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Realease of Royalty


The Point of Origin
Release of Royalty
By FireTrainer92


Tuesday November 23, 2007
Agent: Linksys
Status: Pending…..

Okay. I have been hiding the last couple of days in a remote location in Kanto studying ruins. The “Kings” of Poke mythology are, in fact, not pokemon at all. They are human. The Kings of the various elements that were thought to be the so-called Legendary Pokemon are humans, yet there has been no sign that humans can have this immense power. Is it dormant? Is it some kind of supernatural entity that graces its ability to those that seem fitting?

As I have said before that the immense power is too much for the human body. The power to control elements is a great power to behold. There have been cases where humans can bend spoons, perform telekinesis etc. Can those be considered symptoms of being a “King” and if so how do they manage to keep their power contained within their bodies? If they had such power they would implode. I started to look further into to ruins, transcribing ancient text and came to realize that this power not only comes from the human. It comes from some vessel.

The rest of the text is in a different language that I haven’t studied as of yet. As soon I as comeback I will give them the copied symbols to people who understand it. During that period I will be going around the region attempting to find these “Kings”. I don’t know when I will be able to send another report during that period, but I will assure you that the various evil organizations will be on the hunt for these “kings” as well. It is best that I try to find them before they do. This may take days, months, even years but I will try my best to do this as quickly as possible. Linksys out.

End Transmission.

Two years later…….
Canalave City, Sinnoh; probably considered the port city of the region. Many people either start journeys here or leave to begin new ones. It’s a rather busy place with all of the outgoing and incoming crowds and is home to the largest library in Sinnoh. There is Poke’ Gym and many places that attract people of different ages, sizes, and races. The weather was pleasant enough for a quick swim.

“The boat was supposed to be here an hour ago!”A man that looked like he was in his twenties complained. Linksys was his name. He was tan skinned, about five feet ten inches with a slight build. His neck length black hair was soaked as if he had went swimming. The only pieces of clothing that he wore were olive green swimming shorts.

“I’m sorry but the ferry has been delayed for another hour.” A sailor had told the people waiting in line to get on the next ferry to Iron Island.

“Why?” a person from the crowd had asked.

“Engine complications. I’m sorry but there isn’t another way to Iron Island.”

The crowd started to yell and scream. Many people started to use pokemon as ferries to take them to Iron Island. Linksys thought that was a great idea, except for the fact that he didn’t have any water pokemon. He looked around for anything that could take him to Iron Island. He spotted some jet skis.

“Hey can I borrow one of your jet skis?” he asked the owner of the Jet Ski.

“I’m sorry but my wife and I are planning to go to Iron Island with these.” The man answered.

“Oh that’s okay.” Linksys said calmly. Linksys walked away slowly disappointed, then Linksys though of a great idea and walked back to the man.

“I thought I told you that I can’t let you see my jet skis.” The man yelled.

“I think the ferry is almost here. Ah there it is now.” The gentleman walked over to the large crowd. Linksys slowly took the jet ski and placed it in the water. When reached for the pedal, he realized the key was missing. He looked around franticly for the keys.

“Where the hell are those keys?” Linksys asked himself.

“You liar!” The man yelled. Linksys looked back at the man. He noticed the keys were on the man’s yellow pants. He quickly devised a plan to get those keys.
“Umm sir what time is it?” Linksys asked while fidgeting around in the man’s pockets.

“That isn’t important right now and what are you doing in my pockets!” The man screamed. Linksys slowly pulled the keys out the man’s pocket.

“I was getting these and the time is four-thirty pm.” Linksys said with a cocky tone dangling the keys in man’s face. The man attempted to grab his keys but failed as Linksys move the keys as soon as the man was about grab them. The man tried one last time. Linksys pulled the keys away and put his right foot out. The man clumsily fell over Linksys’ foot. Linksys jumped on the jet ski and rode off to Iron Island off.

“I promise to give it back,” Linksys yelled waving at the poor bloke. “Eventually!”


There is Poke’ Gym and many places that attract people of different ages, sizes, and races
Something needs to be fixed here.

Linksys walked away slowly disappointed,
I think you should put slowly in front of walked. Otherwise it seems like he was slowly disappointed.

then Linksys though of a great idea and walked back to the man.
a word here needs to have a letter added.

It is only the prelude so not much to say. I wonder what the story is going to be like. Though the Journal entry gave it more mystery, the prelude seemed like he was vacationing