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Red Genesis (rpg thread)


Not a Seadra
Red Genesis
through smog and blood
by the call of gods
from waste and death
the phoenix shall rise again
now pure.

Goldenrod City

The people of the city go by, bustling along as always. They don’t stop to look up at each other; they simply walk on, for they all have somewhere to be, and even if they don’t they have no reason to slow down. It is late afternoon, and the sun is beginning to turn red in the sky, though the sun seems far away for all the smog in the air here. Is it my mission, then, to make the sun come closer to Earth?

Perched atop a short building in the busiest square in the city was a man in a dark coat. He looked down at the people wandering by, his ruby eyes full of disdain. What was it that these people were hurrying for? Did they think that they were doing something meaningful, or did they simply wish to get to their meaningless destinations more quickly? Would they worry when things went wrong, or was the world all fun and games when you didn’t know what you had done to the past…?

He held his black hood on as he looked at the sky. As always, it was raining ever-so-slightly here, making it even more depressing to look through the smog and rain to the warm glow of the setting sun. Had anyone noticed him, sitting up here so conspicuously? It was doubtful—people didn’t seem to look around enough these days, to see something interesting or out of the ordinary. They were simply too content with that ordinary life… they wouldn’t understand if it hit them in the face: a revolution was coming, and they could not stop it. He could only further it; no one could stop it, not after the grand Alpha Pokémon had so willed it. Would they try to stop it if they even knew? He wondered silently, breathing in the disgusting air.

His free hand fidgeted slightly as he ran his fingers across the small device. A detonator. With this, he would show the foolish, crowded humans what was coming to them; he would show them that the revolution was on its way…

A mad grin crossed the bomber’s inhuman face as he waited.

Ecruteak City

In the streets of the city’s west end, a pair of well-dressed girls walked along. Well, more like the shorter of the two dragged her dark-haired friend off in some strange direction.

“Tanya! Where are you taking me?!” the taller of the two girls, resisting being dragged by her extremely chipper friend, called as they ran through the crowd. Her lab coat cut up in the breeze as she did so; they were both wearing their coats, marking them clearly as researchers.

“To the theatre! My favorite dance act is here tonight, so we should definitely go see them!” Tanya grinned widely, not even looking back at her friend. “I know we should be hurrying on to Blackthorn so we can study whatever it is the boss sent us after, but I wouldn’t miss Pasha and Tigre for the world, and you should agree with me!” Tanya was much less… professional than her partner, but that didn’t stop them from working well together.

Karen, the unfortunate victim of Tanya’s scheme, had no idea what the dance act consisted of, but she was up for taking a break from travelling… they had been going since they left the lab in Sinnoh this morning, and that was enough flying for one day. Besides the fact that trains are even less fun than planes, she mused. They had been sent to Johto together to look at some samples in an affiliated lab in Blackthorn City, which they didn’t trust being flown cross-country. Both Tanya and Karen were researchers of Pokémon, after all. “Then can we at least slow down and grab a bite to eat? I’m tired of airport food…”

Tanya stopped on a dime, almost throwing Karen across the street. “Good idea,” she said, short brown hair waving about in the wind. Her large brown eyes scanned the area, then settled on a fast food joint nearby. “How about there? That looks good.”

Tanya wasn’t a particularly imposing girl; she was about a year younger than her partner and quite a bit shorter, with wild brown hair and dark eyes. She had a pretty average build with much more impressive assets than her friend. Her skin was pale, but not nearly as sickly-pale as Karen’s; it had a much more yellow tone than white. But she always wore long sleeves under her lab coat…

Karen nodded. “Ok, but let’s walk there. We have an hour and a half before your precious dance show starts.” Tanya laughed and nodded sheepishly. With that, the two headed to the restaurant, not at all worried about what the day may hold.

Blackthorn City

“Get out of the way!”

“Why’s she just standing there?”

“Hey, this is a busy intersection, lady!”

Standing in nearly the middle of the road was a somewhat strange-looking young woman. She wore a hooded coat with the hood fully up, but her face and hair escaped smoothly to move with the breeze. Indeed, her hair was long and white, beautifully silky as it hovered around her thin body. Right around her face, a bit of dark brown hair fell, framing her baby blue eyes and blank expression. Her black coat billowed with her hair, but managed not to betray what lay beneath.

Suddenly, her expression became alert, and she looked around. Then, mouthing incoherent words and nodding slightly in apology, she ducked out of the street and onto the nearest sidewalk. She shook her head slightly, looking at the ground from five feet up. No one around would know why she had stopped like that while crossing the street, but she knew: something bad was about to happen… she just happened to be able to tell that, and that’s why she couldn’t help but stop. It surprised her. She didn’t look up as she walked along, hugging her coat close to her body. She watched her bright white shoes and dark brown pants trot on as she walked toward the edge of the city.

She bumped into another pedestrian and almost lost her hood, then mumbled out an incoherent apology. After that feeling, she just wasn’t fully there. She was a creature of Disaster, after all—but the intensity of that sensation was more than she was used to, which is what distracted her so. She needed to get out of here, to where it was safe.

And so she kept walking.

((You are all currently living in (or visiting) Johto—specifically one of the three cities Goldenrod, Ecruteak, or Blackthorn. It is mid-afternoon wherever you may be, as the day begins to wind down and the sun starts to set a little. The weather seems fair enough, though as usual it’s drizzling in Goldenrod, which is the largest of the three cities I mentioned. Ecruteak and Blackthorn are nearly the same size now.

Johto is probably the healthiest country at the time, except for the coastal areas. There have been earthquakes and storms reported, but it is simply better off than many others. Kanto is not so bad, either, though more of the country has been affected by massive earthquakes exploiting faultlines and the Diglett Tunnel. Hoenn has been rendered nigh uninhabitable by hurricanes coming from the eastern sea, and the decay of its forests has left many old cities without a foot to stand on. Sinnoh has been completely divided into West and East Sinnoh by Mt. Coronet, as there is no longer any good way to pass it. You can’t fly over it due to the magnetic fields; the inside of the cave is target for frequent rockslides and is now impassible. The only way to go is to go around Mt. Coronet. Either way, the many coastal areas of the country have suffered greatly, and West Sinnoh is in very poor shape since it lost its forestry, though a couple of cities remain.

In general, there are more desert-style areas than ever before, though areas where forests once stood are more like marshy wastelands. Plains have become deserts or dry wastelands. All of the air is rather polluted; trains and airplanes carry people from city to city. However, the mountains around Blackthorn are tall, and there is a chance that life remains in them; the same applies to the depths of the caves and islands with underwater entrances. Remember that pollution is rampant, though cities have filtration systems keeping the air near the ground clean.

Take a moment to show me where you are; I won’t wait too long, though, before things start to happen. So sorry for taking too long... @.@))

Musical Mayhem

~Simple and Clean~
Kate, Goldenrod City.

Sometimes, you just have to deal with the fallout.

The girl in the mirror was staring back at Kate with something akin to fear. The silver shears glinted in the fluorescent lights of the unfamiliar bathroom as Kate held them up to her hair. The remnants of the blonde that she’d once been were dangling just beneath the scissors, awaiting their final death.

Kate wanted them to be gone. She didn’t know why, but recently the stray hairs had become simply... unsettling. It was a sign of the change she was undergoing, the change she didn’t want to think about. At least if she destroyed the remaining blonde, people would think that she’d done it on purpose... that she’d gotten a perm and died her hair. The scissors shook with anticipation as Kate brought them down with a final snip. The blonde hairs flutter slowly to the floor, landing in a lumpy pile. Kate examined the uneven slope of her hair. That would never do.

And so Kate did something that she’d never thought she would. She lifted the scissors higher, to where the smaller curls started, right at her shoulders. She winced visibly as she slowly cut right across the back. The pinkish hair toppled down, landing on top of the blonde, completely obscuring it. Kate sighed. It was like a symbol of her new life.

“Kaaaaaate!” A shriek ran out as her mother ran into the room, “What’ve you done to your pretty hair?” Kate looked up at her mother with stricken navy eyes, then back at the scissors in her hands.

“I... I um...” Kate whispered, looking down at the scissors. She hadn’t really known what she’d be thinking. Some irrational nonsense about becoming herself again? She hadn’t realized that she’d lost herself.

