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Regional Variants/Alolan Forms Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Generation VII Discussion' started by Wulava, Aug 2, 2016.

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  1. Fairy Queen

    Fairy Queen Lover of the Fairy type

    Will Alola forms be able to pass moves to regular forms and vice versa? For example:

    Alola Exeggutor learns Flamethrower, Kanto Exeggutor doesn't. Is it possible to get a Kanto/Regular Exeggutor with Flamethrower?
  2. Nimajneb

    Nimajneb Member

    Soooo....I'm straying off topic here from the Diglet/Dugtrio debate because I really don't care. I won't be using them.

    But I thought of a cool Alolan Form (which I know they didn't think of based on spoiler, but I thought I'd share.)

    Grass/Water Poliwag/Poliwhirl/Poliwrath. Wouldn't Poliwag be adorable with a big leaf tail!

    They adaptation to Grass could be that when they arrived at Alola, they were curious about the Alolan cultures and ventured onto land to live among the people. Over time they began to change to adapt to the surroudings of the nature. They still return to the water from time to time, but spend a lot of time with the people on land.

    A new ability could be something like "Morning Dew""Green Thumb" which I made up. At the start of the battle Poliwag plants some grass/vines/flowers around their enemy and then makes it rain. Each turn thereafter the plants start to grow and as a result absobs HP from the enemy while at the same time lowering the enemy's speed as the plants make it more difficult for them to move. However, if at any time the weather changes, like hail, sunlight, sandstorm, etc, the effects stop.

    I think it would be pretty darn awesome!
  3. sketchersmeargle

    sketchersmeargle Well-Known Member

    No, because any Eggsecute bred from an Alolan Exeggutor to get flamethrower, even if it had an Kanto Exeggutor mother, will turn into its Alola Form using a leaf stone
  4. raichu27

    raichu27 Well-Known Member

    I notice Alolan Marowak, a Ghost/Fire type can learn Ice Beam and Blizzard! lol
  5. Orphalesion

    Orphalesion Well-Known Member

    So now that all Alolan forms are foocially out there what do people think of them? Can we know officially talk about them?

    my thoughts:

    Alolan Vulpix/Nintales: Easily my favorite form, because 1)it's my favorite Kanto Pokemon 2) arctic foxes are a thing 3) it looks absolutely beautiful and 4) it, together with A Exeggutor illustrates the concept of adaption to a new environment the best. The addition of the fairy type is simply marvellous and although I still hope we get a completely original Fairy/Ice type in the future, I'm happy it's there. It will most likely be the only Alolan form I'm gonna use.

    Alolan Sandshrew/Sandslash: Sandshrew is a cute little igloo thing! And Sandslash looks simply cool with those ice spikes on its back. The addition of the steel type is interesting.

    Alolan Exeggutor: I LOVE it, it is the perfect mixture of goofy, deranged, cool and creepy, I love it's long neck and the lore that it is actually the original form of Exeggutor and the more northern forms are just stunted exemplars, it plays of nicely with a real world phenomena. For example the Palm trees in southern Queensland don't grow as well as they would up in the tropics. The dragon typing is a bit meh (yes, I know the Dragon Palm thing, don't care) but I'm not bothered by it. This is the other Alolan form I might use, especially since of the new Grass types I only really like the Morelull line and I ready have three fairy types on my team.

    Those three were the initially released Alolan forms, and I think they were chosen for a reason; they (and A Marowak, which was released shortly after) are the Alolan forms that are the most marketable to a broad audience. A lot of the other A. forms look very goofy which causes a "love it or hate it" reaction for many.

    A. Marowak: I like it's lore and the flaming torches...but it kinda looks underfed... like I seriously want to wrap it in a blanket and feed until it gains a few pounds. I love the Fire/Ghost typing, however and the link to both Hawaiian mythology and the Marowak Ghost in gen 1. Here I just like the original Pokemon better than the variant.

