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Regional Variants/Alolan Forms Discussion Thread

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danger chili pepper
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This thread was created to separate the discussion of Regional Variants of old Pokémon from the New Pokémon Discussion and Speculation thread, which is for new Gen 7 Pokémon.

Feel free to discuss the new Alolan variants, and speculate on the possible new variants that might appear on the game.

All forum rules apply.


So I believe there is speculation for a Water typed Arcanine and pretty strong evidence for Fire Marowak (personally think it will be based off a flame dancer). I think they will be Gen 1 limited, mainly because I think the connection between the re-release of the old red/blue versions will be used to transfer over the original variations of the pokemon.


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I really like Alolan Exeggutor a lot because of its true origins being from tropical area like Alola and how it's Dragon typing comes from the Madagascar Dragon tree I believe. Alolan Vulpix/Sandshrew are also pretty well done too imo.

I do hope the Dark type Alolan Rattata rumor ends up being true. It would go great with Gumshoos's detective-based design.

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Old Pokémon getting new forms depending on the environment and/or other changes is really welcome. Out of all Alolan forms revealed so far, I really dig the Vulpix and Sandshrew line, especially the former. The Exeguttor... 7.8/10 Too much height :p

My only wish is that this mechanic isn't limited to just Gen I Pokémon but also include Pokémon from other gens. Alolan variants I want to see include the Water Charmander line and the teased Fire Marowak.

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danger chili pepper
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I am one of the people who think that Pokemon that already received Megas have very slim chance (to none) of getting Alolan variants.


I am one of the people who think that Pokemon that already received Megas have very slim chance (to none) of getting Alolan variants.
If by #GiveOthersAChance you mean give non-gen 1 Pokemon an Alola variant too i'm right there with you.


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I'd love to see some of the alternate pokemon from the anime (pink butterfree, crystal onix, etc) finally be acknowledged in the games with Alolan forms. We now know that Alolan Exeggutor is an old design from some 1997 box art so it could happen.

Some Alolan forms I'd like to see
Pink Butterfree - bug/psychic
Crystal Onix - fairy/ground
Sunflora - grass/fire - the extra sun should make it grow larger petals that are orange instead of yellow. Not a major redesign.
Flygon - bug/dragon
Golduck - water/psychic or water/fighting


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One leak mentioned a pidove, so it's possible. I do think the majority will be gen 1 mons though.

There is also the rumors that we are gonna see things like arboks different region patterns. That would be super cool in my opinion :D
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Loving the Aholan Vuplix. Remember playing GPX+ back in the day, and they had a novelty Winter Vuplix fakemon. Virtually the same thing. Always wished GF would put something like that in the game, and now they have. Talk about fan-service :p


"Orange" Magical Girl
If by #GiveOthersAChance you mean give non-gen 1 Pokemon an Alola variant too i'm right there with you.

And even then, at least they're doing the more underappreciated Kanto Pokemon (although Ninetales is one of the more loved Fire types). That said, it would be pretty funny to see the Abra line become Fighting because it went brawn over brain to adapt to Alola's climate or whatever and would wield forks over spoons.
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I can't believe I didn't think of the crystal onix. That would be too awesome XD (maybe like, fairy type? With something else? Like ice/fairy? Would make for a lot of ice forms XD).

I'd be really curious to hear the water growlithe explanation. Maybe it was pushed out by native Mon? Or it had to develop to combat forest fires? I could see water growlithe being a fire fighter mascot in the same way fire-growlithe is the police mascot.


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I am one of the people who think that Pokemon that already received Megas have very slim chance (to none) of getting Alolan variants.

I don't think it'd make sense for them to give pokemon with megas also variations too, but you never know.

I would say that they probably wouldn't do it, but then the Abra line being mentioned is what sticks out. Not sure why it would become a fighting type or anything, and not sure if it'd just have the same mega as normal alakazam or maybe not be capable of mega evolution in the alolan form? That'd make the most sense since it's not the same kind of Alakazam so it shouldn't be able to go further into megaevolution the same as it. just my opinion though.

