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Rebuild Of 1000 Swords

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Scriptor Scorpio, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. Scriptor Scorpio

    Scriptor Scorpio Science Hero

    As this is my very first post on these forums,
    I'd like to say I'm very pleased to be here and I hope this RP will interest some of you and... it's going to be one heck of a ride.

    Also, I've posted it on another forum awhile ago and it was a lot of fun, but I'd like to see if I can do the same here, seeing as the other forum's gone offline. Don't worry, this is a fresh start for every RP'er wishing to join.

    All forum rules apply. B) See: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=415090

    For the introduction of the backstory which will be expanded upon throughout our combined creative thinking:

    Rebuild Of 1000 Swords

    It is said,
    that in a place, long forgotten by time and people alike,
    a great sphere is said to lie, covered in uncountable symbols, each one elaborate and one of a kind,
    carved out in relief. Within the sphere there are said to be powers of unmeasurable strength,
    only obtainable by channeling it through one of the countless symbols, into a masterfully crafted sword.
    However, many swords were made, and as the sword was eyed on by many,
    many swords of varying designs were said to be that one ultimate sword,
    and after one dynasty fell after the other while ruling the land with it,
    not even the rulers themselves could tell if they possessed the sword or not,
    and subsequently tried to fuel it with the sphere's energies,
    which failed as they didn't find the symbol their 'ultimate' sword locked onto, or, nothing happened when they did.

    As many things about the sphere have been lost through the ages, it is also unclear whether there were 1,000 swords in the beginning,
    or if one of the first kings that wielded the one and only sword,
    commissioned the forging of all the other swords, made to fit onto the other symbols.

    That was the tale that came with the blood shedding, the arson, the poisoning, treason... And it wasn't about to end...

    in the present time, countless young men and women have come in the possession of a sword with a mysterious indent in the very top of its handle.
    After hearing the countless tales connected to the forgotten legend, each and everyone of them are convinced that they wield the very sword
    that will give them the vast power, for them to use as they please.
    They have been marked as dangerous and possibly outlaws. Some of them had witnessed a strange power awakening in their swords, others became skillfull in weaponry, various forms of magic and utter wrecking and chaos. Maybe some of them aren't out to kill their fellow humans.

    As you've probably guessed,
    you're one of them...

    That was the tale that came with the blood shedding, the arson, the poisoning, treason... And it wasn't about to end...

    Ian and Raghitey

    A boy, approximately 16 or 17 years old with dark brown hair over his forehead, gazed at the city that lied in front of him, with his dark blue eyes seeming to pierce through heaven itself. Nonetheless, Ian Mantris was very shy and had only his sword to show his dangerous strength, besides that neverending gaze. He touched his the hilt that wasn't hidden by the sheath as the rest of his sword was, hanging on his back. Raghitey... A sword that was rumored to sever any connection you had with anyone, in your neverending lust to obtain it. And now he had come to possess it, of all people...

    How exactly he had obtained it was another gruesome tale, but not for right... Ian heard a sound as he pulled out Raghitey with one swift motion and prepared a thrust, that he himself had invented through his lack of being taught proper swordsmanship. What could it be?

    This world is a lot like ours: not far from New York, Ian's story starts for example. However, the legendary swords are not all that separates this world from being our own.


    Everyone is born with a talent for using magic, which can only be truly useful through training, experience and studying. Some are more naturally adept at conjuring up magic and understanding its inner workings than others. There are many systems and schools of thought: those that use ancient runes to call on mystic beings, others inscribe symbols on the ground or tattoo them on their bodies as premade spells, others use their words to make might, while some need an external source of power or treat it like a measurable science like any other. All magic, except legendary magic, is bounded to logical rules.

    Sword wielders: dangerous individuals or homicidal outlaws?

    With today's modern communication networks, it wasn't long before many people heard the stories about the boys, girls, men and women who took what they wanted with the terrifying abilities of their legendary swords, whose magic was so ancient and mysterious that only this form of magic could ignore most laws of nature, although not infinitely. They even turned out to be bulletproof, as the sword temporarily halted its magical abilities to instinctively defend itself from any projectile or magic that could harm it. If the sword was close enough to the wielder, he or she was protected as well. This didn't shield the wielder from the after effects of a spell or the heavy artillery that had been developed after many years of trial and error. The sword wouldn't protect its 'master' from harm when the wielder was too weak to harness its true power.