    A. Meowth and A. Persian: I think I have said often enough that I think A. Meowth is the laziest Alolan form (and that I'm looking forward to the Anime episode where Mewoth from Team Rocket impersonates a Alolan Meowth simply by being painted purple by Jessie and James) and I have also said that I think Alolan Persian looks simply too goofy for my taste (like something out of a 70s anime) I'm already not a fan of regular Meowith and Persian, so I'm not sure if there would have been a way to make me excited about A.Meowth.
    I do however like the lore and it is fairly reminiscent of real world events, it especially reminds me of the way Pekineses were bred (and Pekinese WOULD be dark type as well if they were Pokemon)

    A. Grimer and A. Muk: Grimer and Muk are probably my least favorite Pokemon of all generations. A. Grimer is...simply disgusting...I absolutely hate the golden drool coming from it's mouth (I have a strong aversion to drool irl) and I hate the silly looking teeth. Alolan Muk...actually looks pretty cool with its psychedelic colours (and some people have told me the colours shift ingame, even better) It's actually an improvement over original Muk imho. I also like the lore about why it was brought to Alola and how it developed. I just wish they would have chosen a different Pokemon than Grimer and Muk.

    A.Raichu: I'm glad Raichu gets love and like the electronic surfer idea it has going on. However, the reason I prefer Raichu over Pikachu is that Raichu looks quite a bit more fierce...A.Raichu however is about as fierce as a cupcake. So yeah...not my cup of tea. However with its surfer stance and the Psychic type I can't help but think there's a pun about "surfing the net" somewhere in there, and I like that.

    A.Diglet and A.Dugtrio: I think I have b***ed enough about it. Fact is regular Dugtrio (or rather "Three angry Diglett next to each other") is right next to Voltorb and Muk on my personal "least favourite Pokemon" list, so Alolan Diglet would have had to be absolutely amazing to win me over. Instead we got a thing with a silly cowlick and three things with silly 80s hair. No lore behind it can make that (in my eyes) atrocious design palatable to me.

    A. Ratata and A. Raticate: Fun fact, aside from filling out those two spots in the Pokedex, I have never used Ratata or Raticate, I'm just not a fan of regional rodents. Now I like the idea of making the street rats and that causing them to become dark types. And I like that A. Ratata is black instead of purple. A. Raticate however... I mean regular Raticate is already uglay but this... it looks like a Pokemon version of Robert DeNiro in the Godfather...I know that that is the point, but it's still not very pleasing to my eyes... pass...

    [SPOIL] Alolan Geodude, Graveller and Golem: Yikes... well, regular Geodude is one of those Pokemon I don't actively dislike, but also don't really care for. This version... God is that ugly... I notice a "classical anime design" theme running through those Alolan forms I don't like. Also, Golem, Golem why are you Rock/Electric? So that you can OHKO me with ground types easier, dear(unless I have sturdy).

    I'm still saying Mr.Mime has horns styled after a traditional harlequin's head. I would link a picture, but you should never image search anything that has the word "harlequin" in it....never trust me on that. Also Aromatisse doesn't have pigtails, it has horns.
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2016
  6. Voltric

    Voltric New Member

    Hey does anyone here know how to get Alolan Marowak? Does it evolve just like a regular Cubone at lvl 28 or is there something special that I need to do?
  7. Grey Wind

    Grey Wind Only rescues maidens

    I think the concept is interesting (although initially I disliked it), but the execution was... middling. It's a clever way to make older Pokemon relevant again while mimicking real evolution, but a lot of the forms they introduced felt kind of lazy. I'm also disappointed in the lack of them. I wasn't expecting many, but the ~10 families that we got seems like very little and it should have been expanded beyond Kanto 'mons.

    As for the forms themselves, I love Raichu, Ninetales and Marowak. The reasoning behind Raichu's was undoubtedly lazy, but it's hilarious and its design is adorable (and it's about time Raichu got some love). Ninetales always had a great design and the Ice/Fairy typing really added to the ethereal vibe it has going on. The basis for Marowak's form is awesome, as is its typing, and it's one of the few that they did a good job of revamping in an interesting way. I also have a huge soft spot for Exeggutor. It's just so goofy looking.

