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Re: The Last Trainer



Hey all! This is a fanfic I am currently writing at TPM. I just started it - and recently posted my third chapter at TPM. Therefore, since only four chapters have been written (counting the prologue) I will post them all today and begin writing new chapters starting Wednesday. New chapters will be posted every Wednesday and Saturday - while when I get around to writing new chapter's for my other fic, Tracey's Quest (when I finish posting all completed chapters here) - it will be written on Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday. Well, her'es the whole fic so far.


The Last Trainer
Prologue: The Announcement
By Hanada Tattsu

Pallet Town.. June 1939

It was a cold morning in Pallet Town. The ocean glittered in the sunlight, and the sun truly was shining on the pearly waves. It was too early for any of the experienced water Pokemon to be up, but the baby Horsea and Staryu were playing around on the waves, waking up early so that their parents wouldn't get mad at them for playing.
Pallet Town was quite small. Before the naming of the constitutional monarchy in 1868, Pallet had been a bustling royalist and conservative centre, but the imperial forces burned the city during the Bonin War of 1868. After that, Pallet had declined, and had been reduced to a small seaport in the southwest of Kanto.
Jun Noritaka was a fourteen year old boy living in Pallet with his mother. He had brown hair, blue eyes, and wore black pants, and something of a white shirt. His father had been drafted into the Imperial Army, and during the Kantan invasion of Hoenn in 1937, he had been killed in battle. Therefore, Jun lived with his mother in their old house.
Jun hated Pokemon. He said that Kantans should not put up with ancient sports like that in the modern age. Four years ago, his friends in Pallet had went off with their first Pokemon, but Jun stayed home. Jun also was very smart - he liked reading about Kantan literature of the Heian Period - a period in Kantan history where literature and culture ruled over warfare. If only another Heian Period would unearth itself in 1939...
Jun was in his room that early morning, listening to the radio.
"You are listening to KBC News, I am Announcer David Roberts. Top News from Kanto and the World. Live from Vermillion City. Long live the emperor!"
"Our top story...the Imperial Kantan Party, our political party, which saved us from the wrath of communism and anarchy.."
Jun turned off the radio.
In 1928, Kanto's two main conservative and socialist parties were defeated by a new, right-wing, populist party known as the Imperial Kantan Party. This party took power and eventually ended the democratic system in Kanto by banning all political parties and elections, restricting freedom of press and speech, and becoming right-wing and nationalistic - all in the name of the King. In 1931 and 1937-1938, the Kantan military, which supported this right-wing political party, conquered Hoenn, and by 1939, already 80,000 Hoenners had been killed by the Kantans.
Jun turned the radio back on.
"And so, our Emperor, the King Johnathan Luwilla I, of the long Luwilla Dynasty, holy and divine soveirgn of the land, and son of Jesus, has refused the demands from Chiang Kai Shek to withdraw from all Hoenner and Johtan lands conquered thusfar."
"And our second announcement. Prime Minister Gen. Hideki Tojo has sent a disturbing telegraph to the American Sector in Kamakura, Hoenn, to stop taking in Hoenner refugees from the city.."
Jun didn't bother listening and went to the window. His house was small, but cozy. It overlooked the ocean. Jun's room was on the second floor. It was quite small, made of wood, had a Japanese style tatami mat and sliding door, and a beautiful window overlooking the ocean. Jun's books and bookshelf overlooked his desk. His radio was on the small table near his closet. A picture of Jun, his mother, and his father, hung on the wall. Jun had looked at that picture so very much.
"The letter also said that Kanto liberated the Hoenners from a dictatorial socialist regime led by Chiang Kai Shek's Nationalists and that they should be thankful to us for bring back right-wing sanity and a king that cares about the population. It also said that.."
Jun had totally blanked out now. Every time he looked at the picture of his father, he felt a love for him like never before. He felt he wanted to caress him, to touch him, or at least.. to thank him, but he couldn't. Why? His face was right there.. so close..but yet so infinetly far...
"Our final story is about the Pokemon situation.."
Jun turned around.
"Because of the fact that our nation is drifting into immediate war with foreign powers, Prime Minister Tojo said that it is in the emperor's best interests that there be allowed only two more trainers from Pallet Town to leave on the Kanto League Challenge this time. Proffessor Honikusune has decided to give two different Pokemon to the challengers this time. The Pokemon will not be given anytime soon. The next league challenge will be in 1943. Other trainers will be allowed to catch and train their own Pokemon. After that League challenge, Pokemon training will be banned and forbidden."
Jun thought.
His father had been a Pokemon trainer, but his Pokemon had all died with him on the battlefield.
"And that was the Kanto Broadcasting Corporation reporting live from Vermillion City. God save the Emperor, the son of Heaven."
Jun turned the radio off, mainly because the next program was Western Ballroom Dancing.
As Jun turned around, he saw his mother standing at the door, with her arms crossed. She had brown hair like her son, and dark green eyes.
"Hello, mother."
"Jun - did you hear that broadcast? They're banning Pokemon training now. You've got to go."
"Mother, I'm not going anywhere. I told you. Pokemon is for ancient times, when we were an uncivilized nation. Now we've conquered Johto, and Hoenn, heck, we're going to conquer the Orange Islands soon... well maybe Nazi Germany will, but still.. we're a powerful, civilized nation. Why do we need to battle with animals?"
"Jun, Pokemon are not animals. They're something that our culture has created.. that our culture has liked.. we can't just do away with that.."
"Mother, I can't even get a Pokemon. I'm 14. By that time I'll be 17."
"Don't worry. Proffessor Honikusune knows of that. He'll pretend you're ten. I've talked to him."
"I said no."
"Suit yourself. Its not today.. its early next year.. I think January. You'll be 15 by then."
"What about school?"
"You heard the prime minister. Starting January 1, 1940, schools are closing. All students will have to go through compulsory military training. Unless you're training Pokemon."
Jun closed his eyes.
"Well? If this starts in 1943.. I'll have to go through training anyways."
"If you register for the league, you won't have to."
Jun opened his eyes wide.
"And I can't have you out there in the battlefield like your father. I can't lose another one of you guys."
Jun lay down on his bed, which overlooked the ocean.
"I'll think about it."
Jun's mother sighed.
"At least that's an improvement."
She left the room.
Jun looked at the ocean.
"I'll do it for you..dad.."


