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Real Life Teams (Done before but Fun!)

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Ultimate Champion

The Great Pokémon Master
Shiny Charizard (Theme song) - Can be used for Flying, Digging, Strength, Cut, aerial combat with moves such as Seismic Toss, Fire Punch, Dragon Claw and Wing Attack, and spreading massive devastation with Fissure as well as Sunny Day in combination with its Solar Power Ability and its destructive Fire-type moves. Its trump card, its Blast Burn attack powered up by the Sun as well its Solar Power Ability, possseses the highest degree of destructive power of any attacks usable by any member of this team, and can reduce an area exponentially larger than the size of a city to a mere crater in an enormous, mushroom cloud-shaped explosion.

Shiny Haxorus (Theme song) - The team's primary and most proficient melee combatant, able to easily overwhelm other hand-to-hand fighters using its Dragon Claw, Giga Impact, Guillotine and Outrage attacks in combination with its massive physical strength, which surpasses that of every other member in the team. Thanks to its Mold Breaker Ability, it can easily shut down various Ability-based defenses many Pokémon possess. If need be, Haxorus can also be used for its Strength as well as its Cutting and Surfing abilities. My Haxorus and my Charizard are also very close companions of each other, due to them both sharing numerous similarities, such as both of them being shiny, both of them being a black dragon, as well as them both being the only members of the team that are not pseudo-legendary Pokémon. As such, they often work alongside each other in battle or on missions.

Salamence (Theme song) - The first of the team's Four Ultimate Dragons, and a very versatile fighter that can Fly and engage in aerial combat, as well as utilize both physical and special attacks to great effect. Thanks to its Moxie Ability, which increases its offensive power with every opponent it defeats, as well as its incredibly vicious nature, it is the team's most proficient massacrer, able to completely annihilate entire armies and leaving only dust in its wake. After slaughtering enough victims and gaining a sufficient number of Moxie boosts in the process, it can completely reduce an entire city to burning rubbles in a single round of its devastating Outrage attack. Also, one notable strategy it utilizes involves bombarding its enemies with a large-scale Draco Meteor attack, before rushing in to attack them with an Outrage while they are busy recovering from the impact of the previous move.

Garchomp (Theme song) - The second of the team's Four Ultimate Dragons, and the team's naturally fastest member, being a primarily melee combatant that trades Haxorus's superior strength for greater mobility. With Sandstorm in combination with its Sand Veil Ability, it can easily utilize hit-and-run tactics to bring down its foes with its powerful physical attacks, thanks to its heightened evasiveness in that weather condition. Its Sand Veil and high Speed also allows it (as well as me, its trainer riding on its back) to travel across deserts while being very hard to detect by satellites and such. An its high mobility combined with its ability to use both Dig and Surf makes it an excellent Pokémon to be used for spying or stealth-based missions. It can also use Cut and Strength if need be.

