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Recast The Cast!

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Professor Stan Oak

Not Samuel, Stan.
Before you begin...if you include previous and/or current actors for their respective characters, you CANNOT pick more than 2 of them! This means you can have two characters be voiced by their original actors, as well as some 4Kids or TPCi dub actors for someone else, but they must not be their respective characters. You do not have to limit yourself to Pokemon actors, either.

The Main Characters of Pokemon:

Ash: Colleen Clinkenbeard
Misty: Annie Pondel
Brock: Bill Timoney
Tracey: Oliver Wyman
May: Jessica Paquet
Max: Veronica Taylor
Dawn: Amy Birnbaum
Cilan: Jamie McGonnigal or Eli James
Iris: Lee Quick
Serena: Tara Jayne
Clemont: Suzanne Goldish
Bonnie: Kerry Williams
Professor Oak: Stan Hart
Delia: Tara Jayne or Andi Whaley
Johanna: Lacey Chabert
Grace: Lee Quick
Caroline: Jessica Paquet
Pikachu: Candi Milo

The Villains of Pokemon:

Cassidy: Miriam Pultro
Butch: Bill Rogers
Jessie: Megan Hollingshead
James: J Michael Tatum or Eli James
Meowth: Matthew Sussman
Giovanni: John O'Hurley or J Michael Tatum
Dr. Zager: Stan Hart or Mike Pollock, maybe Mark Hamill
Wendy (Dues and Don'ts): Amy Birnbaum
Matori (Giovanni's Secretary): Leah Applebaum
Dr. Namba: Mike Pollock
Pierce: Jamie McGonnigal
Domino (009): Andi Whaley or Lee Quick
Petrel: Bill Rogers
Proton: Nicholas Dimichele
Ariana: Miriam Pultro
Archer: Ted Lewis
Mewtwo (original): John O'Hurley
Mewtwo (M16): Susanne Blakeslee
Cyrus: Marc Diraison
N: Bill Timoney or Billy Zane
Colress: Nathan Price or Bill Timoney
Ghetsis: Maurice Lamarche

The Rivals of Pokemon:

Gary: Jason Griffith
Paul: Ted Lewis or Billy Bob Thompson
Trip: Nicholas DeMichele
Silver: Eric Stuart
Georgia: Grey Delisle
Casey: Jessie Flower
Stephan: Nathan Price
Burgundy: Tara Jayne
Drew: Vic Mignogna (I don't like him, but I think he'd be decent)
Harley: Tom Kenny
Barry: Sean Schemmel
Zoey: Mae Whitman
Conway: Craig Bartlett
Ursula: Hayden Panettiere
Bianca: Kerry Williams
Cheren: Bryce Papenbrook
Hugh: Rob Paulsen
Tobias: Dan Green
Virgil: Oliver Wyman or Billy Bob Thompson

The (Other) Gym Leaders of Pokemon (To Be Updated with Kalos Characters):

Lt. Surge: Billy Zane
Blaine: Bill Timoney or Stan Hart
Koga: Dante Basco
Erika: Saffron Henderson
Janine: Emily Bauer
Falkner: Lucien Dodge
Bugsy: Nathan Price
Whitney: Eileen Stevens
Morty: Eric Stuart
Pryce: Marc Thompson
Jasmine: Michele Knotz
Clair: Rachael Lillis
Chuck: Sam Marin
Roxanne: Caitlin Glass
Brawly: Wayne Grayson
Norman: Ted Lewis
Wattson: Stan Hart or Nathan Price
Flannery: Carolyn Lawrence
Tate/Liza: Suzanne Goldish/Amy Birnbaum
Wallace: Eric Stuart
Juan: John O'Hurley
Winona: Rebecca Soler
Roark: Jamie McGonnigal
Gardenia: Tara Jayne
Maylene: Eileen Stevens
Crasher Wake: Dan Green
Byron: Marc Thompson
Fantina: Megan Hollingshead
Candice: Veronica Taylor
Volkner: Jamieson Price
Cress: J Michael Tatum
Chili: Saffron Henderson
Lenora: Andi Whaley
Burgh: Rodger Bumpass
Elesa: Lacey Chabert
Clay: Marc Thompson or Dan Green
Skyla: Rachael Lillis
Roxie: Emily Williams
Brycen: Bryce Papenbrook
Marlon: Wayne Grayson
Drayden: Stan Hart