The Last Trainer
Chapter 1: Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle
By HanadaTattsu

Pallet Town ~ May 1943

Pallet Town had not changed since 1939. The Wingull still flew in the crisp blue sky, while the Tentacool and Horsea swam in the ocean outside of the city. It was hard to believe Kanto was in World War II with the United States. Through it all, Pallet Town had not been the site of anything violent.. it was still the major tourist centre of Kanto, though nobody came and visited.
Jun was now a boistrous, popular eighteen year old. He was now the opposite of what he was in 1939. He loved Pokemon. He could not wait until the minute where Proffesor Yanagida Kokuo would give him his first Pokemon. Proffesor Honikusune, the elderly proffessor of Pallet Town, had died in 1941. He was replaced by Kokuo, a former proffessor of ethnology at the Imperial University of Vermillion. He was now the official Pokemon proffessor of the Holy Kantan Empire.

"Jun, you'll be late", cried Jun's mother's voice, from downstairs.

"I'll be right there mother!" said Jun, as he put on his jacket. Jun and his mother were going down to Dr. Yanagida's lab where Jun, along with two other younger trainers, would recieve their first Pokemon. Families were invited, and many of these young trainer's relatives would be arriving from all over the Kantan Empire to see their relative get their first Pokemon.

Jun prepared his backpack, putting in quite a few clothes, a few books, toothpaste, food, a map of the Kantan Empire, a Kantan guidebook, and a Bible of the Kantan Reformed Church. Jun then looked around his room. He was not going to be back in this room for a while - a couple of years maybe. He looked at the picture of him and his parents, hanging on the wall. He had stared at this picture so many times, and now he was going to have to leave it.

"JUN!" cried his mother from downstairs.

Jun stole one more look at the window overlooking the sea.
"I'm coming!"

Proffessor Yanagida's residence was a few houses down from Jun's residence. It was quite large, and Yanagida had a large backyard where wild Pokemon were said to live. Yanagida also had a Eevee of his own, one he had caught on his way down from Vermillion City to Pallet. It was quite lavish, and overlooked the ocean.

As Jun and Jun's mother arrived there, they saw a plethora of automobiles outside. Jun's mother gasped, hoping that the ceremonies had not already began.

Suddenly, Jun's mother saw Dr. Yanagida walking outside.

"Yanagida-sensei!" cried Jun's mother, running towards the elderly proffessor in her high heels. Yanagida looked up at the woman and waved. Eevee was by his side. Jun knew Yanagida somewhat - he had had deep discussions with the ethnologist about Kantan history prior to the restoration of the monarchy in 1868.

"Hello Mrs. Noritaka, Jun." said Yanagida, lightly bowing his head.

"Please excuse us for being late! Have the ceremonies begun yet?" asked Jun's mother, her face red from running so fast.

"Oh, no. Everyone is here but they are currently having refreshments. Go inside and help yourself so that we can soon begin the ceremonies. Are you excited Jun?" asked Yanagida, his hands still behind his back. Eevee looked at Yanagida and then at Jun, expecting a reply.

"Indeed, Yanagida-sensei. I am excited."

Mrs. Noritaka lightly smiled, looking at Jun proudly.

"Well, I think it is time to begin the ceremonies." said Yanagida-sensei. "Come inside now so we can begin."

Yanagida-sensei rushed inside, as Jun and his mother followed. Yanagida, outside, motioned all the guests to sit down, and with his Eevee, went on the stage, with 3 Friend Balls on the stage.

"Hello, guests. I would like to cordially welcome all of you to the final Pokemon distribution ceremony here in Pallet Town. May the 3 trainers come to the stage please." said Yanagida.

"That's you - Jun." said Jun's mother, and Jun, sitting next to his mother, got up and went on the stage, standing between Yanagida and the table with the Friend Balls.

Jun was not the only one however. On his left was standing a boy of about fourteen - his name Jiro. Jiro was wearing long pants and a suit. He seemed very smart and was wearing glasses. On his right was standing a girl of about twelve, her name Naoko. Jiro and Naoko greeted Jun - as the three had went to the same school before the schools were closed in 1940 after Kanto entered World War II.

"We don't have a lot of time, my friends." said Yanagida-sensei. "As our nation is in war, we need to send our trainers off as soon as possible. We have news from our saviour government in Vermillion City that the American Air Force may bomb Kantan cities in the near future. Therefore, we want to have our trainers off on their journeys today. Other trainers are leaving today too. So, let me just get to the point."

Jun, Jiro, and Naoko both looked at Yanagida, listening carefully. Jun almost cried. He thought that his father too had gone through this.

"There are eight gyms in Kanto. When you get all eight badges, capture quite a few Pokemon, and become powerful, you go to the Indigo Plateau... and must battle other trainers to recieve the Kantan Cup - where one of you may become the Pokemon master of the Kantan Empire.. the final one.." said Yanagida.

The crowd listened to Yanagida, carefully.

"There are 3 Pokemon here in the Friend Balls. You three can choose one each. One is Bulbasaur - a grass and poison type. The other is Charmander, a dragon and fire type. The final one is Squirtle, a water and fighting type. I will first ask Miss Naoko what she would like first." said Kokuo, looking at Naoko.

"Hmm... I think I want the Charmander.. its really cute." said Naoko.

