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Redwall: Time Of Peace


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The Abbey of Redwall has stood in Mossflower Country for many, many seasons. Vermin of all shapes and sizes, from Sly Stoats to Rancid Rats, have attempted to best the Abbey and her allies, to take control of it.

So far, all attempts have failed.

Peace has settled on fair Mossflower and its inhabitants. Vermin haven't been seen in the area for ages. Not even the oldest creatures in the Abbey can recall ever seeing one.

Salamandastron, the Mountain Fortress of the Badgers and the Long Patrol, has long been silent. There has been no need for violence of any kind.

But, the winds are starting to change.

From the South, Squirrel runners from the kingdom of Southsward bring news of a terrible force that seems to be moving through their lands.

The North, from the wild northlands, the Abbey and Salamandastron's northern Hare and Eagle allies bring word of the same thing.

The current Badger Lord Rokanous has been in contact with the current Abbess of Redwall, a mouse named Belahnou, who thinks that they should be prepared for just about anything. In agreement, the Badger sends out his finest runners to the North and South, to see what is going on.

None of them came back.

Only the Badger Lord, his Long Patrol, the Abbess, and her top advisors know about this. They don't want the creatures of Redwall to fear something when it might be nothing.

But this something has a name. And an army of thousands. He has heard the legends of Redwall and Salamandastron, and wants to conquer both.

Time grows short for the Abbey, the warlord's first target. Violence is starting to permeate the graceful woods, which have turned dark and foreboding.

Will the Abbey survive the vicious assault? Or will the evil Fox Warlord conquer all?

This RPG will have violence, language, and other such material. I only want those who have a knowledge of the books to join, unless you think you can manage. More plot will be revealed as the RPG travels on.


Sign-Ups =O

Good Side.

What creature are you: Creatures for good side include but are not limited to...

Hare: (You need a good knowledge of their speaking ways before you can be one. Send me a PM if you wish to be one containing Harespeak. If I deem it acceptable, you may post a sign-up for a Hare.)

Mole: (Same applies here, except it is *much* harder to be a Mole.)

Badger (Limit: one. First come, first serve.)
Otter: (River/Sea)
Various Species of birds: (Limit on these.)
Any others I might have forgotten >>

Name: (appropriate name for what creature you are.)
Age: (In seasons. A 20 Season-old creature isn't young, but isn't 'old' either. Badgers live the longest, reaching to above 60 seasons.)
Gender: (Self-Explanatory. Male or Female)
Description: (What does your creature look like? I don't want "Like a generic ___" I want a description. Height and weight doesn't matter, since I'm *still* not sure if the creatures are supposed to be 'human' sized or not. However, clothing and etc. will need to be described. At least 1 Paragraph)
Personality: (I want to see at least a Paragraph containing at *least* 4 sentences here.)
History: (What you've been doing in the Abbey, or in Salamandastron, since you were born.)
Weapon: (If you're a peaceful creature, you really don't own a weapon. Otters, Squirrels, Hares, Badger should really be the ones with weapons, until later in the RPG.)
Other: (Something special about you? Remember, we're in peaceful times, so no "I am a great warrior" or something like that.)

Now, for the evil side =O

What creature you are: (List of creatures as follows)

Pine Martin
"evil" Birds: (Crows fall into this category)
Anything else I might've forgotten that goes here.

Name: (Yup, Vermin have names too =o Appropriate for the Vermin side.)
Age: (*rolls eyes*)
Gender: (See above)
Description: (See above)
Personality: (Vermin aren't all cheery like woodland creatures. Appropriate for creature please.)
History: (How long have you been with the Fox Warlord?)
Weapons: (What weapon do you use? Must be medieval, I.E. Axe, Sword, Bow&Arrow. Describe your weapon.)
Other: (Yup, they have an 'other' too =O)

So um...yeah...Have fun.

Psychic is my Co-GM, so if she denies you, you're denied like if I denied you.

I will be controlling the following characters: Badger Lord Rokanous, Most of the Long Patrol, and the Fox Warlord.

Psychic will be controlling the following characters: Abbess Belahnou, the Badger mum of Redwall, and the Warrior of Redwall, who won't be a warrior at first ;)

I will post my sign-ups later. Go nuts. If I notice any mistakes, I will edit this >>
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~Espeon Arianna~

YES!!! A Redwall RPG!

