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Reasoning for people to start playing the TCG again

Discussion in 'Pokémon TCG Discussion' started by Esperante, May 2, 2006.

  1. hardlythere

    hardlythere New Member

    If you've ever been frustrated at not having a good deck

  2. ven?

    ven? Kanto Region Champ

    ^Since everything is online nowadays, decklists, tournament play videos (regionals, cities, states, nationals, worlds, etc), I also typed up and tested a couple of cheap lists for tournament play in the fix my deck thread(s), if you have any questions about lists I'll try and either net deck the best list I can find or type it out myself, as well as the rest of the community doesn't mind helping people get good at the game and test, test, test.
  3. Team Volt Grunt

    Team Volt Grunt Pokémon Collector

    My main game (Naruto CCG) died last year, so I switched from very casually playing this game to making it my main card game. I don't like yugioh and I don't want to get into MTG. I want to get into Weiss Schwartz but it isn't catching on in my area and there is no where to buy or play the game. That and the English game only has 1 anime I am familiar with and it's because I started watching it after my friend got interested in Weiss Schwartz.
  4. Tyrantrum

    Tyrantrum Well-Known Member

    Yugioh is too complicated for me by far. Also, MTG doesn't appeal to me, and besides that, I don't like Vanguard. I might pick up some Pokemon boosters if/when I get the chance in a few days, more out of curiosity then anything. Yeah, hearing about how cheap it is to get a competitive deck for it as well makes me reconsider it perhaps a small bit as well.
  5. ShinyMisty

    ShinyMisty This person is dead.

    Coming from someone who had to buy most of the cards in her deck...it isn't always cheap.

    Now, I got back into the Pokemon Card game isn't because of another game going out or something. I never liked Yugioh, and Magic seems to expensive and complicated to me.

    When I was young (and I mean YOUNG), I use to play the card game at a league. At Toys R Us and Books-A-Million. This was still when Wizards owned Pokemon. But...after a while, we just stopped. Everything stopped, even the collecting.

    I was watching videos on Youtube when I learned I could win a trip to cool places like Hawaii. That was why I got into the game.
    Then, I found (probably) the most famous Poketuber when it comes to the card game, theJWittz. Sadly, he no longer does the series Prof-It, but that is what got me fully back into the game.

    I managed to find a League in my area, and made some great friends. It almost crumbled forever when my League retired, but a friend from a pre-release introduced me to her league a little was away. I once again made great friends, and will slowly learn more and more.

    Already been to Cities and States once, so I already had a bit of competitive games. And watching the Live Stream on Twitch a few days ago made my heart flaring. More so than the video game, which I find harder to grasp and a little to out of my grasp.

    If you guys are really interested in playing the game, but don't have much of the money, then buy maybe one or two packs for now, and use those code cards to actually go into the TCG Online. That way, you'll learn a little quicker and easier. You don't have to have a league in your area. I didn't for a few years, but I went to States as if I have. You can test decks out (even if you happen to get them through trades and such, which seems to be not so hard) So that you don't have to pay a lot of money to find out it isn't your type of deck.

    Have fun, everyone. :3
  6. Milennin

    Milennin *hugs Absol*

    I never was into the card game, because I've never known anyone who played it, but I used to collect the cards as a kid (stuff from the first few original sets). I did play the TCG game on the GBC, though, which was pretty fun.

    I remember trying out the TCG Online a few years ago, kind of short after it released, but it didn't really manage to hold my interest and I quit playing after a day or two.

    But last month I decided to give the TCGO another try (was getting a bit bored of Hearthstone), and I'm really liking it now. There's a good collection of cards available, easy to play against other people and the community is pretty good (except for the greedy traders looking to rip off any and every one who isn't aware of the exact prices of cards). With the recent update it's become really easy for new players to get more cards fast and get a way into the trading scene without having to spend real money on packs/codes.

    The only thing I'm not really fond of with the Pokémon TCG is the strange decision of getting rid of the concept of evolution with EX cards. I don't really understand why they would do that. Why should people be able to play a Venusaur EX right off the bat when a regular Venusaur needs to evolve from Bulbasaur and Ivysaur, and on top of that it gets more HP and more powerful moves than a regular Venusaur too!? Then there's your legendary EXes, because plain legendaries apparently aren't powerful enough (they are, though), I just don't get it.
    But oh well, I just love making decks around the Pokémon I like. It's got that edge over Yu-Gi-Oh for me, which I do like, but it just doesn't beat the feeling of building a Pokémon party and play with your favourites. :D
  7. ven?

    ven? Kanto Region Champ

    Actually evo decks are pretty decent regardless, basics are just faster to play

    We had star pokemon then SP, the concept of playing evo pokemon out as basics and giving them more speed and power has been long running in the pokemon tcg.
  8. TimerRabbit

    TimerRabbit Espurr Trainer!

    I played the TCG when I was very young. Me and my sister would go and build decks from the cards we have and battle each other int he house our outdoors with a neighbor kid. Those are some fine memories there, since we don't have the handheld games at that time.

    It gets forgotten and then collecting YGO cards after seeing my very first card art I like (Queen's Double). However, when walking in to the community college, there's a herd of people who are into that and I wanted to start. (BTW I watched the complete seasons of the YGO anime before it switches a new protagonist. BUT... The people who had pretty good decks invest a whole lot of money and whoop my butt on my Magician deck. (Full of favorites and structured from a theme deck.) I gave up after being frustrated and had to focus on college, art and the occasional RPing.