Her mother made a slight tsking noise, grabbing Kate’s tan hand, which was freckled with tiny orange-y spots. Mom glanced down at Kate’s hand intensely, “What’ve you done to your hand? Is that from hair dye? If I find out that you’ve been dying your hair young lady, so help me-”

“Mom. I didn’t do anything!” Kate whined, yanking her hand free, “Why do you always have to come on these trips with me! It’s not like Johto is that much more interesting than Sinnoh! Ug! Why do you always have to ruin everything!” Kate shrieked, grabbing her field hockey bag and stick with an angry vengeance. She slammed the door behind her as she left the bathroom in the hotel, ready to head to practice.

“Mom troubles?” Lilly, one of the other field hockey players asked, glancing up and down at Kate’s long-sleeved work out shirt, “What’s up with the clothes? It’s hot out!”

“Yeah. Mom troubles,” Kate sighed unhappily. She ran a hand subconsciously through her new tiny curly puff of hair, “And I thought it um, rained all the time here, right? This is like, Goldenrod weather. So I thought I’d uh, wear a long sleeved shirt.” Kate was getting better at lying. Her voice barely shook that time.

Lilly chuckled, patting her field hockey companion on heartily on the back, “Whatever weird-o. And yet you wear shorts,” Lil’s green eyes swept over Kate’s long, tan legs. They were bare, save for a tiny pair of black gym shorts that barely reached her mid-thighs.

“Caitlin, Elizabeth, Watson!” Her mother’s voice shrieked out from behind them.

“Uh-oh....” Lilly giggled, “The wrath of Linda approaches! I’ll tell coach you’ll be a little bit late to practice...” she dropped her voice to a dramatic whisper, “I heard we’re going sight-seeing instead anyways. The tournie doesn’t start ‘til tomorrow.” Lilly skipped away, sending her friend a sympathetic glance.

Kate anxiously watched her friend’s pig-tails bounce away before turning slowly on her heels to face her mother. Linda’s slim and pale face worriedly looked at her daughter as she stared up at her with sad, teary eyes.

“Kate...” Linda sighed slowly, rubbing a hand awkwardly through her graying blonde hair, “I just want to make sure you’re okay. Fifteen is a tough age to be...”

“I get it Mom. Don’t cut my hair, don’t do anything stupid,” Kate rolled her eyes unhappily, “You never cared about me before! Why the sudden interest?” Linda winced visibly and Kate immediately felt bad. That was the fallout of having an eager-to-please soul like Kate did. “Mom... I um...”

“Just let it go Katie,” Linda sighed, “Come on, I heard there’s this great ice cream place around the corner. We can go sight-seeing a while,” Kate blanched, but didn’t allow her overzealous mom to see. Maybe Linda could enjoy herself for a while.

Kate fell immediately into the submissive daughter role, but it was’t as complete as it had once been. Her eyes wandered away from the Goldenrod sights that her mother kept pointing out, and whatever random Pokemon facts her mother was sharing were falling on deaf ears.

Kate’s eyes wandered upward, into the bizarre combination of smog, rain, and setting sun. And for just a single second, she thought she saw a man in a black hood standing high above them, surveying the city.


Goldenrod City

Li grinned happily. He was standing in the most beautiful garden he’s ever seen, and thousands of Skiplume crowded him, cooing like babies. He laughed and fell backwards into a sea of feathers. Warm sunshine beamed down on him. He was in heaven. He reached out with a hand to pat one of the cute green Pokemon and it giggled and darted away from him. Li smiled and lurched forward after it, his brown hair swishing in front of his face. Another Skiplume brushed his arm and he turned to grab it, but again it flew out of his grasp. What slippery little devils. He turned his green eyes to the sky and his face lit up with glee: there were millions of Skiplume floating above his head, all giggle cheerfully.


Li sat bold upright and looked frantically around him. Where did all the Skiplume go? Then he realized his face was wet with drool. He casually wiped it off as he came back to reality. He was not in a heavenly garden, but rather a classroom with no windows and gray walls. He was in a prison called William Goldenrod College (in Goldenrod City, named after the famous Bill). All around him he could hear fellow students snickering. He grinned. Well, he had a good nap and managed to make people smile. Lucky day.

“Er… ahem. Sorry, Professor Thyssen,” Li half grumbled. He wished that she didn’t wake him. He was having a good dream. Things had been getting weird lately. He was feeling sick and his skin was getting paler every day. Sometimes he would stay awake all night, unable sleep because his entire body ached. He didn’t understand it, but it wasn’t the worst pain he’d ever been in. No reason to go to the doctor or anything. This nap was the most sleep he’d gotten all day.

“Seriously, Li. If you need to sleep, please don’t bother to come to class. It’s distracting,” Professor Thyssen said, raising an eyebrow. She had a sharply angled face that would make anyone feel intimidated, but not Li. He loved botany, and he wouldn’t miss it for the world (even if he fell asleep). It was the only class he was still managing to pass… although lately, even that seemed difficult. For some reason, Li was having trouble understanding what the teachers were saying to him. It was like there was some kind of occasional lapse in the conversation, like they were speaking a different language. It was weird.

Li nodded solemnly. There was no way he would ever skip this class, but he’d skipped Calc I numerous times. He’d have no problem shoving that to the side. As Professor Thyssen went back to talking about plant classification, he felt his eyes droop again. Would this ever end?
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Pokedex Researcher
Goldenrod, Foodie's Restaurant

The restaurant was packed and noisy, everyone from laughing friends to yelling kids. Of in one corner, there was a couple who pretty much ignored everyone else. The young woman was quite peculiar, yet pretty, so she got a lot of glances from others. She had half-yellow half-blue hair that hung close to her head, not reaching her shoulders. In that, she wore over-sized crescent moon shaped barrettes. She wore a dark blue dress with long sleeves and long skirt, long white kid gloves, and yellow tennis shoes. She talked animatedly, smiling and laughing a lot.

Her companion was much less interesting, except to her. Not much taller than her, he had pale freckled skin and red-brown hair. He wore a brown jacket over a tan button-up shirt, with dark brown pants and black shoes. He didn’t seem like much, although the pricey watch he wore on his left wrist was an indication that he was more than he seemed.

“Sorry if I’ve been rambling again,” the woman Yuna said, smiling bashfully. “The wedding’s so soon and I’m getting all nervous.”

“It’ll be fine,” the man Marvin replied. “It’s normal for people, or so I’ve read, and there’s been a lot to do in not much time.”

“Right.” She snickered. “Be careful talking to my mom any time before then. She’s still looking for things to fix. She keeps wondering what you’ve got planned for the honeymoon.”

He shrugged. “That has nothing to do with Renee.” Then he smiled. “It’ll be good and relaxing, trust me.”

Yuna giggled. “Your idea of relaxing is working on machinery, Marvin.”

“Well it is to me,” he said, nearly blushing. He brushed his hair back, then nudged his finished plate away. “But I mean it. It will be good and I don’t mean a mechanical kind of good.”

“We’ll see,” she teased. But her happy mood dipped for a moment. “One of the things making me nervous is about something… I’ve been meaning to talk to you about it at some time.” She bit her lip and glanced away.

Marvin had always been uneasy in social contexts, but he found Yuna easy to get along with and even he could notice her sudden change to nervousness. “What is it?”

“Strange things have been happening to me. Like my hair.” She touched a strand of the yellow. “I’m naturally black haired, if you can believe it. But I had nothing to do with changing it to this color. And these crescents, I can’t take them out. When I try, it hurts.”

He wondered if she was testing him somehow. “At the roots?”

Yuna shook her head. “No, the crescents themselves hurt. It’s kind of like if someone was trying to pull my fingers off, when I try to remove them. I get a little panicky when Mom tries. She knows about this. And that’s not the only change.” She pushed her right sleeve back, then the ends of her glove forward. “See?”

On her peach Caucasian skin, there were streaks of other colors. A medium blue matching her hair was on two streaks on the top of her arm, while the bottom had a pair of medium yellow streaks. They were fairly broad, as if someone had dragged finger paint. But on touching the streak, it seemed to be on skin level.

“That’s not make-up,” she said.

“I can tell. Is it skin dye? I’ve heard about things like this being popular with sub-cultures.”

She shook her head. “I have no idea how they got there. Six months ago, they were just pinstripes on my arms, and then they expanded to this… and ending up in other places.”


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Fritzi~ Blackthorn City

They flew by like bullets. Some of them were red, others white, even blue and green. That wasn’t what was fascinating about them though, no, it was the things they rolled on. Circular and made of black rubber. The dark black rubber that spun and spun, only stopping when they wanted it to. They were beautiful. It was hard not to look at them… So hard not to watch.

