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READ! Server Issues this Weekend


And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared...
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As much as I'd love to take credit and say it wont happen further, as far as I know, nothing has been done yet. We're scouting other server places for the forum server and will reinstall it from scratch. It appears the Who's Online was what was killing everything, though ricocheting may have tweaked other features to run smoother too
God forbid a woman has any power, right? Long live the 50s!

The lag has been nonexistent for me today. I really hope it stays this way. It's bound to get rough sometime, but hopefully not to the monstrous level like before. Thanks for the effort, Joe & co.

DUDE, I'm just saying they were horrible mods, they allowed por.n and hentai, but not bashing messages that bashed jackasses and loved trolls. They even SAID to me they hated my guts. The site owner was never on and made two random people staff xP
I'm not sexist, but I know about five people who are (None of them on this forum)

Anyways, hoping that Serebii will be able to fix the forums as much as he can, I'll be here for awhile, no matter how bad the lag gets, I've endured worse ;)


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That'd be triggered by one of the problem words the forums have sometimes - stops you posting/editing stuff at times if you use such words. Taking a quick look, it may be create - easily fixed by replacing it with another word in your edit or putting something in-between it, say by italicing a letter (e.g. create). Full list of problem words is here: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=390931

Thank you very much! I will search that and try and find another word


The problem has returned.

It was written like this:

Database error
The database has encountered a problem.

I have to say that the problem has been forgotten for a while, but today it's very slow again.
I don't mind the lag, although I've been given points against my account due to double posting...which was 100% due to lag. That's a bit frustrating, getting held accounted for something I have no control over. Go back to delete the post and it lags out, not being able to correct the issue and getting grief over it. Other than that I like it, the forums work well.

Terry. T.

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I'm getting REAL bad lag. :(

Marbi Z

Sometimes when I post the server doesn't reconize my account. Its says I'm logged in but when I go to post a thread or reply to a thread a message appears saying that im not logged in has that always been a problem?

Terry. T.

One and Only...
Sometimes when I post the server doesn't reconize my account. Its says I'm logged in but when I go to post a thread or reply to a thread a message appears saying that im not logged in has that always been a problem?

Yes, that's always a problem. What browser do you use?


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Well, it seems like the forums are running quite smoothly. I guess it has been fixed since normally when I come here at this time, it takes forever just to load one page.


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yeah, the forums seem to be running quite well now


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Definetly way better then usual, but it's probably cause I'm on when most US people aren't.

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I had problems loading pages yesterday, and the entire time I've been on the forums since I re-joined everything has been slow with a few data base errors. I assume that that must be what you're talking about?

I got multiple data base errors while trying to edit my profile and submit my registration. I have yet to receive one today.
If you can read this, then either I've fixed the problem, or you're really lucky.

Today, for some reason, the forum server has been acting weirder than normal. As you know, there's a database error that causes the usual slowness. However, today there is osmething different and what is causing this keeps making the frontend server's RAM usage to top out. I'm investigating what is going on so please bare with me. If you still wish to chat about things throught this, use the chat http://www.serebii.net/chat.shtml

Sorry for any inconvenience


I keep having this problem :(
It seems to be fine once I refresh the page a couple of times :)