"Very well." said Kokuo, giving her the Friend Ball with the Charmander. Naoko released it, and a small fire lizard came out, smiling and jumping with its tail sticking out behind it. It looked at Naoko, smiling.

"What a cutie!" said she, as she hugged the Charmander.

"Okay, now - what would you like Jiro? The Bulbasaur or the Squirtle?"

"Hmm.. I want grass types.. so the Bulbasaur would suit me best." said Jiro, as he recieved the Friend Ball with the Bulbasaur. As he released it, Bulbasaur came out, looking serious, but staring at its trainer.

"Now, it is Jun's turn." You could hear Mrs. Noritaka telling the people she was sitting by that that was her son.

"I want to be a water trainer. Therefore, I want Squirtle." said Jun, as he recieved the Friend Ball with the Squirtle, releasing it. The Squirtle came out, jumping around, and hugged Jun immediatly. They were already good friends.

"With that - all 3 trainers have recieved their first Pokemon... your first gym is in Pewter City.. good luck to all of you.." but he was interrupted by a government official.

"Good day. Hail the Holy Emperor. I am the Governor General of Pallet Town, Dr. James Rikel. Our nation is under direct threat of attack by the barbaric Americans. Our holy nation, our pure nation, is being under threat of being firebombed. We have a list of people who need to go to war... even if they have Pokemon." said Dr. Rikel.

Dr. Yanagida sighed, as Mrs. Noritaka became afraid. Was Jun going to be drafted? Naoko and Jiro hugged their Pokemon tight, as did Jun. Jun's Squirtle even became quite nervous after hearing that. Jiro's Bulbasaur and Naoko's Charmander too were afraid.

"First... Hasubeki Azu." said Dr. Rikel.

"Azu-san.. not you!" cried Naoko, as she saw her older brother turn around, horrified. Mrs. Noritaka became more and more nervous.

"Second..Degaru Jack." said Dr. Rikel, looking up through his furious glasses.

Jiro looked up, seeing his older brother cover his face, as his mother comforted him.

"Third and final, N.." began Dr. Rikel. N? Noritaka? Was it Jun? Jun's mother started to collapse as she heard hte first syllable, as Jun looked up. Squirtle did as well. Was Jun drafted?

The Last Trainer
Chapter 2 - Miss Yoshiko and the Aboriginal
By Hiroshi66

"The third and final is Noboru Shuhei. All three of these men must report for active military duty at the military base near Pewter City, just north of Viridian City. Thank you, and congratulations! Hail the Emperor!" said Mr. Rikel, and adjusting his glasses, exited with his two guards.

The room quited down. It was as if nothing had changed - but in all reality, everything had. Naoko's older brother and cousin, as well as Jiro's older brother had been called to duty to fight in a war in small islands in the Pacific Ocean. Was it neccessary?

For Mrs. Noritaka, however, life had began all over again. After all, her son was allowed to continue training. After a minute though, she calmed down and realized that her neighbors were to be going to fight against modern and powerful weapons in unfamiliar territory.

Mr. Yanagida turned the sad occasion around.

"My friends - please do not let this sad event inerfere with the ceremony. After all, the three final trainers of the Kantan Empire are setting off on their journey today. Please give them a round of applause."

Everybody clapped, as the three trainers and their new Pokemon bowed impulsively. Jun looked at Squirtle and smiled, as the small blue turtle Pokemon smiled back.

A few hours passed. Naoko and Jiro had already left their seperate ways - and Mrs. Noritaka and Dr. Yanagida stood with Jun at the end of town.

"Jun, if you have any questions about anything - don't hesistate to write to me. Good luck on your journey." said Yanagida, bowing.

"Thank you Yanagida-sensei." said Jun, bowing.

"Darling - I trust you will be careful. I love you very much - and remember to always pray to God every night. Be careful." said Mrs. Noritaka, embracing her son.

"I will, mother." said Jun, embracing her as well. "Besides, with Squirtle, I think that life will be quite a lot more easier."

Jun then turned around and headed off north of Pallet. As Yanagida and Mrs. Noritaka watched him go.

"He's grown up a lot." said Yanagida, as Mrs. Noritaka nodded, wiping a tear from her eye.

Jun walked north on Route 1, which joined Pallet Town with Viridian City, then a small, farming town. Dr. Yanagida had told him that his first badge could be earned from Pewter Gym. Until then, however, he had to raise Squirtle considerably. He felt for the Friend Ball on his belt.

Route 1 was quite lengthy. It was about a five mile walk to Viridian City. The history of this area was quite interesting. After all, the entire Southwestern area of Kanto linked the area to the coast of Far Eastern Kanto, which was once a center where many aboriginals lived.

As Jun walked about a mile and a half on the route, he began to feel quite lonely. His right hand felt for the Friend Ball on his waist and sent out Squirtle. Squirtle came out, rubbing his eyes with his small blue hands. He had been asleep. Jun greeted him and Squirtle waved back, chanting its name. Jun and Squirtle walked north side by side.

As they walked about a mile more, Squirtle began to get tired, and slowed down.

"Squirtle, hop on." said Jun. Squirtle jumped onto Jun's back, and the two friends began to continue walking, as Squirtle rested.

Suddenly, they saw what seemed to be a few straw huts grouped together behind a thicket.

"Squirtle, let's go see what is behind that thicket."

Squirtle nodded, and the two saw on the ground a picture of a solider burning an American flag. It seemed to be from a book of some sorts. Ignoring the sight, he continued behind the thicket, and saw the huts in a clearing.

Sitting outside one of the huts was an aboriginal, dressed in Western clothes. Next to her was a Kantan lady of about twenty or twenty-one years of age. She had a Eevee next to her.

Jun quietly wondered why there was some kind of an aboriginal village near the ocean. Suddenly, he remembered from his Kantan history that the area had been a link between Far Eastern Kanto, and the aboriginal center of Borneo, Nineveh (now called Bitlis), so this village must have existed for centuries.

