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Regarding the SpamBots


Matt the Drat
Wow, I haven't made a thread on here in ages it seems. :p Anyway...with the recent influx of SpamBots on the server, the following below should be known in order to deal with them and prevent yourselves from being exposed to channels that you probably do not want to be in:

What are SpamBots?
- SpamBots are automated bots created to randomly Private Message you or enter a channel and Spam with annoying messages, or tell you to go to a certain channel.

What do I do if I am messaged by a SpamBot?
- Do not reply back to them. They are not real people so they will not respond back anyway. The best thing to do is to ignore them and go on with the rest of your normal chat activity.

What can I do to prevent these messages?
- The best thing to do is to Register a nickname. To do this, type: "/nick <nickname>". Once you have a nick, (for example "/nick Dratini927"), you should then type this in: "/mode <yournick> +R" After that, anybody that does not have a Registered nick on the network will not be able to Private Message you or send you Notices.

* A REMINDER! * - Do not join #Help to report the SpamBots. The IRC Operators are aware of the issue and do not need a number of people joining and repeating the same things. The better thing to do is to take the advice mentioned above and all will be good. :)

Any other questions regarding the SpamBots, please post them here and we will be happy to assist you. :)
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Bringer Of Death
Yeah they annoy the hell out of me.. Michele is trying to get them zlined though :) So hopefully they'll be gone soon.


loves Rutger
Are they still using the same idents? If +R is too extreme for someone, they could always type /ignore *!ident@* [unless they're not using the same idents now]. *!*@address if they share hostmasks.
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They have different Idents now.

Btw, Apocalypse from the #Help channel is asking from you guys to NOT run to #Help as soon as you get a pm/notice, it's getting annoying. Just PM one of the OPs (i.e. me) and we'll report. Thanks.


loves Rutger
They're using multiple nicks with multiple hosts. Far too hard to /ignore them all. :p

Ah, I figured they were still using the same ident/hostmask, in which case a blanket /ignore would've served .-. *hasn't been on IRC in awhile*