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RE: The Eevees that Bind [PG-15]

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Liltwick, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Alright, reposting plot, reigion, and characters as a refresher!

    The Eevees that Bind

    Plot/Background Information:

    Long ago, in a region far, far away were seven friends. These friends were nothing special, just regular kids going to Trainer's School, waiting for them to be able to go onto their journeys. They were very close, and all was well for a while. The laughed, danced, and played. Them they each learned that they were going to be separated, and didn't know how they would see each other again. When one of the friends, a young girl named Freya, got an Eevee for her Thirteenth birthday, and they then remembered something they read in school.

    Twas' not the bond between seven, which lead light and chaos to plunge the world in strife and darkness once more. The each carried an Eevee with them, and it leads them to take action. This pact bind them stronger than any would imagine, all thanks to their Eevees. Seven who carried an Eevee each, they could recreate the pact, but with a terrible price. Tread carefully when thou want to redo this, as they might recreate the mistakes long ago.

    Now, if you seven are brave enough, here is what must be required. Seven Eevees, a knife, a magic circle, ribbon, one red, blue, green, purple, black, yellow, and light blue. They would need to be in a quiet place, preferable the forest, or an abandoned shrine. When you are ready, make sure this is what you want…

    If you still are rash enough to continue, or desperate, start off by erecting the magic circle, it should be big enough to fit seven people. Next, when that is done, pass the knife around, and prick your hand so a drop of blood falls onto the circle and your Eevee as well. Then place your Eevee in front of you, and tie one of the ribbons in front of you…

    The children did what the instructions told them, and they soon saw a blinding blue light. When the scene was visible again, the circle and ribbons were gone, and in front of them were each of Eevee's evolutions. The seven parted ways, promising to meet each other again.

    Each of them has done something good in their lives, from becoming a Professor, to a contest star, and a champion. They all specialized in the type their Eevee evolved into, and always look towards the day they see each other again.

    Now, they each travel the region of Kyushu, not knowing they'll soon find each other, and more dangerous things lurk around corners. They all start heading towards Luxaris City, the Capitol of the region.

    The Kyushu Region-

    [​IMG] Credit to Avenger Angel

    The beginning of the region is Luxaris city, a city with many tall buildings, and is the size of Nimbasa city, the region around it is flowery fields and a few Cyprus trees. Then from the left of the city is route 401, and then up is route 402, both are lines with flowers and houses. Route 402 has a ranch. The north of that is Windrift Forest. A forest with high winds, almost no access to the sun, and its thorns and vines create a labyrinth. In the middles is Windrift town, the second gym, which is modeled on Foretree city from hoenn. The right part of the forest is covered in snow, and the left part is a giant maze of roses. Left of it is route 403, a small, open route leading to the Kyushu plains. The plains is a huge, grassy region. To the bottom exit of it is the safari zone, and in the middle is Petalli city, a city famous for all of the different flowers that grow there.

    TO the top is a huge Elevation spike to the Frigi mountains, which contains a huge network of caves, and an underground lake. On a small outlook on the mountain is the Shoko Base, which is like an Indian cite, but with influences of the dark and night. At the top of the highest peak is the temporal shrine, the resting place of a great and powerful deity, and a portal to the other world. The Frigi mountains are naturally covered in ice. The route between the Kyushu plains and the Frigi mountains is route 404, and that has a mountainous structure. To the left of the Kyushu plains is route 405, which has dead trees and gravestones on it. It enters into the Lunar Graveyard, a place surrounded with broken graves, and an eternal night. It also has other common graveyard stuff in it. Inside of it is Corrosion, the small town that corrodes away at your insanity, and has a demonic Bell Tower that can be seen anywhere from the graveyard. To the south of the Lunar Graveyard is Route 406, which is a mixture of Desert and Graveyard. It then enters into the Shashimi desert, which is famous for its giant bones of water Pokémon, high rock structures, and quicksand pits.

    To start where we left off, Oasis Outpost is a small outpost in the middle of the Shashimi Desert. It is next to an Oasis, and has Palm trees and the usual works there, including the gym. The route the exits out of the desert is route 407, a sea route with a bunch of underwater cliffs. This route is also known for its underwater Waterfall. It leads into Pearl Suites, the largest city in Kyushu. It has hotels, malls, boardwalks, piers, the Aquarium, and a gigantic Lighthouse. The city is made out of ivory, which was easily mined from the sea in Kyushu. It gives the city a luxurious glows, and making it visible from the Frigi Mountains under sunny conditions at night. North of it is Route 408, where the Safari Zone is located on, this route is more of a Tropical Rainforest route. The Clampearl tube, connects to the Pearl Reefs, a place where trainers can dive underwater to look for rare treasure and Pokémon. An underwater route exists there, called route 410, Which is lined with Coral, and leads to the Kyushu trench, a place where Many mysterious powers and presences are located . Route 409 is actually on the water, and has many little islands that connect it together to Pearl Suites. There it leads to Pearl Bay, where many small islands can be explored.

    Now, route 411 is located to the right of Windrift forest, and is a sort of mountain path. It lead's onto a peak called "Trickster's bounty" Where many unnatural phenomena occur. To the south of the peaks it route 412, a sort of dry land route that leads into the Socliate Ruins. The Socliate ruins are a new discovery, and many routes and even a city has been built in the recent span of years. This has led to the creation of a tunnel to the small ocean area around the ruins. The tunnel is blocked by an ominous gate. Once inside the tunnel, trainers have the choice of going to the south, Route 413, or north, route 417. They're basically the same, just narrow water passage ways. To the south of route 413 is the Savior Trench, a much shallower and friendly trench then the Kyushu trench. To the right of that is route 414, a route with a bunch of water ores, and ends in a tunnel into Gearmound city, and underwater city of people who have lived isolated from Kyushu for thousands of years. The city is pretty advanced, with monochrome buildings and gears hovering around it.

    TO the north of Gearmound city is route 415, which is a simple water route with nothing special. There is a Lagoon trainers can surface onto to restock equipment and heal, called Wallace's Lagoon, named after the Hoenn Champion who found it. Going back underwater, and to the left of Wallace's lagoon is route 416, which is a gigantic kelp forest. Then, an underwater volcano exists, called the Cone of Shellder, named after the variant that live on Slowbro's tales.

    TO the north of Trickster's bounty is route 418, a mountainous canyon route, to the right is 419, a forest route, 420 is a coastal route, and 221 is a wasteland route. Route 422 is a route that looks very similar to how the Paralyzed World looked like in PMD2, which is where everything is all black, and rocks are floating. It even feels like it doesn’t belong in this world. At the south, is a place called Hell's Abyss. Its contents in unknown to man... but they say that nothing has ever returned from the Abyss, making it a very guarded place.

    The three islands are off the coast of route 420, and can be reached by the route 423, a simple water route. the first and middle island is Honey Island, where a bunch of Combees and flowers can be found, and the scent of honey is dominant, the southern Island, access by a bridge, is Hibiscus Island, which is a ranch, and has flowers of its namesake all around it. The northern island, Orchid Island, is like a giant chess board, with everything in black and white

    Victory road is located on the bottom of the flying Pokémon League, it has rooms from all the various environments of Kyushu. Then the Elite 4 and Champion reside in a type of Castle, where a trainer has to face the many dangers in the castle to reach them.

    Note. All routes are in the 400's. It goes from 401-423.
    A map is provided above.
    The region of Kyushu is special, as it has 12 Gym Leaders instead of 8, like most of the other regions have. To start off, we’ll go in chronological order of the Gym Leaders, there-type, and ace.

    Gym 1- Luxaris
    The inside of the gym looks like a factory, and the challengers have to traverse the deadly fires of the factory to get to the leader. The leader’s name is Coal, and he specializes in fire-types. His ace is Pignite

    Gym 2- Windrift
    The inside of this gym is an interesting, unique one. It features a puzzle of Zip-lines that challengers have to get through in order to challenge the leader, Aria. She is a specialist in the flying type, and her ace is Vespiquen

    Gym 3- Petalli
    This gym is a very tricky one, as it’s a harder Labyrinth of roses then the one in Windrift forest. It’s constantly changing, and the flowers themselves seem to be out to get you. The gym leader is Rosaline, and her specialty is the grass-type. Her ace is Roserade

    Gym 4- Shoko
    The gym is a very interesting and dangerous one. The gym itself is built into the darkest path in the entire Frigi mountains, and the challengers only have one candle to get through and try to survive this harsh underground. The gym leader is a man named Sebastian, who specializes in the dark type. His ace is Weavile.

