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Really Weird Pokemon-Related Dream

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by DBoyWheeler, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. DBoyWheeler

    DBoyWheeler Legendary Seeker


    Man, has it been a while since I posted something in the Serebii.net forums?

    Well, it was high-time I did, because I needed to share this with you.

    Early this morning (as I was trying to get myself woke up), I had this very weird Pokemon-related dream.

    I dreamt I was playing either FireRed or LeafGreen after a long time (I don't remember specifically what game in said dream), and the game was showing really cool-looking graphics--as in graphics that I sure wasn't capable in GBA at the time.

    But the Nurse Joy warned that because I hadn't played FR or LG in a long time, the Pokemon were being mutinous (or words similar to that effect).

    As I looked in my party, the graphics were also cooler than I thought the GBA was capable of doing, but they showed anime-style animations that showed that the Pokemon were REALLY PO'ed with me for not playing with them for a long time. In some scenes in my dream, it even looked like the Pokemon were attacking my character.

    So anyway, I thought I'd share this because it WAS Pokemon related.
  2. Jirachi100

    Jirachi100 Kirby Fan

    I had dream recently that I hatched a shiny Rowlet.
    Problems with the dream:
    -It had the wrong colors.
    -I've been breeding Pachirisu, not Rowlet.
    -I have not been playing Sun enough recently to even be getting another shiny.

    I thought the strangest part was I actually felt excited even though I was just dreaming.
  3. KyogreThunder

    KyogreThunder Call of Fate

    I once had a dream involving encountering and catching a shiny Zubat, although I actually had caught one back in Diamond while searching for a Feebas.
  4. Post Moderation

    Post Moderation Invisible Presence

    I dreamed that I owned a Lugia in real life. And I could fly on it anywhere.
  5. I once dreamed that I found a shiny Bidoof in Platinum. When I had never seen a shiny Bidoof before. And my dream got the shiny colour completely accurately.

    I'm definitely shiny hunting that one at some point.
  6. Jirachi100

    Jirachi100 Kirby Fan

    I just remembered two much weirder dreams I had when I was younger.
    The first dream was about Ash and his Treecko drowning underwater. I have no idea how they even got there.
    The second dream was about me finding a Jirachi plush that had... Ronald Mcdonald's head. Ew.
  7. DBoyWheeler

    DBoyWheeler Legendary Seeker

    Wow! Looks like I started an interesting topic

    Yeah, my dream (that started this thread) sounds like something straight out of a creepypasta, huh?
  8. LeedRockie

    LeedRockie New Member

    Interesting dream lol. The craziest Pokemon dream I had was Officer Jenny wouldn't stop chasing me until I gave her my all of my Pokeballs
  9. Bingoned

    Bingoned New Member

    I've never had a dream about pokemon that I can remember, I probably have, but it was so long ago that I don't remember it
  10. Akkipeddi

    Akkipeddi Gold Experience

    I had a pretty bad dream that I was at E3, and there was a Pokémon announcement about the Switch game, and they revealed that it was releasing in 2020.
  11. Well last night I dreamed that USUM got more info leaked.

    Got right disappointed when I woke up.
  12. michaeluad

    michaeluad New Member

    I dreamed I became the President of American. I'm really praying for it to happen soon.
  13. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    I have nightmares of losing all the date for my precious shinies and old games

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