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Regarding EV training.

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b-i-gaskme said:
only a dumb F*CK would wait 8 hours to get those berries. What you are SUPPOSED to do is: plant everyday. You beat the league once, then you water. Beat then water. Beat then water. I would think no one can play pokemon for 8 hours straight, maybe play one to two hours, while watering. Then come back in the afternoon and get your berries and its all good. Usually, if you train at the league, once at level 50, the total number of berries you use is around 5-6 per berry, which means you have 5-6 left of each kind, you can "reinvest" and plant them, then start your ev training with a level 50 pokemon, which you can do the EV training faster due to not switching and still holding macho brace. After you finish ev training, it will be level 56~60. With your method, you end up with a pokemon at level 25~ish at MAX and you take it to the league...? STILL need that EXP.Share. Where as in my one, my pokemon is ready to take the league on its own.

And once you start Berry planting, you just continue, even when you don't need it, this is what we call "being prepared", so next time, there is no waiting... you see? Now who's method is better?

I get it. You plant a stack of berries everyday, you water them everyday, you watch the pile of berries rise everyday, and you feed them to your pokemon everyday and you fight the elite four everyday, and plant more berries again everyday, you get prepared everyday, with berries to use without waiting everyday.
Oh I think your idea is good since you get to save leftover berries to make more for next time. It really depends on what kind of style people want to adopt. As for your poke being able to take on the elite four singlehandedly, I highly doubt it unless it was an alakazam(a pokemon, not me), or you brought alot of hyper potions. Most likely you will need to switch. I use my exp share all the time as you plant berries. When im done I just bring it up to lvl50 with E4 so I can train at the victory road until lvl75, which I would move on to the sky pillar, training until lvl85 and I would kill the elite four for exp then.
Lets check the good points for berry planting:
Easy planting and watering.
Leftover berries for next time.
Good points about Exp share Ev training.
A lvl100 kills fast for fast exp getting rate.
Fully Ev trained pokemon have nothing else to do.
So your idea is good if you needed berries along with contests. The extra time would be blended into berry growing time, saving you time. Plus you get alot of berries which is possibly leftover, for next time.
My idea would be good only if it is a 1-time job, which will get things done in the shortest time possible. Your idea would be better in the long run, with HUGE amounts of berries waiting in the pouch. But for me it is still the same training with latios killing spindas with dragonbreath. Definitely takes a shorter time than your idea, unless you treat the 2 methods as a one-time event, in which 4-6 hours are saved.


yeah, I guess you're right in that aspect. Everyone should think ahead though.

this is my method of training to level 100
Train pokemon to lvl50~ish. Un-EV it, give it 100 of each vitamin you need, then do the rest of the EVing with Macho Brace carrying 5 linnone with me to pick up king's rocks, rare candies etc.

Trade over to lg, where powerful pokemon (lvl 70~ish, like my Flareon and Espeon) help to train these pokemon at island 7 until its ready to OHKO all the opponents in island 7. Then train the pokemon to level 75~ish and go battle the league (LG) and get it to lvl 95 and then rare candy the last 5 levels. Done.

This (in total) takes MAX 4 hours, and therefore the most you can train in one day is 3 pokemon from egg to 100

and also, I'm training Aerodactyl (slowly and steadily) and it can take out the whole league on its own with Choice Band. (lvl 50, but now its level72)
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