    Gym 5- Oasis
    The Oasis gym is a pretty challenging gym, with having the traverse the Oasis of the town. Once to the center, one has to go through a quicksand pit until they reach the Gym Leader. He’s a laid-back sand surfer by the name of Terra. He specializes in the ground-type, and his ace is Swampert.

    Gym 6- Pearl
    The gym in the Pearl Suites is the town’s Aquarium. Trainers have to traverse through the myriad tanks and creatures living in them to reach the gym leader. The leader’s name is Aquina, and she loves the water type. Her ace is Gorebyss

    Gym 7- Soclaite
    The Soclaite gym is a pretty basic one. The Challengers just need to traverse the bone field, which has many bones that could fall and kill you at any second. The gym leader is Forrest, the younger brother of Brock. He is a rock-type specialist as well, and uses his Rypherior as his ace

    Gym 8- Gearmound
    The Gearmound gym is a very tricky one. Trainers have to traverse spinning gears, trenches, and electromagnetism to get to the gym leader and Mayor. His name is Nike, a steel specialist, and his ace is Klinklang

    Gym 9- Honey
    The Honey Island’s gym is most likely the wackiest out of all the gyms. The trainers have to traverse through giant walls of honey, pools of honey, and any other obstacle one could think of that’s made of honey. Not to mention the constants Combee swarms. They gym leader is the normal-type specialist Damien, and his ace is Ursaring

    Gym 10 – Hibiscus
    The hibiscus gym is really simple. The challenger just has to walk through a field of Hibiscus to the leader, but one has to be wary for the countless traps laid around the field. The gym leader is Lillian, the one in tune with bug-types, and her ace is Buterfree

    Gym 11- Orchid
    The Orchid Island Gym is a giant Chessboard, and it functions that way as well. The challenger and the Gym leader play a game of Chess, and whoever wins that will decide the rules of the actual battle. The leader is the mystifying Kai, and the only thing known about this chess master is that she specializes in Psychic-types. Her ace, if isn’t obvious, is Slowking.

    Gym 12- Corrosion
    The eerie bell tower of the town functions as the Pokémon gym. Trainers try to climb to the top to challenge the leader, but whenever the bell tolls… The gym leader is a mysterious little girl in touch with ghosts by the name of Alice, and her ace is Chandelure…
    The E4 can’t be disclosed, but this will be constantly updated….
    No Double Posts, this is a must
    • Be descriptive, I want to know your characters and read over them
    • First Come, First Serve. If you want a specific Eeveelution, I suggest reserving it (Vaporeon is already reserved)
    • Start posts with the
    1. (Character Name)

    2. (Eveelution Chosen)

    3. (Character's Location)

    4. (Badges/Ribbons/XXX [Basically what your goal is] {I suggest doing the first two})


    • Please be kind and respectable to other players

    • No Godmoding or Power Playing, it doesn't help when you do this. I will do this slightly for moving everyone's locations, but if I need to major do it, I'll PM you it. Also, you can take over NPCs, like Medics and Such. Also, the only NPCs you can't control are Evan and Alyssa
    • If you try to change anything, I'll carve my mark into your hide, or kill your character off.
    • Try to make your posts some-what long. This is a Role Play after all
    • Have Fun!
    • Note: The Boarding School region is unknown. So don’t say a specific region.

    Vaporeon- Freya E. Yamamoto
    Jolteon- Naois Alain Odwolfe Illias Salvatore "Nao"
    Flareon- Tucker Finkle
    Umbreon- Monica Fiorelli
    Espeon- Andre Bellamy
    Glaceon- Roxanna 'Roc' Freck
    Leafeon- Isaac Casanova

    Freya E. Yamamoto
    11:30 AM KST, Boat towards Luxaris City

    Freya stepped out onto the deck of the boat, the wingulls above her made a sort of calming sense come over her. She looked over the ocean waters, and saw Mantine jump out and glide over the water with elegance and grace. She decided watching the ocean was getting a to melancholic, so Freya decided to get back to her room on the boat.

    When she did get back to her room, as nothing interesting happens on these boats, she saw her Vaporeon, Mizumi, get up from the bed and greet her. It looked like she was reading a book, something she did regularly.

    "Hey girl, how are you doing?" Freya asked in a soft tone of voice.

    "Vaaaa Pore! Poreon~" Mizumi replied with glee as she jumped back to her book. She was an odd Pokemon, to say the least, but then again everything about Freya was odd, but she didn't mind it. She had gotten use to it by now, and only uses her powers when they're needed, or she zones out.

    Thank Arceus I haven't zoned out yet on the boat... THat's normally a good sign, right? Though, people do say there is a calm before the storm... She thouhg ominiously as she untied the ribbon in her hair. It wasn't the same ribbon as the one in the ritual, but it was a carbon copy, to remind her of her old friends.

    She shifted her glasses so she could see in the darker lighting of the room better, as she always had a problem with adjusting to light. She took off her bag, a memento given to her by one of her friends, and got out tarot cards. She normally gave herself readings when it was calm and quite, and especially when her powers haven't kicked in for a while.

    She started laying out the cards, and she soon saw horror when they were placed down

    Seven of Swords reversed is good... it gives out energy, but it is crossed over by the Five of cups, meaning that this is malicious energy. Whoever this reading effects, because now I know it will effect everyone, but many directed at the querent... They will be lost within there wealth and gluttony... such is the inverted Empress. The past is the Three of Pentacles, meaning hard work. Referencing to the work from the first to cards, I can see this hard work is not for good intent. The fifth card... is the Heirophant reversed. When working in tandem with the Empress reverse, everything is broken. Such an ominious omen, but this is only half way through. The future, is the Ten of Swords reversed, a disaster avoided, but for whom? If it's for the querent, this is really bad, but if it's not... Now, the querent themselves, Is the Chariot. High Willpower, Egotistical, and mental concentration, this is a dangerous person... THe environment is the Ten of Pentacles, wealth, but is it material, or mental? Hopes and fears is the Six of Cups reversed, the six of cups... Nostalgia? Does this person fear the past? Or do they hope for it to comeback... Lastly is the Ten of Cups, a teacher or provider. What is this out come supposed to be? It means someone learns something, and for them to become a role model. Does this mean!?

    Freya quickly put her cards away and recorded the spread into her notebook. If such a thing was to happen, it would be catastrophic, but she had a feeling it wasn't something to worry about for now. She heard the ding for the boat to be docking, and got off.

    12:00 PM KST, Luxaris City Docks

    Freya stepped off the boat, and went through customs check. She was relieved that everything checked out okay, and stepped into the city docks. Here, she sort of stopped, and then looked down at Mizumi, who was following her.

    "I can sense them Mizumi, everyone from the past is here, but I can also sense they've changed, some for the better, but others... for the worse." She told her Vaporeon, who gave her a happy smile.

    "Come one Mizumi, let's try to find the Pokemon Center...." Freya sighed as she walked into the city.
  2. goldensteambun

    goldensteambun loanshark prince

    Naois Alain Odwolfe Illias Salvatore
    Luxaris City Airport
    Modified Genetic Pokedex entries: 0

    After a good few hours of flight, the private airplane of Salvatore group finally touched down at Luxaris City airport, and on it were the prodigal son Naois, as well as his group of entourages. They landed with little commotion, though Naois was still engaged in the book he was reading.

    "We have arrived at Luxaris, Sir Salvatore." A servant softly reminded him of their arrival to the destination, and finally got the boy to looked up after a few seconds. He blinked softly at the clock, has hours gone already ? Naois was too engaged in reading, he hardly noticed anything. He got up and was escorted straight to the limousine outside, which was one of the protocols his father set out to avoid any further complication and to assure his safety. And of course, the custom and paper works were already taken care of at the moment of his arrival. All of which has no need for his appearance or authority. But all those protocols were about to come to an end soon.

    "Are you sure about this ?" His father's voice grumbled over the phone into his ears. The man has always terrified Naois ever since childhood, and even now his voice alone was enough to send chill down Naois's spine. Though, he would learned to suppress his fear, and later on came to realized that with fear came respect, even admiration in Naois's case.

