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"Is a great crime unless it succeeds"

There existed this great empire with its civilians taking leadership from its cruel and power abusive leaders, hence the day the Rebellion was created……..

Deprived of freedom and the will to social interact, the Rebellion quickly gained momentum and followers to its cause. After assembling his army, Phop, the Rebellion dictator, marched his army through the Empire’s territory slaughtering all who apposed him. Anyone wishing to avoid this cruel fate, Join our cause and assist us in achieving our dominance or be rebelled against.

Welcome to Rebellion

Note - To members looking to join, simply post indicating your intent on joining

The Rebellion community consists of many ranks which include a king, a Prince, 2 Rooks, 2 Bishops, 2 Knights, 8 Pawns and its civilians. To be leading the front line of our march you must be able to last the pace and provide good killing techniques for our army. To all who are wounded, or are killed during this extermination, will be immediately replaced by an upcoming warrior.​

Phop (0602 5330 3524)

SelenaluvsDylan22 (2106 2337 5387)

Firehawk10590 (1118 6117 3309)

lunar22 (0345 1291 8077)
GerbilGuy (1976 9296 7394)

Fang Overlord (3094 2869 7883)
Blaze The Pokemon Master (2621 8567 5768)

old man (0988 8249 6278)
woliwo (4124 6268 9738)
BlueDragon (0388 6626 3471)

Averyy (5412 6607 5566) , Rakki-neko (4811 8694 9020), darkcrobat (5241 3790 3673), Mastadi (5197 9725 6134), poloboy (1118 4945 0921), sfebassist (0345 2355 7420), Curvee (4812 0694 1145), arboka (0903 7965 4520), TomstarRule (5026 6296 1630), mxe567 (0688 8202 2067), robingoose (2793 6366 0236), PeP ReK (4124 8069 2812), Ashton (1548 1063 6226), Pokewiz7o8 (3995 9252 6765), Kairo (5413 5450 9975), +DoomDesire+ (0517 2061 1508), Kai678 (5370 5939 2524), undeadsurvivor (3738 3714 9941), h20 is not water!!! (0130 4664 0309), johny2hai (0301 7213 0794), xLilith (3824 3546 5689), Kaisou (0431 5023 8067), BigBellyPokeMaster (4640 5702 6721), Yoshifan22 (2406 1602 1466),Pfaithful (2020 6882 1651), Andrew1239 (3566 8563 4453),Seth Dusken (?),100championmatt (?),ger9119 (2793 8099 3635),SamuraiDragon1 (4339 6959 8346), shadowice1234 (1548 0006 2184),BlazingStar977 (3223 2152 5096)(Cloner), Captain Pedro (3652 2229 9643), H3LL (3137 4797 6519), dude2.0 (4683 4334 6189), Vinyacoire (2922 4856 6227)

Rebellion Alliances
Strong holds who have decided to alliance with us. May both our clans prosper with this stance.

  • Zodiac XIII
  • Team Radiant Dawn
  • Resistance

The Rebellion History
The strongholds who have been rebelled against lie here;

Rebellion 2 Vs 0 Team Oblivion
Rebellion 3 Vs 0 Team Freezing Cold
Rebellion 3 Vs 2 Team Dawn
Rebellion 3 Vs 1 Untold Chaos

Rebellion Tutoring Program
All great Clans have some implemented system in place to raise the battling and imaginative skills of less experienced battles in their Clan. I wish for Rebellion to follow suit. There will be Tutors available to teach different aspects of battling. List as follows, to links, to useful guides. Please learn these before contacting tutors.

Individual Values
Effort Values
TomStarRules's EV Guilde
Also the other tabs on these pages will be handy to learn also.

Personal Message one of the tutors, below, to arrange to be test battled, have your team rated or redoing.

Rebellion Tutors
Phop (0602 5330 3524)
assassinsceptile (0688 6340 7137)

Free IV Ditto Give-A-Ways
To help with Breeding, I’ve decided to donate my dittos. Dittos are essential if one wants to breed high IV offspring.

Nature- Adamant
IVs – 31/30/31/4/4/28
Nature- Timid
IVs – 6/25/14/14/0/31
Nature- Jolly
IVs – 16/5/31/23/0/31
Nature- Naive
IVs – 26/0/26/31/0/23
Dittos will only be given to members who have been a Member for 2 weeks or longer. GerbilGuy will be distributing clones of my dittos, PM him to arrange collection of these dittos. If you would like to be a Tutor please post if interested.


Other Rebellion banners
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Yay, Finally got this Clan up! I'll be going to work soon so i'll be back later to answer any questions, make updates etc when i get back.

Also ill appreciate and suggestions, feed back etc about the first post.
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Drop it!
I would like to join too please
I would like to join, but when you say post your intent does that mean a reason for joining? Or merely that you would like to join?


I would like to join, but when you say post your intent does that mean a reason for joining? Or merely that you would like to join?

Right, back from work. Updates Made.

It just means saying you would like to join. All new members will become Pawn members and based on there activity will be able to upgrade to the higher ranks soon.

Should I Join?

Would you?

@kroko50, Whats your FC?
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Well-Known Member
I'll join Phop as I also was a mod.

FC's: 1118-2306-4890

This could change as I will eventually start to battle more on my platinum.
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