Fritzi sat and watched, unable to keep her eyes off the black rubber. She absentmindedly pulled down her shirt. Why did they stop? She stood felt her feet shuffle. The light was green, why did they stop? She grumbled incoherently to herself and continued to wait. The light was green. She looked at the light. It was flashing to yellow now. Then it was red. She grumbled and looked at the road. There were men hanging out the windows of their cars, yelling. Yelling at her. But who was she? The girl that had single handedly kept several cars from going when the light turned green. The girl was just staring. What was she looking at? When the girl noticed what she was doing, she left. Fritzi watched her as she dodged the passersby and disappeared. That girl, she was an odd one. When she said she was sorry, the others looked at her, just like they looked at Fritzi when she spoke sometimes.

Fritzi could do nothing but stare at the spot where the girl had stood. When the light turned green again, she went back to watching the tires. She wanted to shake off, go get some food, maybe make a few friends. She knew better than that though. No one in Blackthorn would be able to deal with her. She smiled. She was just too odd for everyone, her anger and leadership skills ran them off. Sure, she may look like her appearance was changing, but there was no way that was true. People don’t just suddenly start changing, at least, not this way. She head up a strand of her hair and smiled at it. It looked lighter, but that was just the sun. She looked at her side and laughed at the odd looking armor. She couldn’t explain that, it was probably some sort of disease. She stood up and waved goodbye to the cars as they went by. She melted into the crowd, and soon was walking alongside the road. Nothing to see people, nothing to see. There’s nothing wrong.

The strange girl’s eyes lifted to the sky. It was a beautiful day. She sighed just a little at the sight of smog in the far distance. From up here, she could see lots of things. She looked out into the distance at the smog and sighed softly. It was awful. Something about the pollution had started to nag at her. She couldn’t figure out what. She wasn’t about to pull a hippy and start trying to stop it though. As long as it didn’t affect her, who cares? She yawned loudly closing her eyes just for a moment. Suddenly, she felt herself slam into something. She fell back with a whack and let out a loud “Oof!”

“Watch it!” She looked up, only to realize she had yelled at the neighborhood friendly mailbox. She sighed and stood up, mumbling an apology to the mailbox for yelling at it. She then sat on the mailbox, above the crowd and watched. There had to be something better to do in Blackthorn. Something better than just watching the cars. She smiled a little as a black car zoomed by. They never obeyed the speed limit. The cars would have to suffice… For now.


Phantom Thief
~ Ecruteak City - Twin Towers Shopping Center ~

- Aria White -

The mall was busy tonight. It was to be expected, there was no school tomorrow after all so not only were the usual crowd here, but many of the towns students as well. The multi-level shopping center was packed with people going this way and that, and the din of the crowds made it hard to stop and think. Thus, such a busy crowded place was the perfect way to get your mind of of more pressing matters, matters that you would rather just avoid thinking about altogether.

Which was exactly why Aria was here today. The teenage girl was currently walking in a group of her friends from school, but her mind kept wandering off, and she had lost track of the current conversation quite some time ago.

"What do you think about it Aria?" her friend asked.

She shook her head. "I'm sorry, but what were we talking about again?"

Her dark-haired friend sighed and put a hand on her shoulder. "Don't tell me you spaced out again. Come on girl, pay attention. We're talking about that new teacher, you know, that shady guy who teaches Science?"

"Yeah, I think so..." Aria said, but her thoughts soon wandered off again before she even got around to her response.

Her friend frowned and stopped walking, the two others in the group following suit. "Really, you're starting to worry me. All this spacing out isn't like you." She paused, and Aria pulled on the sleeves of her white jacket. "Its not about the hair is it?"

Aria reached up, feeling a strand of her once chestnut colored hair. Now, her hair was a bright blue, a color not unlike several of her t-shirts. It had supernaturally straightened as well, being no where near as frizzy as it had once been. This moment lasted only a second though before Aria caught herself. She let go of her hair and waved her hand in front of her face. "No, no, its nothing Wendy, really. I'm just a little tired is all, really. Hehe."

Wendy gave her friend a quizzical look before shrugging. "Alright, if you say so. Just try to pay a little more attention alright? I don't want you to run into a door or something."

"Don't worry, I'll be alright. Really."

"If my hair changed like that, I might be a little paranoid as well." one of the other girls said. "Or jealous, can't say which."

"You might want to do something about that color though." said another girl.

Aria didn't even bother to respond, having lost track of the conversation again as she stared at the ever darkening sky beyond the windows.


~ Blackthorn City - Train Station Gate #3 ~

- Poe Shadel -

Poe opened his eyes with a start, sitting up in the bench as he became aware that he was still waiting on the station. He shook his head, his dark hair moving freely as he did so, and rubbed his face with one hand. It was that dream again, the one where he fell into his own shadow. It was getting more frequent, and now it had shown up in a daydream of all things. Just what was going on in his mind?

He glanced down at the old and worn suitcase by his feet, mostly just to make sure it still there. You couldn't trust too many people these days, someone could have come along and snatched it while he was spacing out. He checked his pocket as well, his hand finding the small slip of paper that rested there, his train ticket.

The kindly lady he had been renting from this whole time hadn't been to happy when he told her that he was leaving, she had taken a liking to him it seemed, but there wasn't anything else for him here. Nothing but low pay and nightmares.

No, Blackthorn had nothing left to offer him, but he couldn't think of where else to go. So, he thoughts had naturally returned home, to Ecruteak City.

The cold wind picked up again, and he pulled his cloak tighter, for the first time glad that the strange thing had decided to grow out of his shoulders. These past few months had been strange to say the least, and there was definitely something going on in his body that he didn't like. He didn't know what it was, but what was he going to do? 'Hey doctor, is it normal for a cloak growing out of my shoulders?' Yeah, that would work real well.

He sighed and went back to waiting for his train. All this philosophy stuff could wait for the actual train ride. But as he stared down the tracks, he couldn't help but wonder just how long that darn train was going to make him wait...


Eon Collector
OOC: Yay for RPG happening, I would post about the Tin Towers, but I don't even know if still exists in this time period so I didn't include it.

OOC2: I hate posting after someone so the Tin Towers are now shopping centers now? I also didn't know if I should have Sherry be somewhat in tune with nature or not. I'll fix anything if it needs fixing.

Sherry, Ecruteak City Shrine

There were many mourners in the building. There were also a lot of people touring the shrine. The shrine was dedicated to pokemon who died and were buried here. Many of the urns depicted which pokemon was buried here. At the back of the shrine was an altar that had a statue of Ho-Oh. Written underneath it was the phrase, “At the end of one’s journey, a new life is reborn.” It was half true. At least Sherry liked to believe so. She was there as one of the people visiting the shrine as it was a popular place to visit, rivaled in the Kanto at the cemetery in Lavender Town.

She was attracted to a certain statue that caught her eyes. The urn depicted an eevee that looked joyous and carefree. What was written on the urn told her that the eevee had died at a very young age of one from lung failure. She felt a slight pang in her heart and she bowed her head and gave a silent prayer. She quietly left the building and blinked against the sunlight. She didn’t realize how dark it was in the shrine. Ecruteak city was never the same. It was once told that ghost pokemon used to roam freely in plain view on the streets. Now though, ghost pokemon had disappeared from the influx of humans. She walked down the bustling streets, letting her feet go on autopilot.

She had her hoody on to hide her green hair. The weather itself was fairly warm, but she felt out of place if she walked around with her green hair flashing. As she walked around, looking at a few other smaller shrines around the place, something seemed to be plaguing the air. She kept looking around, trying to figure out what it was, but couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary. She just felt like something was wrong. Perhaps, it was someone stalking her. As quick as the thought came, she tossed the notion away. She couldn’t shake the feeling though that something wasn’t right.
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Fire and Ice Combo
Goldenrod City

Elliot Tempest walked down the streets of Goldenrod on this drizzling afternoon. Wearing a hooded long sleeved shirt with the hood over his head and pair of reflective lens sunglasses, only a few strands of brown hair and his tan skin could be clearly seen. Though his eyes weren't visible it was obvious he was staring into space because he jumped when the guy walking next to him very lightly tapped him on his shoulder. Startled for a moment he quickly turning to his friend, taller dark brown haired boy, he had a concern look in his brown eyes.

“Hey Elliot, you alright?” he worriedly asked tilting his head down to get a better look at him, “You haven’t said anything lately.” His brown eyes tried their best to looking into his smaller friend’s eyes despite the barrier created by his glasses.