    "I am positive, father. Any others who come along would just drag me down and become burden to my study. I want to carry on this research by myself. Our deal was to get someone to drop me off at the city, and then I would be left alone." He said firmly, putting emphasize on being alone. His father hang up with not so much of a bitter goodbye to his only child, knowing that once Naois has set his mind on something his opinion could not be change. The boy has grown so stubborn and brutal, from the same child that years ago who had clutched his mother's sleeve in tears when his father had glared at him. All those years of intensive study and business trips had toughen him up, in the exact way his father has wanted. Though, the man were still taken by surprise quite a few times when his boy stood up and put his opinion firmly.

    Naois has changed. He was never the same child as before.

    In any other field trips, Naois would often be accompanied by an entourage of a few dozens people, let it be maid, chauffeur or field assistant. But that was before he became a man. At the moment, Naois has became a person of his own and no longer feel the need to be assisted by others. After years of experience in the field, he would come to a conclusion that he work the most efficient when he is by himself, in which lead to the decision that he no longer need anyone by himself to drag him down. Not anymore. What he did not expect, was that he was about to reunite with people who have once stood by him. People who had been there when he was a human, when he wasn't so sick and twisted as he is now.

    He was never alone. Not when they have always been with him.

    Luxaris city - Pokemon Centre

    "Please return safely, Sir Salvatore." Said the final farewell from the people who had came as his entourage. Naois deliberately sent them away right after he was dropped off at the Pokemon Centre. First priority was to gather information and heal 6, since the Jolteon had been feeling awful from the flight, so the Pokemon Centre was his destination. His luggage had been dropped off at the hotel, so Naois could head straight to the centre. He entered the place with 6 followed behind him, having been taught not to walk in front of its trainers since it was considered misbehaved. With a cigar lit at the corner of his mouth, he sat at the lobby of the pokemon centre while waiting for 6 to be healed, all the while engaged in his book once again.
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2013
  3. Sheps™

    Sheps™ Tick,Tick,Tick....

    Tucker Finkle
    10:30 PM Luxaris City
    No Badges or Ribbons

    Spotlight, all eyes rest on the man standing in the white suit at the center of Luxaris Stadium. Tucker stand there calmy, taking in the enourmous screaming crowd.

    "I present to you all, the Great Reximo!"

    Tucker pulls out his torch and shoots fire into the sky, Rex appears with a spotlight on top of a ramp stage upleft. The crowd losses their minds.

    "The Great Reximo will now attempt to break his record of 13 busses, that is roughly 46 flips!"

    Rex revs up, and jolts down the ramp in an Agility/Fire spin combo. He flies through the air flipping over and over. As he approaches the end up his jump, Tucker pulls out a disc and launches it to the second platform, it's a perfect throw. Rex simultaniously leaves the fire spin, catches the disc in his mouth, and land perfectly on the platform running it out. The crowd goes nuts.

    "Yes, yes! Thank you! He is rather amazing isn't he? Give it up for the great Reximo!"

    The crowd spent the next 45 minutes being dazzled by the tricks of Tucker, Rex, and other rented fire pokemon. The set had gone amazing, what a great introduction to Kyushu!

    Tucker left the stage with Rex and went to their trailer. His shirt was soaked through and his forhead was shiny.

    "Must be nice not to sweat huh?"

    Rex laughed and flipped, like he's done a million and one times.

    "You stillhave energy, what vitamins you taking?"

    Tucker prepared himself for sleep but as he finally approached his bed Rex quickly leaped up and rested itself on Tuckers pillow.

    "Man, you always beat me, okay I'll let you be there tonight, but just this once." Tucker knew he was lying, this happened every night.

    Rex curled up to Tucker, but Tucker couldnt seem to sleep tonight, common post-show questions filled his mind.

    "I wonder if my parents came tonight? Maybe they were there and you just didn't see them? They would have made their presence known for sure. Maybe they didn't get the tickets? Yeah it was def that, I'm always a clutz with addresses, that's it."

    Tucker knew they got them, being in denial just made him feel better.
    It had been so long since he saw all of them, maybe some of them came to the show! Probably not, they all have such exciting busy lives, Tucker has seen Andre on Billboards and caught glimpses of Monica on news racks, they didn't have time to see a circus. Tucker had never felt this lonely before. He had never really taken a second to stop and think about his life until now. He made up his mind, tomorrow he would try to figure out if any of his friends were in town. Tucker looked at Rex.

    "Welp, at least I have you."
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2013
  4. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Isaac Casanova
    Castelia City, Unova.
    0 Pokemon Bred

    The streets of Castelia were littered with people, all watching a boy play his guitar. They were all in awe, listening to him sing a seemingly sad song as he played. A Leafeon sat on his shoulder, her leaves blowing in the mild wind as she listened to her master play. His apron was neatly tucked away in his pack, leaving him wearing his regular clothes and his ascot. He loved playing for people like this, it was so calming.

    He finished playing and bowed to the crowd, most of which clapped at his performance, some called out for an encore of the free show.

    “Thank you, thank you. Ah jeeze, I wish I had time for an encore! I have a boat to catch, however.” He replied as he scratched Cas’ head. He slung his guitar over his back and headed towards the dock, hopping onto the first boat to Luxaris City.


    Aboard the boat him and Cas took shelter in one of the small cabins. Cassiel pulled herself up onto Isaac’s back, curling up like a cat waiting for a rub. Isaac grinned and leaned back, gently petting his prized Leafeon.

    “I think that was a pretty good show... wouldn’t you say Cas?” He asked the Leafeon sitting on his lap, thinking about all the people who had clapped. They really did like him. Isaac had always declared that he was in it for the music, not the fame, or the money. It was insanely true, especially considering his beliefs.

    “Le, Leafeon..?” Replied the Leafeon, looking up slightly at her master. He smiled and sighed.

    “Sometimes I wish I could understand you, Cas. You always seem to have something to say.” He said with a smile and scratched Cas between her ears. Cassiel smiled and let out a bit of a yawn.

    Suddenly, he heard the voice of the captain.

    ‘Passengers, we’ll be docking in 5 minutes.’

    Isaac sat up and gathered his things, helping Cas back onto his shoulder and walking out of the cabin onto the bow of the ship.

    Luxaris City Docks

    Isaac slung his guitar back over his shoulder as he walked with Cas on his shoulder into the city, a grin on his face.

    “So should we go find a place to stay?” He asked Cassiel, who nodded in response. He walked both him and Cas to the Pokemon Centre, hoping this region still had small trainer suites in the Pokemon Centres.
  5. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    Andre Bellamy
    Private Jet → Luxaris City Airport → Pokemon Center
    Badges: 0 Ribbons: 0

    Andre's plane was flying over the Kyushu region, and was soon scheduled to arrive at the airport. His parents could afford a private jet, and he found it was much easier way to travel. You didn't have to go through all the ridiculous security measures one had to go through when on a public plane. He could also have his Espeon out with him, as opposed to in a Pokeball with the rest of his luggage because the TSA was paranoid.

    Andre was busy studying his reflection in the bathroom, making sure he was presentable before he stepped off the plane. One has to look good at all times, because you never know where there will be someone with a camera who wants to take his picture. He couldn't afford to have a bad hair day, or else that picture would end up in a magazine, and the tabloids would rip him to shreds. Such is the life of a star. In the end, it was all worth it for the fame and fortune.

    Andre brushed his hair, and made sure it was neat and tidy without a hair out of place. Then, he dusted off his pink dress shirt, made sure the buttons were all buttoned, adjusted his red tie, and made sure it was completely tucked into his brown trousers which were held up by a fancy leather belt with a gold buckle. Lastly, he made sure his black dress shoes were perfectly polished. Once he finished, he checked the mirror one last time. "C'est magnifique!" He exclaimed once he was satisfied. He completed the look by grabbing a pair of pink sunglasses, and putting them on top of his head.

    And just in time too, because the plane just landed. Andre grabbed his pink backpack which was covered in red hearts. If you didn't know better, it was easy to assume that it was a girl's backpack. Then gestured to his Espeon, who was sleeping on a red velvet pillow. "Come along Crystal. We're about to arrive."

    The Espeon's whiskers and ears twitched when her name was called. "Espeon." she said calmly before gracefully leaping to her trainer's side.

    "Très bien!" Andre said to his Pokemon as he put her pillow away in his bag. Then he put the sunglasses over his eyes, and stepped off the plane.

    Less than a second after stepping out of the airport, there was a horde of papparazzi outside waiting for him. All of them shouting Andre's name, and flashing their fancy cameras.