    Law enforcement, the army and plain old civilians are very wary of the sword wielders and will try to gang up on them if they show any sign of using their sword. Some have banded together to raid villages or innocent travellers and others just want to survive. There is also the whole quest for ultimate power. And some people are power-hungry enough to obtain it within due time.

    Secrets of the legendary swords

    Every wielder has a certain affinity for every sword which is distinct from their affinity for and experience with magic, although they can intersect. Some might never reveal their ability in the hands of a wielder while others can be discovered through handling it some time and others again might share its ability right away, depending on the type of ability. Legendary magic is the only form that can defy the laws of nature, though limited by circumstances and the wielder's affinity and experience with the sword. The sword has no mind, no allegiance... but it has a survival instinct as described above.

    Weapons, technolgoy and vehicles

    Those that can reasonably be procured in the present day may be used, but cannot be super-engineered or overpowered. Naturally, the bullet-proof shield makes the weapons not that useful. Unless they are used very cleverly... A means of transportation is always handy.

    Any technology is allowed if it has clear limits and well-defined abilities. And actually exists.

    Here is the basic sign-up sheet:

    Age: (preferably between 14 and 18 years old)
    Description: (clothes, appearance, etc.)
    History: (tell a bit about your character's past)
    Sword: (name, description, the indent's pattern optionally stories involving it, for example, historical people that wielded it, how it was sought after,
    and subsequently stolen or passed on, taken by force, like murder, raids, etc.)

    My own sign-up following right now.

    Name: Ian Mantris
    Age: 16-17
    Gender: Male.
    Description: Ian is about 5' 9" tall with a medium build, for his age. He has very dark blue eyes,
    with his dark brown hair, not quite short but not that long either, arranged in no particular doo or something like that.
    He wears a rain coat over a plain blue sweater, with brown pants to go with it. In short, he doesn't look all that distinguishable from others or good looking for that matter, safe for his intriguing blue eyes.
    Personality: Wary about any new people he meets, but very open to the ones that take the time to get to know him, and always polite, but relatively silent.
    History: Ian came from a family of four, with one younger sister, and two younger brothers. His sense of responsibility largely came from his role as the oldest of the family, which he still takes up whenever he comes across teenagers that are younger then him or little kids. One day, he came across the sword during a raid on his home town. He took it upon himself to learn how to wield it, to be able to protect others in need.
    Sword: Raghitey (pronounced 'ra-gi-they'), literally 'the Bond Wrecker', because of its long and cruel history of it being thought as the 'scissor' that cuts the bonds between people, making anyone that knows of its existence, be prone to do whatever it takes to possess it, including, but not limited to, arson, murder, particularly involving members of their own family, poisoning, blinding, deafening and other things done to the previous owner to become its new owner. Because of it being passed on for generations in noble families, such as the numerous French kings and queens, and not that peacefully either, many have come to believe that it is the ultimate sword of the legends. Indeed, the pattern its indent forms has been found in many ancient tombs and hidden in world's greatest pieces of artwork. It consists of a winglike triangle, with a single eye in the middle. The sword itself is quite long, with a simple but sturdy handle, and a rugged heavy blade, darkened by the gruesome acts of its former owners. Its thickness and weight makes it most suitable for fighters like Ian who depend on power and timing more then agility or trickery.


    As soon as we have enough swordsmen, we'll begin the story with small groups of two or three,
    travelling the world while fending off villains, rivals, which you may create as you please, but not too many of course; or even facing off with other groups.
    If you wish to travel alone, that's great too; another idea is to invite one or more of your friends to join this RP, and travel together as one group.:D

    If you want to make a subplot involving another RP'er his or hers character(s), always ask first if they're okay with it.

    More details and rules put into place for the preservation of every RP'er's enjoyment equally, will be added when I think of them :p

    Have fun!