Hydreigon (Theme song) - The third member of the team's Four Ultimate Dragons. It is not used often in battle, as it mainly serves as some kind of a trump card pulled out only against the strongest of foes. Like Salamence, it is an incredibly versatile fighter that can utilize both physical and special attacks, and a very powerful three-headed monster that can often hold its own against several other powerful Pokémon at once. Thanks to it possession of three heads, as well as its incredibly high Special Attack which surpasses that of every other member of this team, it can easily keep multiple opponents at bay while damaging them at the same time, by blasting them with its high-powered Dark Pulses, Dragon Pulses and Flamethrowers from a distance with all three of its mouths. When fighting in close combat, by using moves like Crunch, Fire Fang, Ice Fang and Thunder Fang on the opponent using all three of its heads simultaneously (for example, using Fire Fang on the opponent's right arm with its left mouth, using Ice Fang on the opponent's neck with its center mouth and using Thunder Fang on the enemy's left arm with its right mouth all at the same time), before promptly blasting the opponent at point-blank range by unleashing three projectile attacks such as Dragon Pulse or Hyper Beam from all three of its mouths at the same time while still biting the enemy, it can quickly, easily, and brutally fell even the toughest of foes. Or alternatively, it can also be equally deadly in close combat using other physical moves such as Outrage and Head Smash. And in addition to being an incredibly tough fighter and powerful force in both ranged and melee combat, it also possesses a trump card itself - that being its absurdly-powerful Draco Meteor, its ultimate attack. Because Hydreigon's Special Attack is, by quite a large margin, higher than that of all other Pokémon in my team, its Draco Meteor also spots some visual differences compared to that of the other four Pokémon in my team that can use this move, in order to signify the difference in power between Hydreigon's Draco Meteor and the Draco Meteor of Salamence, Dragonite, Garchomp and Haxorus. Whereas the aforementioned four Pokémon's Draco Meteor attacks involve summoning a bright blue ray of light from the heavens behind the user, before sending a huge rain of extremely energetic blue meteors down upon the foe from that light, Hydreigon's Draco Meteor is summoned by the Brutal Pokémon roaring incredibly loudly as the entire sky spanning over an immensely huge area above Hydreigon turns as dark as night, while some powerful energy also starts radiating from the Dark/Dragon-type Pokémon's body and covering a huge area around it, shaking the atmosphere while even lifting some small rocks from the ground, before an insanely bright ray of white light suddenly shines down upon the Earth from the sky directly above and behind the Brutal Pokémon, and then finally, upon the cue of a bloodcurdling roar from the dark hydra itself, a catastrophic rain of extremely bright and energetic meteors, that are white in color in contrast with the otherwise pitch-black atmosphere, descends from the heavens to obliterate everything below them, with the darkness and energy covering the atmosphere disappearing only after the attack is over. Being the strongest Dragon-type move usable by any member of the team, Hydreigon's Draco Meteor is capable of raining devastation upon an incredibly large area, razing areas the size of an entire city. Hydreigon usually only uses this move as either a last resort against an opponent it otherwise cannot defeat, or at the very start of a battle to end it quickly if it is confident that it can do so by simply obliterating all of its opponents with this attack before they get the chance to retaliate, since using this move comes with the drawback of Hydreigon having its Special Attack halved for the rest of the battle, which comes with adverse consequences such as it no longer being able to effectively do things such as simply obliterating any foes from a distance by firing three Dragon Pulses at them simultaneously. I can also sometimes have my Hydreigon pass divine judgment upon a location by showering its catastrophic Draco Meteor upon it to obliterate it, if I judge that its inhabitants are evil and therefore unworthy of existing in this world. Hydreigon can also be used for its Strength as well as its Flying and Surfing abilities if need be.

