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Reasoning for people to start playing the TCG again

Discussion in 'Pokémon TCG Discussion' started by Esperante, May 2, 2006.

  1. Esperante

    Esperante XJ220

    Sort of a continuation from the "why did people stop playing" thread, but in the opposite sense. This thread is to show that the game is not at all dead, but in fact is doing very well. Think nobody in your area plays the game anymore? Lets see what you have to say after checking this thread out.

    The game is not dead. Want proof? Try going to www.pokegym.net . This forum contains thousands of avid Pokemon TCG fans from all around the world. Want more proof? Nintendo POP ID numbers are going into (I believe) the 400,000s now. (mine is in the first 4000, hehe. :D) There are still many, many players of the game, so why shouldnt you be one of them?

    Secondly, for those of you say you quit because theres no one in your area. Know what? Chances are, there ARE people who play in your area.

    Check out both

    http://op.pokemon-tcg.com/league/locator/ which is the league locator


    http://op.pokemon-tcg.com/events/locator/?event_type=23&location=north_america which is an example of a locator for one of the many premier events held by nintendo every year.

    You may argue that the game was "better" under previous management (WoTC) but in fact, the card game is now much more understandable, streamlined, and tournaments are much more organized.

    So you know what to do. Find a league in your area, and start playing again. Get back in on all the fun. ;)

    I'll leave this thread open for any discussion that members might have continuing from the "why did people stop playing" thread.
  2. Astinus

    Astinus Well-Known Member

    I used the League Locator to find a League in my area. It was after I went to a tournament in Boston. My love of the TCG was revitalised. I started buying the boosters again.

    Tons of fun. Met up with my old friends. Made some new ones. Life is good again on Saturday mornings. Now, hopefully, the League won't close down like the old one. :<
  3. Cutiebunny

    Cutiebunny Frosty Fashionista

    No, I don't think that the game is dead. In my case, the following apply:

    I have an official job that makes me work a rotating schedule of 6 days of work followed by 2 days of rest...and more overtime than you can shake a Pokeball at. Going to a league and playing is difficult when your start and end times vary.

    I did, for a time, get out of the Pokemon game once Neo Discovery came out. I really wasn't impressed by the set, and the allure of collecting the first editions(which, were the only cards I ever purchased) just seemed to fade. The set came out when I was transitioning from college to adult life...so, there may have been more going on than just the quality of the set.

    I did, upon the release of EX Sandstorm, get back into the Pokemon card collecting world. I've been actively purchasing boxes of the new release sets(and catching up on the old sets that I missed out on) since then.

    I think that players growing out of the game is very common. While there will always be new children that will gravitate to the game, the older players(like myself) are slowly filtering out into the adult world and finding that we don't have the time and/or money to dedicate to the game anymore.

    Well, that's my two cents.
  4. Shiloh Phoenix

    Shiloh Phoenix Super Coordinator

    alright, you listened! sweet, this is exactly what I had in mind. Good job! *thumbs up*
  5. shadowofdreams

    shadowofdreams SEXAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i am a pokemon card collecter and have tons of cards but everybody where I live likes yu-gi-oh which i think sucks rotten eggs and i don't understand the rules and when i look at the leage locator it says it can only search north america which i live in but i really want to get started. please, will anybody help?
  6. I loved Pokemon card and i still do
    the prob is i haven't played it in years so i dont know anything about the new cards
    the other prob is that i live in the UAE and i dont think there are any poke fans left in this country
  7. Captain Brain

    Captain Brain Well-Known Member

    The league locator worked for me but the league meets on Saturday and I usually have to work that day. That's life.

    Edit: Is the UAE the United Arab Emirates and do you live next to the Persian Gulf or Gulf of Oman. ;025;
  8. yes thats the one
  9. Headshot-Jackal465

    Headshot-Jackal465 The Kwisatz Haderach

    I don't like the modified version of the game. I simply do not like the new cards at all.
    I stick with cards in the sets base-team rocket for decks, but I collect cards up through the neo series.
    I stopped playing when the game got less fun.
  10. Emeralda

    Emeralda plays with spoons

    Well, I only like the older cards (which I hear is a problem in tournament play). First six or so sets. Anyone from London like playing cards? There's no leagues near there. Apart from Slough which is only nearish, and I'm not going into Burger King.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2006
  11. chosen_one386

    chosen_one386 Angel of Chaos

    I still build decks and collect cards from every new series. Although, I don't have anyone to play against and the nearest league is an hour and a half away.
  12. Shiloh Phoenix

    Shiloh Phoenix Super Coordinator

    Less fun? oh you mean when first turn cheap wins on a coin flip weren't possible anymore.
  13. okothnuva

    okothnuva or something

    still is.

    opening hand:

    squirtle, rare candy, blastoise ex, lugia ex, water energy, water energy, holon's magneton.

  14. Cipher_Admin

    Cipher_Admin Creepy Coney Man :)

    Lots of better cards

    Modified is a whole lot better than unlimited!!!!!!!!!!
  15. coolcobra77

    coolcobra77 Your Worst Nightmare

    scary I looked 250 miles around my area, absolutely nada... lol
  16. maximo-76

    maximo-76 Guest

    the search dontw ork for me! i liked it but until a short time after neo destiny came out i played the games on and off but never got back into the tcg
  17. Cipher 2008

    Cipher 2008 Well-Known Member

    I heartily agree! ^_^ I love a challenge. Having to compensate for rotated-out cards every September is SO much fun! :D And no, I'm not crazy.
  18. KiryuTheDragon

    KiryuTheDragon Tokusatsu Fanatic

    I'd be very tempted to start again, but to be honest I typically have bad luck with card games and pulling stuff from boosters, so on others I tend to stay away from organized play. The last organized event I went to was a Gym Heroes Prerelease and back then I totally got kicked around. And no one I know personally plays it. So for me, its a situation like with the Naruto card game: There's not much worth behind trying to start again. Plus, money is tight right now, so unless some of the stuff I have for sale on my website starts selling, I wouldn't have much money for this.

    And I stopped during Neo Genesis because my former stepbrothers (my main opponents) and I started to shift towards Magic: the Gathering.
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2006
  19. Avegaille

    Avegaille ジャッジメントですの!

    You know, I was one of those people who started playing the TCG because of the Third Generation Set. What made me even more continue playing and even making a sensible deck is the leagues near me and the people who I met that helped me out with strategies and everything...

    I have to admit, the new sets coming out makes me wish to play the TCG even more, if I had the money... ;.; But too bad I don't so I'm stuck with my deck which I used for the Nationals... >.>
  20. chester

    chester The Amazing chester

    I don't care what most people say, I like the TCG and will keep playing it.

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