    Andre was amazed that the cameras were able to find him all the way in a far off region like this, but was cool with it nnevertheless. He smirked as he calmly walked past all the photographers. Every now and then giving them a smile, posing for a few pictures with Crystal, who also enjoyed the people squealing how cute she was, and signing some autographs for fans that asked for it. He loved all the attention. After all, these people were supporting his career, it was the least he could do to give them what they want. Any star who complains about the constant media attention is lying. They wouldn't be stars if they hated attention.

    After a few minutes of that, Andre strolled over to the local Pokemon Center. Before walking into the building, he turned around, smiled, and waved goodbye to his fans. "Merci beaucoup! You're a wonderful audience! Au revoir!" Then he took a bow, stepped inside, and shut the door behind him.

    Once inside the center, he put the sunglasses back on top of his head, pulled out a hair brush from his bag, picked up Crystal, and took a seat at a nearby chair. Andre decided Crystal was in need of a good grooming before they headed to the hotel. By then, his staff would have checked in to the hotel, and his luggage would have arrived.

    "Essspeon." Crystal purred as her trainer gently stroked her fur with the brush.
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2013
  6. goldensteambun

    goldensteambun loanshark prince

    Naois Alain Odwolfe Illias Salvatore
    Luxaris City Airport
    Modified Genetic Pokedex entries: 0

    His reading has been interrupted once again by the nurse at the counter, who came to inform him that his pokemon has been healed and ready. Not until Naois put away his book and took 6 back from her, did he realized there seemed to be some commotion outside the entrance. Must be a ruckus out there, he thought, as he heard the noises faintly came from outside the sound block glass door. Maybe they had a sell, or some kind of protest, either way it did not attract his interest.

    A boy entered not long after, probably no older than Naois himself, and sat down across from Naois. He was quite good looking, tall and lean, but didn't quite pique Naois's interest as much as his Espeon. The pokemon was a fine specimen of another Eeveelution, similar to 6, and he wouldn't mind having its data in his genetic data bank. One of Naois's main purposes in coming there was to collect as much genetic information as possible from various pokemon he encounter, and stored them in a pokedex invented and modified by himself. A genetic Pokedex, it could be called. For a brief moment, he wondered if the trainer of the pokemon would actually let him take a fur sample to the least, since blood sample sounded a bit too much to give to a stranger. Maybe he could ask him later, he mused, and leaned back to observe the Espeon's behaviors a bit more, blowing the cigar in his mouth as he let out white puff of smoke.
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  7. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Isaac Casanova
    Luxaris City Pokemon Centre
    0 Pokemon Bred

    Isaac walked through the crowded streets of Luxaris city, glancing around at the faces that looked at him. Some glanced at his guitar, others looked at his arm with the tattoo. All the sudden attention made him slightly uncomfortable, he could even feel Cas on his shoulder beginning to get irritated. He saw a crowd of people around a large building, one he assumed to be the very Pokemon Center he had been seeking.

    “Christ...” He muttered. Why were there so many people outside of the Pokemon Centre in the middle of the day? Was there some sort of huge battle going on that involved everyone trying to get in. He was roused from his thoughts as the crowd, who he now say had cameras, began clearing out.

    Cameras? Perhaps the paparazzi. He thought, slightly raising his eyebrow. He never paid much attention to the world of the famous, mostly because you could go from being loved to being hated in one fatal swoop.

    He adjusted the guitar on his back and walked into the Pokemon Centre, Cas adjusted her position slightly on his shoulder as they walked through the door. He saw that it was actually... rather empty. Only two boys and the nurse sat in the large Pokemon Hospital. He tried not to think much about it, sitting on the wall opposite from the prying eyes of the people. Cassiel lowered herself off his back, her gaze to the eeveelutions that the boys had in their possession.

    Cassiel tugged on Isaac’s pant leg, trying to direct his attention to the two boys. Isaac responded by petting her and looking down at her.

    “Not now dear,” He scratched behind her ear, emitting somewhat of a purring noise from the grass eeveelution. “We’re just going to relax for a bit and then head to the hotel or something... okay?” He asked. She responded with a slight nod. Isaac pulled out a notepad and began writing down some song lyrics that he had, had on his brain for quite awhile.
  8. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Roxanna ‘Roc’ Freck
    Route 401
    Good Deeds/Badges/Ribbons: 0/0/0

    It was a sunny day; a gentle breeze made the grass sway and sent the sweet fragrance of flowers through the air. Roxanna out looking to see if everything was fine out here and no pokemon were in danger. In her immediate area nothing was stirring. So she just stood there feeling the sun warm up her skin. She just loved the fresh air of the wilderness. That was kind of funny, never really like the outdoors until the time she spent with her best friends. She missed those guys; she wish she could show them how much stronger she was. Roc was no longer the timid little girl she once was. Staring out at the path before here; it looked like it would a long trip to the next town and it was much too late for her to get too far before it got dark.

    “Let’s head back, Burn” she spoke to her Glaceon with a smile. Along bored look on his face there was slight sign of relief to be getting out of the area. It just couldn’t be helped that her pokemon had no motivation to do anything tedious and walking just happen to be one of them. But they still had to hike back to town.

    Luxaris City

    Back in Luxaris kind of remind her of her hometown of Celadon, lots of tall building that reached the sky; except here the air was much cleaner. Her chance of having an unfortunate meeting with some purple blob was unlikely, thankfully.

    Suddenly stopped in her tracks and went over to a poster put on the wall. It was advertising pokemon circus; she had actually gone to see it. It quite the amazing show; the thing that interested her the most was the Flareon. She was seated pretty far back in the stands but that certainly what it was. Reximo, it sounded awfully close to Tucker’s Flareon’s name, Rex. Even though the image of their faces has faded a bit in all the passing years; she would never let herself forget their names and the evolved Eevees they had. She had always felt a bit connect to Tucker as they both suffer from bullying.

    “Glace” Burn barked to getting her attention. When she looked down to the pokemon, he motioned to tell her to go. A smile came to her face as she kneeled down and the pet the pokemon’s shiny fur.

    “All right, I’m going” Roc complied with the pokemon before standing tall and walking. Before getting too far she took one finally glance at the poster before she continued on like normal through the town.
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  9. *Jean Grey*

    *Jean Grey* Night Triumphant

    Monica Fiorelli
    Luxaris City
    Badges: 0

    Monica, still on her motorcycle, sped past yet another billboard of herself. This time, it was one of her advertising a new line of designer clothing, the word "DIAMANTE" prominently displayed on one side in black-colored script and herself posing on the other side, dressed in an elegant Ninetales fur coat dyed black over a crimson silk minidress, two strings of diamonds around her neck and matching diamonds in her ears, her red hair fixed into an elegant hairdo, a far cry from her usual fashion sense of leathers and studs, as well as her tendency to just let her hair down or fix it simply. There was a reason she chose to bring her motorcycle instead of her convertible, anyway. Seeing an empty parking space near the seemingly crowded Pokemon Center, she headed straight for it.

    "Come on, Noctis, we're here." She said once her motorcycle was parked, taking out her Dusk Ball and sending out her Umbreon as she walked. As usual for Noctis, he began to growl under his breath once they approached the crowd around the Pokemon Center, his rings glowing a brighter yellow. Ever since he was an Eevee, Noctis was the aggressive sort, even towards her when she met him at first. Even now, he still was that way around strangers.

    "Mio Dio, Noctis...they're not going to kill us. Relax, man!" She chided as they moved through the crowd. The crowd seemed fixated on this one young man in a pink shirt whom Monica found oddly familiar, though she couldn't place her finger on it. She saw him smile before entering the Pokemon Center. Before Monica could get to the door however, she heard voices calling her name.

    "Whoa, it's none other than Fiorelli! Two in one day!"

    "Why does she look so different from the billboard? She actually has a tattoo?!"

    "Of course she does! Haven't you read PokeBoy?"

    The second statement was followed by a flash from behind Monica's back, as if someone had taken a picture of her partially visible tattoo. Whoever it was who went into the Pokemon Center definitely attracted this crowd and Noctis wasn't taking it well. He bounded up to one group of reporters, one of them looking like a first-timer and holding a camera, and barked at them, red eyes locked in a glare. Monica heard her Pokemon and turned, beckoning for him to come back.

    "Damn, sorry 'bout that. My Noctis is a bit overprotective." She apologized, before smiling and winking at them. However, Noctis didn't listen, and he bit the leg of the youngest reporter of the three who was holding the camera and had this strange smile on his face that made Monica feel a bit unsettled when she looked at him, causing his expression to change and he winced in pain. The Umbreon let him go after a few seconds, returning to Monica's side.

