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Regional HA + Other Ball Forms are Breedable

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I'm posting this as a friend told me it was listed Meowth-K HA was unavailable, this isn't true.

You're able to breed HA Female Galarian Meowth with Male Kantonian Meowth (via ingame trade, the one you get is Female, but as we know from USUM giving a Regional Form an Everstone breeds down the form no matter the region)

Your Pokeball on the G. Meowth will potentially pass over to K. Meowth, due to same species, this also means that HA can pass aswell. This is applicable to Yamask and Mr Mime aswell, as we have their regional forms available as ingame trades.

The Pokemon will only pass over HA/Pokeball regarding these species IF they're the same evolution, Persian + G Meowth will not work, for example, but K Meowth + G Meowth will.

Thank you for taking your time, and I hope this reaches Serebii so he can add this info to the pages! Enjoy!


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Locking this as there's already a thread about this in the Sword and Shield section.
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