"Who are you? Who goes there?" asked the Kantan lady. The aboriginal lady in Western clothes said the same thing in a reasonable English accent. After that, two naked toddlers, one a boy, and the other a girl, came out of the hut.

"Oh, excuse me. My name is Jun Noritaka, I am a Pokemon trainer. This is my Squirtle." said Jun, as he pointed to Squirtle, who waved.

As Jun said this, an aboriginal lady of about thirty came out of the hut, who was clothed in nothing but a few rags. Her hair was curly and short. The entire family had not been washed. The Kantan lady murmured something to the aboriginals in their native tongue, and then walked up to Jun.

"You are a Pokemon trainer from Pallet then? Interesting. My name is Miss Yoshiko Kawashima. This is my Eevee. I used to be a Proffessor of Aboriginal Lingustics at Vermillion Imperial University and the Department Chair of the Language Department." said Miss Yoshiko, shaking Jun's hand. Eevee walked up to them too, and greeted Squirtle cordially.

"Well, if you're a proffessor, miss, why are you here?" asked Jun, skepitcally.

"Two reasons. One, the government has taken 'cautious' measures against the aboriginals - and has deemed them uncivilized and called them as nothing but animals. Therefore - the Aboriginal Studies sector at all universities has been closed. Apparently these poor natives are inferior to the White Kantan. Two, schooling has been banned since 1940."

"My name is Anne Lumbshandsa. I was once a student of Miss Yoshiko. We travel together and learn a lot about my culture." said Anne, who was the aboriginal lady who was wearing Western clothes.

Yoshiko motioned for the mother and her children to come, and said something in the aboriginal tongue. The three aboriginals bowed to Jun, as Jun bowed back.

"So is this an aboriginal village of sorts?" asked Jun.

"Yes. It is the remnants of a village. But the men were all shot by the government a few months ago. Apparently the soldier who massacred them said that they needed animals to be shot so that they might not spread an epidemic." said Yoshiko. "These children's father and older brother were one of the victims."

"That's terrible.." said Jun.

"That's why my former student, Anne, and I, are traveling all over Kanto to learn as much as aboriginal culture and preserve it as much as we can so that if anything happens to these people, the future people of Kanto can learn about their ancestors." announced Yoshiko.

"Do you or Anne or any of the aboriginals have any Pokemon?" asked Jun, changing the subject cordially.

"I have an Eevee, which I just caught on the way over here. Nobody else here does though." said Yoshiko.

"How about a battle then? We need the experience." said Jun.

"Well, I don't see why not." said Yoshiko.

Miss Yoshiko and Jun stood across from each other. The aboriginals stood on one side. Squirtle was in front of Jun, as Eevee stood in front of Miss Yoshiko.

"Squirtle - go get Eevee!! Use your Tackle Attack!" ordered Jun. Squirtle clenched his fists, cracked his knuckles, and charged towards Eevee. Eevee stood calm.

"Eevee - go! Use Tail Whip - straight in the face!" ordered Yoshiko. Eevee's furry tail smashed into Squirtle. The turtle Pokemon was thrown across the arena to Jun's feet.

"Okay - take advantage, Eevee! Use your own Tackle!" ordered Yoshiko. Eevee nodded, and charged at a high speed towards Squirtle.

"Oh no you don't. Squirtle - use your own Tail Whip!" said Jun, repeating Yoshiko's pervious technique. Squirtle used Tail Whip, but its tiny tail missed Eevee. Eevee charged into Squirtle, hitting the turtle Pokemon into a tree. Squirtle took a lot of damage.

"Okay - finish this battle, Eevee. Use Quick Attack!" ordered Yoshiko.

"Squirtle - please get up." exclaimed Jun. Squirtle struggled, but before it could, Eevee quickly smashed into Squirtle. The turtle Pokemon hit the tree again, and fainted. Eevee stood over the turtle, victorious. Squirtle was out.

"Excellent! Eevee! We won our first battle!" exclaimed Yoshiko.

"Squirtle - you did good nonetheless. Return." but before he could recall the fainted Squirtle into the Friend Ball, the aboriginal lady ran up to Yoshiko and told her something. Yoshiko responded back in the aboriginal tongue and nodded.

"Jun, she wants to use a special formula to cure Squirtle for you instead of taking him to the Pokemon Center.

"Sounds good. Thank you." said Jun, bowing to the lady.

The lady ran past Anne and her children and went into her hut. Two minutes later she was out with a bowl with something green in it.

"These are a form of fruit. They are called Pokeblocks in the aboriginal language. It is only used by these people.. it should heal your Squirtle.

The lady gave them to Jun, and Jun gave them to Squirtle.

"Squirtle, take this. It'll make you feel better. Squirtle roughly ate the fruit, and minutes later got up, fully healed. It hugged Tracey.

Tracey thanked the aboriginal lady, who bowed back.

Suddenly, a truck with the Kantan flag flying on the side of it pulled up next to the clearing.

A chubby man followed by three soldiers walked into the clearing. The aboriginals, as though being controlled by a remote control, bowed. Yoshiko and Jun, as well as their Pokemon, reluctantly bowed.

"I am Mr. Robert Daves - the leader of Aboriginal Services in Kanto. These animals are not being properly fed. I need all aboriginals here to be led outside, where we will relocate them." said Daves, adjusting his glasses.

"Where will they be relocated?" asked Yoshiko.

"We don't know yet."

"Sir, I am a citizen of Kanto, do I.." began Anne, but Daves cut her off.


Anne turned back to Yoshiko, but Yoshiko closed her eyes, in aboriginal tongue symbolizing that she will do something to help.

Two elderly women who were in the two other huts were led out along with Anne and the three other aboriginals. As they turned behind the clearing, six shots were heard. Six thuds were held onto the truck, and the car drove off.