I can't wait to see what other kind of variations there willbe. The leak mentioned that each gen will get them. If Sunflora isn't given a mega evolution, it should at least have a variation that is grass/fire. I'm just dying for that typing! Also bug psychic butterfree would be super wanted.

edit: greninja'd on sunflora

Trainer Yusuf

My guess is that Alolan Variants will be limited to Kanto species that has not gained any cross-generational evolutions and pre-evolutions, new typings, or forms, or appeared in a previous trailer. These would be:

1. Omanyte
2. Ekans

3. Nidorans

4. Koffing

5. Venonat

6. Diglett

7. Bellsprout

8. Geodude

9. Tentacool

10. Ponyta

11. Farfetch'd

12. Doduo

13. Seel

14. Kabuto

Arcanine and Butterfree both appeared in previous trailers, before anybody posts the Pokéjungle rumors.


1. Marowak is not listed because it is mentioned. We don't know if it is an Alolan variation or not.

2.This is meant to be a guideline, and it will be updated according to new appearances. My personal speculation within this list is something different.

Edit 2: Replaced Starmie with Goldeen.

Edit 3: Replaced Drowzee with Hypno.

Edit 4: Replaced Shellder with Cloyster.

Edit 5: Replaced Rattata with Goldeen, removed Rattata line.

Edit 6: Replaced Ditto with Staryu, removed Ditto.

Edit 7: Removed Starmie and Hypno.

Edit 8: Removed Cloyster and Paras.

Edit 9: Removed Goldeen.

Edit 10: Removed Grimer.
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These Regional Variants are wonderful and really change the game. Obviously not every old gen Pokemon will get a variant. Pikachu styed the same. Then again, Pikachu is Pikachu. And here's that ghost fairy thing. Anyway, I hope there's only a few variants in the game. 5-7 would be cool for a start.


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Ah! I was hoping such a thread might be made.

Since we've got two version exclusives (both Blue, I think...?) in Vulpix and Sandshrew, I'm hoping their counterparts (although I don't know if this is official, or just in my head), Ekans and Growlithe, get Alolan Forms.

Growlithe is already covered by the alleged leak, so I won't speculate about that too much. But Ekans? I could see it becoming Dark, Ground (becoming a non-poisonous snake?), or even Steel (if GF / TPC wanted to make a robo-snake mon).

I'd like to see this offered to Pokémon beyond Gen I, but have a bad feeling that it won't.

Gen I hopes:
Dark Rattata
A Venomoth-looking Butterfee and Butterfree-looking Venomoth (to laugh about how they got put in the wrong way around). Bug/Poison and Bug/Psychic?
Water/Psychic Golduck
Dark Mankey
Something with Ponyta
A Shellder line that looks more like Slowbro's tail. Water/Rock, maybe?
Fighting Chansey (plz)
Fire Horsea


Alolan (and soon to be Galarian) trainer
This would make a great Water-type Pikachu.

... Ok but seriously:

Gen 1- Crystal Onix (Rock/Ice or Rock/Water or something), Bug/Psychic Butter Free (pink), Water/Dragon Gyarados
Gen 2- Bug/Fighting Ledian (not sure how it'd differ appearance wise, tho)
Gen 5- Steel/Dragon Hydreigon (based off its original concept, would love its type changing lore to be centered around Fairies that kept wrecking them)


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I'd be kind of surprised if Pikachu didn't get a variant. It would be an easy way to cash in on the mascot. I've heard some great theories....such as blue Pikachu from the 2016 Great Pikachu detective game being a variant (to explain surfing Pikachu). They could make it so in order to adapt, Pikachu had to like surf to the new islands and became water type.

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Assuming the Alolan forms have the same base stats as their regular forms, what would be the best way to move the stats around to make them useful? My main concern is Ninetales, who now needs Speed and Special Attack more than ever. It now has so many weaknesses that there would really be little reason to keep its decent defenses and it really has never had a use for its Attack stat. Perhaps:

HP: 73
Attack: 50
Defense: 70
Special Attack: 112
Special Defense: 75
Speed: 120

And of course we need either Snow Cloak improved or a great hidden ability. Most would predict Snow Warning, and that does seem most likely.
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If the rumor about Alolan Abra line being Fighting type is true, i guess Alolan Alakazam might look like those Chinese Martial Arts masters, something similar to the concept from this image

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