“I’m fine. I’m just not sure what to say right now is all...” the tanned young teen replied. After those words, the shorter teen smiled widely which made him look happy even with his eyes covered. Elliot really was glad that he was worried about him yet he didn’t want him to worry and it wasn’t like he would understand anyways. He had tried multiple times to explain his feelings but no one has been able to help his worries.

“O-kay,” there was a confuse look on curly-haired boy’s face. He was starting to recognize that look he was getting it more and more, by both friends and family. His smile faltered a bit. “Are you sure, you been saying strange things lately as well. Are you sure nothing bothering you?” And with his friend’s words he paused. Even though he didn’t want to worry him; he didn’t want to lie either especially when his bubby appeared to be so concerned about him. His hidden eyes looked down as he gave some thought in how he should reply.

“Yo Nate, Elliot” a distraction from another of his friend, Zackary, stopped his decision. The guy was also taller, had short black hair and dazzling sapphire eyes. After his entrance and a short greeting he continued speaking. “I just heard something awesome, a team of girl hockey players have come to town and rumor has it they’re really cute. Come on, let’s go make some friends.” The excitement in Zack’s voice was obvious, his voice and body language practically begged the two of them to go with him.

“Sorry, it’s getting late I should head home.” He made the excuse; he just wasn’t in the mood. Not to mention this wasn’t something he was really interest in and he really didn’t have time for it either. With so many problems swirling around in this head that last thing he wanted to do was meet more people.

“Seriously? The sun hasn’t set yet come along with us.” The shorter teenager just shook his head, as response to the blue-eyed boy. A disappointed look spread across his as if he was trying to guilt him into it. “Dang… it looks like we lost our icebreaker though lately you seem more quiet than usual. Anyway it’s just the two off us.”

With goodbyes, Nate and Zack head off leaving him standing there within the many people. None of them really took notice of the brown-haired boy as each hurried to their next location. He moved off to the side with his back pressed firmly against a building. Sliding the hood off his head, his thick long brown hair became more visible as well as the few streaks of red in it. Stroking it there was an obvious rise, it seems the hard efforts he had put into it was wearing off. Grabbing a bunch of strands of his bangs it easily touched his cheek, the longest he had ever let his hair grow. With a sigh the short stature teen released his hair, moved his hand to the sunglasses and in a smooth motion pulled them off. His brown eyes that had a red shade to them; the red was starting to overpower the brown. He really didn’t want anyone to see these things but the average person probably wouldn’t notice such things; they were too busy rushing through the light rain to notice. The small raindrops was very relieving, wearing these clothing made him uncomfortably hot. Unfortunately it was the only way, the only way to keep these odd changes hidden.

Elliot’s red-brown eyes looked up at the smog-filled, orange skies, they contain a worried expression that he tried so hard to hide. He wanted to smile again but he felt so overwhelmed, he had no idea what was happening to him anymore. No matter where he looked there was nothing that said getting blue and yellow spots was normal event for a growing fourteen-years-old boy. Every time he tried to tell people about it they always responded the same without completely hearing him out: ‘Changes are normal for a teen like yourself, there nothing to worry about.’ But the brown-haired boy was unable to stop worrying, to stop his fright of what was happening to him but standing the rain and looking up at the sky soothed him a little. The color of the sky as the sun sets was a beautiful despite the smog that often filled it. The cool droplets cling to his tanned cheeks and the strands of his hair. He just kept standing there, staring at the sunset, letting the water gather and cool him down.


Not a Seadra
((@Unicorn: I know you're in Goldenrod, but could you start putting that at the top of your post? It'll help me keep track of people at a glance.

@Slipomatic: The Twin Towers Shopping Center is only named after the old towers. I 'm going to say the Brass Tower was renovated into a museum; the Tin Tower probably still stands as some sort of monument. Since there are almost no places that are in tune with nature... well, that would be a bit silly, to have her at one, wouldn't it? Haha.


Goldenrod City - Central Square

On the bottom floor of an office building was a young man wearing a bright green tie, staring blankly out the window into the rain. His tie was rather strikingly green, really, and stood out so strongly from his sloppy black suit that anyone would have to notice it. Nevertheless, he wasn't feeling inspired today; his name was Nick, and he worked here, drawing designs for whoever might ask. Graphic design, they called it - he called it restrictive art. Knowing it was almost time to close down for the day, he fidgeted with his pencil anxiously. Soon enough, he would be free to go home and try to figure out what had happened to his inspiration... maybe it was just the weather here. He had heard that it wasn't really pleasant in Goldenrod, but he thought he could bear it for the prestige and pay of this job. Thus far, it was really just a downer.

As the others started to shift, getting up to leave, Nick sprung from his chair as well. Some would stay around to finish up a project; others hadn't gotten anything done all day, like him, and just wanted to get away. Within moments, he was out the door, card punched and bag together. He didn't leave anything at work, as usual; he didn't really trust security with all of his precious art supplies, even if he was feeling uninspired. So, Nick swung his black leather briefcase over his shoulder and started on his way out.

Meanwhile, the man on top of the building stared down at the square. His lips never stopped moving, muttering incomprehensible praises to Arceus as he ran his fingers across the switch of the detonator again. He knew it was time... time to show these humans that things were about to change, that they weren't as safe as they seemed to think they were. After all, no one had stopped him from planting the bombs: one in each corner of the Central Square, one of the busiest plazas in all of the busiest city in Johto.

No one had stopped him, no one could stop him. They would only be able to watch in horror. He couldn't help himself; he began to cackle madly, drawing attention to himself for the first time. After a moment, he regained his composure and looked fiercely out at the square. In a language he knew they couldn't understand, he called out his taunts and praises:

"Look! Look at this, pathetic people! For your own stupidity, your world will be reduced to rubble, and we will reclaim what is ours from your failures!!" the bomber shrieked. "Praise be to the Creator..." he said loudly, but calmly somehow...


He flipped the switch, grinning wildly as his red eyes snapped open again. All at once, the bombs went off in a grand display of red fire and flying shrapnel and screaming humans. The backlash of the explosion sent his coat fluttering in the wind in the most satisfactory manner; his hood flew off, exposing his twisted face to the sky. Indeed, his face betrayed him entirely - he had horizontal black markings around his eyes and down his forehead, and blue triangles between and beneath these stripes. His doglike ears perked in excitement in front of long, black dreadlocks.

All black, his coat and hair whipping wildly with the force of the explosions, he looked like a bringer of death...

As he left the office building, Nick couldn't help but hear someone screaming. He walked a bit more, looking up at the source of the voice, howling something about the end of the world, or something like that. Nick tried to ignore it and kept walking... but about that time, the building next to his office suddenly lost its bottom floor in a mess of shrapnel and red.

Nick was knocked off his feet by the closeness of the powerful bomb. Reflexively, he hugged his briefcase close to his chest, and curled up, looking helplessly at the building nearest to him which had lost its bottom floor. It was coming down. Scrambling for his footing, he looked around to see people running and screaming, chaos in all directions. Instinct told him to run; his heart told him to hold on tight to his briefcase.

As he stood up, he tried not to look around. He ducked his head under and ran through the mayhem, trying to get to a safer place before things got really bad... even though the rain would put out the fire, the buildings were still coming down.

Ecruteak City - Shrine

Karen trod along the road by the shrine, alone this time. She and Tanya had talked while they were eating - she really wanted to see the shrine and the nearby museum, because that sort of weird historical thing was Karen's schtick. She had a thing for the old and unknown, the forgotten and the lost. It made her feel at home. Tanya, on the other hand, liked the bustle of life, and wanted to go shopping; a museum would have bored her. They decided, therefore, to split up for the remaining hour and meet back up at the Theatre for Pasha and Tigre.

And so, Karen stopped and looked at the outside of the shrine. It was well preserved for an old building, and somehow welcoming. She moved slowly as she entered, not feeling the need to hurry particularly, here. There may have been a lot of people, which wasn't exactly ideal for her personality, but it was nostalgic and warm inside. Karen walked over to one of the statues, a statue of some sort of big, strong, ancient Pokemon. She knew it was a Kabutops from her research, but very few people would have. A powerful sense of knowing echoed through her as she looked it over from behind the ropes."

"Deja vu..." she muttered in an incomprehensible language. Indeed, that feeling was overwhelming. She knew this place, from somewhere deep inside. And as strange as it was, it was a nice feeling. "...but why?" she mumbled in the same tone, wondering what it was that could have inspired such a feeling about a place she had never been, in a country she had never visited for that matter.

