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Rejected: Ashes of a Dying Evil (Sign-up thread)


Eternally hating D/P
OFF: Well... I'm attempting to create a new RPG there. I hope this will interest people... signing-up is open to everyone and if you feel like posting comments and suggestions... then know that they are welcome.

ANNOUNCEMENT: The RPG has begun!... but know that sign-ups are still accepted! For those who are interested in the RPG and want to knows what has happened so far... here is a link to the RPG thread:



=Main plot=

Pokemon... Pokemon trainers...

For millennias, humans stood as the only conscious specie on the surface of the world, the Legendary Pokemon being their only conscious companions.

Capturing and using Pokemon, humans evolved and grew powerful... but from contact with humans, a desire to live like humans grew in Pokemon... and the Pokemon, who had remained soulless animals for millions of years, awakened...

Thus... the "Great Awakening" happened and life on the surface of the world was changed forever.

The Pokemon slowly begun to think by themselves while humans begun to slowly become aware that Pokemon were no longer just machines of flesh... and then, a new kind of relationship begun between human and Pokemon as the two were about to become equals...

... But disaster struck. The Evil One, which had been feeding on the slavery, intolerance, and suffering of Pokemon, found it's source of nourishment cut off... and the Evil One spreaded the vile Poison.

The Poison consumed the souls of human and Pokemon alike... and the world was almost destroyed as humans and Pokemon were stuck in an endless cycle of death and suffering... and as the comet of the End of the World approached the world...

Then, in the end, a mysterious force made of unknown heroes led by artifacts know as the memory spheres destroyed the Poison, the comet, and the Evil One itself.

This day, time stood still as a fatal wound was dealt to the force know as "Evil". Freed from their curse, humans and Pokemon begun to rebuild the ruined world... and soon, the world returned to it's former beauty and harmony.

Although the majority of Pokemon are not ready for conscious lives and still continue to exist as wild Pokemon, humans are no longer alone.

Mews... Lugias... Deoxys... Celebis... Dittos...

Humans now share the world with five other species, living in harmony with them... but the harmony did not last.

Evil, although fatally wounded, still course the world. The dying Evil sparked it's final sparks of evil, selfish ambitions and hatred within the hearts of humans and the new species...

The new species, unable to forgive humanity for having being the puppets of the Poison during the Cataclysm and for the slavery of ages old of Pokemon training, tensions grew...

... and now, war seems inevitable. The forces are gathering on each side...

The final war is approaching... and humanity shall once again fight for survival if it has to have any chance of being a part of the new world...

Thus, a new chapter in the history of the Pokemon World unfolds...


-general rules-
-You can only post about your own character's actions or about actions that the other characters already performed ; no controlling of other players' characters (in short, NO BUNNYING!)

-Use common sense. Your character isn't an uber super duper god (no god-modding).

-No spam (I frown on 1-line posts. Try and do more if possible)

-You cannot do "end of the world" posts (buildings exploding, entire places burning up, planet reduced to cosmic dust, dimensional anomaly swallowing reality, stuff like that. Leave that kind of stuff to me)

-owned Pokemon-
-Pokemon are counted as actual party members and thus, sign-up sheets are needed for each individual Pokemon.

-No Pokebots ; give a full background story and personality to owned Pokemon.

-Pokemon do not evolve so quickly ; try to keep your Pokemon from evolving too quickly, using common sense as for when Pokemon would evolve.

-Learning moves is subject to the same limitations as above ; a Charmander can't learn Flamethrower after merely two battles, right?

-Pokemon does not disappear if the trainer character dies. If the trainer bites the dust, his/her Pokemon will become free Pokemon and will be controlled normally as if they were trainer characters... except that they will have some obvious (and very severe) disadvantages.

-Shadow Pokemon cannot gain levels and use TMs/HMs unless they are "Demons"... but remember that Demons can NEVER be purified while Shadow Pokemon can.

-in-battle rules-
-You are NOT limited only to your technical machine/learned moves. If you are creative, you can try mixing moves (keep within reason) or do combos (again, keep within reason). Also, everyone can do basic attacks such as punching and kicking (although the technical machine versions are usually much stronger). If you have lots of creative juice (and once again, keep it within reason), you can try mixing basic attacks and learned moves together to form huge combos.

-If your moves affect characters not under your control in any way, form, or shape... then you may NOT decide if your move affects the other characters ; in short, you can only decide if the move succeeds or fails on your character and this, even when performing combos (in short, execute your moves... but NEVER assume they work).

-Each turn, you have the right to do two moves ; your first move is your character's reaction to the opponent's move last turn (evasive maneuver, counter-attack, block, or just simply whining after being hit). Your second move is your actual action for the turn (attack, reposition, taunt, charging up for an attack).

-You may ONLY control your own character. Controlling the allies and enemies is TOTALLY forbidden in any way, form, or shape. (In short, NO BUNNYING)

-Use common sense ; powerful moves and complicated combos require a preparation of some sort (may it be taking aim, charging up, reloading your firearm).

