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Reasoning for people to start playing the TCG again

Discussion in 'Pokémon TCG Discussion' started by Esperante, May 2, 2006.

  1. Airride_Master

    Airride_Master Active Member

    I just felt I had to come back in...
    Now I'm making a Silly kinda deck :p
    I once had a deck that focused on getting all your energy to your hand then beating them down with flygon.
  2. Xman96

    Xman96 Fighting Leader

    Well I just started last Friday, again. The TCG was the first pokemon thing I was into. It is a lot of fun because my cousin and my two sisters play the game as well, and we have our own little tournament every Saturday.
  3. Lucky Applejack

    Lucky Applejack hug a quagsire today

    Another good reason to start playing the TCG again is because the online version beta is up on pokemon dot com now! It's really easy to learn (I remember thinking of it as really hard to learn when I was little), the rules are taught as you play and you can disable the rule/ move options if you already know the rules. It's in its beta stage right now, and whenever I play the fourth opponent, the game freezes on me. Other than the fourth opponent freezing, everything is excellent and I really suggest playing it! Have an awesome day!
  4. ImitationOfLife

    ImitationOfLife Metalhead

    A long time friend sparked my interest to play again because he's having a tournament this summer. I haven't played or gotten any additional cards since the original sets were out.

    I've bought one Platinum Arceus Booster, one Call of Legends booster, one Heart Gold/Soul Silver booster, and the Black & White Blue Assault deck.
  5. aquizero

    aquizero Member

    I have also started playing http://www.pokemontcg.com/ and I agree with you its great. i can't wait until beta goes away and the full experience is out as I would love to play head to head against others. I haven't played Pokemon TCG for four years! So I am back in my comfort zone again! Woo Hoo! ;128;
  6. Mitzeh

    Mitzeh Well-Known Member

    i found my old base set/jungle/fossil/rocket/heros/challenge cards lol
    thought why not but then i saw how much base set boxes and boosters were online and im like fffffffffffffff~ box $300-$700 booster $10-$80

    anyhoo i've ordered the hgss entei gift box and the b&w victini gift box and a fossil booster (got it for 4.99aud the fossil booster that is)

    so yeah hopefully i'll get back to drive to continue collecting as i have a ton of sets to think about locating and buying LOL

    also thinking of getting some hgss triumphant blister packs that are sold at bigW (australian store) which have 2 triumphant packs and a platinum pack and i think a promo not sure (their website is pricing them at about $7 so looks good)

    my main problem with collecting the tcg was the demand became less and less so card shops closed down or moved to inaccessable areas, tornaments are practically non existant here and 99% of my friends no longer play (being 23 years old doesn't help)

    as for the new online tcg version i've completed one tornament on the site and i must say the game hasn;t changed all that much save for the supporter cards and stadium

    unfortunately my first try to get back in was frustrating as i stupidly bought fake cards at the local markets (you'd think having a diploma in graphic design i'd pick up on the 200+ hp's and 2098 world championship deck text & misspelling haha) oh well now that i have access to the internet and a credit/debit card getting the cards will be a heck of alot easier so <3

    i think i rambled on a tad too much hehe
  7. redhairedking

    redhairedking Active Member

    I haven't played this for about 7 years now. It's been a long time. I have considered trying to get back into it but the tournaments are about half an hour away from my house.
  8. Blackfox138

    Blackfox138 New Member

    Saw the B/W boosters at my local grocery store and decided to grab a few. Thinking about getting back into this, but just for the art. As much fun as league play is, I don't have the time/money for it anymore.

    Which set would be recommended for collecting cool art?

    Also, I forgot how much fun it was, the moments before opening a booster, wondering if you'll get something awesome or junk (totally helps that I don't know what's awesome or not for tournament play)
  9. kris198921

    kris198921 Well-Known Member

    well black and white has full faced reshiram and full faced zekrom, the heart gold and soul silver has legend cards
  10. Blackfox138

    Blackfox138 New Member

    Already have both versions of FA Zek and one Reshi (bought a little more than a few). I like the way the Legend cards look, might try a few of those next.

    Also, how hard would it be to pick a Pokemon and collect each of it's different cards? Are there some that are impossible to ebay < 10$?
  11. manaphee

    manaphee 新たなる誓い

    I got back into the TCG about a month ago, because I discovered a league right in my city, that meets every Friday night. ^_^
    I went to the EP prerelease last night, and it was an absolute blast. I got to finally meet other Pokemon fans- some from over three hours away, even. It's really awesome how you get to meet new people who have the same interests as you. ^_^
  12. Jax_P

    Jax_P New Member

    The online TCG peaked my interest and pulled me back in, now I've ordered 3 booster boxes that I can't wait for to arrive! :D
  13. Agntpudding

    Agntpudding Well-Known Member

    I played the online beta. Bought Blue Assault.
    Then a tin of booster packs.
    Then another deck.
    Then another tin...

    Yeah I forgot how awesome pokemon cards are and now I'm obsessed once again. XD
  14. Water Adept

    Water Adept Well-Known Member

    Same with me, found my old pokémon theme decks and I saw there was an online tcg game, so I basically just started playing again, gonna start collecting these awesome guys. :)
  15. zwgiantsfan

    zwgiantsfan <- Best Pokémon Ever

    i used to be a huge card fan, as i own thousands of cards, and as of about 2 days ago, i am back into the game, but my most recent cards are d & p majestic dawn i think
    the game just seemed 2 b gettin more strategy, whhich wuz always the reason tht yugioh wuz better at cards only
  16. ven?

    ven? Kanto Region Champ

    I've been playing the tcg since it started. Why I started was because this is a game I want to play. It's that simple.
  17. Shining_Chef

    Shining_Chef Poke Homie

    I started playing after I found out a group of people at my high school still play pokemon. I was like "Holy **** SWEEET" So i got my old cards out and have been playing for a few months now (since last may)
  18. pokedexg

    pokedexg Member

    Got back in my when my mom bought first ever hgss set boosters came out, primetimepokemon on utube got me back into it as well.
  19. Ausgirl

    Ausgirl Well-Known Member

    I've been meaning to get back into this. The only thing that's stopping me is money.
  20. MeltingCORE

    MeltingCORE Well-Known Member

    My love for Pokemon as a whole has been greatly rekindled lately. But that’s another story... Last weekend my mom got me a booster pack for helping with the yard work and I had mentioned wanting to get some new cards. I was happy since I got some new cards and went to look for my old cards. Found that box (which has a lot of cards and is sitting next to me right now) and remembered all the good times I had playing with my brother. And thus, now I’m back into it. In fact, today after school I’m going to Target to get some more. (I really hope I get a Litwick, Lampent, or Chandelure. But I’m usually happy with everything I get.)

    I think I’ll use that League Locater now.

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