Time passed quickly. After what seemed like a mere moment, Karen realized that she needed to go if she wanted to see the museum before she left. She hurried her way out of the old building, turning back for a moment with wonder in her angular eyes. She would have to come back here... but for now, she had somewhere to be. She started walking in the direction of the museum, holding on to her lab coat as the wind tried to carry it away.

Ecruteak City - Twin Towers Shopping Center

After leaving Karen to her boring history stuff, Tanya had hurried off to the big shopping center. She didn't mind going by herself; that meant she could try on clothes without worrying about her friend seeing her patterned skin. The brown markings and fine fur that she was starting to develop were her business, not anyone else's. As long as she avoided others like herself, she didn't have to worry about it... she could keep living a normal life like this.

Tanya's walking was noticeably erratic, swerving back and forth as she trotted along, clearly due to the distracted look in her wandering eyes. The mall was huge, and she mostly wanted to window shop; then again, there was a chance something really interesting would catch her eye. Even so, Pasha and Tigre were first on her list of priorities, and she wouldn't miss them. So she was keeping an eye on the time as best as she could. That didn't mean that she was keeping an eye on what was in front of her, of course.

"Oof!" Tanya exclaimed, almost falling backwards as she ran into a young girl with beautiful, bright blue hair. "I'm sorry about that! I should watch where I'm going." But she didn't just look away. Actually, she cocked her eyebrow slightly, taking on an uncharacteristically serious expression. "I like your hair, by the way," she added in what might have seemed a strange inflection, or another language entirely depending on who you are.

"If you understood that, then it probably hasn't always been that pretty." She smiled, but it was a bit forced. She hated to do it, to speak that way... it confused people. But the only way she knew to find out whether or not her gut feeling was right about someone like that was to speak the natural language and see if they responded.

After all, someone had once called Tanya a Linguist.

Blackthorn City

The hooded young girl turned to her back. Most of the city was behind her, but she still felt the need to hold her coat on as best as she could. She didn't want to reveal herself. She kept walking even as she looked behind her, seeing that nothing had happened yet. Even so, that dooming feeling was less here, and it would be even less as she got closer to her home mountains. Even if she wasn't comfortable taking off her hood, she did feel comfortable speeding into a brisk run, rather than simply walking as fast as wouldn't be suspicious. Her breathes came quickly; she needed to put distance between herself and that feeling...

Soon enough, she found herself dashing past the train station, the end of the city proper (and the end to human civilization in the area). She broke into her full speed as she exited the city, letting her hood fall away to reveal the odd, maroon scythe-shaped appendage coming from the side of her head, and leaving the full length of her hair to flow wildly behind her. Within a few seconds, she was nothing but a speck in the distance, heading full-throttle toward the mountains.

A few minutes later, the ground started to shake. First, it was a bit unsettling; then, it was hard to stand up. There hadn't been any earthquakes in Blackthorn this year... looks like the city wouldn't go that long without one, though. A few small fissures opened in the ground as the mayhem begun.


Goldenrod City- WGC campus (not too far off from central square)

Li was falling asleep again, and he was just getting into a good dream when something shook him out a daze: literally. It started as a light buzz under his feet and then expanded into a violent tremor that shook the entire classroom. Li’s eyes snapped open and he gripped the edge of his desk with white knuckles. What in the world? His fellow classmates were looking around in wonder, and Professor Thyssen was knocked off her feet.

“What the hell is going on?” shouted a kid whose name had escaped him. Li wiggled out of his desk and got to his feet. The shaking nearly made him lose his balance.

“It’s an earthquake!” squealed a girl, whose name also escaped him. Li rolled his eyes.

“I doubt it,” he muttered and headed for the door. He wished the room had windows. They would have been able to see what was going on outside. But no, WGC was determined to make life miserable for all of them. All the classrooms had to be prisons.

“Please remain calm!” Proffessor Thyssen shouted over the tremors and yammering students. She used the desk to hoist herself up off the ground and tried to coral the students towards the door. “You’re supposed to be adults now, for goodness sakes! Keep your mouths shut!” she exclaimed, her voice cracking with the stress.

Li was at the head of the line and was the first to reach the door. He had to find out what was causing those tremors. The door opened like a floodgate. Students flowed out of that classroom and many others like whitewater down a river. Li was swept along with the crowd and struggled to keep his head above water. Everyone was heading for the main exit and he expertly weaved his way between them all so he could head off down a separate route. He was taking the fire escape!

He dashed off down an empty hallway without anyone noticing him at all. As fast as he could, he lifted himself out a window onto the fire escape on the side of the building. The sound of the city hit him like a wave: sirens were sounding everywhere in the distance. Cars were beeping and honking like no tomorrow. And was that… people screaming? The WGC campus wasn’t that far away from the central square, and as Li looked out over the tops of low buildings and around skyscrapers he saw smoke billowing over the city.

Li immediately reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. He texted his best friend Earl, “**** went down at the central square. Be there or be… you know” and slipped it back into his pocket. Like a monkey he swung down the fire escape and leaped to the ground in the alleyway. He jogged to the street and saw a flood of people fleeing from the square. That’s where he had to go. He had to know what happened, and it didn’t even occur to him that it might be dangerous. Heck, he was going to have some fun!


Fire and Ice Combo
Goldenrod City ~~~ Near Central Square

His serene moment of him staring up at the sky was disturbed by a loud noise. It was a boom similar to thunder after a lightning strike but obvious a different. Elliot's head snapped toward the disturbance and he moved to better see what in the world was going on. Black smoke was rising to the sky along with the sound of panicking civilians and crumpling metal. Standing there in shock, the crowd of people came fleeing; the scene was blocked from his view by their tallness. A part of him needed to know what was happening in his hometown, a bit of his adventurous nature coming out. Though that didn’t seem to be working for him as people bumped him and pushed him the other direction in fear. One rammed right into knocking him down, and the teen couldn’t help but curse his shortness. His sunglasses dislodge from his hand skidded across the saturated concrete. Before he could even try to reach it, it was kicked away out of his sight and in his mind he could just hear them crunching under someone one panicked footstep. Planting his hand on the pavement, he tried to get back on his feet while the group of people was thinning.

“Ouch” Elliot screamed, someone had stepped on his hand. He yanked his hand back and began rubbing it. The hand was starting to turn red from the crushing impact to it. Looking around again, he made second attempt and this time he manage to get up. His clothes were darkened at his bottom and legs from the water it absorb while he was on the ground. Elliot glanced around hoping to find his sunglasses undamaged he didn’t see the glasses themselves only shards of its reflective lens shatter on the ground. This was bad how was suppose to hide his eyes that were becoming red. His hood could probably do it if it wasn’t for his rising Mohawk of his hair; the rain had made it spring back up with life. The boy tried to force the thick brown and little red hair back down though it stubbornly came back up. The fourteen-year-old was panic over that rather than the explosion in Central Square; he was more afraid of the occurrence to his body rather than what was happening around him.

Giving up on it he pull the hood as far down as he could and cautiously proceed forward, keeping his head down low. This alone would make it hard for the average height person to see his eyes since most people was taller than him, but it did make him look a tad suspicious. The small boy made his way towards the place of the commotion began though he was stopped by debris of a building short of the square. It seemed to have been a sign put there telling him to stay away. For a moment he consider doing just that but coming so far and being so close, he just stopped and pondered his next choice of action.

Musical Mayhem

~Simple and Clean~
~Kate, Goldenrod City, Central Square~

There wasn't much love for Kate today. Her mom kept babbling on, pulling her along by her orange-tinted fingers through a city square that she couldn't care less about. Kate wandered along behind her mother, occasionally tripping over people and muttering apologies as she was dragged along. She clenched her purple field hockey stick tightly in her left hand, almost as though she were about to smack someone with it. Her duffel bag of gear dangled over her other shoulder, bumping up and down with the movement of her legs.

Despite the fact that she was being violently drug around a square full of people, Kate could still see the man in the black outfit. He seemed to be praying, or preparing for something. There was something poetic about praying from a rooftop... Kate just couldn't put her finger on what it was.

Abruptly the figure began to chuckle, and everything went to hell in the next few seconds. One moment, Kate was being pulled along by her mother as the strange man on the roof screamed, "Look! Look at this, pathetic people! For your own stupidity, your world will be reduced to rubble, and we will reclaim what is ours from your failures!!" He paused for a second, just to get a breath, "Praise be to the Creator..." he said loudly with an air of calm.

