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Regaining the Home Advantage! (626)

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Diamond & Pearl: Sinnoh League Victors' started by Serebii, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. conflict7

    conflict7 Sinnoh League Victor

    The new theme song wasn't doing it for me... but decent episode.
  2. RageKaiser

    RageKaiser Chespin :D

    Wow. Amazing.
    They turned the best opening into something that me turn off the TV.
    Way to go dub.
  3. Typhlosion Trainer

    Typhlosion Trainer Fire Trainer

    Decent episode. It was nice to see Magnezone in an episode.
  4. Swampert_trainer

    Swampert_trainer Laughs at thunder

    The new theme song will take some getting use to. The episode was decent, nothing too special. It would have been nice if Happiny had done some battling instead of just catching Metagross. It was an okay debut episode for Magnezone.

    Last edited: Jun 16, 2010
  5. Sir Devious

    Sir Devious Sir Devious

    What's with the two Pikachus when Dawn calls out Mamoswine? SO much fail...

    EDIT: Here at 6:29... They didn't even catch it and remove it from the English. Still can't get over how much fail.

    Last edited: Jun 19, 2010
  6. Wow. I didin't even notice the double-Pikachu until I saw it here. That is strange and funny!

    ALL RIGHT!!! Sinnoh League Victors Is Here!! Finally!!!!
    I've been waiting forever for this new season!

    Alright, I'll calm down now.

    - When the announcer said they were on their way to Daybreak Town, I thought that this episode was just going to be another repeat. Thinking that they have already been to that town already.

    - Then some/a theme/theme music I've never seen/heard of before came on. Is this new???

    - Then I saw "Sinnoh League Victors" on my screen! YESSSSSSSSSS!

    - Wow. After seeing Snorlax, Bayleef, and Feraligatr, I'm surprised no one here has speculated that "maybe Ash's Snorlax, Bayleef, Totodile will make a return".

    - Also, in regards to the above point, how many more times are the writers going to promote SS with showing Johto Pokemon? Huh?

    - "That's Magnezone! That's Metagross!" That's the sound of me losing that little bit of respect for you Brock! Seriosuly, dose this guy have to Point out every single obvious thing in this series?

    - Wait, this is the first time a Magnezone has been shown in the Anime? I thought it was shown before?

    - Only six minutes in and already Brock flirts with an officer Jenny. That's got be a new record in my book.

    - Ash's arm looked a bit to thin in one scene.

    - Dawn chooses Mamoswine instead of Piplup. Poor Piplup!

    - Why are TR eating toast and jam? That seems like a completely random thing the writiers chose for them to eat. Plus, where do you think they got the money to buy that. Hm? They're so unsuccessful in catching Pikachu, they obviously don't get payed enough, if not at all to buy these things. Unless, they've been carrying it with them between this episode and the last one...

    - Oh, right Ash still only has Monferno, that's right. From the opening, for some reason I thought that he already had an Infernape.

    - What was the COTD's name? I though I heard Crispin? but that can't be right.

    - Brock seems alot more exuberant this episode. He must really want to impress this Officer Jenny, doesn't he?

    - "Thank you so much...Croagunk! Haha, Brock get's rejected again!

    - No, no, no, no, no, no, no! What were the writers thinking when they made Happiny able to throw such a large piece of frozen water? It boggles the mind!

    - Gible decides that instead of training with Ash, he decides that the nearby rock looks like a nice tasty treat! Then he decides that Ash's head is perfect for dessert!

    - ...And then he tries to use Draco Meteor again! Thus continuing the one of the best running gag's in the show.

    - Now Piplup, you know you should never quarrel with two Pokemon who you know can fry you like an egg!

    A good but not great start to the new season.
    Looks like the next episode is a little more exciting. It looks like everyone's favorite sea weasel Pokemon is going to possibly learn a new move!
  7. Lance The Champ

    Lance The Champ The Aura Guardian

    The theme song is really good.... also a very interesting and "scientific" episode
  8. TurtwigFan1

