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recolour i did on MS paint

well i do TC's and remixes so hers one of my examples(dont know if someone else did this recolour):

heres another one:
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Those are pretty good. The recoloring was done neatly, but it is hard to tell where Misty's shorts are because they seem to blend in with the legs
oh ok now how do you move forums?
i did, to sapphirdewgong visit my shop after it has been moved k? ill have more and here's another recolour last one here!!



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Ahh..So I can see that most people don't know how to make recolors. Simply using the fill button on microsoft paint doesn't do the job! A proper recolor involves the pencil, the eraser,and the dropper on microsoft paint a recolor should look like-

You can do all that on paint. Expect a guide on the fan sprites section coming soon.


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It has no shading.

They aren't really THAT good. You don't just stuff random colors in, you have to shade the thing too.


cherry BLOSSOM.
It requires some MAJOR shading.


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Burakki said:
It has no shading.

They aren't really THAT good. You don't just stuff random colors in, you have to shade the thing too.

Ver ture, very true. Dou know how to do the droper/eraser combo? most people don't
ill try to make it better!!

EDIT:How's this one?


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You've completely destroyed the shading on these sprites. Also never use default Paint colors. Do you know about the dropper/eraser combo?


Yes I use MS paint
the dropper/eraser combo is as follows
1. take the eydropper over the new color and RIGHT click
2. then take the dropper over the color you want changed and LEFT click
3. Then take the eraser and RIGHT click and drag over the sprite
You should notice that only the color that you left clicked changes

to get colors use an already existing sprite or double click the default colors and go to define custom colors
this is under construction is the shading good here pls tell me what to do?

Edit:tried to make shades on this one!!
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Yes I use MS paint
never use the default colors
if you need colors try getting another sprite's colors
and just match the lightest shade of one sprite with the lightest shade of the other
and follow the Eraser/dropper combo

and don't forget to recolor the outline
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