What creature are you: Squirrel
Name: Jennifer Rowandrey (Jen for short)
Age: Sixteen seasons
Gender: Female
Description: Brown-furred. She wears a simple blue dress, cut short so she can jump about in the trees without it getting in the way. Her black eyes are bright and cheerful. She also wears a shell necklace and a bracelet made of nuts. The necklace she says is from her mother, and the bracelet is some sort of good-luck charm.
Personality: She's mostly a cheerful sort of squirrel. One of her favorite things to do is wander about Mossflower or someplace and sing. She also enjoys archery, for reasons no one is certain of. Sometimes, though, she will wander about and sing a sad or mournful song, or sit somewhere and think. No one is quite certain, but it is thought that at these times she is remembering her mother.
History: She lives in Mossflower Wood, but she likes to visit Redwall Abbey. She grew up there, an orphan whose father died shortly after she was born. Her mother died later, when she was about four seasons. She knows a few of the creatures there, from when she lived there and her visits both.
Weapon: Bow and Arrows
Other: Her name is Rowandrey because her home, or drey, is in a rowan tree.
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What creature you are: Badger( If it isn't taken )0_o
Name: Firfalp Browncall
Age: 35 seasons
Gender: Female
Description: Short and skinny, Bulit for speed. Long, Brown fur(The only brown haired badger). Has a large quiver and a sash on her back, which hold a large collection of arrowsand a sabre(for close combat). Loose clothing , allowing her to move around quickly. Metal plate over her left hand, where she was caught on a long, sharp spear.
Personality: Kind and loves to tell jokes. Favouite story teller of many in Slmadastron. Loves the beach and swimming. Loves to craft and make art out of driftwoood.
History: Lived through the great vermin battle of Slamadastron, when the mountain was nearly taken. Moved across the land, help keep the peace. Now resides inSalamdastron.
Weapon: Sabre and Bow and arrows.
Other: Badger lady of Samadastron
Whew, thats allota typing!


I hope this RPG goes far!

Creature: Wildcat
Name: Selith La Mort
Age: 20 Seasons
Gender: Male
Description: Selith has long, sleek black fur, and bright green eyes. He has a scar over both of his eyes, making his pupils white. Though, he can still see just fine... better he says. His hearing is acute, and he has quite long teeth.
Personality: Selith is a clever cat. He's quite good at making many think something different about him. He is also a spy. He's not too good when it comes to combat, but he can steal much.
History: Selith has been one of the most useful, yet under looked in the Fox Warlord. He never really had parents, and was brought up poorly. Causing him to feel like no one should be trusted, even his own kind.
Weapons: None, he chooses not to fight, but if he needs to, he bites and slashes.
Other: None
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Espeon: Most excellent. Approved.

Armageddon: >> Please, during the RP, use a Spell Checker. PLEASE. Your sign-up looks fine, except for spelling :/ Approved, but with hesitation.

Dark: Most excellent again. Approved.

Psychic: Get your sign-ups posted >> I need to work on mine too >>
Skrusti said:
Armageddon: >> Please, during the RP, use a Spell Checker. PLEASE. Your sign-up looks fine, except for spelling :/ Approved, but with hesitation.
My computer was doing overtype at the time and I was to lazy to type the whole thing up again after fixing it >___<.


Bring it.
Can i join?

Creature: Mouse

Name: Terran Whiskweaper

Gender: Male

Age:13 seasons

Description:He wears a red shirt, and brown pants woven and given to him by his mother who past away. He has lush emerald eyes, and normal size teeth. He has a strange marking on his right arm of some strange symbol unknown to anyone of its origin or meaning. He always wears a necklace that has a a fang on it. It once belonged to his father.

Personality: Terran is a kind fellow adn always abides the law. He beileve that those who disturbe the peace should be sent away. He is a kind mouse and is willing to sacrifice himself for those he does not even know.

History: He grew up with his family in the abby until the great war against Cluney commenced. His father died in the battle. His father was part of the redwall defence and always believed in upholding the peace. His moher died soon after the clash with slagar the fox. He became a strong, and a decent person person because of his person.

Weapons: He uses the family sowrd that his father used to use. It helped his father in many battles. Although he carries it everywhere with him, he only unsheaths it protect some in grave danger.

Hope i make it >.<

Saffire Persian

Now you see me...
Skrusti! Why the heck did you not tell me you started a Redwall RP :p. Hmm... by not limited to, could a Wildcat be on the *good* side, like the Wildcat (you know, the one that was vegetarian?) In Redwall (the vegetarian)? Or would you prefer to stick with the good-guys - as I could pull of a Hare or something, wot? :p.