    "Man, her Pokemon's a violent one...bad, bad. If she weren't this hot, I definitely wouldn't want to deal with either of them..." The young man muttered under his breath not too softly. Unfortunately, Monica heard every word of it.

    "The hell did you say, cazzo? I heard that!" She growled as she raised her left hand, balled it into a fist and punched the reporter's face hard. That was what he was going to get, and he was damn lucky than she was actually right-handed. Shaking her hand, she headed into the Pokemon Center, Noctis walking by her. She sat on the couch and allowed Noctis to climb onto her lap.

    "Damn, Noctis...you were right about him, huh? That idiot..." She muttered, before catching sight of the man dressed in pink once again, her anger fading. The incident was just going to pass, just like every other run-in she had with people like that. It wasn't as if she broke his nose or made him bleed anyway. Served him right for saying that.

    "Umbreee..." The Umbreon sat next to his Trainer, as she readjusted the leather cuff he wore.
  10. Liltwick

    Liltwick Life Cheating Game

    Freya E. Yamamoto
    Luxaris City-Pokemon Center, 12:pM KST
    Badges: 0, Ribbons: 0

    Freya made her way to the Pokemon center, where she saw a huge crowd of Paparazzi. She hated these people, as they always seemed to swarm wherever she went. When she stepped foot on the sidewalk center, she felt like it vibrated through the entire city, and the crowd was focused on her. They started to swarm around her, and she started to disconnect herself from reality. It was sort of an escape mechanism, she was fully in control, but she could easily have them be blocked out. She felt Mizumi jump into her arms.

    "Mizumi, your such a poser..." Freya sighed as her Vaporeon made cute faces for all of the cameras. She then saw microphones get shoved into her face

    "Freya, what;s your thought on Kyushu?"

    "Are you annoyed your full team couldn't come?"

    "Have you had any strange visions lately?"

    "What did you feel about your loss at the Johto Festival?"

    "When's your next novel coming out!?"

    Freya din't like all of these constant questions being shoved in her face, and decided just to make a break for it.

    "Sorry guys, but I'm busy at the moment, but I will answer them on my free time." A simple lie, but it works every time. She hated lying, but for these scum she felt that it was worth it. After all, why did she have to have her life probed for the sake of others?

    I;m the one who breaks senses of justice, after all... At least I haven't had any visions yet. Hmm, I'm getting a strange reading from the pokemon center. Very familiar auras, all bound together in one way. I also feel two similar Auras heading here right now... THis is such a strange even indeed.

    SHe then looked down at her bag, the one that her friend gave her. It was still in perfect condition, which gave some of her stress a release. She disliked when her bonds were tempered with, and even more so when a supernatural force tempered with her bonds.

    Thinking of that... I feel a very strong force coming from multiple places... IS something happening? I think another tarot spread will help me clarify things...

    Freya walked into the center and scanned the room, she saw a guy righting something, and a guy in a pink shirt being talked to by a guy that add a sort of air around him, it was very different... As if it was unnatural. She walked in as she opened her bag, and drew out her tarot cards. She carefully put the top of the bag back down to clip with the bottom.

    I can't damage this bag that was given to me by- She finshed her scan, and say the back of a read-headed woman. She had a tattoo showing on her back, well, from the angle Freya was at... It was so similar, and the aura coming from the person was the same has her friends, despite the small differences.

    "Monica!?" She asked in shock, apparently load enough for the entire center to hear. Mizumi looked up at Freya and gave her that "Oh great, now look what you've gotten us into" look.
  11. goldensteambun

    goldensteambun loanshark prince

    Naois Alain Odwolfe Illias Salvatore
    Luxaris City Airport
    Modified Genetic Pokedex entries: 0

    Naois looked up from his Pokedex, startled by the sudden voice calling out in the middle of the lobby, stirring the relatively quiet atmosphere of the place. A girl, who was about the same age as he was, seemed to be calling out for another red headed girl near the counter. Since when did they entered, he pondered. They must have had when he wasn't paying attention, being too absorbed into his Pokedex. Monica.... Why did that name felt oddly familiar to him ? It wasn't like it was a rare name, and Naois have met thousands of people throughout business occasions. But somehow the name stuck in the back of his mind, nagged constantly at him.

    Weirdly enough, they also seemed to have Eeveelution with them, a Vaporeon and an Umbreon. Quiet interesting about such circumstance, he would have thought. The only ones whom are missing to make the completely seven Eeveelution now were Glaceon and Flareon. Even his Jolteon, 6, seemed to be slightly stirred in excitement and curiosity at the fact that the pokemon related to him were presented. However, at his trainer's present he did not dare to move an inch from his spot, nor did he even wag his ears as he was sitting like a guard dog at Naois's feet.

    Maybe he could take their fur samples without them notice, Naois thought, since he didn't know if people were comfortable with it or not. The boy would have done it a thousands times, with all the tricks up his sleeves and the fake harmless smile of his. He would not waste any opportunity to collect sample from such fine specimens, and after all it was what he came to this region for. With the thought bear in his mind, he stood up and blew his cigar before approaching the girls, 6 followed closely behind.

    "My lady, such loud voice you have" He grinned whimsically at the blond haired girl, taking the cigar out of his mouth and hold it on his finger, his eyes pressed into half-moon smile to appeal his audience. The boy reached out a hand and petted her Vaporeon softly, its skin cool and damp under his."Such a coincidence, that all of us who presented here have an Eeveelution. I could not help but to voice out such a bizarre stroke of fate. Could it be, destiny ?"

    His sudden and bizarre approach surely got everyone's attention, as all eyes seemed to be on him at that moment. Naois continued to smile, as he retreated his hand, successfully taken the sample he needed from Vaporeon's skin without the pokemon's notice. He looked around the room, as if he speaking at the lecture hall like he used to. "I'm sorry for sudden intrusion. The name is Naois. Naois Alain Odwolfe Illias Salvatore of Hoenn. Very nice to meet you all."

  12. Sheps™

    Sheps™ Tick,Tick,Tick....

    Tucker Finkle
    Luxaris City/Pokemon Center
    No good stuff.

    Tucker woke up sweating, he had had another really bad dream. He rolled over and grabbed his alarm clock, 9:00 AM. Rex was still asleep in the spot he had stolen from Tucker. Tucker leaned over and nudged Rex, this was met by protest as Rex made what sounded like an annoyed moan.

    "Come on bud, I know you hate doing the Matene's. Be a good boy and we can get out of this trailer and go to the pokemon center, I'll get you the pokefood you love and I'm sure plenty of people will be there to see you do flips."

    Rex's ears twitched, the offer was one he couldn't resist, he rose, tackled Tucker, (his equivalent of a hug) and they both prepared for the show at noon. Another successfull show had been put on, another phone call to his parents was far less successfull, this did however remind him of the promise he had made last night. Tuckers stomach growled as he stood inside his trailer, Rex looked up at him with a "Can we go now? We all know they aren't going to answer" face.

    "C'mon bud. Lets find that center." He would try to figure out their contact info at the resource station. at the pokemon center.

    Tucker strolled around town, he enjoyed gettiing to know all the cities he did shows in,it was his favorite part of what he did, meeting the locals made him feel less lonely and the more people Rex could flip for the happier he was. Eventually he came to what he thought may have been a pokemon center, but it was so over crowded that he couldn't even see the sign.

    "They must have like, Batman and Spock in there or something." Tucker sighed, knowing he was the only one who found tht cool.

    What peaked Tuckers interest more was what he saw past the crowd. It was a young cute girl about his age, and a large Glaceon by her side. He was certain he had never seen the girl before, but the Glaceon looked really familiar, it was bigger than any one he had ever seen, and that stuck in his mind for some reason, it didn't seem like he would be ble to get into the pokemon center any time soon so he approched the girl instead, enter argument with the two halves of his brain.

    What are you doing? Thats a girl, you can't talk to girls!

    No I got this, I'm a man, I'm a beast, I'm cool.

    He finally reached the girl, "Ermm, heiiieeyyaa..."

    I told you,

    Shut up!

    He looked over to the crowd, desperate to say words from the dictionary. "Having trouble getting in? Maybe I can help, people don't really care about me, but Rex here grabs a lot of attention. Just uhh, wait for my whistle and go ahead in, nice Glaceon by the way, its huge"

    Oh my god just stop talking.

    "Rex, play dead" Tucker commanded, Rex took a spot a short distance away and layed down, Tucker noticed a ladder on the side of the building and started towards it, the action started soon enough.