Dragonite (Theme song) - The fourth and final of the team's Four Ultimate Dragons, as well as its toughest, heaviest, most intelligent, most versatile and overall greatest member. This Dragonite is my closest and most trusted companion as well as the main Pokémon of my team, and outside of battle, it is usually seen following me from behind rather than kept inside a Poké Ball. Since it is almost never inside a Poké Ball, it is also by far the most common Pokémon that I use for Flying, Surfing and Strength purposes, and it is also not uncommon for me to order my Dragonite to Hyper Beam people that I encounter, disintegrating their entire upper bodies before they even get the chance to even draw out a Poké Ball, if I judge that they need to be eliminated. Just like Hydreigon, Dragonite can also be used to pass divine judgment upon the inhabitants of a location using its Draco Meteor as well as its Hurricane and Thunder attacks after having used Rain Dance to maximize the accuracy of those moves. Thanks to the toughness granted to its by its Multiscale Ability, its high Attack and Special Attack stats, its ability to Fly, its incredibly vast movepool consisting of just about every elemental attack in existence, a wide range of melee attacks including Dragon Claw, Dragon Tail, Horn Drill, Brick Break and Wing Attack, as well as the ability to move at blinding speed to dodge attacks or easily get close to its foes using the move ExtremeSpeed, and last but not least, its human-level intelligence which allows it to easily utilize cunning in battle as well as the ability to wisely choose its moves to exploits its opponent's weaknesses, it is a perfect fighter that can handle just about any kinds of opponents in battle. Due to its aforementioned near-boundless versatility, Dragonite's general fighting style is very difficult to describe, as with its huge array of elemental, melee, as well as other moves, it usually simply adapts its fighting style to one that it believes best handles its opponent. However, there are a few notable tactics that it often employs. One move that it is very fond of is turning its back to an opponent after having apparently defeated them before beginning to walk away. At this point, if the opponent gets up again and charges or flies towards Dragonite from behind, attempting to attack it while its guard is down, Dragonite pretends not to notice the opponent and continues walking forward, while secretly charging a Hyper Beam in its mouth, only to suddenly turn around and unleash its devastating attack at the opponent at point-blank range just as they are about to reach Dragonite, catching the opponent off-guard instead, and possibly completely disintegrating them. Another move it uses involves immobilizing the opponent with Wrap, before blasting their face with a point-blank Hyper Beam while they are unable to escape. In general, Dragonite is for some reasons extremely fond of using Hyper Beam as a finisher, especially against opponents considerably less powerful than itself, such as lower-leveled Pokémon as well as human enemies. However, it also sometimes uses this move to finish off strong opponents as well, and a tactic it utilizes against such opponents involves using Dragon Tail against a charging opponent, hitting them, sending them flying and slamming them into a wall. Then, while the opponent falls to the ground before struggling to get back on their feet, and therefore are unable to dodge, Dragonite faces their direction with its mouth wide open and charges a Hyper Beam in it, before unleashing the destructive attack at the foe while they are down, obliterating them. Another tactic Dragonite commonly uses, referred to as "the Judgment of Wind and Lightning" by its trainer (me), involves Dragonite summoning a torrential downpour with Rain Dance before lifting and throwing the foe high up into the sky with a Hurricane attack. Then, just as the opponent reaches the peak of their flight, Dragonite strikes the opponent with a Thunder that descends from the heavens, blasting the opponent back down to the ground, at the center of a large crater created by the lightning strike as well as the huge impact of their fall. Then, if the opponent is still alive at this point, Dragonite finishes them off with either a Hyper Beam a rain-boosted Hydro Pump, or against very tough opponents, a Horn Drill, while they are most likely barely able to move, as not only did they receive much damage from the previous two attacks, but they are also very likely either confused by the Hurricane or paralyzed by the Thunder, if not both. Finally, Dragonite can also utilize what I refers to as "Extreme Drill", by far its deadliest attack, which basically involves Dragonite flying at its opponent at blinding speed using ExtremeSpeed while at the same time using Horn Drill, taking the opponent out in a single hit before they can react. With this, Dragonite can manage incredible feats such as disappearing at blinding speed, before reappearing behind an entire army of opponents a few seconds later, before every member of the army fall dead, each with a huge, bloody hole drilled through their body. Against opponents fast enough to react to its Extreme Drill attack, Dragonite often attempts to distract the opponent with a Hurricane or Draco Meteor first, before flying in to deliver its finishing blow. Against incredibly tough opponents or those that take very little damage from Hyper Beam, Dragonite's most often-used finishing move, Dragonite most commonly resorts to using Horn Drill to defeat its opponents.

Random interesting facts about the team:

  • All members of the team know either Hyper Beam (Charizard, Hydreigon and Dragonite) or Giga Impact (Haxorus, Salamence and Garchomp).
  • Three members of the team know one-hit KO moves - Charizard with its Fissure, Haxorus with its Guillotine (which can also destroy Sturdy Pokémon thanks to Haxorus's Mold Breaker Ability), and Dragonite's Horn Drill (which is by far the easiest one-hit KO move in the team to land, thanks to its user's access to ExtremeSpeed).
  • Three members of the team utilize a weather condition to their advantage - Charizard with its Sunny Day, Garchomp with its Sandstorm and Dragonite with its Rain Dance.