Yoshiko dropped down.

"They're..dead. All of them.." she couldn't believe her eyes.

As the Yoshiko and Jun and their Pokemon went around the corner to where the shots were held, there were pools of blood. Squirtle covered his eyes, and Eevee screamed.

Yoshiko had tears in her eyes. "How.. how.. can people be so inhumane.." She never once cried.

Evening was falling. Yoshiko and Jun stood next to each other, looking at the old village, for the first time empty in centuries.

"Yoshiko.. maybe you should come along with me. I don't want you to be alone.. perhaps.. you'll be in danger. Besides we're both trainers. You can travel with me while I earn my badges." said Jun. Yoshiko looked around, but was silent.

To Be Continued...

The Last Trainer
Chapter 3: The Viridian Ralts
By HanadaTattsu

Jun didn't know whether to ask Yoshiko the question again or just to wait and see if she would answer. Looking around uneasily, tears still in her eyes after the recent escapade with the Kantan army in the aboriginal village, finally looked at Jun, who stared uneasily back. Squirtle and Eevee looked at each other, silently wondering if their trainers would consent to traveling together across the Kantan Empire.

"Fine, I will go with you. But if you ever try to do anything to me - I will kill you on the spot. I have taken aboriginal grappling lessons. I will be able to bury you alive if you try anything!" said Yoshiko, her right pointer finger in Jun's face.
All Jun could do was lightly nod. Squirtle and Eevee silently laughed.
"Where's the next gym you're going to?" asked Yoshiko.
"Pewter - but we've got to go through Viridian first." said Jun, looking towards the north.

Night had fallen. Yoshiko and Jun were walking next to each other across the brush. Route 1 did resemble a forest - and wild Rattata were silently walking across the brush - taking the place of the Pidgey which were there during the day.

"How long until we reach Viridian City?" asked Yoshiko, her dress dirtied by the soil. Eevee was tired, her eyes closing. Squirtle, as tired as he was, attempted to walk.

"Just a few more minutes and we should be there." said Jun, looking off into the distance. "We can stay at the Pokemon Hospital there for the night and head off to Pewter in the afternoon."

It was about nine o'clock at night when Miss Yoshiko and Jun reached Viridian City. The city was quite small - and thus no lights were on. There were a few five-story buldings, but mostly wooden houses, where lights could be seen behind oriental screen doors. Viridian City had been an anti-Western center when Kanto was first opened by the Western Powers. The imperial forces had massacred thousands of Viridan City's population when the monarchy was restored in 1869 - and the right-wing military regime of the day still hadn't forgiven them.

Beggars were sitting on the streets, begging for food or at least a coin. Eevee and Squirtle walked together - Squirtle trying to comfort Eevee who was being stared at by a beggar.

Finally, after much searching - the group reached the Pokemon Hospital. The Red Cross sign was on the front, and the Kantan flag was in front of it. There was a light on - but it seemed like everybody in the two story building was asleep.

"Are you sure we can go in?" asked Miss Yoshiko, now holding her sleeping Eevee in her arms.

"Why not?" asked Jun, as he and Squirtle opened the door and ran in, Yoshiko behind him.

Sure enough, the nurse was standing in front of a desk in the lobby. Behind her was a picture of the emperor and General Tojo, the Prime Minister.

"Hello, trainers. Are you looking for a place to stay for the night?" asked the nurse, as she sat at her desk and took out the book where she was supposedly going to write down what room they were staying in.

"Yes, please." said Jun, as Miss Yoshiko stared at the two pictures above the nurse's desk.

"I have a two rooms available on the second floor. Will.." began the nurse, but Yoshiko stopped her.

"One room would be fine, and I'll pay."

Eevee, Squirtle, and Jun all looked at Miss Yoshiko, who looked proudly at the nurse. A squint of red could be seen on Jun's cheeks.

"Very well then."

The nurse led the two trainers up to their room on the second floor. The window faced south - and Jun thought he could see the ocean and Pallet Town in the dark. Jun then recalled Squirtle after he saw Miss Yoshiko recall Eevee.

Yoshiko then turned the radio on, as Jun and Miss Yoshiko sat down around it to listen to the 10'oclock news.

"And our latest story. Our soldiers have defeated the Americans yet again as they attempted to invade Southern Hoenn. The American army and the Hoenner Nationalist Revolutionary Army attempted to land at Mossdeep Island in Southern Hoenn Province - but our troops have defeated them soundly."

Miss Yoshiko turned it off.

"Turn it back on!" said Jun, lunging over to turn the radio back on.

"You actually listen to this trash? Supposedly our troops have defeated them soundly. They don't know what its like. Our troops may have territory under their wings - but they are constantly being wiped out. People are dying by the thousands. Nobody knows the truth. And what does the military do to the Hoenners? They conquer Hoenn and then proceed to terrorize the population.. they massacre them in the most brutal ways.. just like they did today to the aboriginals.. to Anne.." said Miss Yoshiko, speaking all at once in an extremely dismissive tone.

Jun looked at her and out the window.

A few minutes later, Yoshiko walked to one of the beds and slept, while Jun slept in the other. He forgot to pray.

Morning came. Jun woke up first and looked out the window. The ocean was beautiful, and Viridian City was awake. He released Squirtle, who wiped his eyes and looked out the window, happily.

Miss Yoshiko woke up and streched her arms. She looked around and remembered the events of the past day. She bid good morning to Jun, who bowed back. Releasing Eevee out of its Pokeball, the mouse Pokemon came out and ran to Squirtle.

"I'm planning to get to Pewter by tommorow. We'll stay today in Viridian City and tour the town and set off for Pewter this afternoon. Is that okay with you?" asked Jun. Miss Yoshiko, nodded.