    "OH MY GOD ITS THE GREAT REXIMO" "IS HE OKAY?" "HOLY **** HE'S DEAD" All the razzi moved from the entrance to Rex, Tucker had finally reached the ladder and whistled, Rex sprung up and used agility to reach him in an instant, they began to climb the ladder as the crowd followed moving to the side of the building, the entrance was now clear.

    See,I told you I could be cool.

    A blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while

    Tucker stood on the roof with rex, he was happy how the plan had gone so far, now he just needed to find a way to enter from the roof. Suddenly there was a cracking noise, Tucker felt the surface he was standing on give way as he let out a yell and fell through into the pokemon center lobby. A second later the puffball landed on his chest and started giggling. He hadnt even fell through, but decided to jump since it looked fun.

    Tucker looked up, he saw a man with a guitar, one wearing a pick shirt, and another holding out a test tube to a girl with a bag slung over her shoulder and a Vaporeon at her side, there was also a striking red headed girl a short distance away, she had an Umbreon. In fact, they all had evolutions of Eevee, Tucker had to quickly check to be sure he hadnt hit his head and was hallucinating. Finally, he got up, dusted himself off, and approached the pokemon counter.He could feel eyes on him.

    "I'd uhh, like to order the salmon please."
  13. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy Tale Man

    Andre Bellamy
    Pokemon Center
    Badges: 0 Ribbons: 0

    As Andre groomed Crystal, Andre noticed two other girls walking into the center. The first was a striking redhead girl with an Umbreon, and a second girl with a Vaporeon soon followed. Andre couldn't put his finger on it, but he vaguely these two from somewhere...

    Shortly after they entered, a cute, well-dressed, blond guy with a Jolteon approached the two girls. For some reason, this guy seemed familiar too. Andre had a little chuckle at how the whole group had Eeveelutions, himself included.

    Andre decided to take this opportunity to have a conversation, and get his name out there. He approached the group, Crystal struting alongside him as though she was a supermodel on a runway. "Bonjour, Mesdames et Messieurs." he then proceeded to give all three of them a kiss on their cheek. People in this county had a problem with gestures like that, but that was how people greeted each other where Andre was from, and he didn't see any problem with that. He was just being friendly. "I'm Andre Bellamy. Surely, you three must know who I am. Anyway, I couldn't help but notice your adorable Pokemon!"

    Crystal yawned loudly when the attention was off of her, and she walked in front of everyone, and struck a pose. "Espeon." She said smugly, as if to say, "I'm better than all of you."

    Just then, a guy with spiky green hair, and whose arms were covered in tattoos, fell through the roof. A Flareon jumped down after him. "I'd uhh, like to order the salmon please." The guy said as he got up and walked over to the counter; he was obviously trying to be clever, but it wasn't working.

    Andre shook his head, and facepalmed. He thought this guy looked absolutely ridiculous, and wondered why he didn't just walk away quietly after his display of stupidity. "Tu es completement debile..." He muttered to himself after watching the guy make a fool of himself.
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  14. Pyroli

    Pyroli Banned

    Isaac Casanova
    Luxaris City Pokemon Center
    0 Pokemon Bred

    Isaac lifted his head from his piece of paper, Cassiel was laying on the floor next to him, her cheek on the floor. He heard a few loud voices, and saw more people come into the center. There was a red-headed girl with an Umbreon, which was soon followed by a girl with a Vaporeon. Isaac realized they both looked... kind of familiar.

    The guy with the Jolteon approached the two girls, making idle chatter. Isaac was slightly bemused to see the whole group had eeveelutions.

    Isaac decided if everyone else was getting friendly, he might as well join them and chat as well. Although, he was usually quite shite in crowds. He approached the group, which had also now been approached by the... flamboyant guy. He allowed Cas to jump on his shoulder and slung his guitar back over his back. He joined the large huddle.

    “Sthorry, I know this isn’t quite my place to be sthpeaking,” He twiddled his thumbs together briefly, trying to stop himself from lisping. “I just couldn’t help but notice that you all had Eeveelutions.” He smiled slightly at the group, feeling Cassiel adjust herself on his shoulder. “I’m Isaac, Isaac Casthanova.”

    God he hated this lisp.

    Suddenly, as the group talked; a green haired boy fell through the roof. Isaac grinned at him, slightly bemused at his sudden entry. Isaac watched as he got up and walked over to the counter, He tried to play it off cool and say ‘I'd uhh, like to order the salmon please.’ but it still made him look like a fool in the end.
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  15. InnerFlame

    InnerFlame Fire and Ice Combo

    Roxanna ‘Roc’ Freck
    Luxaris City: Pokemon Center
    Good Deeds/Badges/Ribbons: 0/0/0

    She took a little roundabout ways through the town getting a little bit of exploring of the town, before she made it to the pokemon center. When she made it there was a large crowd of people who had gathered in front of the building. There normal people, people with camera and long story short there was no way into the building unless she force herself through. She attempted to get through them but ended up getting shove back out. Burn became furious about that, and attempting again was a bad idea so she decided she would just wait it out.

    “Ermm, heiiieeyyaa...” a man voice spoke out and it wasn’t blending in with the voice of the crowd “Having trouble getting in? Maybe I can help, people don't really care about me, but Rex here grabs a lot of attention. Just uhh, wait for my whistle and go ahead in, nice Glaceon by the way, it’s huge.” Burn growled at that comment he didn’t like how the man phrased that. The lavender haired girl missed it as she just caught on to a single word.

    “Huh, wait a minute did you just sa-” Roc began to ask something but then the green-haired man didn’t let her finish before the started his plan.

    “Rex, play dead.” Then the crowd went wild shouting things like: the great Reximo is dead! Roc just assume they were slightly confused ‘cause his name wasn’t the Reximo, it was Rex. These people were obviously mistaken the Flareon for the one that performed at the circus. How silly would they feel when they figure that out later. Her chance to follow was cut off disappointingly enough so she decided she would meet up with him inside. She saw him fall; hope he was okay. The entrance was still clear so she made a break for it.

    “Tucker!” She pretty much screamed when enter through the front door of the Pokemon Center. He didn’t really take a good look at the other people in the lobby as she quickly spotted him at the counter and bolted across the room. Her Glaceon rather unhappily follow in close pursue. “You’re Tucker, right. Because he’s Rex so you have to be Tucker since Rex is Tucker’s Flareon.”

    In her mind that logic was infallible. How could she be wrong; if that was Rex he just had to be Tucker. He seem to slightly back off; was he not happy to see her? Maybe she startled him? Oh she knows, she needed to thank him properly.

    “Oh right, thank you so much for helping get in here, Tucker.” That didn’t seem to help. Her head dropped as she thought about it some more. Then quickly her head snapped up to look the taller man in the eyes. “Oh… I get it. You don’t recognize me? I guess I am taller.” She mused to herself even though she didn’t really get that much taller. “I also used to be very quiet and shy, but not anymore! It’s me, Roxanna Freck, we went to the same trainer school, remember?”
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  16. Sheps™

    Sheps™ Tick,Tick,Tick....

    Tucker Finkle
    Pokemon Center: Luxaris
    No good stuff.

    The women at the counter looked horrified, but sure enough she went off to put the order in. Suddenly Tucker turned and became fully aware of all the people in the room. The dazzling man in the pink shirt looked disgusted, the man with the guitar almost seemed embarresed for him. The two ladies and the man with the test tube looked shocked. Tucker finally realized how bad what he did probably looked. Why couldn't he just be normal and appropriate for once, he was so embaressed he couldn't hold his head up. Rex was still happy, almost as if he hadn't realized what just happened.

    "Oh god, what a mess, I'm so sorry everyone,I.."

    He wasnt able to finish what he had been saying when the girl with Lavender hair burst through the door shouting his name. How did she know his name? Maybe she was a fan of the show. Either way this girl seemed to only have one volume. He noticed her Glaceon not making the kindest of expressions as she explained how she knew him, it seemed she was as much fan of his as her Glaceon wasn't. She then thanked him, she sure was persistent, and suddenly really familiar as she looked into his eyes, he finally put the puzzle pieces together before she spoke again confirming his own inference, it was Roc.

    "Roc Star!" He quickly picked her up and hugged her as years of memories flooded back. If Tucker was closest to any of his great friends, it was Roc. They always sat together because of their last names, and had a lot in common instantly based on their pasts. Tucker even had a crush on her for a while, he liked the strength and resiliency he sensed from her. Finally he released her and kissed her head. "Hi Burn."