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DKzM0mA: Read what I said in the PM. Until then, Not Accepted =( Sorry.

Saff: Why didn't I tell you? 'Cause you never asked, of course =P

Sure, you can be a 'good' wildcat, but I prefer that number to stay low, since there aren't many 'good'...er...'badguys' out there, if that made any sense.


Thunder Trainer
Type of creature:fox
Name: Marlfox
Age: 13 seasons
Gender: Male
Description: Marlfox is short and slender he is littler than the other foxes and looks like a rat or a mouse instead of a fox
Personality: Marlfox is a very dark and mysterious creature he loves shadows and hates sunlight he is more of a kill you at nite stalker type of fox. Marlfox has never known his dad he really doesnt even know his mom
History: All his 13 seasons
Weapons: Marlfox mostly uses a small dagger hidden in his boots but he also carries a bow and arrows along with a short sword that has the Fox Warlords insignia carved into it

Hope i get accepted!

Saffire Persian

Now you see me...
(She's an Ermine. She was going to be a ferret.. but Ermine's.. They're..cute. XD

Name: Varhyna Whiteclaw
Age: Twenty-three seasons
Gender: Female
Description: Varhyna is a snow-white ermine, with pure, blue eyes. She'd almost look friendly, if it wasn't for her haughty "I am holier than thou" glare. She's extremely tall and lithe for an Ermine, with a very flexible body. She always carries a quiver of arrows, and is always seen with her bow. The clothes in which she wears are tattered and old - most of it coming from the Warlord's stores. Her only real possession, is her light silver cloak that she insists upon wearing.

Personality: Three words: Major Inferiority Complex. Varhyna, despite her rather lithe and feminine looks, is quite a bloodthirsty vermin who thinks she's better then most everyone else. (And hey, she might be right to some extent). The only exception would be the Fox Warlord, who she respects. Whether she really likes him or not, can be very much debatable. She always speaks in a condenscening tone, and is a perfectionist in everything she does. Although she is talented with a bow and arrow - she is a very talented swordsbeast - she loves fighting with just her claws.

Nothing like strangling her prey on a nice summer afternoon. To her underlings, she treats them harshly, and regards them as 'scum of the earth'. She has a take charge attitude, and will deal with whoever talks back to her or thinks otherwise- unless he or she is her superior. Only then will she grudgingly accept things...although, not always. Particularly is she thinks a certain captain is very, very stupid.

History: Varhyna has been with the infamous fox warlord for about three seasons. She joined for reasons best kept to herself, and though she's majorly conceited, she's a very apt warrioress of the Warlord's band.

Weapons: She uses a Bow and Arrow, though she can fight well enough with a spear when she has to. Of course, she does like physical fighting very much.

Other: Varhyna comes from the Whiteclaw clan near the North - the clan itself is very infamous for producing very bloodthirsty and psychotic Ermine. Her twin brother, Vazi, is also a part of the warlord band. He's the only individual besides the Warlord, she respects.


keep battling on!


Species: Otter (Sea)

Name: Shimma Waveblade

Age: Seventeen seasons.

Gender: Female

Description: Shimma is a light brown otter with strange gold highlights embedded in her fur that tend to glow in the sunlight, thus earning her the name 'Shimma'. She has sea-green eyes, with a cunning sparkle in them. She wears a blue sash around her chest (think b-tube style) and a loincloth on her waist, simple clothes that won't hinder her swimming. She's very tall and athletic, with well developed muscles earned from seasons of swimming in the wild ocean. She sports a red headband.

Personality: Shimma is moderately friendly, but has a tendancy to take a long time to trust someone. She will not hesitate to attack someone if they threaten her in any way. An adapt swordsbeast, she likes to tease her opponents before finishing them off. Living in the sea has given her incredible endurance, and she finds the thrill of battle to be the greatest feeling in life. She has a weakness to good food, and likes to visit the abbey just so she can sample the delicacies. However her true calling is in the ocean. She has a sarcastic attitude, so you must be on your toes when talking to her, or you'll find yourself looking like an idiot. She delights in intelligence, and loathes ignorance in any form.

History: Shimma was orphaned when her parents were killed by pirates when she was eight seasons. Since that night, she has made a vow to rid the oceans of the scum, and is now the Skipper of a moderately large band of Sea Otters who work with her to kill vermin on the seas, which there is now a serious lack of. So her and her band spend their time fishing and swimming. However the threat of the Fox Warlord has made her reconsider her priorities. Her life was spent on and in the sea, with occasional visits to Redwall Abbey.