Black & Yellow
1) Zoroark- It's ability is great and it's been my favorite since its introduction
2) Salamence- This is my favorite pokemon to battle with. I love its design too.
3) Sceptile- It's my favorite starter, and i really like its design.
4) Infernape- I know, 2 starters but who cares, INFERNAPE FTW!
5) Alakazam- It's a really smart pokemon and i love its design.
6) CoFAGrigus- "***" meant its the perfect pokemon for me.

If i can add some more i'd add


Howls of Loneliness
my team would be this:

Reshiram -because it would be awesome to have a firedragon.
Zekrom- so I could Zap my eneimies.lol just jk but it would be cool to have.
Zoura- Because of its awesome ability and deceptive look.
Eevee-Because I love eevees.
Victini- because it is cool looking.
Mightyena-Because I love wolfs.


As of right now...
Garchomp - It's a force to be reckoned with. Also, it looks slightly similar to my favorite shark. Tied for favorite pokemon.
Scyther - Looks bad-***. Have always had one on my team, so I can't imagine a real team without it.
Butterfree - I love butterflies and B-free is the coolest.
Charizard - Geat starter. It's Charizard.
Bayleef - Cute, tough, and one of my favorites.

Great teams everyone else.


Just call me Kain
all my choices are just because i like them visually for the most pary, or because theyre a pokemon version of an animal i like.

1. Absol
2. Ninetales
2. Houndoom
3. Volcarona
4. Aerodactyl
5. Dragonair
6. Pinsir

and since if it were real, i cant imagine any reason why we would be limited to six so.....

7. Raichu
8. Umbreon
9. Archeops
10. Lapras
Alright, let's give this a go...

Typhlosion - It's obligatory.
Golurk - It's a ghost with a name that can be turned into a lame internet joke, and it punches things with iron fists.
Chatot - I owe Chatot one for all the RNGs I've done with it so why not?
Vaporeon - One of my favorite pokes is my shiny Vaporeon named Kool-Aid.
Gallade - One of my favorite fighting types.
Haxorus - A tough, axe-mouthed, jet-black shiny Dragon type? Sign me up.


Why So Serious ?
I wanna try ^_^

Dewott - I can't help it, he's just too cool. A water samurai o_o And his awesome scalchop attacks!

Eevee - It can evolve into 7 different types, and I can't decide between Umbreon and Espeon :p

Politoed - I always favored it for some reason, and I also like the variety of attacks it can learn

Lucario - I know a lot of people pick him, but it's because he's badass

Dragonite - My ultimate favorite

Meloetta - I just like how she can change forms. Pirouette Form FTW

I have a lot more I would like to add, but I guess those guys make the cut


Well-Known Member
Here we go:

Treecko: My fav starter, it would always be out of his poke ball and would be a cheerful poke outside of battles but more serious when in a battle.

Wingull: Who doesn't like seagulls? He also would be out of his pokeball most of the time.

Nuzleaf: Another cheerful type and a bit of a prankster, would also be out of his pokeball most of the time.

Lotad: A good pokemon that is in my list of favourites.

Electrike: One of my fav electric types with good moves like thunderbolt at my disposal.

Zangoose: Tough pokemon that is very competitive in battle.

Random facts:
* When up against the pokemon league (which probly will not happen) they're all at there final evo forms (except Lotad, who would just be a Lombre).

* They would be out of there pokeballs all the time around the house.