    Burn attacked his knee cap with an icy hit. Tucker crumbled, yelping in pain.

    "Today isn't my day, I think it's time I just accept that."

    Rex used fire fang on the knee cap thawing it out, then he giggled and flipped.

    "Thanks bud, here take the salmon and go play." Tucker's attention returned to the crowd that he now assumed thought he was insane, he figured damage control was pointless but he figured it couldn't hurt.

    "So umm, yeah I'm Tucker, and thats Rex, we are in town doing a circus show. Mentioning that probably doesnt help your case. Sorry for interrupting you!" He laughed awkwardly.

    Rex was worried about getting beaten up by Burn, so he moved throughout the tables of the lobby before reaching an umbreon, he set the fish down and playfully bit the Umbreons leg.It yelped in pain, Tucker looked up from Roc to see what had happened. He dashed to the spot and scooped up Rex, his face was red again as he looked at the stunning redhead.

    "I'mm i'm i'm i'm..I. I'm.. I'm so sorry. He j..j.j.j just likes to play. I hhaeave to say though, you're Umbreon looks really strong, almost like one that belongs to a friend I knew in school, but what are the odds o.o.o of meeting 2 of my best friends by accident in one day?" Another awkward chuckle.

    You are a mess,

    I know..
  17. goldensteambun

    goldensteambun loanshark prince

    Naois Alain Odwolfe Illias Salvatore
    Luxaris City Airport
    Modified Genetic Pokedex entries: 0

    Naois's action seemed to be the start of the butterfly effect, as the other trainers stated to be interested in he conversation they were having. They just needed someone to take the lead, he figured. He pulled back his hand into his coat pocket and put the sample of fur into his neatly folded handkerchief quick.

    The boy with an Espeon whom was the first one to come in after Naois approached him, and as greeting he gave everyone a kiss on their cheeks, of course not excluding Naois. Andre Bellamy, as the boy has introduced himself. No wonder he looked familiar, Naois could recall seeing him on the news sometimes, being in the middle of the showbiz commotion. He wasn't much interest in the showbiz culture himself, though if even a laboratory nerd as him had heard of this person, this boy must be quite famous.

    He was not quite appeal to Naois on the business dealing side though, seeing that the chance of Andre being interest in funding biomedical laboratory is very slim. But in doing business, connection was always important, no matter what the circumstance. He talked in a French accent, which were familiar to Naois's on several degrees since he would have customers who speak the same language, and somehow business would be a lot smoother if he knew just a few basic greetings in their mother's tongue.

    "Très heureux, Andre" He reached out his hand, offered the boy a handshake and a smile. "Yes, I believe I have heard of you. Who could not have known of such a famous star ? I wonder what twist of fate has brought us here." Naois chuckled softly, seeing the fact that they all have Eeveelution with them.

    Speaking of the pokemon, Andre's Espeon seemed to be parallel to her owner. So pokemon's personality really did reflect their trainers's as well, Naois mused. 6 seemed to be unwavered by her, standing near Naois's feet like a statue of guardian at temples. Of course, Naois would expect nothing less from his pokemon, they were not allowed to move unless he specifically told them to do so.

    The boy with the guitar seemed to have finally spoken up as well, though his accent were quite unique compared to others that Naois have heard before. Such funny way of speaking, he though, and wondered that if musician wanted to make themselves famous would they need a strange way of speaking as well. Another Eeveelution was with him, a Leafeon it seemed. And it just added another detail to the mystery in Naois's head. There were 5 of them, 2 more to go, a Flareon and a Glaceon.

    Out of the blue, a loud cracking sound was heard, and from the roof of the pokemon centre, a crack started to form. It quickly being break open as something, or someone, literally fell down from it. Naois was caught in awe as a tall lanky figures dropped on the floor with a loud thud, seemingly just fall down from the sky. The newcomer seemed to be even taller than Naois, with spiky green hair and his arms tattooed like a punk, or that was what Naois would put it. And surprisingly enough, an orange fluff ball followed suit as it fell down from the hole, and it revealed to be another Eeveelution, a Flareon.

    What kind of coincidence is this ? Naois started to ponder on his own word, on whether it was destiny that has bring them there. That was ridiculous, such thing as destiny did not make any logical sense at all, at least to him. He watched with curious gaze on the boy that fell down from the roof, or rather his Flareon, as they made their way to the counter and made feeble attempt to cover up the embarrassment. The Flareon made it 6 of them now, only a Glaceon was missing to make a complete set.

    Sure enough, as if God could have read his thoughts, a girl bolted through the entrance of the centre screaming, and with her was a Glaceon. For a moment there, Naois wondered if he was in some sort of practical prank, that his father was now twisted enough to play joke on his already unstable mind. An unexpected gather of Eevee owners, famous people made appearance, boy falling down from the sky and girls had loud outburst in public all at once ? Now that was a mystery, Naois thought. His head kind of hurt to think about it and all he wanted was another blow of cigar, as he brought it to his mouth again and inhaled deeply.
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  18. *Jean Grey*

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    Monica Fiorelli
    Luxaris City Pokemon Center
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    "Monica!?" A loud voice called, which made the redhead look up in the direction where it was coming from. A blonde girl dressed in blue stood not too far away, a Vaporeon next to her. A very familiar girl in fact...the bag...there was no mistaking it. It had to be her. Back in Trainer's school, the girl,Freya, was practically her best friend.

    "Freya!" She called out in reply, getting up from where she was seated, Noctis immediately following her. She fondly remembered the bag Freya carried, which she had seen while shopping in a bazaar with her. Monica had chosen it for her younger friend, claiming that it looked great when she carried it, and immediately bought it for her. A week later, she had the bag's print tattooed behind her left shoulder. A more macabre style, yes, but it was still the same design.

    "My lady, such loud voice you have. Such a coincidence, that all of us who presented here have an Eeveelution. I could not help but to voice out such a bizarre stroke of fate. Could it be, destiny ?" A bespectacled blond guy commented as he approached, patting the head of Freya's Vaporeon. Like the guy in pink and Freya, he also looked quite familiar to Monica, and the Jolteon that accompanied him did not exactly help matters. He then introduced himself as Nao after mentioning his extremely long name. Nao...she remembered a Nao from her early teenage years and that Nao was also blond...maybe it was him.


    A crack, followed by the sound of something falling interrupted Monica's thoughts. Rather, not something but someone, from who she saw sprawled on the floor. A green-haired guy, accompanied by a Flareon. After a few moments, he got up and brushed himself off, as if nothing happened, and he approached the Pokemon Center's counter. It was only now that she noted that Noctis had not barked or growled at any of the others or their Pokemon. If they seemed so familiar, then perhaps, her hunch that she once knew the rest were probably right. After all, her memory would not fool her.

    "Bonjour, Mesdames et Messieurs. I'm Andre Bellamy. Surely, you three must know who I am. Anyway, I couldn't help but notice your adorable Pokemon!" The guy in pink introduced himself, his Espeon striking a pose as if he or she was a model or something. Monica smirked and did the first thing that popped into her head. She strode towards it and knelt down.

    "Think you're a model, huh, little cagna? Check these out!" She laughed, before she pulled the already low zipper on her vest even lower, exposing more of her large breasts and moving closer, the smirk still on her face, before getting back up. Noctis glared at the Espeon, but did not attack.

    “Sthorry, I know this isn’t quite my place to be sthpeaking. I just couldn’t help but notice that you all had Eeveelutions. I’m Isaac, Isaac Casthanova.” Another guy with a distinctive way of speaking said, a Leafeon perched on his shoulder.

    “Tucker! You’re Tucker, right. Because he’s Rex so you have to be Tucker since Rex is Tucker’s Flareon.” A smaller, lavender-haired girl shouted as she entered the Pokemon Center, a Glaceon in tow. The green-haired boy then responded to "Roc Star", hugging her while the girl's Glaceon attacked his knee.

    Tucker...Tucker...wait, wasn't one of my old friends back in school named Tucker...with the green hair? Yeah, it's him!

    "BREEEE!" She heard her Umbreon cry out in pain, before hearing his characteristic growl. She looked down and saw that a Flareon had bitten one of his legs. She scooped up her Pokemon as Tucker approached her.

    "I'mm i'm i'm i'm..I. I'm.. I'm so sorry. He j..j.j.j just likes to play. I hhaeave to say though, you're Umbreon looks really strong, almost like one that belongs to a friend I knew in school, but what are the odds o.o.o of meeting 2 of my best friends by accident in one day?" He stuttered, causing Monica to grin at him, still holding onto her Umbreon.