As Kate opened her mouth to ask her mother if she'd heard the strange man screaming, a wave of heat smashed through the crowd of people in the square. Kate found herself flying through the air, both hands clutched tightly against her field hockey stick in panic. Her mom's hand had slipped through hers, and Kate landed flat on her face with a muffled, "Oof,"

She slowly pushed herself up off of the ground, feeling her now sooty hair flop into her eyes. Kate found herself glancing around the square, looking around her. Things were flying above her head, and people were shrieking. There was no sign of the strange man from the rooftop. Kate added her voice to the panicked screaming, "Mom?! Moooom?!"

There was no response. Kate pushed herself up off of the ground, shaking off the dusty shrapnel that was around her. She began to run back in the direction from where she'd been thrown. "Mom?" "MOM?"

Instead of finding her mother, she found herself smacking into a boy. He had his hood pulled up, so all Kate could see of him was his eyes hiding beneath his hood. They were an almost red color, sort of the way her eyes were an almost black color.

"God, I'm sorry," Kate grumbled, pushing back nervous tears. There was a searing pain in her arm, and she glanced over to see a long, thin cut running through her shirt. The frayed edges dangled freely away from the bloody line that trailed down her arm. But it wasn't really the blood that scared Kate. She was a field hockey player, she'd seen it all. Knocked out teeth, concussions, bloody limbs, whatever people happened to do. But it was the orange-tinted skin that scared Kate the most. What if this boy saw it? Would he think she was weird?

There was a rumbling sound and the earth trembled as a building on the other side of the square began toppling towards the earth.

"We have to get out of here!" Kate shrieked over the noise, her voice cracking with the weight of her tears and the smoky air.


Fire and Ice Combo
Goldenrod City~~~ Almost at Central Square

As he stood there wondering if he should continue onwards someone else bumped into him nearly knocking him down. However unlike the others this one did not continue running but stopped and apologize. He was sort of happy but also wished she would have continued on, since he didn’t have a good way to hide his eyes. They were strange, weird, and just unnatural and he just didn’t want anyone to see them. Elliot held his head lower trying his best to keep them hidden; all he could see of the person was the end shirt, her long legs and her shoes. Even without looking directly at the girl he could hear the panic in her voice; he guessed it was a normal reaction for any person seeing what had happen. Though after a tremor the intensity of her fear reached him and his decision was made.

“Come on let’s go,” he told the girl and he caught her wrist and swiftly pull her along away from Central Square. His tan hands were cold in contrast to the taller female, drenched in rainwater like his clothing. After moving a good while away pass the point which he started, he paused spotting the frame of his sunglasses. Releasing the girl he moved towards them swiping it off the ground. Water dripped off the battered, bent frame; and the lens were shatter, cracked. It was no later useful for their attended purpose; folding it best he could he stored it in his pocket to be dispose of at another time.

Turn back towards her still keeping his head down low, Elliot wanted to get a better look of her other than her tan legs. But for him to do that he would have to look up since she was obviously taller and then she would get a good view of his eyes. He was so insecure about them and even more of the spots of skin hidden under the long sleeved shirt. Even if it was someone he didn’t know he still felt the same about it. After silently standing, internally talking to himself he finally talked himself into it; she probably wouldn’t think it was strange since she didn’t know him and didn’t know his eye color was original brown. The taller girl would probably pass it off as his actual eye color or strange contacts; it would be all right, at least that what he told himself.

“We should be far enough here,” he stated calmly as he tried to prepare himself. He grew silent again, holding his breath then suddenly looked up at her. Tall, thin built girl with dark blue eyes and red/pink curly hair even despite being in the rain. She was probably around his age or older but before he examine anymore of her he notice her arm was bleeding. He immediately felt bad he was pulling her around and her arm was injured, if only if he forgotten his own problems and just looked at her. “Your arm, I’m sorry I didn’t notice...” He glanced around looking for a possible something he could use; first aid one thing he knew about.


Well-Known Member
~Fritzi~ Blackthorn City~ Streets~

Fritzi sat still on the mailbox. The cars flew by one by one, she counted them. Suddenly she felt a wave of nostalgia wash over her. There was a feel that something was going to happen that she had felt before. Something she had felt many times before. She tried to shake the feeling, but it wouldn’t leave her mind. What was it that was making her feel this way? Soon, she felt the mailbox begin to vibrate. She stared at it, wondering if maybe something had gotten trapped inside. Then, the mailbox began to rock slowly back and forth. She gripped the sides of it, staring at the ground, then looking to the people around her. The people looked confused. Suddenly, another wave hit, and the mailbox rocked even more, soon toppling to the ground. Fritzi hit the ground face first.

“Ow!” She squeaked as she straightened herself, “What’s going on?” All of the people began to run around like chickens with their heads cut off. Fritzi was caught on the ground as several people nearly trampled her. She yelled at them, but they didn’t listen. Fritzi felt the ground shaking, saw the places where it was splitting, but for some reason, felt completely calm. It was as though she had felt this before. It was almost as though she had no reason to fear. She lifted herself from the ground and looked at the people. A car tried to drive away, only to get caught behind a crack that formed in the ground. Nearby, a small building was collapsing. She smiled a little. This all felt so familiar. It was a funny feeling, one she liked. She began to walk away from the hoard of people that didn’t know where to run. It was hard to walk on shaking ground, much easier to trip and fall. Fritzi hit the ground several times, after a while deciding to wait until the earthquake was over to walk more. It couldn’t last much longer.

Fritzi’s eyes went to a small opening that lead to the trains. Soon, rocks would kill anyone who was inside. She felt sorry for them, but had no care as to what happened to the people in this town. They could all die for all she cared. They were too weird for her. She watched a car zoom by and crash into a wall. A smile came to her face at the owner’s reckless driving. A tire rolled by her. She stood and stopped the tire.

“I think I’ll keep this…,” She mumbled the words to herself. The driver wouldn’t need it, and it didn’t look like the car would either. She lifted the heavy tire and put it on the sidewalk; sitting on it. The earthquake will be over soon… Right?


Jennifer- Goldenrod City- Harmonia Apartments

"What on earth do you mean you're sick?" yelled the man down the line. Jen merely held the telephone out at arm's length for a few moments as she heard her boss ranting down the phone. Eventually, the noise subsided as she slowly brought it back up to her face and started to talk again.

"Well... that's the thing. I'm not feeling too good. I know the excavation is reaching its final stage, but I can just do a writeup today. All my materials are here and you honestly don't need anybody else right now. I would think the old National Park would be a bit crowded with all the archaeologists there." She coughed fakely. Of course she wasn't ill for sure, she just wasn't feeling too good and needed a rest from all the working she had been doing.

Navigating the treacherous expanses of her living room, she managed to find a way over a toppling pile of washing to a mirror, where she looked herself over as her boss berated her for "sickness... irresponsibility... health and safety regulations... touching fossils without knowing what happened to them first..." Her eyes were even looking a bit bloodshot. Today could be a nice opportunity to sit back, read a book, rest, and not think about digging.

"Yeah, I'm sorry. I guess the fossils weren't too good to me. I guess that era wasn't really my era, you know? See you tomorrow," she rang off and stared forlornly at the wall. Without archaeology there actually wasn't much for her to do. She hadn't kept up with recent TV, so it was all chatshow rubbish, like "My mother doesn't speak properly and dresses weird" and some people arguing about something ridiculously mundane. Jen rolled her eyes and turned the television off.

Maybe she could just look at the view? When she had bought the apartment the realtor had said that specifically the view was the best part. She wandered over to the window, which made up the whole of the wall. It would freak her out that people could see in if only she wasn't on the 30th floor, and people couldn't fly.

Goldenrod looked quiet, and peaceful, albeit rather wet. Boring, in that way. Lots of offices and construction sites towards the outskirts, forming a lovely urban paradise of hearts and muffins. It was her routine place of life. This was her existence- a square of restaurants and shops formed pretty much everything she knew and cared about here, apart from her parents in Blackthorn, practically in Kanto. Her eyes looked up to the sky, a grey muddy mess of gases and pollution. It was good that the air they breathed was clean, but the planet itself was dying in the stranglehold formulated by humanity.

She smiled to herself as she turned away. I sound like one of those freaky naturists. Or naturalists? Eco-warriors? Environmentalists? She tried to find the word for quite a while, staring unseeing out of the window. Jen's eyes glazed over as she tried to remember, but she was snapped out of her reverie by several loud shouts all around her, even through the floor. She was aware that her neighbours were loud, jobless and generally rich, but that was not helping.

