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Recoloured sprites


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I'd been thinking about how my Diamond and Pearl trainer cards would look like and I suddenly realised I preferred another sprite over the usual character one. So I picked it out and re-coloured it twice, so it'd look different in my Diamond & Pearl cards.

Here's the Diamond version: http://i18.*******.com/309nci0.png

And here's the Pearl version: http://i17.*******.com/3zktzb8.png

First time I've mucked around with a sprite, whatcha think?


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the actual trainer re-color is ok, but you seriously need to change that backround.
it does not go with the trainer re-color


The diamond sprite is good but for the Pearl sprite it think that the color of the shirt and the pants are too far away from the coat since it's Lavander >?>Dark Purple. Maybe you should try a lighter purple first.

Chrono Mew

First goes with pearl more. I love the colors on it.