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real or fake game


Well-Known Member
i found a pokemon green on ebay im asking if it's real or not here's the picture.



Looks real to me. The original Japanese games did use the standard grey cartrdges, so that's fine.

The label looks fine, colours all in proportion (nothing too bright or too dark).

And it looks like it says 'Nintendo GameBoy' on the cartridge, too, which fakes usually do not.

You very rarely see fakes made to look like the Japanese version, because more people get won over by the game being in 'never before released english'. :rolleyes:

It looks perfectly real to me - not a fake at all.
:O I would definately buy that. It is a classic game. And even though the game is in Japanese you don't need to read it to play it XD All you need is a Japanese Gameboy


Dog Man Star
Actually, you don't even need a Japanese Gameboy, because, I have the Japanese Green, and I can play it just fine on my Gameboy SP... :/