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Reason for Evil - A Bionicle Fan Fiction - PG (see rating details)

Discussion in 'Non-Pokémon Stories' started by Mister_SGG, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Mister_SGG

    Mister_SGG Well-Known Member

    Okay I've decided to try my hand at writing (again). I'm not the greatest, like at all, but I need to put all these cool ideas somewhere right? But I'm going to be doing, instead of a Pokemon fic, a Bionicle one. So... if you enjoy Bionicle, consider reading this, mmkay? Thanks.

    So this fic is rated PG, there will be pretty much no coarse language but I can't guarantee 100% none. There is violence, but it isn't anything like chopping off limbs and stuff. And considering it's based off a LEGO product, I think we're good for gore and blood. It does however have a fairly dark tone, so if you like to read happy, cheerful stories, this isn't the place for you. I have Chapter 1 at the ready to be posted (hopefully) as soon as this gets accepted.

    Disclaimer: These events have no relevance to any official or unofficial Bionicle storylines. It is an original timeline and universe I thought up. Despite this I do not own any of the content in this fanfiction. 2001-2009 The LEGO Group

    PM List:


    ~Prologue~ EVERYTHING

    Makuta Teridax
    24 hours before the Day of Celebration

    Toa are monsters. That’s right, monsters. They go around acting like they’re the bosses of the place, like they’re actually doing good. But they aren’t. Their so-called “heroics” distract them from seeing the aftermath of their actions. And they do so, without a care in the world. And they don’t even make up for it. They don’t even apologize.

    Someone needs to make them pay. And considering how it’s been thousands of years of this same corrupted, flawed system, it looks like that someone is going to be me. But why do I hate the Toa so much? Because they ruined my life. Every hope and dream I had... down the drain. EVERYTHING.

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  2. Mister_SGG

    Mister_SGG Well-Known Member

    ~Chapter 1~ The Day of Celebration

    The Coliseum
    200 years earlier

    Teridax was always a happy Matoran. He worked hard, and was a good friend. He wouldn't hurt a Nui-Rama, either. He was essentially the perfect Matoran. Until that fateful day, the Day of Celebration.

    That day Teridax had been in a particularly good mood. Why wouldn’t he? They Day of Celebration was a wondrous occasion for all Matoran, it celebrated the day Metru Nui was founded by Turaga Dume 5000 years before. The festivities included parades, fireworks, and a massive feast for all the citizens of Metru Nui. At the head table sat Turaga Dume and the six Toa Metru, the protectors of the city. They were idolised by everyone in the city. So helpful and kind... they were great role-models, for sure.

    When the sun began to set, Turaga Dume called everyone to the Coliseum for the feast. Matoran by the thousands filed in and sat at the many tables filled with food. Once everyone was seated, Turaga Dume rang the bells around the Coliseum to get everyone’s attention. Then he addressed everyone:

    “Greetings, my many brothers and sisters,” Dume spoke into his voice projector. “Today we are gathered, as you know, for the Great Feast on the Day of Celebration. This date marks when I and my team of Toa discovered this land and dubbed it Metru Nui, the greatest city in all of existence.”

    The crowd roared. Many Matoran were cheering Dume’s name, cheering for the Toa Metru, and cheering for Metru Nui itself.

    “Before we all dig into this delicious meal,” Dume continued, “I’d like to invite Toa Vakama, leader of the Toa Metru, to speak a few words.”

    As Dume finished, Toa Vakama rose from his seat and approached the pedestal upon which Dume stood. He accepted the microphone, and began his speech.

    “So, how is everyone’s day going?”

    The crowd erupted into applause. After a few hushing tones from Dume and some threatening noises from the Vahki, it died down.

    “I guess it’s going well then!” continued Vakama, slightly taken aback. “Now then, on to serious business. There have been rumours circling lately about a mysterious acid-spitting Rahi beast terrorizing Matoran during the night. Trust me, the Toa are investigating the matter, and we are doing everything we can to stop it. We ask everyone remains calm at all times and sleeps easy knowing it’s being taken care of. Is that understood?” His last words had an air of authority than had not been there before.

    There was murmuring and nodding among the Matoran.

    “Good.” Said Vakama, satisfied. He turned around to return to his seat when he got blasted in the face with a beam of energy.

    Many Matoran gasped in surprise, and the other Toa Metru leaped into action.

    “What is that thing?!” a Matoran cried.

    “It’s a Bahrag Spider!!” said another.

    Chaos shook the Coliseum as Matoran scrambled for the exits and the Toa repelled the beast. It was now spitting out an acidic-like liquid at the Toa. Teridax did not hesitate it trying to leave, but on his way out he tripped over a stone and began to get trampled by the crowd of panicking Matoran. He cried out in pain, but he couldn't be heard over the sounds of fear and confusion. When he felt a particularly sharp stab of pain, he looked at his left leg to see it was terribly collapsed and unusable.

