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Regarding our selection process

Discussion in 'POTW Collaboration' started by Serebii, Jan 30, 2011.

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  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    Right, so a lot of you have been moaning about the process we use to select Pokémon.

    Please allow me to explain. Barring the first few Pokémon (up until March 20th), the selection is completely random barring special events like movies in July and game releases. As such, several Pokémon are struck out of the random selector for this reason.

    Based on the posts, you all want to do the best and brightest Pokémon as soon as possible. While yes, I'm sure this would be popular, you need to remember that the Pokémon of the Week has to last at least 3 and a half more years and if we were to do all of them now, there would be very little decent to cover later. We need to spread them about.

    Even if we were to do a poll, the more popular ones would always be done right away leaving us with nothing but crap towards the end once again.

    I understand that you lot can be frustrated by this, but try to see things in the longterm rather than the present.

  2. PhilosophicalPsychologica

    PhilosophicalPsychologica Well-Known Member

    I still stand by by my decision to combine the Lumineon and Luvdisc PotW's, or at the very least combine Ditto/Unown/Wobbuffet due to either identical movepools or incredibly shallow moves.

    This is done in order to conserve efficiency.
  3. Blue Harvest

    Blue Harvest Banned

    Regardless, I still think a voting process would be good to keep the community involved.

    There are enough OU Pokemon for the POTW to stay interesting for a full year. With tiers changing we could potentially have 75+ OUs by the time they run out. Not to mention cooler UUs like Shinpora <3 or Nidoking that have plenty of viable sets.

    If you try to limit our usage of "interesting" pokes to prevent the POTW from becoming stale its going to get stale anyway. Voting will also shut up everyone who says our choices are boring.
  4. BaldWombat

    BaldWombat Mortal Wombat!

    IF we decide to implement a voting program, then the Mods will be deciding which pokes go into the list so we can always cycle the different tiers.
  5. Blue Harvest

    Blue Harvest Banned

    I would be happy with that.

    Edit: on the other hand this could be one of those things that sounds nice when you say it, but in practice doesn't really make much of a difference and only makes Reno / whoever else is directly involved work harder.
  6. SwordStaker

    SwordStaker New Member

    I think ya'll should do the Starters. Since the games coming up everyones trying really really hard to get their starters together. I personally would love to see a 5th gen Typhlosion though =D
  7. BaldWombat

    BaldWombat Mortal Wombat!

    I am sure that Joe will want to do the starters around the time that the games are going to come out in the US/UK.
  8. Warmenx

    Warmenx New Member

    I say that the beasts should be done since the events are still going on. And Reshiram should be done on Feb 27 since the European version will be released on March 4th, and Zekrom should be done on March 6th since the US version is released on that day.
  9. ASB

    ASB Weather Team Hater

    I can understand that you want to save interesting pokémon for later, but if people want to read up on a strong pokémon later, they can just look back into the archives.

    RE the voting system: I'd be fine with having mods choose the pokémon on the poll. Even a limited amount of community involvement would be fine by me, and then picky annoying people like me would not be able to blame you guys :p
  10. Reno

    Reno so adorable...

    if there was a voting system, the pokemon would be picked at random.

    if there was a voting system, everyone would complain the choices were boring, or there would be one pokemon that'd clearly win.

    not going to bother arguing anymore, I've made my points enough.
  11. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    It'd make it uninteresting for Reno to do and people wont care if we're just doing dross like Raticate every week. It's not going to happen.

    Reno has it bang on. People would just complain about the voting choices.
  12. Blue Harvest

    Blue Harvest Banned

    All right, fair enough.

    **Raticate probably has a dozen good sets. Hes not boring!
  13. Epicpip

    Epicpip My stache' is better

    I think that there should be a poll, but with four or five choices. An example would be like:

    What should the next POTW be?
    A. Typhlosion
    B. Armaldo
    C. Slowbro
    D. Duskinoir
    E. Swellow

    And so that way, you could limit which pokemon would be done.
  14. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    This method will still cause the same problems. All the Pokémon people want done will be done in the first 12 months and that'll leave us with the rest and people would lose interest. If the polls had just what people deem unworthy, there would be moaning once again.
  15. jespoke

    jespoke Nintendo Stalker

    That is clearly the most likely case
  16. Cldawson

    Cldawson I control Time so ha

    Every week have a set Tier that listing 5 pokemon in a poll and then having people vote so that people would be able to have a vote but you won't do all the good pokemon first. Just have people know what tier that week is so that no one will complain that you have boring pokemon. They will be able to understand.
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2011
  17. Mudkip8003

    Mudkip8003 Well-Known Member

    You guys could switch the tier every week, say it would go Uber, OU, BL, UU, NU. Then people would have something new every week.
  18. Nijaskills

    Nijaskills Well-Known Member

    I agree with the random selection process, but with the 350+ Pokémon (either fully evolved or good enough for lower tiers even though they aren't) that can have reviews, we can last 3.5 years doing 2 pokemon a week. If that isn't too difficult for the developers to write, that could be a viable concept, and would help get more Pokémon reviewed before the generations roll over again. In generation 4, there were around 300 pokemon that could be reviewed, and we only got around to 199 of them before moving over. Doing 2 a week, at least for the time being, would help to get more Pokemon done by the end, and make it less likely for popular/good ones to be missed.
  19. jespoke

    jespoke Nintendo Stalker

    I agree that i missed some of the pokemon i would like covered last gen, but wouldn't it sound weard with "The 2 pokemons of the week"? Then it would even need an name change + it would bring extra work for reno.
  20. ASB

    ASB Weather Team Hater

    What about "This week's featured pokémon"?
    It's better than saying "Pokémon of the three-and-a-half days"
    Either way, I agree with the 2 'mons per week thing, the math works out nicely. You could even do one OU/Uber/BL and one UU/NU per week to give it some variety. It would be a little more work, but not as much as doing one/week last gen was since Reno or whoever compiles the PotW can just copy-paste sets and comments into the PotW section from the PotW discussion thread.

    Wow, the number 3.5 is coming up a lot. 350 pokemon worthy of features, 3.5 years til next gen, 3.5 days per pokemon with 2 pkmn per week.
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