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Real world countries like South America in Pokemon.

Calm PokeMaster

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I don't know if any of you guys noticed the diary entries in Cinnabar mansion,but here is one:
"New Pokemon found in the Guyana jungles of SOUTH AMERICA.We have decided to christen it Mew.

Doen't this show that there are real-world countries like South America in the wrld of Pokemon?So,couldn't Pokemon land REALLY be a part of Japan?

What do you think?


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I think the game mentions something about Lt. Surge using Pokemon in the army while he was in America or something, too.


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They reference real world locations as it's convenient to do so. At the time the 1st generation was the standard and there was only the Kanto region, which has no jungles or similarly remote, harsh areas that they could have used instead. As such, they elected to use a real world location. Simple as that. They did similarly in Fire Red and Leaf Green, saying Lt. Surge served in the United States Army. 99% of the time, they'll simply reference another area/region from the world of Pokémon, which is far easier to do now that there are four main regions with a wide range of climate and terrain represented between them.


Sykes..i lol'd nice find though


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So,couldn't Pokemon land REALLY be a part of Japan?
Who said it wasn't? The 'Pokemon land' is based around the world, with many references to Earth (Ponyta jumps Uluru, Arcanine legend in China, and each region is shaped on a part of japan [MAP]) There's plenty more. Why do people only realise this after the Diary? Thats a bigger conspiracy.
Well Kanto is based off Kanto and Hoenn is based of Kyushu.... So yeah why couldn't South America exist in the Pokemon World?


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if pokemon exist instead of animals, if ask eats a hamburger, would you be eating a miltank???0_o


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Well, all the pokemon Islands and regions are supposed to be hidden Islands off the coast of Japan anyway. I thought everyone knew that. Obviously not. They wouldn't say 'Earth', and 'Mars' and 'Saturn' and 'Jupiter' and all that, then, would they.

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its probably a world full of pokemon in japan somewhere but the other parts of the world are there but since pokemon live in japan they are rarely seen anywhere else thats my thoughs and opinions


it's a little something that has been changed after the first gen and has been used in leafgreen. they had to use something as a location don't you think?


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The South America thing already existed in RBY. Maybe Gamefreak didn't think that Pokémon would become so vast that it could be a world of it's own.


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it would be nice if in the next gens the game would be in a certain country like the next one would be in say holland then in say china then america then norway and so on random country's with new pokemon and the country's legendary pokemon would be themed after the country's legends