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Real time competetive battle

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Does anyone think that a 6 on 6 battle need a non turn based battle like Pokken? I think it will be enivatable. Here's my take.

I have a pitch for Pokemon and Gamefreak for competetive battle on Switch:

-Both players have two joycons freely held on each hand to swing both around.

-Left joycon swing is defensive, right joycon swing is offensive, but these are only buffs or nurfs like dodge, blocks and crits, etc.

-Left joycon: cirlce pad moves your Pokemon in the arena; d-pad picks your Pokemon on the fly for quick switching. *que Switch snap or other vfx

- Right joycon: abxy pad picks each of attacks from selected Pokemon; cirle pad uses item held of said pokemon (note: movement of circle pad like spinning or swiping maybe a good command gimmick for different items like winding up for a Z-move, Megavolution, Gigantamax, etc)

-L, ZL, R, ZR can be variants for joycon swing controls. Option also for a dash, block, charge, etc.

This idea is for a fast paced battle, also a chance to move around your limbs. I got the idea from listening to a final theme from Heart Gold and Soul Silver, also from my Dad for not giving me a chance to think on a move "just feel the move" kind of attitude.

If anyone thinks this is a good idea, please spread it around and add your ideas if you want. And if someone already thought of it and posted it earlier, cheers to you, friend.

God bless. And happy gaming.

J. E. G.
Jul 19, 2019


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This section isn't really for talking about ideas for a game.
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