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Red's Deck


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I plan to make decks via apprentice based on the manga characters. First, heres Red's Deck;152;
Red's Deck:
9 Grass Energy
6 Psychic Energy
10 Water Energy
7 Fighting Energy
2 Bulbasaur(Base Set)
2 Ivysaur(Base Set)
1 Venusaur(Base Set)
2 Surfing Pikachu
1 Snorlax(Jungle)
2 Eevee
1 Espeon
1 Misty's Magikarp
1 Misty's Gyrados
2 Poliwag(Base Set)
2 Poliwhirl(Base Set)
1 Poliwrath(Base Set)
1 Pokedex
1 Bill
1 Potion Energy

2 Mysterious Fossil
1 Aerodatyl (non-fossil. Lv. 30)

2 Good Manners
1 Professor Oak
1 Professor Elm

Green's Deck
4 Energy Search
1 Energy Retrieval
1 Energy Charge
2 Master Ball
1 Pokedex
2 Professor Elm
1 Professor Oak
2 Machop
2 Machoke L28
2 Machamp L54
1 Porygon L20
1 Porygon 2
1 Charizard
2 Charmeleon
2 Charmander L10
8 Fighting Energy
5 Water Energy
1 Golduck
2 Psyduck L16
2 Rhydon
2 Rhyhorn
3 Grass Energy
2 Metal Energy
1 Scyther
1 Scizor
6 Fire Energy
2 Bill

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You have 39 energies. That makes theme decks look like tournament-winners. -_-

Kill at least 20 energies, and beef up the evolution lines and add better trainers.
Only crds from EX: Hidden Legends onward are legal for modified play.

You need Computer searches, Professor elms, rare candies, and many other good trainers.