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Regarding Pikachu getting weaker with every episode.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by TheBuddyBud, Sep 2, 2008.

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  1. TheBuddyBud

    TheBuddyBud Well-Known Member

    What's the deal. Isn't Pikachu supposed to be extremely overpowered that it would put the Hulk to shame? I guess Regice was a bootleg legendary. I'm not even gonna mention Paul's elekid since it's obvious fail, and even though people try hard to defend that episode, they know themselves that it is fail. Sho's Raichu... Lt. Surge must have just been an illusion.

    I know I'm thinking too hard about this. And please don't pop out that anime=/=game thing that you all seem to love doing.
  2. i agree 100%! pikachu can take out the kanto elite four, but it cant take out a stupid [insert random pokemon here]. i don't get it, PIKACHU IS LEVEL 100 BASICALLY! and it cant take out a freaking wild aipom. but i suppose that's just the fun of the show.
  3. A-Burrito

    A-Burrito <-- Favourite Shiny

    pikachu should be over lv 100 lol
  4. Gravy

    Gravy Contaminated KFC

    Wa, waa, waaaaaaa.

    Anyway, to quote myself;
  5. midnightmoon

    midnightmoon Banned

    true true. Pikachu was lv 100 maybe since Johto ended. well pikachu's are normally have weak defencse so that could be another sign. or maybe it got weaker since Ash used treeko alot in the hoenn series.

    i have no idea how Ash can lose the championships when he was in Hoenn. he could the the chapion ages ago. *sigh*
  6. mew801

    mew801 Well-Known Member

    i know, but i guess that what keeps the anime going. if pikachu was just winning all the time it wouldnt be fun.
  7. Anime is not the same as the games - it's been said countless times! Why has it been said countless times? Because it's true and explains quite a few questions asked about Pokemon in general.

    'Level 100' does not exist in the anime.

    To say that Pikachu is getting weaker every episode goes against logic - since it battles almost constantly against strong people and Pokemon. It may get 'rusty' and 'tired', but not weaker.

    Besides that, just about any Pokemon can beat any Pokemon with the right strategy in place. Plus other factors such as type advantage/disadvantage.
  8. to clear that up, noticing in the "dungeon" anime, they actually DID mention levels. even blatantly stating how there going up levels. so levels may be in the anime, although only known/realized to the pokemon. and by the way, even if it gets tired or weak. its still very strong and powerful, to the extent where it can ATLEAST beat a beginning trainer such as, paul.
  9. stu770

    stu770 Soul Trainer

    Well I dont know if this is going to be a good idea but what the hey lol
    I have been thinking that maybe the reason that Pikachu cant take out other Pokemon aswell when they swap regions is because of the different Pokemon and the different Tactics and training methods of the trainers.
    Its just a thought and who knows if it is what it is like.
  10. Paul isn't a beginning trainer. He's been through Kanto and Hoenn I believe and someone who owns Pokemon like he does is not a beginning trainer.

    The dungeon anime practically have nothing to do with the main storyline and is an anime adaption of a different Pokemon game.
  11. Gravy

    Gravy Contaminated KFC

    And you're telling me it did not occur to you that Dungeon and the main series are not part of the same canon?

    He's not a begining trainer. Even if you were to miss the episode where this is explained, it should still be obvious considering all the powerful pokémon he owns.
  12. CharizardBlastoise

    CharizardBlastoise Squirtle Power!

    The Anime Writers Don't Want Pikachu To Be Too Strong Otherwise Ash Would Just Win Each Battle Easily Then It Would Be Boring.
  13. KetchupO

    KetchupO tωisted

    That's basically it, and anyone with the slightest shred of common sense would be able to figure it out. -__-

    Also, the Anime doesn't seem to have levels. It's more about the strategy.
  14. midnightmoon

    midnightmoon Banned

    but at a few times Brock meanions "That's one high level pokemon" i don't remeber what episode this came from but i do know Brock dose say this.
  15. TurtwigFan1

    TurtwigFan1 burning it down

    If Pikachu won every battle it would be tremendously boring, because Ash would only use Pikachu instead of Turtwig, Chimchar and Staravia etc. It's just to make the anime more fun! Anyway though, Pikachu is still extremely strong!
  16. KetchupO

    KetchupO tωisted

    Was that also said in the non-dubbed version of that ep?
    Because the dubs have had silly mistakes in them plenty of times~
  17. midnightmoon

    midnightmoon Banned

    this was in the dubbed. he says it a few times.
  18. Rave

    Rave Banned

    Gravy answered the question. Move on.
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