    Also to boot I gave away my suitcase full of super old cards to a friend since I need to make room and lost interest....

    Until the moment I got back into Pokemon thanks to the Espurr meme and wanted Espurr stuff. (Which would cost a lot, so one plushie is enough...) I decided to get the Mystic Typhoon deck because of these Pokemon, and that it would be easy to get back into it if I got a theme deck. Took me a few days to play the TCGO and use my code. By the same month I got the deck I broke my ankle. ;_; I had no one to play with except for online with my digital deck, but it gave me fond memories and a easy learning curve using the application. It's much easier than YGO, but I am not going to diss for 'most hated game' and what-nat. Artwork is still pretty (that even some big-name Pixiv artists got the job for those... Ugyuu...), and same goes for Vanguard. My friend and driver who took me to the hospital is into Weis Schwartz and had Japanese decks of his favorite series... lol...

    Anyway, it's a huge relief of happiness when I got my friend to play one of the older theme decks (Leaf Greed that my brother gave me lol) against my 'updated' deck, which was fun and intense, lol! I know the college I go to has Pokemon TCG , but YGO or MTG is still dominant there. I won't give up hope and hopefully I can play casually with anyone like the old days!
  9. homeofmew

    homeofmew Pikachu Cosplayer

    here's the reason people should start again:
    Most of the players are 21+ you play in your age group which are basically 10 -, 11-14 and 15+
    There are league all over the place I suggest using the pokemon.com league locator.

    can get expensive
  10. Bananarama

    Bananarama The light is coming

    I'm not much of a player, but I sporadically collect the cards because I'm just interested in collecting. I've been collecting since I was young, so it just feels like the natural thing to do, at least for me.
  11. I just recently got back into the pokemon tcg, and after trying out other card related games i felt this one is a lot more fun and complex. although it does get expensive, especially a shaymin EX, the only card i need to finish my deck, but other than that more people will start to join up, if icould do it so could they.
  12. Shinyhunter1990

    Shinyhunter1990 Shiny Hunter 4 life

    The reason why i left ptcg my friends where all playing Yu-gi-oh! and the closest league was round 7 miles away and i didnt have a car

    The reason why i came back my little cousin needed someone to test his decks against and i fell in love with this game again
  13. Frozocrone

    Frozocrone Miraculous!

    Felt like getting some cards again. I had lost interest in Magic the Gathering. Could I lose interest in the TCG? Sure. But I love the games so my love for Pokemon will always be constant.

    I don't know if I will play the game on a competitive or consistent basis, but I'll probably collecting a few cards that I liked.

    In my first pack I got a Decidueye GX so I'm very happy with that.
  14. Mrs. Oreo

    Mrs. Oreo Banned

    Well in my case I didn't even know how to play the TCG well until a few weeks ago when I saw a tutorial. It made me want to learn how to play and now I just need some new cards from the recent Sun and Moon set cuz my old cards feel out of date. ^^;
  15. SKundilla

    SKundilla New Member

    I wonder why people keep shilling this game

    TPC are lazy and haven't deserved paying since the incidents surrounding the license

    MTG is following suit too now; PTC follow this method:

    Step 1> Don't learn from the last retcon
    Step 2> Choke Speed and Variance
    Step 3> Make new set of cards that are deliberately incompatible
    Step 4> Rehash old mechanic
    Step 5> Repeat twice every 9 months
    Ubermuk likes this.
  16. SKundilla

    SKundilla New Member

    Why do people keep shilling this game?
    Do people have cards to sell?

    Where do I start with the Pokemon TCG?
    • Lazily overlapped mechanics; there's not been a new mechanic since Megas (GX and Tag-Team are just rehashed EX- There are 5 versions of level-up)
    • Deliberate destruction of any story development - Forced cohesion to other products makes sets predictable. (What was beyond the Ruin?)
    • Deliberate writing and implementation of non viable cards; and the deliberate invalidation of whole sets of cards.
    • Deliberate force-feeding of reprints of poor cards with abysmal artwork which look cheap and rushed.
    • Nomi categories in every set choke variation in decks as they shill us irrelevant characters/story etc. (Why are there so many different 'Team X' and SP?)
    • cards become holofoil toilet roll after 18 months, practically useless - with the exception of one or 2 blatantly under tested cards
    • supporters choke the game's speed to a crawl.
    • TPC promote net-decking
    Ubermuk likes this.
  17. Ohshi

    Ohshi Banned from Club Penguin

    The reason why Venasaur EX is a basic rather than going through all the stages starting from Bulbasaur is that would be too cumbersome to use. Even stage 2s can be a pain and needs **** like rare candy. Venasaur EX only needs to evolve once to Mega Venasaur EX and that makes it more viable to use. Evolving three times would be crazy, especially if evolving that last time would instant end your turn unless you have the spirit link.
  18. Ubermuk

    Ubermuk Sticky & Sweet

    I've been playing the TCG since its premiere and I think it's changed a lot for the worst in the newer sets but I keep playing it because I have fond memories of when the game was at its peak right before it started losing popularity because of Yu-Gi-Oh.

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