    Eventually, the crowd subsided, but Teridax still laid there, in terrible pain, while the Toa continued the fight with the Bahrag Spider, which, coincidentally, wasn't going well. Toa Nuju and Toa Onewa were on the ground unconscious, and the remaining Toa were struggling to control the acid-spitting Rahi.

    Suddenly, the fight began moving closer to Teridax, and all-too-soon it was practically on top of him. One of the Toa, Nokama, took notice of him.

    “Brothers!” she warned the other Toa, “There is a wounded Matoran! Watch what you’re doing!”

    In her moment of distraction the beast took a swing at her with one of its legs and took her off of her feet. She hit the ground with a thud and was still.

    Now on the verge of being overpowered, the Toa backed up and went into a defensive position. The creature approached them slowly, and as it did, one of its limbs dug into Teridax’s previously uninjured leg. He let out a scream of pain, and the creature took note of him for the first time. It looked at him for a moment, and then spit more acid, directly into Teridax’s mask.

    The last thing he felt was utterly agonizing pain before he blacked out.

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  3. Mister_SGG

    Mister_SGG Well-Known Member

    ~Chapter 2~ Pain

    WARNING: This chapter contains several descriptive scenes of violence and if you are squeamish or uncomfortable with such things, don’t read this chapter.

    Coliseum Medical Chamber
    3 hours later

    If there was anything Teridax remembered most about that day, it was pain. It was the terrible, stomach-churning pain. It wouldn’t stop. Nothing made it stop. It was seemingly endless. He nearly lost consciousness several times from how horrible it was. And the worst part: he had no idea what was bringing this pain. He mostly felt it in his lower torso and legs, but if he ever dared to look to his feet, another shot of pain returned him to his laid down position.

    After what seemed like years, the pain subsided to a dull throb in his legs. His vision steadied, and he took a deep breath. The ringing in his ears stopped. Then he heard a voice. A faint voice, but it sounded concerned.

    “Teridax?” it asked. “Are... are you alright?”

    Teridax slowly sat up. Or, rather, he tried. When he moved, he felt the tug of several wires and cords hooked up to him. He was in a medical room. He was seated on a tall bed, with all kinds of things keeping him stable: nutrient tubes, several long pipes inserted into his back, and a respirator mask on his face. By the foot of his bed stood Toa Nokama.

    “Are you alright?” she repeated.

    “Yes...” Teridax replied. “But what happened?”

    Nokama’s voice was very soft as she spoke. “Well, you see... when the Spider spit acid at you, it doused your legs and a bit on your mask, too. What we didn’t know, is that Bahrag Spider acid spreads.”

    Teridax’s heart skipped a beat. “But that would mean that any part of my body affected would need to be amputated.”

    Nokama looked away, and for the first time Teridax was able to look at his legs. Where there had once been two legs, were two metal beams with makeshift feet on the end. He tried to flex them, but they were completely straight and couldn’t curve at all.

    He was speechless. If he had these... THINGS for legs, it would handicap him so much; he wouldn’t be able to continue work, he wouldn’t be able to support himself... he wouldn’t ever be able to live out his dream of being a Toa.

    Suddenly, Teridax felt a powerful anger emerge. He felt... betrayed. Someone would pay for this outrage. In a flash, he grabbed the protosteel incision knife on the counter next to his bed, and cut any tubes that were holding him back. Then he lunged forward and brought the knife into the opening between Nokama’s face and mask.

    "What are you doing?" Nokama proclaimed, taken aback.

    Teridax twisted the knife, heard a cracking noise and Nokama hit the floor with a dull thud.

    As fast as he could, he lumbered out of the medical chamber, attacking anyone that got in his way out of his sheer rage . At one point a nurse tried to apprehend him, but in one swift motion he dug the knife into her torso so far, his hand felt her inner gears. He withdrew, and pushed on, anger nearly blinding his vision.

    When Teridax got to the exit, he saw his best friend, Takua, blocking the doorway.

    Teridax slowed, but he didn’t falter. He raised his knife, and approached Takua. His friend raised his hands and said,

    “Stop it Teridax! What is wrong with you?” Takua said. “Put down the knife, and let’s go back to your chamber. You obviously suffered a head wound.”

    To this day, Teridax didn’t know what came over him that moment, but suddenly his anger peaked and he threw the knife at Takua. His best friend caught the blade and slashed at Teridax. And for the first time, Teridax realized his mask had been removed too. He felt the knife cut into his bare face and tear right across his mouth.

    Teridax yelled in pain, and fell to the ground, breathing heavily. He raised his leaking head up at Takua, seething with rage.

    Takua looked down at his friend, looking thoroughly saddened. “I did what I had to do, man.”

