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Recommended In-Game Pokemon.

Black Murder Heavangelon

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I've made a lot of in-game teams in the past, which is a given considering all the games I've been playing, and throughout the changing enerations some pokemon are good while others are bad, and as time goes by, bad pokemon become better i.e. Sneasel, Victreebel, etc. In this thread,you make a list of pokemon you'd recommend for an in-game team, excluding starters, and write a short summary as to why.

Here's my list, in no order.

;206; Dunsparce: This little dude packs one of the meanest strats in the game ever. Assuming you managed to get one with Serene Grace, an Underleveled Dunsparce can potentially wreck any pokemon. Headbutt is a move Dunsparce must get through breeding, but the move tutor in Ilex Forest can teach your Dunsparce Headbutt with no breeding at all. Dunsparce is also an excellent user of Rock Smash, with Serene Grace Rock Smash has a 100% chance of lowering defense, add Glare and Rock Slide, and you've got yourself an In-game beast.

;142; Aerodactyl: Should anything be said about Aerodactyl? It is one of the fastest pokemon in the game you can get, and easiest, since you have to evolve Crobat and Jolten, you get Aerodactyl immediately. He also has a great level up movepool but it takes quite a while before it can learn Rock Slide. Aerodactyl makes an okay user of Fly, that is as long as it has Pressure. And not only that, it is easier to soft reset for one than most pokemon. A staple choice for any in-game team.

;185; Sudowoodo: If you can get past that slow speed stat, Sudowoodo makes a great pokemon choice. Firstly, its level up moves are very impressive, learning Rock Slide at level 33 and and Sucker Punch at level 41. Sudowoodo can easily make do with Strength since, before Double edge, is a better choice over Slam or Flail. When you no longer need Strength, use a Heart scale to make him remember the powerful Wood Hammer. A great choice, if you can overlook the low speed.

;398; Staraptor: Normally, regional bird pokemon are boxed once you catch stronger pokemon. Staraptor is an exception. It has great Attack, great speed, and learns powerful moves like Brave Bird and Close Combat. Fly should be used on another pokemon, as it wastes Staraptor's potential. Staraptor is like the Gyarados of in-game teams. Amazing, huh?

Now, share your recommended pokemon with us. Try to exclude starter pokemon, we all use those.


Busy with School
When it comes to in-game, barring the battle frontier, anything goes. You just need to make sure your pokemon is a high level and has a diverse movepool.

Anyway, I'm splitting this up into gens.

Gen 1 - Pikachu
Yeah, Pikachu could save your *** if you chose Charmander. Beats down Misty, Rival, and all of the Swimmers and Birdkeepers you'll encounter.

Gen 2 - Mareep
In 2nd gen, Ampharos was freaking awesome. Of course, that was because Thunderpunch counted as a Special move, but still. Awesome.

Gen 3 - Linoone
Linoone is extremely useful. Besides being an HM slave, its stats and movepool aren't half bad, and Pickup can be extremely helpful.

Gen 4 - Staraptor
This thing is awesome. Especially in Platinum, where you can teach it Return extremely fast. It also helps serve as an HM slave, though you should be using a Bibarel for that.
If you are looking for Pokemon that can help you whip through the game, I suggest using Ice, Dragon, and Psychic types. They will kill against just about the all the gym leaders, and your rival should not be too difficult if you use these types. They are solid against everything, and the Pokemon that go along with him are great as well. Abra/Gardevoir can be caught in the early parts of pretty much all the games, and most Water types can learn Ice moves, like Ice Beam or Blizzard, and some can even learn Dragon. Although Dragons are great, they tend to take a while to find, and evolve at high levels, so it may be best if you just teach some of your Pokemon some great Dragon moves. Gyarados would be a good choice, although also not so easy to obtain.