Viridian City was different during the day. Street vendors were selling their fare. Jun and Yoshiko weren't walking with sights to see and a specific agenda - rather just touring the town. Squirtle and Eevee walked side by side - looking at the sights.

As the two friends continued venturing throughout Viridian City, Eevee noticed a tiny creature sitting on the ground. It was in a very bad area of town. The houses were all deserted, and dirty. The creature was a Ralts.
Eevee ran up to it, but the Ralts merely looked at Eevee, not responding.

"What is it, Eevee?" asked Miss Yoshiko, rushing over to Eevee, who was still talking to the depressed Ralts. Jun and Squirtle took ran over. Squirtle tried talking to Ralts too, but it kept looking down.

"It looks so miserable - and dirty. I'm going to catch it and train it." said Yoshiko. Eevee looked excited.

Jun and Squirtle stood back, while Miss Yoshiko stood in front of the Ralts with Eevee in front of her.

"Eevee - go, use Tackle!" ordered Miss Yoshiko. Eevee tackled Ralts in the face, as the depressed Pokemon slammed into the wall. Eevee was in battle formation, waiting for Ralts to attack. The Pokemon didn't move.

Suddenly, Ralts glowed purple. Jun, Squirtle, Yoshiko, and Eevee did as well. Then what appeared as a small screen glowed in front of Ralts - sort of like a cinema screen. It showed another city - probably Saffron City - the largest city in Kanto - being bombed by American planes in an air raid. A mother and father Gardevoir tried to shield their children - two Kirlia and a Ralts. Suddenly, a bomb crashed near the family - and soon, the two Kirlia and Gardevoir were dead. They then saw Ralts walking lonely through the snow, and finally becoming a beggar Pokemon in Viridian City. The screen closed, and everything returned to normal.

Yoshiko ran up to Ralts and hugged it. Small tears were coming out of Ralts' eyes, as they were also coming out of Yoshiko's eyes. Eevee went by them - and Jun and Squirtle stood there speechless.

"Ralts - you don't have to sit there and beg. You can come with us.. if you'd like." said Yoshiko. "You can be my Pokemon.. if you want."

Ralts nodded, happilly, though still with a sad look on her face. Yoshiko threw a Pokeball, and Ralts jumped in.

"Yes! I got a Ralts!" happily cried Yoshiko, holding the Pokeball in her hand.

She released Ralts - and the Pokemon slowly began talking with Jun's Squirtle and Eevee.

Suddenly, Yoshiko and Jun both looked up. Fifty airplanes, all in military formation, were crossing above in the sky. One dropped what appeared to be a round object, and suddenly, the area just near Yoshiko and Jun blew up. These planes dropped hundreds of these bombs.
"What's going on?" screamed Jun.
"The Americans are preforming an air raid on Viridian City." said Yoshiko, glumly.

"An air raid?" asked Jun, looking up, as more bombs were head dropping over random locations in the city. Squirtle looked up scared, trying to shield Eevee and Ralts who were terrified. Ralts seemed the most scared of all.

Suddenly, the air raid sirens were heard. Nationalistic music that was heard on the imperial court thousands of years before was played on loudspeakers to raise the morale of the population, but it didn't work.

"What can we do?" asked Jun, afraid. He held Squirtle in his arms.

"Just run north towards the forest!" cried Miss Yoshiko, holding Eevee and Ralts in her arms.

Yoshiko and Jun ran north out of the area, as it seemed like the American B'29's were tailing them. Yoshiko and Jun ran without any notion of where they were goin and what htey would do..

To Be Continued..


Well, that's the whole fic so far.. Chapter 4 will be up on.. Wednesday.. Enjoy!


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Good story so far. I like how it has some history to it.

But where is Kanto and the other lands located in the world?

Anyway, good job!


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o_O Long beginning. Not that that's a bad thing of course plus its three chapters and a prolouge right?

The ocean glittered in the sunlight, and the sun truly was shining on the pearly waves.
There's a lot of repetition in this sentence. I mean, its nice description and all but I figure once you say there's sunlight, there's prolly going to be a sun around.

He had brown hair, blue eyes, and wore black pants, and something of a white shirt.
Something of a white shirt huh? So technically, its not really a shirt but it kinda is too? Lol. :p
The room quited down.
That's a shame, you should never quit, not even rooms. Gawd that's lame, I've really gotta go to bed. Anyways, that should be quieted (is that even a word? oO).

A few other typos such as the one exampled about but nothing to bad. Anyways, I like how you put in historical facts about your fic in the prolouge. Not many people can embed it like that without it just sounding like facts blandly stated.

Spacing: Rather squished up in the prolouge but its fine. So no complaints.

Spelling/grammar: Pretty good in this department though there were a few typos and misusage of commas. Minor grammatical errors as well. Nothing too bad though that I've got to point out.

Plot: An interesting twist on a journey fic. Me likey! ^_^ I also love the background to this fic as well, not many go into detail like that.

Description: 'Tis good. A nice amount where I can picture it in my head but not get bored to death at the same time.

Sentence Structure/Variety/Flow/: Nice use of sentence types that kept my attention. Ja . . . misusage of commas like I said but meh.

Character development: Jun's attitude greatly changed from the prolouge to chapter 1. He hated Pokémon when he was 14 but then he began to like them when he was 18? How did that happen? Ah well, at least you do have personality in Jun though though I think Squirtle trusted him a little too quickly. Meh.

Overall: A great fic HanadaTattsu. ^_^ You tied in history and facts in greatly which make the plot more interesting than the average trainer fic especially since it not taking place during modern times (modern times for us anyways). 8/10 for teh momento.

And please excuse the crappiness of this review heh. ^_^; I'll get into better detail next time.

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Thanks for reviewing you guys!

Chapter 4 will be better - I promise. You will see an improvement. ^^

..In grammar, in spelling, in commas.. ^^


Chapter 4 should be up on Wednesday!

