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Recently found a TON of cards from years ago.

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New Member
Hey guys, I recently found an old binder of pokemon cards.. researched a bit.. and the ones that stick out to me the most are these.


Are these in fact the shadowless cards that are supposedly very rare? Any verification would be much appreciated... thanks.


Not amused

No, these are just ye old holographic cards, although they ARE rarer than the normal rare.


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I have the exact same ones apart from Venusaur... one day I hope to add that and base set Blastoise to my collection.


2nd Gen Trainer
They look good. Keep them in mint condition :)


Those are really rare cards, all the cards are shadowless meaning a higher value. That shadowless Charizard can probably get you $50
Yes, the shadowless ones are slightly harder to find than the normal ones. But the 1st Edition ones are still worth far more.
And I don't really see where this thread is going so...

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