I'll do my Lilliest
Meowth: My most fave PKMN and probably the easiest one to find in the streets :D And my money-maker~

SHINY Gothorita: I MM'd me a shiny Gothorita for 213 eggs, how hard is it to get a shiny in RL? XD

Eggmoved-Psybeam Ledian: Makes me Lyrian more powerful to have Psybea for a Psychic type move :3

SHINY Altaria: MM'd this about 1865 eggs and I do want a blue flaffay bird but the golden dragon-bird is way better :D

Lucario: Ah yes, fighting time type >:3

Swampert: My starter PKMN!! ITS COZ I LIEK MUDKIPZ ;D I needed a ground type XD

My team for EVERYTHING XD Even PKMN League or tournaments, nya~


Well-Known Member
Torterra - If this Pokémon isn't in your list then we can't be friends. Who wouldn't want a giant turtle with a land of its own on its back? I'd love to just ride on it, climb up the tree, or just plain play around on it. Who needs camping when I've got a Pokémon who brings the outdoors to me?
Ninetales - Always been my favorite Pokémon, so it's one of my priorities. When its cold, I can just snuggle in its warm fur. Of course, you have to mind its tails...
Swellow - My favorite flying type! I need transportation, don't I?
Krookodile - This guy is a total BAMF and as such, I need it on my rl team. Alligators and crocodiles are my favorite animals, so I'd just have a blast with this one. I dunno, they seem like Pokémon with a good sense of humor. q:

These are really the only ones I'd want for the sake of not having to feed and care for so many.

Riot the Riolu

Rescue Team Leader
yes!random team done!

baltoy:fun and random :p
chatot:fly and fun to use.remember??talk into the mic and thats its cry!pretty awesome.
mime jr.:evolves into mista mime which like nobody uses
feebas:couldnt pass up
zangoose:pretty awesome
shuckle:why dont people use this thing?

heheheheh wow.just realized that even though im useing these for fun on white,none are from unova/isshu.


Lover of underrated characters
This would probably be my team:
Charizard- My first pokemon ever
Feraligatr- Favorite water type plus i've been near crocidiles a few times at Florida
Sceptile- The best grass in my opinion plus I live near a forest
Lucario- My favorite Sinnoh pokemon plus he is a good fighter
Dragonite- Best dragon in my opinion
Tyranitar- Favorite Johto pokemon plus I could probably find one at Smokey Mountains since i've been there a few times

Chewiana Jones

In all reality I would probably only carry 4 and they would be fairly common pokemon--my logic is that you are most likely not going to come across the rare ones--and you need to look at the wildlife that lives in your area to know what you would/wouldn't have on your squad--not what looks good--when figuring this out.

Ah, that's a good way of thinking about it. If that were the case, I think my ideal (possible) team might be something like this, not counting evolutions...

1. Starly: I'm not sure what bird Pokemon would be indigenous to my area. Starlings are normally found in Asia, I believe, but the climate where I live is similar to that of the Sinnoh region, and Starly looks a bit like the birds here.

2. Pachirisu: Definitely my best bet for an electric type. There are a ton of squirrels where I live.

3. Turtwig: Possibly just wishful thinking on my part, but I tend to imagine the starter Pokemon as being rare but completely unafraid of humans, and the climate would be about right, provided they hibernate in the winter or something

4. Solosis: They can live just about anywhere, I think. I'm not sure how easy they would be to find, though.

5. Duskull: I live fairly close to a large and well-known cemetery.

6. Shellos(?): If "West Sea" is the Pacific Ocean, and "East Sea" is the Atlantic Ocean, I would try to catch a blue Shellos on my annual visit to my grandma at the beach.

(7.) Sewaddle: If Shellos ends up working the opposite way, I think I would try to catch one of these.


Calico Sheep
Umbreon, just because I've always found him to be my favorite.
Altaria, just because I think she's pretty and I would need to fly of course!
Golduck. He's cool, and while I would want to swim, he and I could take turns for long distances!
Galvantula. No explaination needed.
Lilligant. Maybe help with...food?
Bisharp. Beast.