Preview of Chapter 4 - The Viridian Forest and Its Inhabitants!

-Squirtle is hurt by a bomb.
The Viridian Forest wasn't too far up - but Jun and Yoshiko were still sprinting towards the area as Viridian City was being devoured by the air raids. The air raid sirens were louder and more intimidating - making the delicate situation even more scary. Suddenly, Squirtle fell on his shell.
"Jun - Squirtle!" cried Miss Yoshiko, pointing at the turtle.
Suddenly, a falling bomb fell right near Squirtle.

-Miss Noritaka hears of the news.
Jun's mother ran down the street towards Proffessor Yanagida's house. She didn't stop, as the burning smell from Viridian City, a few miles north, spread to Pallet. Suddenly, she saw a few B29's flying toward Pallet Town.

Chapter 4 should be up Wednesday!


BTW - here's some pics from the C-drama Last Empress.. I very loosely based the romance of the series and the characters on this series.. here are some of the characters from this drama.. and who they represent in this series.






MIKAKO (future character.. introduced in Chapter 4)


JIRO (Jun's rival)


NAOKO (Jun's rival)


LIU FO YEN (Aboriginal-Chieftan, future character)

This fanfic will concentrate a little bit more on people rather than Pokemon.. and it will not be Jun only.. I plan to develop the other characters (namely Mikako, Jiro, and Naoko more so than Miss Yoshiko and Jun).

Chapter 4 will be up later today.


The chinese republic
What would occur if tzu hi was

The Last Trainer
Chapter 4: The Viridian Forest and its Inhabitants
By HanadaTattsu

Viridian Brothel was quiet. The brothel was somewhere where Kantan women who's husbands had gone off to war could find work as prostitutes - serving lonely men who had not been drafted into the army. The brothel's population, however, was mostly consisting of Johtan and Hoenner women who had been brought forcefully from Johto and Hoenn to be prostitutes without pay. They had not been sent off to the front but merely to bars and brothels.

"Get out you slimy wench!" said a man with a bald head. It was the brothel owner. He kicked out a woman of about twenty-five. She was wearing a conservative dress - and her hair was straight and curled at the end.

"Usually the Johtan and Hoenner women are relucant to have sex! Didn't think a Kantan witch like you would! Get out and find work elsewhere you wench!" said the brothel owner and kicked the girl again.

Her face was muddy after being kicked in the mud, but her cheeks were red, probably from abuse.

Her name was Mikako. She was never married, but her elderly father had been drafted into the army and killed in battle during the Kantan invasion of Lhasa Island, while her elderly mother had been sent as a prostitute to the front at Quezmoy Island. She was probably dead.

Mikako, disheartened, had found work at the brothel. She had never had sex with anybody, however - and was usually being abused by the male customers. When the brothel leader found out - he kicked Mikako out. She was alone in the world. She had nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide.

She suddenly saw an explosion a few streets down from the brothel. She looked up in the air and saw American army planes in the air, sending bombs onto Viridian City. Suddenly, the air raid siren began to be heard. Mikako panicked. She banged on the door of the brothel, but nobody answered. She was being ignored.

Panicking, Mikako mustered whatever strength she could and ran south - towards Route 1, where most of the city's civilians were escaping - towards Route 1.

She had nowhere to go - and would have prefered death. However, she continued running.


The Viridian Forest wasn't too far up - but Jun and Yoshiko were still sprinting towards the area as Viridian City was being devoured by the air raids. The air raid sirens were louder and more intimidating - making the delicate situation even more scary. Suddenly, Squirtle fell on his shell.
"Jun - Squirtle!" cried Miss Yoshiko, pointing at the turtle.
Suddenly, a falling bomb fell right near Squirtle.

"Squirt!" cried the turtle Pokemon, squirming in pain. The bomb hadn't landed by Squirtle, but his hearing obviously was tempered with temporarily.

"Squirtle!" cried Jun. He lunged forward, taking the turtle Pokemon in his arms.

"Jun - we've got to get out of here!" said Miss Yoshiko.

"Where can we go?" asked Jun.

"Viridian Forest - like we planned. I think that this is where we can get shelter from the raids." said Miss Yoshiko. Eevee and Ralts squirmed in her arms, while Jun's Squirtle was covering his ears - still in pain from the bomb.


Mikako was at a loss of what to do. She saw the B29's going south in the direction of Route 1 - so she decided to go north - towards Pewter City. She knew that they might bomb that next - but Pewter was in the middle of a mountain range - therefore she would be more protected there. She changed directions and ran north.

There were not too many civilians running north.

The only people were Miss Yoshiko, Jun, Mikako, and ironically, Naoko and Jiro, the two other trainers from Pallet. They ran onto Route 2 - north of Viridian and stopped in a clearing.

"Jun -- we made it! Put Squirtle down on the ground and let's see what's wrong with him." said Yoshiko, panting for breath.

"What can we do?" asked Jun.

"I don't know." said Miss Yoshiko. She put Eevee and Ralts down, who went to Squirtle immediatly.

Jun looked up for the first time. He became aware of the three other people in the clearing. Jiro and Naoko looked at Jun.

"Hello, Jun. Is your Squirtle well?" asked Jiro, looking at Jun through his deep glasses. Naoko jeered.

"Your Pokemon must have been hit by a bomb. Obviously it wasn't suitable enough or strong enough. Charmander was hit by one by dodged it." laughed Naoko.

Miss Yoshiko stared. "Perhaps you don't know the general danger of what is going on here. The city is being bombed. Any of us could be killed in a minute."

"Haha! I suppose you're the only one thinking about this. You must be scared." said Naoko, laughing. Jiro looked at Naoko, wondering what got into her, but ignored the situation.

