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Regarding our selection process

Discussion in 'POTW Collaboration' started by Serebii, Jan 30, 2011.

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  1. kaiser soze

    kaiser soze Reading ADWD

    Go back and read the 1st post......
  2. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    Oh really?

    Here's the scenario. Your opponent has out a Haxorus, and you a Chandelure. You withdraw Chandelure and send in a level, let's say, 19 Yamask. Haxorus OHKOs Yamask with Outrage and acquires Mummy. Then you send in Slaking. See where this is headed? Ordinarily, Slaking would hit Haxorus on the inevitable switch with Pursuit, acquiring Mummy, but since Haxorus is locked into Outrage and unable to switch out, Slaking instead opts to OHKO with Slash. Either way, the turn ends with Slaking minus Truant and ready to sweep. I know this works, because it's happened to me. And my Slaking wiped out the rest of the opponent's team, FYI. My finest Random Matchup moment.

    Yamask still sound horrible? And before you mention the possibility of Yamask's immunity to Normal and Fighting screwing things up, I have two words to say to that; Ring Target.
  3. kaiser soze

    kaiser soze Reading ADWD

    Sooooooo are you sure Yamask is good when
    a) I can switch out because I can see your plan coming from a mile away, thanks to the fact that it's hard to hide a Yamask and Slaking with Team Preview,
    b) Haxy uses Earthquake (or any one-hit move) instead of Outrage?
    c) You just wasted 33% of your pokemon in that RM?
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2011
  4. Blue Harvest

    Blue Harvest Banned

    That's an interesting strategy. I'm curious how it fares against players who aren't terrible.
  5. Espayeon

    Espayeon New Member

    5th Gen Pokemon

    Would it be possible to do a few 5th gen pokemon for the POTW selection as its coming up to a year soon when BW was released and there isn't many 5th gen ones done yet, it seems a shame that a lot of the new ones are still alien to a lot of people.
  6. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    Like a lot of other strategies, it merely requires a bit of prediction. All I gotta do is predict when a contact move is coming, then bring in Yamask.

    a) When I start to put the plan into action, all it involves is switching in Yamask, Yamask taking the attack and fainting, then me sending out Slaking. This all happens in the span of one turn, so when you realize what's happened, Slaking is in perfect position to Pursuit the opponent's ***.
    b) Giving Chandelure an Air Balloon would alleviate the Earthquake problem. Like I said, it requires prediction.
    c) Hardly a waste, considering Slaking was able to sweep the opponent's team with ease.
  7. kaiser soze

    kaiser soze Reading ADWD

    Team Preview still screws your gimmick against any decent player being rational. Seeing a Mummy user and Slaking on the same team is a pretty obvious strategy, just like Whimsicott+Terrakion. Furthermore, I can still switch out once I see you send out Slaking (even better, I can switch in a Ghost and use your wasted turn for a little setup...). It's a really obvious strategy.

    And you still need your opponent to use a move that makes contact. If your opponent uses Earthquake or 99% of special moves it won't work.

    Read the first post........
  8. girazard

    girazard IT'S A TRAP!!!

    How about if a Pokemon gets a major boon within a generation, it is eligible to be selected by the RNG again? For example in Gen 4, the Scizor POTW was very different to how it was used once it got Superpower and Bug Bite. If such a case happens again I think it is worth it to do a POTW even if the Pokemon has been done before.

    (Obviously this idea doesn't need to be implemented now, but IF Ruby remake/Grey/DW events happen and change a Pokemon significantly, it would be worth reviewing a Pokemon twice)
  9. yanmegy423

    yanmegy423 Litwick-KAWAIIDESU!

    Maybe we could have special 'weeks' like the Eeveelution week. Maybe a week once every couple months to dedicate a certain themed pokemon or type? Eg. Halloween week that has 7 random Ghost type pokemon or Christmas Special where pokemon like Delibird, Abomasnow, Stantler are covered. I'd like to get in the holiday mood with POTW
  10. kal2400

    kal2400 The evolutionofchaos

    Yeah doing Serebii POTW events with the holiday's would be cool.

    What is this whimsicott/Terrakion strategy? I'm véry interested in it.
  11. Missingno. Master

    Missingno. Master Poison-type Trainer

    A strategy for double battles. Whimsicott attacks Terrakion with Beat Up, activating Justified four times, thus increasing Terrakion's Attack by four levels and allowing it to sweep with stuff like Rock Slide.
  12. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    It's even more deadly in Triple Battles

    Put Terrakion in the middle. Whimsicott to one side and say Weasel/Sneasel on the other. Whimsicott uses Tailwind with Prankster which goes first and increases the other team's speed. Weavile/Sneasel uses Beat Up which hits 6 times on Terrakion, increasing Attack 6 stages. Terrakion uses Rock Slide and it destroys
  13. jireh the provider

    jireh the provider Video Game Designer

    So, when will Cinccino be reviewed?
    I wanna know how to use her battle potential in the UU ranks, heck, OU works too. Mine just KO'd a chandelure that was EV and IV trained. Plus, mine is my in game Cinccino too.
  14. Ememew

    Ememew Emerald Mew

    As has been explained, multiple times, such as in the first post of this thread:
    So you'll get a review for Cinccino when the random number generator lands on it. Sorry, but just have patience and read the opening post and a few posts back.
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2011
  15. jireh the provider

    jireh the provider Video Game Designer

    Okay. Got a bit too rush since my thoughts that many online battles are too Victinized by victory that they are using pokes that they even don't want to use in the standard gameplay. I think out of the box you see.
  16. Eliteknight

    Eliteknight S.L.Y.

    I personally beileve we should alternate teirs but still keep the pokemon random then we dont overload on one teir
  17. Palkia98

    Palkia98 Well-Known Member

    id like to see a torterra potw, ill just have to cross my fingers for this one...
  18. Pika ruler

    Pika ruler Pikachu User

    Don't you mean a weavile? A weasel is cool, but that's a furret. :p
  19. Pika ruler

    Pika ruler Pikachu User

    I would like to see a theme like that every holiday too.
  20. ShinyVictini

    ShinyVictini ShinyVictini

    Pick Victini, Darkria or Deoxys
    Because Darkria is the only dark legend of Sinnoh, Deoxys is the best pokemonof Heonn and Victini is the most strongest pixie legendary with V-create by far

    Pokemon Rules............
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