The Elite Four and Champions of Pokemon:

Bruno: Dan Green
Lorelei: Caren Manual
Agatha: Billie Hayes
Lance: Billy Bob Thompson
Will: Nicholas Dimichele or Bill Timoney
Karen: Roxanne Beck
Red: Suzanne Goldish
Sidney: Scottie Ray or Billy Bob Thompson
Phoebe: Tress Macneille
Glacia: Kayzie Rogers
Drake (Hoenn): Mike Pollock
Steven: Jonathan Todd Ross
Aaron: Lucian Dodge
Lucian: Bill Timoney
Bertha: Billie Hayes (Fun fact: If she were actually cast as Bertha, this would be her first non-witch role!)
Flint: Marc Thompson
Cynthia: Megan Hollingshead
Caitlin: Andi Whaley
Shauntal: Roxanne Beck
Marshal: Anthony Salerno
Grimsley: David Brimmer
Alder: Eric Rath

Legendary Pokemon (besides Mewtwo):

Mew: Rachael Lillis
Lugia: Bill Timoney
Suicune: Mae Whitman (?)
Entei: Maurice Lamarche
Raikou: Charlie Schlatter (?)


Professor Elm: Anthony Salerno or Bill Timoney
Professor Birch: ???
Professor Rowan: Nathan Price
Professor Juniper: Emily Bauer
Professor Sycamore: J Michael Tatum
Todd/Snap: Kate Higgins

I'd like to see your cast.
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Pokegirl Fan~

Hotaru Best Girl~
The only one I would change would be Serena and I would change her va to Emily Jenness since she sounds like Iris right now imo.
I'll just go with the characters most of us are familiar with. As it is, I cannot stand the current TPCi English dub of the anime for several reasons. One of the most notable of these reasons includes the severely miscast voices that don't even sound age appropriate for the characters, and lousy, artificial acting from said actors we have now, so here goes:

The Main Characters of Pokemon:

Ash: Veronica Taylor
Misty: Eileen Stevens
Brock: Eric Stuart
Tracey: Dante Basco
May: Jessica Paquet
Max: Veronica Taylor
Dawn: Amy Birnbaum
Cilan: Eli James
Iris: Rachael Lillis
Serena: Tara Jayne
Clemont: Nathan Price
Professor Oak: Kirk Thornton (using his Mr. Fuji Voice from English Dub Episode 2 of The Origin)
Delia: Annie Pondel

Villains of Pokemon:

(Well, these three are main characters, but still...)

Jessie: Megan Hollingshead
James: J. Michael Tatum
Meowth: Grey Delisle (sounds weird, I know, but I think it could work)
Giovanni: Jamieson Price (hey, he's better than Craig Blair if the English Dub of Episode 3 of The Origin is anything to go by-- no Ted Lewis, but...)


Professor Rowan: Stuart Zagnit
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The only one I would change would be Serena and I would change her va to Emily Jenness since she sounds like Iris right now imo.

Won't she sound a bit like Dawn if that happened? Unless that's what you wanted. :p

Serena's VA is different from Iris's, though. I think the VA just needs to get used to the voice, that's all.
I'm only doing those who have bad voices.

Misty: Rachael Lillis
Jessie: Andi Whaley
James: Andrew Rannells
Ash/Tracey: Amy Birnbaum
Brock: Nicholas DiMichele
May: Rachael Lillis
Max: Veronica Taylor
Dawn: Megan Hollingshead
Iris: Roxanne Beck
Bonnie: Anyone else...
Professor Oak: Stuart Zagnit
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Bonnie: Kerry Williams.

Her English dub voice is terrible...even by TPCi's wooden VA standards, and that's saying something.
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