-Preparing for an attack COUNTS AS AN ACTION. You cannot charge up a move and unleash it in a single turn.

-You may NOT ignore incoming attacks. Ignored attacks will be counted as if your character was hit (and may result in loss of energy as such).

-Once again, use common sense ; everyone does mistakes and your character will take hits once in a while. In short... NO MIRACULOUS DODGING.

-In my posts, I will usually give hints regarding how tough an attack is to avoid. Dodging a particularly extremely hard to dodge attack must be followed by a self-induced penalty ; jumping out of the way of a gigantic beam-o-death may cause your character to fall down and slide on his stomach for a while, being unable to act for the turn and skipping it or, he may evade the attack half-way and thus do a successful evade and still act... but still suffer damage (although the damage is halved varying on how successful the dodge has been).

-Normal rules about Godmod attacks do NOT apply here ; use Instant-Death techs to your heart content. Be wary however that Instant-Death won't work on most Boss characters ; you'll have to beat them the old fashioned way.

-Once your character's Life Force meter reach 0, your character's status will be displayed as "FATAL" (as in "Fatal Injury"). This means that your next post is the character's final turn; you must describe what is the character's last action before dying/fainting (could be a rant, a final desesperate attack, or you could simply describe how your character simply fell down instantly, not saying a word as he was defeated).

-You are the only one who can kill off your own characters ; whenever your character's Life Force reach 0, decide whenever it faints (will revive at end of battle) or dies (kicked off the RPG). You cannot kill off other players' characters and they cannot kill your character ; people can only kill characters they own.

-If all player characters dies (dies, not faint), the RPG ends. If a lone character or all party members of a group faints in battle, they will either be captured or simply brought back to the last "save spot" for revival and from there, the story will continue. In short, you can retry as often as you want should your characters run into an obstacle they could not overcome or a trap they did not seen the first time.


Welcome to "Rejected: Ashes of a Dying Evil". In this RPG, you take the control of a person in the year 5201 AD, more than three thousands years after the adventures of Ash Ketchum and two thousands years after the Cataclysm which shook the foundations of the world.

But first... before you start creating your character, here is the basic form for your sign-up sheet:

Name: Your name, DUH!

Specie: Humans aren't the only characters you can play as. (available species detailed in last section. If you want a special specie, PM me) If your character is a Shadow or a Demon, you should specify it too.

Age: Very important. Minimum and maximum age for each specie is detailed later. To be a child, teenager, or adult has it's own advantages and disadvantages.

Gender: Male or female. A minor detail for some species, major for others.

Description: Specific details about your character's appearance such as changes in some body parts, visible handicaps, clothes, e.t.c.

Personality: How do your character act in life? when confronted to danger? when confronted to stress? when meeting new people? e.t.c.

Background: Why are you here? Through which path did your character got through to get there?

Base Element: Your character's elemental affinity. Determine strengths and weaknesses.

Technical Pool: The Pokemon Moves that your character knows. Acts as your special attacks so you can choose fairly powerful ones... although keep it logical and no uber moves (your character can't start with Thunder, Blizzard, Overheat, Protect, that kind of thing). No Shadow moves allowed unless your character is a Shadow or a Demon. Limit of 4 moves for the beginning of the RPG.

Owned Pokemon: If your character is a Pokemon trainer... then specify which Pokemon he/she owns.

Now on to the sign-up sheet for owned/free Pokemon...

Name: The Pokemon's name.

Nickname: To what the Pokemon was renamed after being caught.

Specie: While the story takes place 3000 years after Ash's journey, all 386 (or so) species are still alive and kicking... and as such, as long as you make it reasonable, you can use any Pokemon that is not a Legendary Pokemon and has about the power of a starter Pokemon (which means that your character should start off at a non-evolved state). There are new species... but for spoiler purposes, they shall not be mentionned there. If you want your owned/free Pokemon characters to be of a custom specie, PM me and I'll approve/disapprove it.

Age: Pokemon's age. Keep in mind that most Pokemon become mature at one year and have a maximum longevity of twenty years.

Gender: Male or female. DUH!

Description: Specific details about your character's appearance such as changes in some body parts, visible handicaps, e.t.c.

Personality: How do the Pokemon act in life? when confronted to danger? when confronted to stress? when meeting new people? e.t.c.

Background: What kind of childhood the Pokemon had? What is his/her ambitions and dreams? How did the Pokemon got caught? Any kind of events he/she went through with the trainer before reaching the beginning of the event that trigger the beginning of this RPG?

Base Element: Your character's elemental affinity. Determine strengths and weaknesses. Must specify primary and secondary according to Pokedex. Must also specify if the character is a good old, plain regular Pokemon, a Shiny, or a Shadow Pokemon.

Technical Pool: The Pokemon Moves that your Pokemon knows. Acts as it's special attacks so you can choose fairly powerful ones... although keep it logical and no uber moves (your character can't start with Thunder, Blizzard, Overheat, Protect, that kind of thing). No Shadow moves allowed unless your character is a Shadow or a Demon. Limit of 4 moves for the beginning of the RPG.