Active Member
1.Hydreigon It's my favorite pokemon I can fly on it it and I can go across an ocean with him and if I want to destroy something just get my Hydreigon.

2.Vaporeon because it's just cute and it would be fun to play with and It would be just a nice pokemon to follow you.

3.Manectric It would be a great tracker and if I need to find something it would run fast and i'd race it just kind of play more rough.

4.Staraptor I'd ask him/her to look overhead and check any threats nearby and serve the purpose of Ash's Staraptor

5.Lilligant Useful to be the healer on my team find herbs and food around and be the helper on my team as well.

6.Gardevoir a psychic type to be the secondary helper convey feelings across the team so that my team is always in great conditions psychologically.

Psychic Lunatone

<--The Handsome Rock
Heres my team:

Lunatone: My favourite pokemon, all time fav Psychic type.
Solrock: Opposite of Lunatone, it's is sorta a Yin Yang situation.
Slowbro: A lazy mastermind with powerful moves and stats.
Bronzong: A hardy steel/psychic with brillant moves, stats and type combination.
Mime Jr.: My little psychic in training. :)
Kadabra: One of Kanto's finest Psychic types Kadabra!


Hylden General.
Blastoise: Squirtle was my very first pokémon ever back in RBY. So he isn't going anywhere, my favourite pokémon of all time. He would be my strongest pokémon & strump card. Moveset: Hydro Cannon (finisher), Scald, Ice Beam & Rapid Spin
Jolteon: The pokémon that would be out of the pokéball for the most of the time. Always loved it: speedy & awesome looking. Moveset: Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Pin Missile, Quick Attack
Tyranitar: The beast from Johto. No need to say more :) Moveset: EQ, Stone Edge, Dark Pulse, Giga Impact (Finisher)
Salamence: Everyone needs a flyer, right? And Salamence is one of the best around. Moveset: Draco Meteor (Finisher), Flamethrower, Dragon Claw, Crunch
Lucario Favourite pokémon from Sinnoh. And an awesome fighting type. Moveset: Aura Sphere, Dragon Pulse, Shadow Claw, Extremespeed
Krookodile / Scrafty Can't descide wich one to use. Love both of them. Would probably go with Krookz, since I don't have a gound type yet. Moveset: Outrage (Finisher), Aqua Tail, Earth Power, Mean Look
This would be the team that I would take to my final battle in the Unova League Championchip Finals!


Leafeon Lover
Since I didn't want to be boring and just list 6 of the eeveelutions (plus I couldn't choose between them) I figured I'd put a little more though into this - Here goes.

Pichu! - Obviously would be my main companion as it's just the most adorable little thing and is without doubt my favourite Pokemon.

Leafeon - I struggle to find another Grass type I like anywhere near as much as and since this is my favourite eeveelution I think she would best suit my team.

Lapras - Surf is vital and she's a very pretty, yet powerful pokemon - A must have.

Gengar - Would be totally scared of any Gengar not on my side, plus he's totally powerful with a huge moveset. I'd love him to have a naughty nature because I'd imagine it to be kinda' fun.

Arcanine - His loyalty and power are unmatched, plus he's still pretty cute for an overly large dog :p

Mew - Without doubt my favourite Legendary, so even though this team might be unrealistic, I couldn't leave her out. Plus she is able to learn Fly (a necassary component) which would come in really handy as none of my others can.


Mother Monster
Froslass: Because it's my favorite Pokemon

Smoochum: It's so cool and cute!

Misdreavus: Misdreavus would be like my best friend, someone I can always talk to, play with, and have fun with. ^_^

Empoleon: Empoleon to travel over water, battle with, and have him as a leader of my team

Keldeo: Keldeo would also be like my best friend, (same description as Misdreavus goes here)

Claydol: Claydol would be like a Pokemon that I would study, read, learn, and be calm with. Claydol would teach me how to relax and bond with myself and my Pokemon (including him.) ^_^
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