    TurtwigFan1 burning it down

    LOL at the double Pikachu. A fun filler episode however - but quite a slow start. Gotta love Team Rocket's antics and failures along the way. I do quite like the new theme tune - it's better than the new BW one, at least. Nice debut for Magnezone. The guy in the mountains (forgot his name) had a weird voice though, something really grated my ears with it :p But yeah, a nice little episode but probably not the best to start off a new season.
  9. themyth

    themyth myth

    it was very funny and i liked it a lot but it could have been better
  10. G50

    G50 No longer posting

    This episode was ok... It was cool to see Magnezone for the 1st time. It was cool to see Mamoswine and Monferno battling the 2 Pokemon. As usual, Gible's failed Draco Meteor attempts kept on hitting Piplup. It was funny when Officer Jenny praised Croagunk instead of Brock when Croagunk used Brick Break to break the rock. It was cool and funny when Happing picked up and threw the frozen lake. Magnezone and Metagross really liked fighting each other. It was cool to see Mirror Shot for the 1st time.

  11. Littlemyuu

    Littlemyuu Orig. Solar-Sceptile

    Magnezone is cool, and the battle Vs Metagross is also pretty awesome,
    and it was funny to see how strong little Happiny really is
  12. TheEpicGoomba

    TheEpicGoomba Me Gusta

    This episode was cool. The New Theme was good. It was cool to see Magnezone for the first time. It was really strong. It was also cool to see Metagross again. It was strong too. It was weird to see Team Rocket trying to help but as expected they were just lying. It was weird seeing Happiny lift that massive block of Ice. Glad that Magnezone and Metagross couldn't destroy the Town anymore after the basin was drained.
  13. I Watched this episode this morning, the new theme is cool, and I laughing at double pikachu mistake.
  14. wobbanut

    wobbanut Team Awesome

    Bleh, not a favorite episode of mine. I've never been a fan of the battle-heavy episodes. The best thing about this episode is that it's a rare opportunity to see Team Rocket helping out. :) This would rank down there with season seven's "What You Seed is What You Get" as the least-interesting season openers.

  15. NPT

    NPT Just a member

    It's a good episode to start season 13 of the English dub, i like Action-packed episodes like this. However, I didn't like the song that TPCI used for this season's opening, the Galactic Battle Opening some was much better than this. Also, I think it would've been better if the dubbers didn't named it "Sinnoh League Victors!" it gave false hope of Ash winning the Sinnoh League....which didn't happen.
    Ash and the Others were on their way to Sunyshore City, but they gets attacked by a Magnezone. After Ash and the gang reach the nearby town, they the town's Officer Jenny. Brock like always, was flirting with Officer Jenny....But Croagunk stopped him with Poison Jab. Officer Jenney tells them that a Magnezone and a Metagross are causing havoc in the town, so Ash and the others tries to stop the Pokémon from damaging the town.
    I liked the look on Piplup's face when Dawn choose Mamoswine instead of him, it's kinda funny. It's nice to see Ash's Pikachu and Dawn's Pachirisu working together.
    It's funny when Brock tries to impress this Officer Jenny again, But Jenny thanks Croagunk and and Brock gets rejected again!
    Ash's Gible tries to use Draco Meteor again and like always, the Draco Meteor hits Piplup.
    The "Ash having two Pikachu" episode error was one of the most momorable erros in my opinion, I am suprised that the animators didn't fix this error for this episode's english dub.
  16. phanpycross

    phanpycross God-king

    So, first episode of Sinnoh league victors, and the introduction of one of my fave gen 4 pokemon: magnezone. I was happy to see magnezone being show as powerful enough to keep toe-to-toe with a psaudo like metagross, and getting to see the entire cast's pokemon was pretty cool. Feraligatr was freaking huge in this episode O_O

    I love the fact the episode literally ended with piplup in mortal danger, and that is was played for laughs....

  17. JudySpell

    JudySpell Banned

    I think this was the episode with the double Pikachu animation error scene and Metagross & Magnezone were really bland here. 5.5/10
  18. Mrs. Oreo

    Mrs. Oreo Banned

    Wow Metagross and Magnezone randomly battling each other seemed dangerous, so I was glad to see Ash's group come up with a solution so that they wouldn't destroy the city. Gible was funny as usual. :3
  19. Moonstardust

    Moonstardust Banned

    Metagross versus Magnezone wasn't as good as it could've been because Magnezone is such a simple Pokemon. I wish Volkner had premiered it instead.
  20. Wednesdayz

    Wednesdayz Banned

    This episode was alright. I didn't really care for the Magnezone and Metagross plot and the only cool thing about it was the Happiny moments when she showed her strength.

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