    I'm pretty indifferent to Sandlash and Golem's forms but I appreciate them. The rest are all fairly meh to me. I don't really care about Raticate or Muk, and Persian and Dugtrio are way to bizarre for me to like. I wish they'd cut back on the goofy, what-if-this-Pokemon-had-a-wig/giant neck/giant face thing a little bit and gone for more changes like Ninetales or Marowak.
  8. Zoruagible

    Zoruagible Lover of underrated characters

    I'm surprised how early the game threw Alolan forms at us. Granted it was Meowth and Diglet, the weaker ones.
    I just can't wait to get to Vulpix and Geodude

    It evolves at night. Forget what level but I remember it evolves at night when at a certain level from leaks
  9. redchesus

    redchesus Jade Star Trainer

    I like the idea of regional variants, but I would say it wasn't totally flushed out in Alola. Fun idea: what if they were different (but related) Pokemon, what would their names be?

    Rattatak (beta name, Rattata + attack)
    Raticaper (Raticate + caper, seems like he's a crime boss to rival Gumshoos who's a detective)
    Psychu (Psychic Raichu, duh)
    Snowshrew, Snowslash (easy)
    Vulpice, Frostales or Fairytails (of course)
    Meowzi (Meowth + Nazi, it's Dark type, lol, I'm kind of kidding on this one)
    Persnikity (Persian + persnickety + kitty)
    Diodude (diode + Geodude) or Geoduct (Geodude + conduct)
    Gravelamp (Graveler + amp)
    Geowatt (stolen from German name, geo + watt)
    Slimer (it's green!)
    Sluj (sludge misspelled, like muck misspelled)
    Exeggutive (Exeggutor + executive)
    Cublaze (Cubone + blaze, there should have been a Fire-type Alolan Cubone)
    Flarowak (flare + Marowak)

    Can't think of anything for Diglett or Dugtrio, they're lame anyway
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2016
  10. DarthEnderX

    DarthEnderX Member

    So...I hate Alolan Forms.

    I've always been a "catch 'em all" person. I like owning one of every Pokemon. Having my PC/Bank boxed labeled with the Pokedex number range of the 30 Pokemon inside them. Every box is 30 numbers. These boxes are functionally a recreation of the National Pokedex itself.

    Alolan Forms take a huge **** all over that.

    These things are functionally completely new Pokemon. They look different. They have completely different moves. And they're even different TYPES. But because Nintendo thought it would be cute to give them old names, they also share Pokedex numbers with the old versions. Meaning these new Pokemon don't have their own entries in the National Pokedex.

    So now, I'm just going to have to have this separate box where I dump all these Alolan form Pokemon that's not with the rest of my Pokedex Collection.

    It's the reason I never liked Mega Evolutions either. New Pokemon evolutions that don't get their own Pokedex entries and you functionally can't even collect, because you can't put the Mega stones in the Pokemon Bank.
  11. clbgolden12

    clbgolden12 Alolan (and soon to be Galarian) trainer

    Actually, I'm (pretty sure) that Alola forms and now Mega evos have Dex entries now.
  12. DarthEnderX

    DarthEnderX Member

    That's cool to hear, but if they don't get separate Pokedex # than it still sucks for sorting...
  13. cl94

    cl94 Well-Known Member

    I found Alolan Dugtrio to be quite useful. Really good against rock types if you started with Litten.

    Alolan forms do have separate Dex entries. The Dex even states "Alolan Form" for the Alola ones.
  14. Bowlbasaur

    Bowlbasaur Well-Known Member

    I adore Alolan Dugtrio. Granted I was planning on using him from the beginning, but he's already gotten me out of a couple tight spots.
  15. Mr.FusRoDah

    Mr.FusRoDah Well-Known Member

    I wonder what the odds are of a non alolan form Pokemon to be born from alolan parents.
  16. BlazingRagnarok

    BlazingRagnarok Well-Known Member

    Zilch. You'd need a transferred Kanto form pokemon to hold an everstone to breed non-Alolan form pokemon.
  17. Hyokaze

    Hyokaze Member

    It also needs to be nighttime in-game as well as Lvl 28.
  18. Hokutonoken

    Hokutonoken Active Member

    My favorites so far have been Muk and Exeggutor! I hope if we get a sun and moon 2 we get even more Alola forms.
  19. Bowlbasaur

    Bowlbasaur Well-Known Member

    Those were my favorite too! And I agree, I would love to see more Alolan forms. I liked the idea for fire type Koffing/Weezing that were in one of the fake leaks.
  20. swag0nite

    swag0nite New Member

    to be honest the only alolan form i'm really fussed about is vulpix/ninetails

    rattata/raticate are decent too, but the others i can take them or leave them
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