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READ!! The Shippers Community Rules With FAQs - (Updated: July 31st, 2017)

Discussion in 'Shippers Community' started by Meowth City, Sep 13, 2014.

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  1. Meowth City

    Meowth City ♥ Shipper ♥ Staff Member Moderator

    .:Shippers Community Rules:.

    Welcome to the Shippers Community! This is the place where you can discuss Pokémon shippings, as well as shippings from other anime, manga, video games, books, TV shows and movies. As with all other sections of the forum, we have a few rules that you should keep in mind before posting here, so please take the time to read them all.

    1. Follow the General Forum Rules!
    You should already know these, but in case you don't, you can find them here.

    2. Don't spam! Don't post one-liners!
    Sticky threads and Alternative Shipping threads are exceptions to the one liner rule.
    Off-topic posts will not be tolerated. If it does not relate to the topic at hand, then it is considered spam.

    A one-liner entails one short, spammy line of text. This often has a short response that doesn't contribute much to the conversation/discussion at hand. Reading something such as "yes, I agree" isn't really something that helps fuels conversation, right? Elaborate on your posts! It makes conversation much more lively and fluid.

    3. No bashing or flaming shippings, characters or members!
    This should be a given. We do not condone this and neither should you. You will receive a 5 point infraction and/or warning for this, depending on the severity. If you are a victim of such an offense, please report this to a mod and they will deal with it. Note: Simply having a different opinion is not Trolling. Please report only problematic posts.

    You're obviously allowed to visit & post in threads for ships even if you don't support them, and you're allowed to occasionally voice doubt/criticism towards the ship and its hints. However, it is not acceptable for you to constantly spread negativity & annoy shippers by hammering it into their heads that you dislike the ship or that you find it unlikely to come true. Your posts needs to be respectful and contribute to the discussion somehow.

    4. Do not bump threads that have been inactive for two month (60 days) since the last post! THERE ARE TWO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE: STICKY THREADS AND ALTERNATIVE SHIPPING THREADS!
    If there hasn't been a post in for two months, then that thread is considered dead. Remember to always check the date of when the last post was made before you reply. If you still want to discuss that topic, then make a new thread (and let us mods know, so we that can close the inactive one) instead of replying to the dead one.

    You may bump stickies, such as claiming threads, because they tend to go through periods of inactivity every now and then. As for Alternative Shipping threads, they have a 12 month grace period before they are considered dead. This is due to the limited activity of that forum.

    5. Limit on advertising!
    You are allowed to advertise your fan works (fanfiction, fanart, AMVs, etc.), however, when doing so, you must also contribute to the current topic as well. If you are found breaking this rule, you will be issued an advertising infraction.

    6. Do not make anti-shipping threads!
    Similar to Rule 3. These are not allowed under any circumstances. If you attempt to create one, it will be deleted and you will be infracted for flaming/insulting.

    7. Be considerate when posting spoilers. Use Spoiler tags.
    Not everyone is up to date on the anime, so if you want to talk about shippy moments in episodes that have not been aired outside of Japan yet, please use spoiler tags! Don't know how? Click here for a guide.

    8. Cite your source(s)!
    If you wish to post fanwork that is not your own, please remember to credit the original artist, author or maker and make sure you acquire permission to use their work on this forum! Failure to do so may result in an infraction. If you find an image from a search engine or image hosting site, such as Google or PhotoBucket, do NOT credit those sites because they did not make the image. If you do not know who is responsible for making it, then you are not allowed to post the image. In addition, do not ever claim someone else's work as your own. This is plagiarism and anyone found doing this will receive an infraction.

    9a. Debate threads (x-shipping vs. y-shipping threads) are not allowed!
    This will only incite bashing and flaming, so they cannot be allowed. Any threads like this will be deleted on site, so don't even bother creating them.

    9b. NEW RULE: No more Shipping Polls threads!
    Due to countless problems involving these threads in the past, we have decided to ban them all together. There have been too many incidents of spamming and members stirring up debates within them. Therefore, any threads like this will be deleted on site, so don't bother creating them.

    10. NEW RULE: Do not discuss incest pairings.
    Due to countless problems involving these threads in the past, we have decided to ban them all together. There have been too many incidents of spamming and members stirring up debates within them. Therefore, any threads like this will be deleted on site, so don't bother creating them.

    If you have any questions about these rules, feel free to PM any of the Shippers Community moderators (xEryChan, Meowth City, Sushi, Tiffany) and we will gladly help you out! Have fun!
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2016
  2. Meowth City

    Meowth City ♥ Shipper ♥ Staff Member Moderator


    for the most commonly used words

    Shipping: derived from the word relationship, friendship or worship, is the belief of (or desire for) two (or more) people, often fictional, to be in a romantic relationship.
    Shipper: A person who supports (a) shipping.

    Yaoi: Male homosexuality.
    Yuri: Female homosexuality.

    Crack Ship: A ship that would be unlikely to become canonically true because of many fictional barriers between the characters.
    OTP: (Stands for "One True Pairing") To deem a ship OTP, one is declaring their deep emotional investment in it; perhaps he or she feels that the characters involved in the relationship are meant for each other above all other relationships they may be put in by others
    BROTP: ("BROTP" is a combination of bromance and "OTP"). A bromance is a relationship in which two men are close friends, but not romantically involved.
    NOTP: A ship that one viscerally dislikes and is strongly against.
    Poly Shipping: Shippings involving three or more participants.

    Canon: Another word for official. Used quite often in fan fiction to differentiate between the official storyline, in which the fan fiction is based on, and fanon.
    Fanon: A term used in fanfiction to describe commonly accepted ideas among authors even if they are not actually expressed in the canon work.