    "Heh, I remember you, Tucker. Who could ever forget the guy who actually turned a whole deck blank. You still owe me an explanation for that!" She laughed, before turning to face everyone.

    "By the way...I'm sure you guys probably remember me, but if in case any of you forgot, I'm Monica. Monica Fiorelli. Yeah, the same Monica as the one on Diamante's billboard just around here." She continued, winking as she grinned.
  19. Liltwick

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    Freya E. Yamamoto
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    "Freya!" Monica called out in reply, getting up from where she was seated, Noctis immediately following her. Freya gave a small smile, and felt the energy of her friend sync with the old energy. She was the one who she told everything to, and it looks like she kept everything sealed. Even if they were distanced for a time, Freya sensed that their friendship hasn't broke. She started to speak, but was interrupted by the scientist.

    "My lady, such loud voice you have" He grinned whimsically at her, taking the cigar out of his mouth and hold it on his finger, his eyes pressed into half-moon smile to appeal his audience. The boy reached out a hand and petted Mizumi softly"Such a coincidence, that all of us who presented here have an Eeveelution. I could not help but to voice out such a bizarre stroke of fate. Could it be, destiny ?"

    Cigar, Cigarrette... No matter how much cologne he has on he reminds me of somone...

    "I'm sorry for sudden intrusion. The name is Naois. Naois Alain Odwolfe Illias Salvatore of Hoenn. Very nice to meet you all."

    Nao, of course it's him. No matter how much he tried to cover up his habits, I could always smell the nicotine... He's an idiot

    Freya tried to respond, but felt a kiss brush her cheek, startled, she saw a man in a pink shirt starting to speak, but the energy left behind from the kiss, it wasn't foreign at all.

    "Bonjour, Mesdames et Messieurs. I'm Andre Bellamy. Surely, you three must know who I am. Anyway, I couldn't help but notice your adorable Pokemon!"

    She then saw his Espeon act like a royal bitch, and she felt Mizumi writhing under her in anger

    "VAPORE, Poreon!" Mizumi yelled at the Vaopreon. (Translation: Yea right, stop acting all posh Crystal. You know I could whip your butt any day)

    A kiss and a pampered Espeon, this is the Andre I know... THe energy is the same...

    Freya was about to speak again, but then she heard a crash above, and sidestepped as a piece of the ceiling was about to break. She then say an eccentric man with Green hair emerge from the rubble, ordering Salmon. She then heartd a powerful soundwave hit her body, and she clutched her ears as a girl entered the center

    To much Chaos for one day... I feel my mind slipping, I can't slip yet... I can't! Freya tried to resist the urge that prodded her mind and body. She was trying to get out of her 'sanctuay' but in the heat of the moment no one noticed.

    “Tucker!” The girl pretty much screamed when enter through the front door of the Pokemon Center. He didn’t really take a good look at the other people in the lobby as she quickly spotted him at the counter and bolted across the room. Her Glaceon rather unhappily follow in close pursue. “You’re Tucker, right. Because he’s Rex so you have to be Tucker since Rex is Tucker’s Flareon.”

    “Oh right, thank you so much for helping get in here, Tucker.” That didn’t seem to help. Her head dropped as she thought about it some more. Then quickly her head snapped up to look the taller man in the eyes. “Oh… I get it. You don’t recognize me? I guess I am taller.” She mused to herself. “I also used to be very quiet and shy, but not anymore! It’s me, Roxanna Freck, we went to the same trainer school, remember?”

    Roc and Tucker, of course, they always made me go into that state, though they didn't know... The chaos that masses to them, not all the time, but most of the time is unbearable

    "I'mm i'm i'm i'm..I. I'm.. I'm so sorry. He j..j.j.j just likes to play. I hhaeave to say though, you're Umbreon looks really strong, almost like one that belongs to a friend I knew in school, but what are the odds o.o.o of meeting 2 of my best friends by accident in one day?" The man tried to object, but he couldn't really pull it off

    Then, one last voice came into play.

    “Sthorry, I know this isn’t quite my place to be sthpeaking,” The man twiddled his thumbs together briefly, trying to stop himself from lisping. “I just couldn’t help but notice that you all had Eeveelutions.” He smiled slightly at the group, feeling Cassiel adjust herself on his shoulder. “I’m Isaac, Isaac Casthanova.

    THe lisp? Only one person I know that has the lisp is Isaac...

    After Monica reintroduced herself, Freya was at the point where her words got lost in the moment, in fact, she bit down on her tongue so hard she started to taste blood. Words would be a bloody mess, so Freya decided to use actions instead of words. She hugged Monica, and then went to Nao and gave him an Irish Backhander. She say Andre and also slapped him, but then gave him a hug. She looked at Tucker and Roc, and gave Tucker a slap on the head and Roc a hug, then she lastly went to Isaac and also gave him a hug. She went to the Nurse Joy, who watched the events unfold.

    "Here..." Freya said as blood dripped from her mouth, and gave her One Million Poke. Mizumi somehow in the confusion jumped out of her arms and was nagging at Crystal.

    "A-are you alright? Also, what's this for?" The Nurse Asked in confussion, the events that just unfolded most of put her in mild shock

    "For all the fines those idiots are going t have to pay, the damage to the roof, and if I calculated correctly, enough to give you a holiday." Freya sighed, but also smiled. She knew it was the right thing to do, as since thois Region has just officially entered the Pokemon League Association, a lot of Traienrs were coming in and out.

    "T-thank you!" She exclaimed with joy, and Freya gave a light-hearted smile. She then turned around to her old friends and gave them the death glare.

    "I'm Freya, you know, the one who eracted that magic circle. You guys have been messing with the supernatural balance right now... And that fame has corrupted most of you. You aren't people anymore, you've given into sin, either Pride, Greed, Gluttony, and so forth. Here, I will give you all a challenge, to preserve our friendship, and not break the ritual. ALl of you must travel around this region with out anything you've gotten through fame. That means hard walking, no money, and only a backpack to carry around. You will do this, it is your fate. Besides, the ritual isn't over yet..." Freya sighed as she sat down on a couch, trying to message her head ache.
  20. Pyroli

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    Isthaac Casthanova Isaac Casanova
    Luxaris City, Pokemon Center.
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    Isaac grinned as Freya and the others seemed to recognize everyone, he smiled at the entire group, happy to see his friends again. He smiled, but was cut mildly short as he watched a small trickle of blood run down Freya’s mouth. He watched as she went around and... physically greeted her friends. He watched as she hugged Monica, and then went to Nao and gave him an Irish Backhander. She say Andre and also slapped him, but then gave him a hug. She looked at Tucker and Roc, and gave Tucker a slap on the head and Roc a hug, then finally, came to him and hugged him. He grinned slightly as she pulled away, Cassiel made a small chirping noise on his shoulder.

    He then watched a... semi-crazed Freya pay the nurse a Million Poke. That... was a lot of cash, Isaac could produce so much music if he came in with that kind of money. His first album had been a hit for a while, but then slowly faded away. He was working on a new one, with even better music than the first, but music ain’t cheap, and he knew that.

    He watched the nurse and Freya exchange some words about the damages that these ‘idiots’ had caused. Isaac made a happy mental note that he hadn’t caused any trouble since he got here, other than a mild sour note, here and there. Cassiel hopped off his shoulder and went to greet the other Eevee’s, her scarf hanging lazily around her skinny neck.

    He heard Freya begin speaking again;
    "I'm Freya, you know, the one who eracted that magic circle. You guys have been messing with the supernatural balance right now... And that fame has corrupted most of you. You aren't people anymore, you've given into sin, either Pride, Greed, Gluttony, and so forth. Here, I will give you all a challenge, to preserve our friendship, and not break the ritual. All of you must travel around this region with out anything you've gotten through fame. That means hard walking, no money, and only a backpack to carry around. You will do this, it is your fate. Besides, the ritual isn't over yet...". He smiled, he could do that, of course, especially for an old friend. But then... it hit him.

    “Freya, I understhand what you’re trying to sthay, but please tell me baby can come!” He gestured to the guitar on his back. “It’sth mighty cold at night, and sthed be cold without my loving touch.” He continued, half pleading Freya to allow him to keep his guitar with him. Cassiel gave him a mild glance, before batting Mizumi’s paw playfully.

    “I mean like yesth it’s nice to sthee you too, but me and baby here have been through a lot together!” He practically whimpered.

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