Weapon/s: Shimma only weilds a smallish dirk. But her lack of weaponary is made up by her endurance and ethusiasm for battle. She also has a fondness for javelins.

Other: Shimma is afraid of lightning.

Thar we go. Hope I make it! ^_^

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Shuster Ray: Someone else will be along shortly to talk to you.

Saff: Approved, of course ^-^

Typhogirl: Approved, but I must tell you. I don't check this *every* day, and I let sign-ups build up a bit before I come and accept/disapprove people. So, please, if you join any future RPGs, wait patiently like everyone else. K?

My sign-ups shall be posted soon. I promise.
What creature you are: Badger( If it isn't taken )0_o
Name: Dirkclaw Brownstripe
Age: 35 seasons
Gender: Female
Description: Short and skinny, Bulit for speed. Long, Brown fur(The only brown haired badger). Has a large quiver and a sash on her back, which hold a large collection of arrowsand a sabre(for close combat). Loose clothing , allowing her to move around quickly. Metal plate over her left hand, where she was caught on a long, sharp spear.
Personality: Kind and loves to tell jokes. Favouite story teller of many in Salmadastron. Loves the beach and swimming. Loves to craft and make art out of driftwoood.
History: Lived through the great vermin battle of Salamadastron, when the mountain was nearly taken. Moved across the land, help keep the peace. Now resides in Salamdastron.
Weapon: Dirk and Bow and arrows.
Other:Apprentice to the Badger lord of Samadastron
Whew, thats allota typing!

I'm gonna change mine a bit.
I've bolded whats different


Espeon Hybrid
Edited:Sorry I gotta back out of this RPG 'cause I've just realized I'm signed up for about four others and I won't have time to give my all to this one.

Species: River Otter
Name: Bretta Swiftwater
Age: 18 seasons
Gender: Female

Description: Bretta Swiftwater is a relatively tall and strong ottermaid with fur of a lovely brown color and not a smidgeon of spare flesh on her lithe frame. She does not wear the typical dress of a maiden, instead she wears only a fitted frock that has no sleeves and allows her free movement. The frock itself is blue with silver trimmings and has a silver eight-point star on the back. The frock is in fairly good condition when one considers the many adventures it has been through. She always carries her staff, Tikka with her and in case she ever needs to use both her front paws, she wears a scabbard-like thing slung over her right shoulder by a leather strap. Attached to the left hip of her strap is a pouch with a sling and the pellets and a few choice rocks that would be ideal to use for slinging.

Personality: Bretta is kind and patient among her friends and family at the Abbey. With strangers she is often quiet because she is a little shy but once she knows and trusts someone she is an open book. She loves to go on exhibitions into the surrounding woods with her close friends because they can always find something new and exciting. Bretta is not a hot-headed ottermaid in any way and is almost always able to keep a cool head. The one thing Bretta cannot stand in any form is a bully. If she sees anyone being bullied she is always willing to stand up for them.

History: Bretta and her family actually have two homes, one on the river and of course they often take up residence at Redwall Abbey. Bretta was brought up in a fairly normal Otter family with an older brother and a younger sister. Bretta gets along with her older brother, Damien better than she does with her sister Tirlia. This is because Tirlia is such a girly ottermaid that she often can be a nuisance to everyone in the family, except her mother who loves that she has someone to talk about girlish things with. Bretta’s father is the Skipper’s best friend and they do almost everything together. Because Bretta is the apple of her father’s eye, she often gets to do exciting things with them and her older brother. One of the things she got to do was to learn how to use a Quarter-staff along with her brother, and when it proved that she excelled at it and her brother was better with a javelin, her father took her under his wing, since the Quarter-staff was also his weapon of choice. Because of this common ground they grew even closer than they had been. Whenever Bretta is at the Abbey she helps in the kitchen and sometimes helps out with the Dibbuns. Whenever she has free time, Bretta and her two best friends swim in the Abbey lake, explore the Abbey itself, hang about in the orchards, or they explore the woods outside, but they always have fun together. The little time that Bretta spends alone, (usually a little before dawn and just before she goes to sleep) is used to practice all the staff routines her father taught her when he had trained her to use the noble weapon.

Weapon: Bretta is good with a sling, but much better with her staff which is named Tikka.

Other: Bretta is one of the fastest swimmers of her clan and even when the Annual, All-Otter River Race comes around she is usually among the top five swimmers.

Edited:Once again I repeat I will be unable to do this RPG which saddens me but it cannot be helped. So please ignore this post.
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