Then she looked out and saw what the commotion was about. A plume of smoke was floating from the Central Square she had been eyeing just moments ago and it was wreathed in red. Her hands flew up to her mouth as she gasped- unlike the rich idiots she wasn't going to start shouting about it. People could have died or been seriously injured, and what with the state the emergency services were in it was unlikely that an ambulance would make it in time for all the wounded.

Will you stand by? she asked herself, but as she ran over to her bathroom and began ransacking it for the first-aid kit, she already knew the answer. She had only got dressed recently and so kept the outfit she was wearing on- a dress, but made sure to grab the pearls to hide the shameful lumps on her neck and a garish pink coat to keep away the rain.

She descended the steps two at a time, not really caring for any sort of decorum as she barreled through the ground floor doors into the rain. It was getting heavier and she knew that the old coat would not be able to shelter her for much longer- why had she never invested in an umbrella? The tides of people flowing in her direction were eventually too much and she was forced to perch in the doorway of a health foods store waiting for them to clear. Nobody was objecting- they were all racing away as far as possible.

Jen looked down at the dress and was relieved to see that it had taken the rain rather well, although people were looking at her eclectic outfit with an odd mix of disgust and pleasure. We're all still hypocrites, even in moments of death. She giggled as they all felt scared, then controlled her smile again into the rigid composure.


Pokedex Researcher

The restaurant was noisy, but their table was quiet for a moment. Yuna slipped her sleeves and glove back in place and started talking again. “I also seemed to be having some kind of speech problem, although I don’t understand it. People don’t always understand me, like the waiter here who had to ask me what I’d ordered again. I don’t know if I’m mumbling or talking too fast or what, as nobody will tell me.”

Marvin, who had been absorbed in recalling what exactly decided skin pigmentation and how an unnatural blue and yellow could appear, replied, “Hmmm?”

Blushing, she looked down at her empty plate. “That’s what I mean. People don’t always understand me.”

“Well I was just…”


Deafening, absolutely deafening.

Dust and grease, smoke and smog, the scent of blood... the air was choking and hellish, accompanied by the dirty rain and a residual heat.

After the deafening, there were screams, cries, and fire.

Some people said that in bad situations, time seemed to slow down. This hadn’t slowed down, although Marvin’s favorite watch had been smashed to worthless junk. That was probably the least of his troubles, but that’s what he first saw. What he sensed before that was pain, all over his body, the sharpest in his left leg. Some hunk of concrete had smashed into him there.

What on Earth had happened? They had been on a date, eating in a crowded restaurant, talking about weird skin tones and then… and now they were in the midst of wreckage, the building totally demolished. Marvin was partly buried, and he could see a massive pile of debris further off. Maybe he’d gotten lucky in the building not collapsing straight down?

Wait, where was she? “Yuna!” Marvin called out, then coughed heavily as dust and smoke invaded his mouth.

He’d never be able to explain it later, but in the midst of swelling panic, fear, concern, and pain, he managed to push the concrete off his leg and free himself. The air was horribly blurred by all the microscopic debris, so he couldn’t see but suspected that his left leg was obviously broken. Then he pulled himself over to where Yuna had been.

She was still there, but considerably more buried than he had been. And considerably more injured; she was unconscious. “YUNA!” he cried again, then tried to unbury her.

His call was lost amid the few other survivors calling for help or for others. Nearby, another building collapsed, blowing the current dirty and dangerous fog away, but sending more of it towards them.
Blackthorn City

Ahime Tsuginu was standing in an alleyway, next to a skip, munching an apple that he'd fished out of it. The apple was almost whole, Ahime couldn't fathom why it had been thrown away. His time on the streets had brought him to realize with some clarity how wasteful the human race was. Well, there were no complaints from him. It simply meant more for those who understood the value of what other people saw as rubbish. Ahime didn't really understand the big fuss surrounding poverty, he often quite enjoyed it. Sometimes it felt like belonging to an exclusive club. Then again, it was a club where everyone was filthy and smelled like crap, so swings and roundabouts.

Ahime looked down at himself, then up at his hair. He was filthy. He somehow had barely noticed up until now. It was probably because that was pretty much the norm among the society he now belonged to. His hair that had been turning from brown to green was almost in a way turning brown again because it was so dirty. He probably smelled awful too, but his nose had become so conditioned to stink that he had no idea how bad the problem was. Most likely the answer to that was very.

And then the ground started to shake. A little at first, but it rapidly escalated and Ahime had to quickly dodge out of the way so that the skip wouldn't fall on him. It was a near miss. Ahime looked around him, he had heard that earthquakes could get quite bad in Blackthorn. He saw the ground starting to crack open in places. He hadn't heard they were quite this bad. He started to move, he didn't know how bad the quake would get, but if it got much worse than this, a narrow gap between two buildings was not the best place to be standing.

Out in the open he looked around. He had worked out a place that wasn't a good place to be, but did not know what would be. Getting caught up in the panic that was beginning to grip the entire city, he began to run blindly in a random direction...


Phantom Thief
~ Ecruteak City - Twin Towers Shopping Center ~

- Aria White -

Aria was just following wherever her friends led at this point. She had given up trying to find stuff to buy and instead just allowed her friends to pick the next store or when it was time to hit the food court, or whatever. It wasn't that she didn't care any more, it was just that there were too many other things on her mind for her to be able to focus on what was and wasn't a good deal.

Of course, that of course mean that she was really paying attention to her own path at the moment either, and so she didn't see the person right in front of her.

"Oof!" the woman exclaimed, almost falling backwards as she ran into Aria. "I'm sorry about that! I should watch where I'm going." she said. Aria was trying to formulate an apology herself when the lady's stare caught her off guard. She cocked her eyebrow slightly, taking on an strangely serious expression, and earning an inquisitive look from Aria. And then the brown-haired lady did something that really caught Aria off guard.

"I like your hair, by the way," she added, but the words were strange to Aria. She knew exactly what the woman said, it was the way she said it that struck out at her.

"If you understood that, then it probably hasn't always been that pretty." The woman said. At this point, Aria's friends were starting to whisper among themselves, and Aria herself was feeling pretty strange about the whole situation. Who was this strange lady? How did she know what she did? And what was with the strange words earlier?

Aria took a step back. "I'm sorry, but how did you know that? Who are you?"


~ Blackthorn City - Train Station Gate #3 ~

- Poe Shadel -

Just as Poe was starting to dose off again, a rumbling caught his attention and sprung him back awake. He sat upright in his seat, looking down the tracks expectantly. That rumbling had to be the train right? Wrong. The rails were empty, still. And yet, the rumbling was still going...

I fact, it was getting stronger.

Poe shot up from the bench as the world started to shake. An earthquake? Here? Now? What was going on?

The suitcase began to totter as it started to fall over, and Poe shot out a hand to grab it. As he reached for the handle though, a sudden pain shot through his forehead and he missed the handle, forced to watch as the suitcase fell onto the concrete floor. Thankfully, it didn't spill open, but his sudden migraine wasn't letting him appreciate that fact. He knew it was the dull sound of the rumble mixed with the harsh sharp sounds of the nearby glass and such that had set the migraine off, and it was his lack of sleep was that letting them come in the first place.

After a moment, the pain began to lessen and Pe reached for the suitcase as he stumbled out of the station. If this earthquake got any worse, a building with window-covered ceilings was the last place he wanted to be. And so, Poe stumbled out into the streets, dragging his small sturdy suitcase along as he made his way to an open area, hopefully to wait out the quake.


Fire and Ice Combo
Goldenrod City~~~ On the street quite a distance away from Central Square

Searching around Elliot didn’t find anything that could help to wrap up the injury on the person arm. Honest, the young teenager could probably use his own clothes but what if she saw that blue skin on him... He just couldn’t risk it. Having no real options at this point, he decided try to remove some of the blood to better gauge the damage of it. Wiping his sleeve on the area it work quite well because the clothes had absorb quite a bit of fluid. Looking up at her skin it was tanned little darker than his tan but there were little patches of slightly orange skin. He might have thought it was put there but by marker or a spray of some kind but not even his wet sleeve removed it.

“Is she like me,” he asked himself in his thoughts. As looked at hints around him pinkish-red curly hair not a very natural hair color but she could have dyed for all he knew and then the dark navy blue color of the eyes but that really didn’t mean much since he didn’t know if that was her normal eye color. But the areas of different color skin it seem just like him, just not as noticeable. Staring at her arm he tried his best to show any emotion especially not shock, he would pretend he didn’t even see it... It would better that way the fourteen year old boy convinced himself. “The wound on your arm doesn’t seem too deep but it’s wide. It should be bandage up to prevent an infection.” He told her about the injury, though the boy hesitated when looked back up at her. Even though he already boldly stared into her eyes with those eyes of his; the insecurity about them was the same. He ended up return his eyes back to the ground, “There’s a store nearby we should be able to get help there.”