    Fandom: A term used to refer to a subculture composed of fans characterized by a feeling of empathy and camaraderie with others who share a common interest. Fans typically are interested in even minor details of the object(s) of their fandom and spend a significant portion of their time and energy involved with their interest, often as a part of a social network with particular practices (a fandom).

    .:GENERAL FAQs:.
    Don't forget to read the General Forum Rules and Shipping Community Rules!!!

    How do I create a new thread?
    Before you even begin to think about creating a new thread, please make sure you check that there is no other thread covering the same or similar topic as the one you want to create. If there is already one, but it hasn't had a post in a month, you are more than welcome to create a new one. Please let a mod know about the old one, so we can close it. Now, onto how it's done. It's simple. You click the button labelled "Post New Thread", which is located at the top of the sub-forum (see picture below), fill in the required fields and click "Submit New Thread".


    Remember, any non-Pokemon shipping threads belong in the Alternative Shipping sub-forum. Post them in there and not the main Shipping Community Forums. If you make an error, let a shipping mod know and we'll move it to the rightful place.

    I made a mistake with the name of the thread. How do I get it changed?
    If you've made a typo, not to worry, it happens. Or perhaps you just want it changed for another reason, that's fine too. Just ask a shipping mod and they can do it for you.

    What should I include in the first (introductory) post? (optional)
    - A header/image (with credit)
    - A brief explanation of the shipping
    - A copy of the forum rules (including rules you may set)
    - A member list (if you want)
    - List of related fanart/fiction/AMVs/etc.
    - Credit to artists/writers/makers/etc.
    - Opening topic for discussion

    Where can I post shipping fanfiction?
    We have a sub-forum called Shipping Fics, which can be found here. However, before you post anything, you must read and get familiar with the Shipping Fics rules found here. It is essential that you do so because we can't have you posting NC-17 fics without permission when this is supposed to be a G-Rated forum. Bare in mind, this sub-forum is for shipping fics only. If you wish to post non-shipping fics, please head over to the Fan Fiction sub-forum found here.

    How to be a good contributor. The Do's and Don't's.
    - If you want to make your own 'topic' question, make sure it is relevant to the general thread you are posting in. Don't ask people what their favourite food is (that's way too off-topic) or if they think Ash is cute (not relevant to shipping).

    - Don't just post a short introduction that does not contribute to the topic at hand (e.g. "Hi, I'm a Pearlshipper") and leave it at that. This is not enough. Not to be mention, you would be breaking the no one-liner rule too.

    - No small talk. You can greet each other, as long as you include some discussion that is relevant to the topic at hand with it. Anything that's off-topic can be directed to VMs, PMs, etc.

    - Respect other users. Just because someone supports a rival ship of yours or does not like a ship you support, it does not give you the right to attack them or their ship. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and you need to respect their choices.

    - If you come across any posts that are breaking the rules, in particular spam and flaming, you can either contact one of the shipping mods or simply report the offending post. DO NOT under any circumstance respond to those comments, as you may receive an infraction for replying to spam/mini-modding/etc. and we don't want that. Leave it up to us mods to deal with.

    Why one-liners are not allowed!
    To clear up some confusion, a one-liner is not always just a post with one sentence. If it is a single line of text, even one made up of multiple sentences, it is still considered a one-liner. Now, why are we so against it? You're probably wondering, especially in cases where users are on-topic and are answering other people's questions. It is simple: They do not contribute to good discussion. How can people respond to such a lack of input?

    For example:
    Topic: What is your opinion on ______? Do you like it or hate it?"
    Bad noodle member: i dunno i never played/watched/did this

    Okay, so you never played one of the games, watched an episode or season, or did a certain thing. That's fine. What isn't fine is you simply stating that! You could at least answer with something like, "I never played this game/watched this/did this, but from what I have heard/seen, the story is awesome blah blah blah insert spoilers here and other speculation talk".

    Another example:
    Post 1: "Look what I created in my spare time! Let me know what you guys think!"
    Bad noodle member 1: "it's nice i like it"
    Bad noodle member 2: "omg it's so terrible i h8 it"

    Okay, so why do you like it? If you didn't like it, then just compliment the member on their efforts and help them improve by giving them good tips or points. Another bad post would be replying to the comments with "ok i'll try that thanks".

    a complete list of shipping threads

    Alternative Shipping - Discuss all non-Pokemon shippings here.
    Shipping Fics - All Shipping fan fics can be posted and read here.

    Shipping Community Rules - READ THIS BEFORE POSTING!
    "What's This Ship Called?" ver. 3 point 5 - Have you ever wondered what the name of a specific shipping was or do you want to submit a name for a shipping? Ask and do so here.
    Your Shipping List - Use this thread to make new friends and for your own reference.
    The Shippers Confessional Thread 3.0 - Got something to get off your chest, then this is the place to confess all your shipping sins.
    Shippers' Truth or Dare - Are you a shipper and do you enjoy a game of good ole truth or dare? If so, this is the place for you.

    All of these threads are allowed to be bumped indefinitely. Be sure to read the rules on how to claim shipping(s) before you start posting!
    The Official Couple/Poly/Crossover Claiming Thread
    The Official SPPf Member x Member Shipping List
    The Official Member x Fictional Character Claiming Thread
    The Official Member x Celebrity Claiming Thread

    AdvanceShipping (Ash x May)
    AlohaShipping (Ash x Mallow)
    AmourShipping (Ash x Serena)
    AureliaShipping (Ash x Lillie)
    ChosenShipping (Silver x Blue)
    PearlShipping (Ash x Dawn)
    PokeShipping (Ash x Misty)

    The Official Alternative Shipping Index - ALL THREADS ARE LISTED HERE!

    Rare Shippings

    Click the name of the mod you wish to contact to be taken directly to their PM links.

    Meowth City
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 21, 2017
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