"What's got into you, Naoko?" asked Jun, frowning. "Ever since my brother was taken away I have realized that nobody can help you when people older than you are gone. I have to take care of myself - and now we have to be mean to each other! Its the survival of the fittest. I have to be the one to survive - I can't yield to people!" yelled Naoko, as if she was making a speech.

"If this was a hundred years ago in 1845 when the country was an absolute monarchy and the people were starving I would believe what you said. But this isn't the absolute monarchy anymore. This is the constitutional monarchy. Your speech has no value anymore." said Miss Yoshiko, smiling.

"Yoshiko - drop it." whispered Jun, massaging Squirtle's ear.

Naoko couldn't counter anything, but decided to pick on somebody else. Jun and Jiro were tending Squirtle, while Eevee and Ralts were talking. Yoshiko was staring at Naoko, smiling and waiting for another comment so she could counter it. The only person who was helpless was Mikako, so Naoko's facial expression changed.

"And who are you?" asked Naoko, completely turning towards Mikako.

Mikako stared. She didn’t quite know how or what to answer. In the brothel she had been taught to not speak unless she was spoken to. Mikako was not stupid, however. She had been educated and was literate. World War II had ruined her chance for a rich, wealthy life, however.

“I.. was fired from Viridan Brothel.. I escaped when I heard the bombs..” said Mikako slowly, looking down in surprise as if she hadn’t heard her story before.

Naoko cracked up. Jiro and Jun both looked behind them at her – as did Yoshiko.and the others. They had not noticed Mikako before.

“That’s horrible. Why were you fired?” asked Yoshiko, going and standing next to Mikako.

“I didn’t want to.. have sex…” said Mikako, looking back at Yoshiko.

Naoko continued laughing. “How precious! Even lesbians might want to screw a couple of guys – how funny!” laughed Naoko.

Jiro took the initiative. “Shut up Naoko!”

Naoko looked back at Jiro, smiled an almost mocking smile, and pretended to help nurse Squirtle. Jiro looked at her while she pretended to massage his ear, but minded his own business.

“I’m Miss Yoshiko Kawashima – a former professor of Aboriginal Studies at the University of Vermillion” said Yoshiko, bowing.

Mikako had a surprised look on her face.

“I graduated that university! I have a degree in Hoenner Studies.” Said Mikako excitedly.

“Then what on earth where you doing in a brothel?” asked Yoshiko, surprisingly. Jun was listening to the conversation, as was Jiro, but Naoko began to laugh.

“Doesn’t that tell you a bit of how much she knows about her field?” laughed Naoko. Jiro glared – but Yoshiko spoke up.

“Do you know everything about every field?” asked Yoshiko, walking up to Naoko.

“Yes, you could say that.” Said Naoko.

“Then tell me who the first Aboriginal chieftan of this area was and what year he ascended.” Said Yoshiko, stomping her foot. Naoko looked at her for a minute with a confused look, and then retreated.

“Mikako, you’ll come along with Jun and I. Jun is one of the last trainers of Kanto – earning badges. We’re traveling together. Jun is the guy with the Squirtle.” Said Yoshiko.

Naoko continued staring down. Jiro waved, and Jun introduced himself.

“I couldn’t travel with you.. it would be too much of an imposition.” Said Mikako, but Jun stopped her.

“Not at all! How can you say that!?” said Jun, with Squirtle in his arms. The Pokemon looked recovered.

Squirtle jumped down from Jun’s arms and started talking with Ralts and Eevee.

“Are you sure?” said Mikako.

“I am positive. You can travel with me and Yoshiko. Jiro, are you sure you want to travel with her?” asked Jun, looking across at Jiro.

Jiro unsteadily looked at Yoshiko and Mikako behind him, and at Naoko in front of him. He shook his head and stood up, standing next to Naoko.

Jun looked defeated. “Never mind then. Anyways, Mikako, we’re next going to Pewter City where I’m going to earn my next badge. Do you have any Pokemon?” asked Jun.

Mikako shook her head.

“Besides – where will you survive in this war-torn country? The authorities may round you up and ship you to the front.” Said Yoshiko, in a scary tone.

“That’s what they did to my mother – my father was in the army.” Said Mikako, looking down.

“Your poor thing – see I’m right! You have to come with us” said Yoshiko, yet again.

“Well, Jiro – we’re off. See you later!” said Jun, as he began to walk out of the clearing towards Route 2. Yoshiko and Mikako bid farewell to Jiro.

“The poor little child can’t survive on her own!” mocked Naoko, and then in a child-like voice laughed, “How pathetic!”

Mikako hesitated to go, with a thoughtful expression on her face.

“As I said before – Madame Naoko – your sayings have nothing to do with the modern day. This isn’t the absolute monarchy – this is the constitutional monarchy. We are a nation of laws. Perhaps instead of thinking of people to pick on you can focus on common sense.” Said Yoshiko. Naoko looked down, defeated.

Mikako walked by slowly, while Yoshiko followed her, smiling as she walked briskly. Naoko turned around, glaring. Jun looked ahead at the three, somehow wishing he was with them. He looked at Mikako last, then turned around.


Jun's mother ran down the street towards Proffessor Yanagida's house. She didn't stop, as the burning smell from Viridian City, a few miles north, spread to Pallet. Suddenly, she saw a few B29's flying toward Pallet Town.


Hope you liked! Chapter 5 will be up on Saturday! ^^


Hello Readers ~

I have decided to discontinue this fanfic. My final chapter has just been posted above. I think I tried to make it too historical, and I just don't think I have enough skills to tie these in together at the same time while I write my other fanfic. I will keep this idea in hand so maybe I can continue it someday when I finish my other fic - but that will not occur.

I thank my readers for their comments.

My only other (and from now on my one and only) fanfic, Tracey's Quest, will continue, and, when that finishes, I shall retire from fanfic writing.

Now, mods, either close this - or please delete it - or move it to completed fanfics. If it is not deleted by January 1st, I will delete it myself.

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