Not a Seadra
((ANNOUNCEMENT: Guys, this plot is not designed for me to spoon-feed you plot points. Granted right now I have lots of little things going around [especially for Ecruteak muahahaha], but I'm going to need you to pick up with whatever sort of ideas you have. If it's things you want me to help with, shoot me a PM! I'm welcome to ideas. This is a freeform story, so make the best of it! I know you want to.

Now, this isn't all I have to say right now, but this is the important stuff. I'll post more [specifically explanations for those of you in Blackthorn and some interaction for those of you in Goldenrod who don't find it on your own]. But enjoy this much for now while I go study.))

Ecruteak City - Twin Towers Shopping Center

Tanya took a step back and hung her head. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said anything." Her English was clear and clean once more. She meant that sincerely; she wasn't terribly happy with what she had said. It was just a reflex, albeit a poor one. Then again, maybe it would be best if she talked to the poor girl. It was a confusing and terrible transition to make... she had already been there, but with the advantage of knowing something was wrong when she spoke. Very few had that...

"My name's Tanya," she said, looking up again. "Um, sorry about that, again. I'll go now." She picked up her feet and hustled forward, past the group of girls. As she passed the young girl she had confused, she muttered audibly in the natural language, so as not to upset her friends, "If... if you really want to know why I knew that, I'm going to the Dance Theatre." She only slowed down a step to say that, then pushed upstream through the crowd and faded away.

As she walked, Tanya watched her feet, her dressy brown shoes. She regretted saying anything, but yet, she was curious by nature and simply had to have an answer. Though possibly she had said too many words... with a sigh, she perked up to be sure she didn't run into anyone else. Her walking grew more and more erratic as she went, all too nervous. Maybe that young girl wouldn't have the curious bone to meet her there... that would be best, at least for Tanya. She didn't really want to explain what was going on, and yet, she kind of owed it to her.

Despite her erratic stride, she continued to make swift progress toward the theatre. Tanya tried to fill her mind with thoughts of Pasha and Tigre to ignore, for the moment, what she had done. They were a dancing duo of two men who traveled Johto - she had only seen them on television. It was their fast, almost pulsing style of dance combined with orchestral music with heavy drums that made them so interesting to watch. Besides the fact that they were always shirtless, and all that. Sometimes they did the tango, too... Tanya smiled as she recalled the information, realizing that she would be at the theatre soon. This show was going to be fun.

Ecruteak City - Dance Theatre

Karen had made her trip to the museum short, which was rather unfortunate. Even so, she had gotten to see a couple of cool fossils and artifacts, particularly one statue of some sort of king from the days of the Alph culture. It was all marble and well carved, though weather-damaged. Karen recalled this as she sat on a bench in front of the theatre, watching the people and cars pass by as she waited on Tanya. She had already purchased the tickets and was just waiting for her partner, hoping she wasn't being incredibly flaky... Noel wouldn't have been late.

Karen cringed a little at that thought. She tried not to think about it, but it just kept repeating in her mind. Noel, her friend from high school who used to be her partner. He was more dependable, more organized... which is why she didn't think he would have just run away like that. She couldn't help but think he disappeared, that he didn't run of his own free will, even though she saw him go... "Hi!"

"Gah?!" Karen jolted out of her reverie and looked up to see Tanya grinning wide in front of her. Faking a smile, as usual, but Karen didn't know that - Tanya was perpetually happy. "Hey. I have tickets," she said calmly, clearly more awake now from being surprised.

"Awesome!" Tanya laughed. "Seats are assigned though, right?"


"So we should just wait a minute to go inside. Or you could go on and find our seats."

Karen blinked. "I'll... I'll go find seats." she was a little distracted still, so it didn't seem like a great idea to just sit here with Tanya.

"Ok!" Tanya waved. "I'll find you in a minute. I'm going to see what other shows are going on this week, just in case we make it back." Karen nodded and left smoothly. As soon as she was inside the building, Tanya sat back down, keeping an eye on the clock. She had fifteen minutes... she'd just sit here for a moment, just in case.

Blackthorn City

Just as suddenly as it had started, the quaking stopped. The tremors subsided steadily within just a moment, leaving splits in the ground and buildings half-toppled. The people of the city slowed down, realizing that it was over, and looked around in bewilderment. Others remained in their safe places, just to be sure in case aftershocks started to kick in.

What had caused that? No one on the surface knew, but a clue lie inside the largest of the cracks in the ground. Under Blackthorn's north end, there were a few fissures open far enough to reveal a perplexingly open space, or metal plating beneath the ground. Why might that be? only a few people wondered, most of them were too busy making sure that they were safe and everyone else was safe, and that their home or business hadn't fallen over during the tremor. The damage seemed extensive, but it probably hadn't lasted long enough to kill anyone, provided whoever was with them could get them out of the rubble.

Somewhere, a fire truck skidded out of its garage, going to a collapsed large building to fish people out of the rubble, along with many others. Hopefully cleanup wouldn't take too long, considering that only a few large buildings had fallen, though many smaller ones hadn't made it out whole.

Goldenrod City - Central Square
time: slightly before most people escape the square

He laughed. It was uncontrollable, that laughter. It was beautiful, a glorious expression of the hysteria in his eyes. He loved the mayhem, watching the poor humans run and squeal. His hair finally settled from the blast and he smiled broadly, watching the people in their chaos. He pushed a dread out of his face and looked down, red eyes seeking. But, he was an Aura seer; something caught his eye, and made his expression shift to graveness.

A small snarl developed on the zealot's lip as he closed his eyes, then re-opened them, searching keenly for Auras. No, it couldn't be... how had he not seen that before? There were those of the New Breed here; only a few, but there they were. Their auras flared out of the crowd of plain, frightened human auras, tinged with foreign colors and more strength than the humans'. He growled at himself for having not noticed something so important. Were he to harm them, that would be destroying his own mission.

The aura which struck him most clearly was pink and blue - a dreamy sort of pattern - and flared higher than any of the others... it was a strong soul, and far along in its change into a higher being. In fact, it might very well be a stronger being in general, he knew this. Knowing he could not damage his mission by allowing that impressive aura to dim, he lept from his perch, avoiding the mayhem below by following the tops of the buildings. Besides, the people were nearly cleared out of the square, so he walked with fervor toward the aura, which glowed from a building still full of people.

He seemed completely unfazed by the mayhem around him as he entered the building he had only destroyed a moment ago, and with single-minded determination watched the spot from which the aura came. It was beneath a pile of debris, particularly a large block of concrete, and littered with fear, but alive. As the humans streamed out of the building and the roof continued to crumble, he stopped before the rubble, watching the aura glow. He grabbed the block of wall which covered his target, exposing his black furred hands, complete with white spikes extending from the backs of them. It looked like he only put forth a tiny bit of effort as he overturned the rubble, exposing a beautiful young lady in a pink and blue dress.

Red eyes filled with stern sympathy, he pushed the rubble aside. "This was not meant for you," he claimed with force, "my lady." He knew upon seeing her up close that she was worthy of reverence - it was in the elegance of her Dress, and the strength of her aura. The bomber extended a hand, staring at the young lady. "If you want my assistance, I will gladly give it to you." Strangely polite for a man who just blew up a whole city block...

Goldenrod City - West of Central Square

Nick wasn't sure how long he had been running, or how far he had run, but he suddenly felt like he might be safe. He stopped to catch his breath, then turned around to see the smoke rising far behind him. It was far enough, he decided declaratively, then turned around so that his back faced a nearby wall and started to pant, clutching his heart with one hand. The shock was too much. He needed a moment to catch his breath... he was just glad to have made it out alive. Then, he started to worry about the people who didn't make it out... his co-workers, the nice secretaries, all the lovers and innocent people in the square.

He shook his head. Thoughts like that would only depress him and make this harder to bear. Nick brushed off his shoulders and looked down, still breathing pretty hard. A wry smile crossed his face as he thanked all the years of track he had done in high school. What on earth had happened back there...? Surely it would be on the news. He pulled out his PDA and flipped to the local news website and started reading. Sure enough, there were already posts about the explosions in Central Square, suspecting some sort of bomber... were there really those sorts of things around anymore? Terrorists were basically unheard of since Rocket had finally been eradicated years ago; he knew that from history class, as anyone should.

What was going on here?
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