    And as Teridax lost consciousness, he felt himself being lifted by a strong being.


    When Teridax next woke, he was again in a medical room, but the only thing attached to him was a bandage covering his face wound.

    He sat there in silence for several hours, and every occasional nurse would pop in and check up on his heart rate and such, then quickly leave. Each one seemed terrified to be in there, as if Teridax was going to stab one of them again.

    Not long after, the door opened again, only this time, it was no nurse, but Toa Vakama, accompanied by none other than Turaga Dume.

    They came in and took seats on either side of him. They watched Teridax for a while before Dume asked, “Why?”

    Teridax spoke quietly. “What are you talking about?”

    Dume abruptly rose from his seat and yelled, “You know perfectly well what I’m talking about! The multiple accounts of Matoran-slaughter!”

    Vakama hushed him. “Easy, Dume.”

    Dume breathed deeply a few times before his resumed his seat. Then Vakama asked gently, “What Turaga Dume means to say, is what came over you yesterday? Why the sudden burst in anger? I know you to be a quiet fellow.”

    “Because,” Teridax replied, “I was mad.”

    “Mad at whom?”


    Vakama took this in for a moment, and, not unlike Dume, asked, “Why?”

    “Because of THESE!” Teridax threw off his blankets, and revealed to the Turaga and Toa his new “legs”.

    “Oh my,” Dume gasped.

    “How did WE do this to you?” Vakama demanded.

    Teridax was about to lose control again. “If you had done the simple task of KEEPING THE SPIDER OFF ME, I wouldn’t be in this place!”

    Teridax kicked his leg into Vakama’s face, and since it was made from protosteel, it hurt. A lot.

    “Aargh!” Vakama groaned.

    Teridax took his chance to get out of this accursed medical chamber while he could. He hopped off his bed, and with his bare first, smashed the window. As he leaped out, he cried, “YOU WILL PAY!!”

    Last edited: Dec 1, 2012
  4. Mister_SGG

    Mister_SGG Well-Known Member

    ~Chapter 3~ Lava is peaceful

    200 years later

    The lava was peaceful. It was the only thing that made Tahu feel at peace. Just sitting quietly by the magma stream was an escape from the noisy antics of his Toa siblings. Especially Pohatu.

    Sadly, he didn’t have the chance to do it often since there was always something wrong. Whether it was a Rahi breakout or some Morbuzahk vines attacking Matoran, there was always SOMETHING up with Metru Nui. This was one of the few calms before the storm that the Toa got, so Tahu was determined to use it wisely. And he would’ve, if a Matoran named Jaller hadn’t disturbed him.

    “Toa Tahu!” Jaller called.
    Tahu turned his head to meet the Matoran. “What is it, Jaller?”
    “It’s the forge,” Jaller replied, concerned. “We got a problem.”


    Tahu followed Jaller to the Ta-Metru forge, where Kanohi masks were made and delivered to all the metrus. There were only powerless Kanohi, however. No Great Kanohi like those the Toa wore, or even the Noble Kanohi the Turaga held. Matoran often got into trouble here, usually just from being too curious.

    “Just in here,” Jaller said.

    He led Tahu into a doorway which led to a wide open chamber, with a small pool of lava next to some smith’s tools. Around the room was a spiral staircase, that probably led to other forges. High up the staircase a Matoran hung from one of the light fixtures by his leg, helplessly suspended over the pit of lava.

    “Help me!” the Matoran called.

    “Please save him!” Jaller pleaded.

    Tahu sprung into action. He darted up the staircase, just a bit higher than the light fixture. Then, light as a feather, he leaped onto the light. As he did, it shook just a little bit, and the Matoran lost his ground and fell towards the pit of lava.

    Tahu did some split-second thinking, and cut the wire from which the light fixture hung, and put as much of his weight on it as he could, and as fell, he reached for the Matoran. Grabbing him, he put the Matoran around his shoulders and braced for impact. As they hit the lava, a bit splashed up, but the light fixture held them safely above. They hopped down, and Jaller raced to them and gave his friend a big hug.

    “What is your name, little one?” Tahu asked the Matoran.

    “Takua, sir.”

    “Alright, Takua,” Tahu scolded. “You watch what you’re doing from now on. If I catch you getting into trouble again, you’ll have me to answer to. Understand?”

    “Yes, sir.”
    Tahu left the two Matoran to their own devices and resumed lava-watching. However his peace didn’t last long, as he saw a shadow in the sky. As it got closer, he could see it was a figure. As it got even closer, he saw a friendly face: Lewa, the Toa of Air.

    “What brings you here, brother?” Tahu asked once Lewa had landed.

    “Unfortunately it isn’t fun-happy terms, brother.” Lewa replied, looking serious.

    Tahu frowned. “What is wrong?”

