boost) male adamant

    my offer: look in my shop and tell me what you want ^^
  5. zwgiantsfan

    zwgiantsfan <- Best Pokémon Ever

    ur dw torchic 4 zapdos
  6. Plat. Frontier

    Plat. Frontier Epic Mustache

    FYI, Snivy with a Dream World ability is automatically considered hacked. No Unova Pokemon (with the exception of the Darumaka and the Munna family) can have DW Abilities.
  7. cheeselord

    cheeselord Largely Inactive

    Oh how those female dw snivies temp me... But no I must not accept hacks.

    Any way, would you do your dw ralts and psyduck for any two dw females from my sig?
  8. TheBluePorygon

    TheBluePorygon i miss the old kanye


    i will trade either my tornadus with any power item attached or my Victini Jolly with any power item attached for a DW Torchic
  9. Triforceelf

    Triforceelf The Emperor Protects

    I'll trade you a Kyogre or Uxie for a DW Torchic female.
  10. Pittbull

    Pittbull Spirit Fighter

  11. Metagross-

    Metagross- Trader/Breeder

    Willing to trade DW for DW check out my shop for my DW and I will also trade ANY pokemon in my shop for the DW Event pokemon
    Last edited: May 10, 2011
  12. Fissurous

    Fissurous <>< Staff Member Moderator

    I'm interested in your DW Natu, Swablu, and Ralts. I'm also interested in your ALAMOS Darkrai. Check out my trade shop and maybe we can come to a deal. If you want shinies, I would be willing to give a shiny for the Darkrai and a shiny for the 3 DW Pokemon.
    I'll also send you a PM.
  13. ophelia72

    ophelia72 AR-less cloning ^.^

    Interested in a dw snivy and your ALAMOS darkrai.

    Would you accept a shiny turtwig and a shiny kyogre for them?
  14. TheBluePorygon

    TheBluePorygon i miss the old kanye

    DW Snivys dont exist theyre hacks sorry
  15. Razgriz644

    Razgriz644 New Member

    Really sorry! I did not realise my shop got accepted, I found out about a month later. Updated thread to the most recent list. Im mainly looking for flawless pokemon, cloners for 1 in 8 ratio dream world pokemon and dream world pokemon events
    If your still interested repost your offers
  16. Panbobo

    Panbobo MASUTA BOORU

    hi! i'm interested in both your Drifloom and Chatot. May I offer you a Enigma Stone Latias (Calm with perfect Def, SpA and SpD) and a Oblivia Heatran? (of course, you can always check my shop and tell me if you see something you like =D )
  17. Razgriz644

    Razgriz644 New Member

    Sure I can trade those 2 for those. Btw are they in english?
  18. Vargas_Nano

    Vargas_Nano New Member

    I have some shinies I can offer for your DW anorith
  19. cheeselord

    cheeselord Largely Inactive

    Your dw female natu and starly for any two of mine that you want from my sig?
  20. Soulstar360

    Soulstar360 Member

    Hi i am interested in ur dw dratini and lapras and krabby
    I have no ev'd Pokemon and I do not know how to calculate ivs
    But I have all regular Pokemon till 4 th gen

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