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Recommending screen recorder software

Discussion in 'Other Video Game Discussion' started by fannychy, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. fannychy

    fannychy New Member

    I have a screencasting program; its name is total screen recorder gold. I am a game lover and I like using it to record the games then I update to youtube.com. I recently like playing a game which name is Chinese chess soul ; it is an ancient game of intelligence. I often play it with my families.

    I often choose the region which is full screen because I like playing games with a full screen. In fact this software can allow us to select any region where we want to recorder: random region, specified window, full screen, fix size and fixed region.

    I often use one feature of screen recorder software, which it could set the start time by myself. When I set the time, the software will default a full screen recording.

    You know I can’t set the time very accurately. So sometimes the screen recorder software starts to record but I don’t start to play. Facing with this situation, I quickly enter the “Shift+ F4”. This is a hotkey. I think it is a nice feature by starting and stopping the software .
    This software can put out four formats but I found out the avi format is the highest quality. But the flv formal is the smallest size in my experience.
    For this software, my favorite is that I can record screen and audio at the same time, I remember my father teaching me how to play Chinese chess soul and when we play chess, he tells me why he moves the chess in there. So I let my father use the microphone when he explains it for me.
    This is my experience for using total screen recorder gold to record Chinese chess soul. I want to share with everyone by using the word and picture not the video.
    I hope every one like my article.

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  2. Night Shadow

    Night Shadow BRRAAP BRRAAP

    No way I'm clicking any link. I don't want my computer to get some disease from your bootleg spyware scam.
  3. fannychy

    fannychy New Member

    Sadly, their are not bootleg spyware scam,
  4. Rezzo

    Rezzo Your milk will go cold on you

    How many tens of pennies did this advertisement earn you fanny... ahem, fannychy?

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