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Red's Alola Shop

Discussion in '7th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by Redphienix, Nov 27, 2016.

  1. Redphienix

    Redphienix 41 Days of Black

    Welcome to Red's!
    I'm pleased to welcome you all to the revived 'Red's'!


    This is primarily a breeding-shop. Great for filling a dex. At a later time this will likely change as I have a growing stock of events/shinies, but as the game has just been released this is primarily a DEX FILLING, BREEDING-CENTRIC shop. Expect consistent updates both to my offers and requests, especially once the Bank updates and more events come forward.

    I spend a great deal of time hack-checking Pokemon.
    If you give me a hacked Pokemon you will be blacklisted from this shop unless a trade-back is done.
    If I give you a hacked Pokemon you will be returned your Pokemon along with a small gift Pokemon as consolation for our trade falling through.​

    The Rules
    • All other General Forum rules and Trade Forum Rules
    • Be respectful when Messaging or Posting.
    • If a deal can't be made as it is currently listed, don't demand it be fulfilled.
    • This is a 7th gen shop, don't come offering Pokemon on other games unless you are transferring them.
    • Please alert me to your FC if it isn't painfully obvious in your signature.

    Stuff I Want

    These are 'perfect' criteria and are not always required to complete a trade.

    Hoopa (Any, unobtainable until bank update)

    Diancie (Any, unobtainable until bank update)

    Yveltal (Any, unobtainable until bank update)

    Mimikyu (Shiny Flawless)

    Ditto (Flawless, request no longer necessary once Poke-bank opens up for gen 7)

    Grimer/Muk (Alolan, Flawless or Near Flawless [-speed] preferred)
    Adamant / Brave / Impish / Careful

    Mankey/Primeape (Flawless preferred)
    Adamant / Jolly
    Night Slash, Close Combat

    Porygon (Near Flawless [-speed] preferred, Shiny)

    Sandslash (Near Flawless [-spatck/speed] preferred)
    Adamant if perfect (Sand Rush)
    Brave if imperfect (Sand Veil)
    Impish for either

    Dhelmise (Shiny)

    Scyther (Shiny)

    Absol (Shiny)
    Play Rough, Zen Headbutt

    Tsareena (Shiny)
    Queenly Majesty
    Play Rough
    Synthesis (optional)


    Shinies / Flawless Pokes / Events / Legends


    Notable Shop Pokemon

    [​IMG] Vulpix (Alolan)
    [​IMG] Eevee
    [​IMG] Dratini
    [​IMG] Pichu
    [​IMG] Corsola
    [​IMG] Trapinch
    [​IMG] Feebas
    [​IMG] Castform
    [​IMG] Bagon
    [​IMG] Cranidos
    [​IMG] Shieldon
    [​IMG] Gible
    [​IMG] Cottonee
    [​IMG] Tirtouga
    [​IMG] Vanillite
    [​IMG] Rufflet
    [​IMG] Gloomy
    [​IMG] Rowlet
    [​IMG] Litten
    [​IMG] Popplio
    [​IMG] Oranguru
    [​IMG] Passimian
    [​IMG] Turtonator
    [​IMG] Togedemaru
    [​IMG] Mimikyu
    [​IMG] Dhelmise


    Quirky / Impish / Timid

    Lonely / Jolly

    Warning List
    None Currently.

    None Currently.

    Wed night through Saturday.
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2016
  2. jginz1

    jginz1 Shiny Hunter

    I'll trade you my Alolan sandshrew for a Popplio
  3. Redphienix

    Redphienix 41 Days of Black

    Messaging now to confirm time and the like.

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