    “It is the Mana-Ko. They are attacking Po-Metru.”

    Tahu gasped. The Mana-Ko were powerful Rahi that had been attacking various places over the last months. No one knew their origins, only that they followed the orders of someone. That someone was no friend to the Toa.

    “Let us be off, then, if we are to avoid any casualties.”

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  5. Mister_SGG

    Mister_SGG Well-Known Member

    ~Chapter 4~ Everything Falls Down

    Makuta Teridax
    4 hours earlier

    These new Toa were interesting beings. They were random, curious, and dangerous. It was difficult to anticipate their actions. Or at least, it would have been for most. Teridax had certain experience when dealing with Toa, having spent the last 50 years hunting them. They always put themselves in harm’s way in place of others. That meant to get to them; you have to get to who they protect.

    That was a simple enough task. Teridax had plenty of means to hurt others. He could send his Bohrok swarms... No, they had failed him once, they would likely do so again. Perhaps a few rahkshi would do the job... Maybe... yes, that would do nicely.

    “Rise,” he bid his minions, “my faithful servants.”


    4 hours later

    “Brother, you had better watch where you’re putting that hot-fire-sword,” Lewa threatened the Toa of Fire.

    “I’ll put it in more places if you don’t pick up the pace,” Tahu countered.

    Lewa knew there was nothing, NOTHING, more dangerous than an irritated Toa of Fire. And he didn’t exactly see hanging from Lewa’s back to be a lightening endeavor. The whole time since they had left Ta-Metru, Tahu had been complaining about flying, about heights, about Mana-Ko, about how Pohatu should be the one doing this job, not them, the list goes on.

    “Easy, Tahu-brother,” Lewa said once Tahu started kicking his feet. “We’re here.”

    Both Toa glanced down to see that, a few thousand feet below them, lay a sprawling desert, and isolated in the middle of it, was a series of small huts and taverns.

    Lewa brought them down to the ground, where a Matoran named Hewkii bid them welcome, but he did so in an impatient, worried voice. Lewa guessed it was because he worried about any of his friends getting hurt by the Rahi.

    “Do not worry little friend,” Lewa reassured the Matoran. “We’ll have your friends safe in quick-lightning-speed.”

    Lewa and Tahu darted off in the direction Hewkii told them the Mana-Ko were. They both drew their weapons as they saw their Toa friend Pohatu fighting off a Mana-Ko on his own, while another of the huge Rahi torn down homes and structures.

    “Nice of you to show up, brothers,” Pohatu said through gritted teeth. “Could you lend me a hand?”

    Tahu sprinted towards the Rahi assaulting his friend, while Lewa caught the attention of the one causing havoc in the street.

    “Hey, ugly-big-Rahi!” Lewa taunted.

    The beast turned its attention to the Toa of Air. It approached him and swung one of its giant arms towards Lewa. However the Toa of Air easily dodged the move and swung his Air Axe towards the Rahi’s torso. He hit center mass, but the blow seemed ineffective. Undeterred, Lewa reattempted. And yet again, no noticeable damage. The Mana-Ko stared at him a moment, and swung his arm again. This time Lewa had no time to dodge, and was knocked to the ground.

    “So you want to play rough-dirty,” he muttered to himself.

    He concentrated, and used his elemental power of Air to summon the wind. He focused it, and blasted the Mana-Ko with high-pressured air.

    The Mana-Ko was blown off its feet, hit a nearby hut and was smothered with debris. It didn’t stir.

    Lewa glanced behind him to see that Pohatu and Tahu had also dispatched their Mana-Ko. Lewa could see one of the Rahi’s crab-like arms sticking out from a pile of burning rubble.

    The three Toa gathered in a circle, and began speculating where the beasts had come from, and why they had chosen to attack such a meaningless village.

    “Perhaps they were simply looking for food,” Tahu offered.

    “No, brother,” Pohatu argued. “They wouldn’t leave so much destruction merely for a bite to eat. I believe that it was the same being that set the Bohrok upon us, last cycle.”

    Lewa considered this. That made some thought-sense. The Toa had thwarted the being’s plan last time, maybe he sought revenge? But still... that still leaves the question, why here, and now?

    The sound of loud stomping noises brought Lewa out of his deep thought.

    He looked up and saw his two Toa friends staring at the horizon. In the distance there were hundreds, if not thousands, of Mana-Ko in marching formation. Every step the group took caused the ground to shake. Lewa noticed that in front of the evil armada was a large group of Ta-Matoran. They ran as fast as they could, but many couldn’t out-speed the Rahi and were swallowed into the confusion. Behind the Mana-Ko were the remains of any Matoran that did get caught. It was mostly scattered Kanohi and limbs.

    It was a horrible sight.

    Tahu cried in rage. “These Rahi will pay for killing my people!”

    And with that, he sprinted towards the army.

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