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Shuckle and Smeargle
Hello and welcome to my new team; Regigickle!
The aim of this team is to first of all trick my opponnent into switching using shuckle, then annoying the helll out of them with regigigas, normally until slow start becomes void, and then i own the hell out of everything; without further adue, i'll show you the pokemon inside it.


Lead - Shuckle *shiny =D*
Impish @ leftovers
252 HP/ 128 Def/ 128 SpDef
- Encore
- Safeguard
- Knock Off
- Stealth Rock

Shuckle basically Encores on his first move, no matter what, that makes my oppenent AND me switch the next turn, giving me time to think. Also, sometimes when my opponent is going to switch in tot setup on me, i encore them and i switch to MY setup :)


Regigigas *shiny*
Slow Start
Adamant @ Leftovers
252 Atk/ 252HP/ 6 Def
- Confuse Ray
- Thunder Wave
- Return
- Earthquake

Annoyer, Thunder Wave and Confuse the ray the opponent so they almost never hit, giving regigigas time to get slow start out of the way, or just return/earthquake the opponent to death.


Adamant @ Salac Berry
28 HP/ 252 Atk/ 228 Speed
- Dragon Dance
- Waterfall
- Flail
- Subsitute

Imo, more bulkier than DD Gyarados, this set plays exactly the same, but has the extra addition of suprise, as feraligatr isn't normally used in OU. Normally Subsitute all the time, and when i can DD, then at the end, flail/waterfall and pray not to get hit by a priority move.


Timid @ Lifeorb
4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
- Shadow Ball
- Thunderbolt
- Focus Blast
- Explosion

Classic Gengar, shadow ball for other ghost pokemon, basically covers a large spectrum and allows me to make quick ko's before switching in to my two main sweepers, salamence and metagross.


Naive @ Choice Band
248 Atk / 8 SpA / 252 Spe
- Outrage
- Aqua Tail
- Fire Blast
- Dragon Claw

Choice band sslamence with aroudn 350 speed spells trouble, well it spells CBSWA350, but whatever, again, coveers a large spectrum and kills dragons with ease.


Clear Body
Adamant @ Life Orb
112 HP / 252 Atk / 12 Def / 132 Spe
- Agility
- Meteor Mash
- Earthquake
- Explosion

Main sweeper, mash and dash i like to call it ;p. Predict a switch and agility, then kill my opponent until i HAVE TO EXPLODE. A good addition to the team.

In my team, i am not replacing Shuckle or Regigigas, as that is the purpose of my team, but i am free to suggestions for the rest of the pokemon. Thanks in advance

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Shuckle and Smeargle
cmon, 35 views and no suggestions :( Pweasy


Shuckle and Smeargle
go *Sayin* somewhere else, k thx :)


Wooper = Win
Errr i dont thin anyone will really rate seeing as you dont want to change the major flaw in your team...Regigigas is a pretty awful poke, OHKO by Scizor's Superpower, the most commen Poke in the Metagame, and even if you do get up T-Wave or Confuse Ray chances are Scizor will Attack anyway, BI BI GIGAS, dont use it

/rant over


And a nice chianti
Because the other posters here are bigots who can't rate to save their offspring, in them or not, I will.

Firstly, let's be rational. Shuckle has a base speed of what, five? As a defensive pokemon, he's pretty nice. However, as a lead, he is a lead balloon, outrun by absolutely everything. He'll be Taunted into uselessness and forced to switch. IN other words, Shuckle is as great a lead as Blissey is a CB Sweeper.

Regigigas is fun, I'll agree there, but as far as OU works out, Slow Start is slang for 'Sub-Setup-6-0.' Yes, while after SS wears off after five turns he becomes a scary beast, he's just dead weight until then. If you must use him, the Rock Polish set is best, but you're better off replacing him.

I see where you're going with Feraligatr, but Gyarados is bulky because of Intimidate. Gatr's fun to use, but replace DD with Swords Dance, once Salac activates and you have a dance up you'll be hitting much harder with both moves.

Gengar kills nowt with Timid Explosion. Run HP Ice instead, and beware for Scizor is instant death to the ghost.

Draco Meteor beats Dragon Claw, while Earthquake replaces Aqua Tail. That's what a MixMence looks like.

Metagross is fine.

As you state you are not replacing Shuckle or Regigigas, your loss, but if you must keep one, then ditch Regi and replace him with a lead like Azelf or Jirachi, as Shuckle leads have a record loss of 100% against anything and everything.