    Some ground rules:

    - In order to make sure no character gets ahead in the story too much and leaving the others to fill a huge gap in time where they did absolutely nothing, every member will post exactly one time in no particular order. When I post, a new row is opened and everyone may post again. I end and begin every row of posting so that everything's tidy and organized (yes, not even a barbarian warlord character is allowed to post multiple times because he feels like it). However, two or at most three post may be posted when you're fighting a fellow RP'er, since you're forced to post shorter entries as you counter the other RP'er's actions.
    - No rushing me; I will update this RP whenever all of the others have posted their entry. That'll be enough both because of me having other things to do, like exams coming up. I'm doing as much as is to be expected when one first thinks about his real life, then some RP on a forum.
    - No rushing any member; I will politely inquire if they're still participating if they don't post for a period of time of which I will decide the length of for every instance. Don't forget it will be common for at least one participant to have some writer's block at times; it could very well be you. Only offer help to them/him/her if they ask for it.
    - I live in a GMT+1 timezone, so trying to catch me online or expecting I'll post max. 3 hours after you... You can forget that:p
    - To keep things tidy, I'd like for you to send PM's (not e-mails and not posts in here) to me and only me for suggestions about how the 1000 swords world differs from our own, both history, laws of physics (I'm talking about the swords' and sphere's abilities), technology (if guns are invented, how do they stand up to the swords for example), new characters, etc.
    - Send a PM to the respective member when you want to use his or her character in your entry to ask for his permission and to discuss storylines; send it to all the other members from the RP if you want to discuss it with the whole group.
    - If you just want to continue the story, you can post of course xD it's what this topic is for.
    - Decide amongst yourself if you will travel together and how you decide who 'leads' the 'pack', so to speak. You can also create more sword wielders or non-wielders to travel along with you, as long as there's not too many of us.
    - Rivals and enemies can be created as well, but for everything: keep it tidy. If you think it might go to 'demigods', 'alternate dimension visitors', ' aliens', 'supernatural beings or entities', things like that which far surpass this world or any of our characters, first ask through a PM if it's gonna fit according to MY opinion.
    -PG-13; for special instances, first ask before we get locked for mature content.
    - Hey, most importantly: have fun writing a thrilling story;)
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2012
  2. CaptainUrio

    CaptainUrio Member

    Hello I would like to join your RP,

    this would be my I.D.

    Name: John Chous
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Description: He wears glasses and has light brown hair, is 5' 7", wears a blue trench coat, jeans and a white T-shirt.
    Personality: He’s calm and serious and very silent, but used to be much more impulsive and has a strong feeling for justice. He respects the knightly valor. He always stands up for others.
    History: When he was two he was abandoned by his parents at the king's doorstep. When he turned seven he was recruited as a page for the great knight Azerot. One of the servants Chuck was seven years older than John and was good friends with John. When he turned thirteen he met the king's daughter. They instantly got along and as their friendship deepened, the king noticed. At the age of fourteen he graduated to a squire and started serving the king. One year later she had an arranged marriage with a French prince and left the castle.
    Sword: Sleza (which means tear) it has the ability to absorb and release everything if he pays attention. It releases the energy etc. as energy for the magic of the user through the hilt or as a flame out of the back of the hilt. The indent's pattern looks like teardrop. the sword also looks like a teardrop with the narrow side attached to the Cross guard. It also has a blood groove. The sword was in the royal family for many generations until there was a raid because of the sword.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2012
  3. Very eager to join this interesting RP :D

    Name: Trigonius

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Description: Dark-blond short hair. Sleeveless black shirt, small shreds in the fabric from long-time use, dried blood off many fights surrounding them. Hard, very serious face. Black jeans with the same blood stains.

    Personality: A young man, trained for a future he never wanted. No sense of humor. Very muscled from many trainings. He barely talks, only if his employer demands him. Sees no need of friends or anyone of the kind. Gets angry if things take too long.

    History: Born in a warrior family, he has always been training for his future as a mercenary, just as his father. Having lost his family when he was 12 in a fire, he fled the scene. An action he regrets for the rest of his life. Wandering from town to town he never talked too many people and became the silent boy/man he is today. He always knew his path would be revealed to him one day and that one day came very soon when he met Tragact.

    Sword: Tragact, meaning Forces. A broadsword with small marks shaped as trapeziums. When Tragact uses his gravitational powers these shapes come out of the blade and start orbiting around it. This sword was made out of small pieces which had gravitational forces. Forged together they had the power to alternate the forces that were happening between two objects for example the earth and the moon. When using these powers the user would also undergo these changes for example a surge in the earth’s gravity. When Trigonius was again wandering from one city to the other the sword came flying at him as if Trigonius pulled it towards him with a strange power. After barely avoiding the spinning blade, he was attacked by men, wanting the sword. Trigonius, not wanting a fight, wanted to give them the sword, but he couldn’t let go of it. On the contrary, the blade went flying, with Trigonius still attached, towards one of the attackers who got the flat side of the blade land in his stomach.

    This is where his story began on this thread...
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2012
  4. Fitzwim

    Fitzwim Member

    And so I too shall join this RP.

    Name: Tomo Chemecaps

    Age: 19

    Gender: male

    Description: 6' tall with a rather heavy build. Has short dark hair and grey eyes, with a shade of blue. Usually wears normal jeans accompanied by a T-shirt, a sweater and a raincoat for obvious uses. He is not exactly the most athletic person in the world.

    Personality: a person with a rather cowardly predisposition to life, Tomo has a fear of feeling pain. This makes him much more inclined to fleeing instead of fighting, with the exception of fights that he is sure to win. knowing his own cowardice, he instead to support his teammates by using his intellect to solve problems. These attempts are often hampered by his lack of experience, though.

    Often shy around strangers, but very open to friends. He is also protective towards friends, in the sense that he will always try to offer his support and advice to friends who need it. He will only directly fight for his friends when they are in mortal danger, though. Particulary noteworthy is the fact that he has a tendency to value friendships regardless of that person’s affiliation, effectively allowing him to communicate with people of various factions.

    Tomo’s primary strength comes from his advanced knowledge of various branches of science and magic, being one of the only persons in the world who can actually understand and combine the advanced theoretical principles of both magic and science in various devices.

    Tomo’s past is mostly shrouded in history, except for the fact that he is heavily affiliated with a secret cult that seeks to keep advanced knowledge of magic and its uses hidden from the world using any means possible. Yet, his primary subject of interest, the magic of the 1000 swords, is forbidden even within the cult itself. This forces him to study this type of magic outside the cult, effectively making him a rebel. As a result, he does not feel any significant loyalty to the cult. Furthermore, his obsession with the swords and his pragmatic approach to loyalty allows him to switch factions fairly easy.


    -Knife: As odd as it may be, Knife seems like an ordinary chisel shaped knife accompanied with a wooden handle carrying a triskelion-shaped indent at the handle. It is likely that not even Tomo himself knows its true name, but given the fact that Tomo dislikes swords with names, it’s very possible that Tomo simply refuses to call it by its true name out of stubbornness. Knife is a legitimate legendary “sword” and has an extremely high affinity with Tomo. Even so, Knife has yet to display any significant magical abilities, and is mostly kept around for its handy bullet-deflecting abilities.
  5. TenshiAeterna

    TenshiAeterna Member

    Name: Koyasha Izuno
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female

    Approximately 175 Cm tall, she is a fine looking woman. Flexible and athletic.
    She wears blueish/purple armored plating and a dark blue leather cuirass.
    Skimpy as her outfit may be, it covers all vital areas and allows for the necessary acrobatics when necessary.
    Her hair is white and her blue eyes can pierce even the toughest man's gaze.

    Even whilst being cold and calculated, she can still find it in her heart to joke around with people close to her. Killing is not an issue, and she has a great sense of duty.
    Not much is known about her past. It has been rumored that she was born in the Kai province in japan, and even though no actual proof exists, this is widely taken for a fact.
    Her skill with a blade is remarkable, but when possible, she chooses to evade direct confrontation. She has been known to pillage the swords of fallen enemies, but is often seen discarding them.
    Because of this, she has been referred to as the 'Collector' by wary adventurers that heard tales of her.
    Her goals are not known, but her interest in the mysterious swords has been making many warriors fidgety.
    Lately she has been seen on the move more than usual, and has been asking strange questions regarding old mythologies.

    Her Katana is called the Bievrost. An unmarked weapon, forged by the Legendary goldsmith Ofir. Many years went into forging the weapon and is said to have been Ofir's final creation before he died.
    Made from an alloy Ofir never seemed to have revealed to anyone, except to Koyasha.

    Even though it is not one of the 1000 swords, there is a certain mysterious quality about it.

    Besides her katana she has several unpleasant suprises hidden in her sleeve.

    Her role in the 'Legacy of the 1000 swords' will become clear in due time.
  6. Scriptor Scorpio

    Scriptor Scorpio Science Hero

    Unless I've misread the rules, others can still apply after the start of the RP. All of the above are accepted to post in the RP.

    Let us begin.

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