=Available species=
Default Description: Extremely tall furless Pokemon (some adults can reach two meters in height). Eye color is usually blue or brown. Five-fingered hands have extremely strong grip and opposable thumbs allow for high level of precision. Legs and arms are semi-strong. Has no tail. Usually has colored fur (hair) on the head. Has small, strange shaped ears on the sides of the head and a triangular nose.

Common Element: Normal

Technical Pool: N/A (but has access to ALL non-unique moves once Technical Fusion has been activated)

Personality guidelines: Humans are the dominant specie of the Pokemon World and act as such ; they have a burning ambition, lots of survival will, and a sharp, well-developed intelligence. Having learnt to live in societies and work together to overcome their physical limitations, humans balance their ambition with a strong sense of loyalty and friendship. Humans are also, unfortunately, know for their chaotic and unpredictable nature ; sometimes, in the face of bad odds, their survival will may make them do evil stuff... and humans can very easily get addicted to power, becoming greedy and power-hungry.

Background story: Ever since their beginning, Humans, the Pokemon specie number zero, were always pushed around by all other Pokemon. Very weak physically, the Humans were Psychic Pokemon... but were too weak to defend against their natural foes. Instead of disappearing, Humans were forced by their brutal and dangerous lives to evolve in a drastically different way from other Pokemon.

Humans increased their intelligence, trading Psychic powers and element for the ability to think more clearly. Their intelligence mixing to their feelings, the Humans begun to unite into small groups to survive... and later into larger groups... and then larger ones... and then larger ones... all this while, their intelligence increased and their last powers, becoming obsolete by the increased use of primitive tools, disappeared.

Quickly, the Humans passed from easy prey for even the smallest predator Pokemon to high-ranked predators themselves... and as they begun to build their first civilization, Humans evolved beyond anything the other Pokemon had ever seen. The Humans begun to modify their tools and build homes, relying on their all-new creation, Technology, rather than the magical natural powers...

Once they stood on top of the food chain, the evolution of Humans speeded up to a frighteningly quick pace. Quickly enough, they mastered the use of various tools and even begun building their own. Humans progressively lost all final traces of their former wild Pokemon selves as they became something else. The Humans, no longer threatened by any foe, multiplied quickly and flooded the planet, spreading their civilization everywhere.

For millennias, Humans continued to develop... and evolved to such a point that they begun to grasp the very nature of the Pokemon World, creating machines of incredible complexity to explore places which no Pokemon could ever dream of exploring... and eventually, their power became so great that the Legendary Pokemon acknowledged their position as the dominant specie of the world and probable equals.

Unfortunately, Humans, in their evolution, forgot about their origin and a general sense of arrogance developed around them. No longer considering themselves Pokemon, humans seen the other species, which had continued to act like animals, as nothing more than living tools... and the invention of the Pokeball turned the situation even worse, humans beginning to enslave all species and even beginning to consider the Legendary Pokemon as nothing but potential slaves.

This situation remained for a long time, the Legendary Pokemon remaining silent and watching... until the day came that the situation begun to change as a silent, mysterious evolution befell the entire Pokemon World. It all begun when a sole trained Pokemon who had been released from his trainer went back to the wild to tell of the wonders of human civilization... and the "Great Awakening" of the entire Pokemon World begun, humans no longer having a monopole over consciousness.

However, Pokemon were not ready to join Humans in civilization... and Humans knew nothing of the Awakening, still treating Pokemon as tools. However, the changes slowly appeared... Humans slowly realized that Pokemon had changed... that they now understood them completely and seemed less and less bound to their instincts...

No intervention from the Legendary Pokemon had been needed. The Humans fixed their own problem by themselves. Man-made problem... man-made solution... or so it should have been.

The Great Cataclysm, which caused the appearance of the dreaded Poison, struck the entire world. Humans went in a beserk-like state, their ambition consuming them while Pokemon lost their free wills, bound to a system of cruel, meaningless "Holy" Laws that favored body over soul. The world was thrown into chaos and war raged.

The Legendary Pokemon tried to intervene... but they were too late. The Poison had been quick and the wounds in humanity and Pokemon were deep... and the Legendary Pokemon were easily defeated and enslaved.

The sky turned blood-red as the Comet of Emptiness, the Bringer of the End of the World, came close... the Apocalypse was at hand... but in the end, a mysterious force made up of unknown heroes led by the memory spheres somehow destroyed the Poison and went into deep space, destroying the comet and destroyed the Evil One, the very one who had been manipulating behind the scenes to bring about this horrible war.

Thus, the new era begins... Humanity no longer stands as the sole civilization for with the end of the Poison, many new species, made of the offsprings of Legendary Pokemon, rose. Evil has finally been purged from humans and they stand purified, kindness and reason once more directing them instead of blind ambition.

Although peace reigns for now, Evil die hard. Although the humans composing it changed, the Pokemon League still see Pokemon as nothing as tools which angers the new allies and former slaves... and it seems like, despite their efforts, Humans shall be soon forced to fight once again for their survival...

Other details: Humans have evolved since the times of the Cataclysm... and as such, with the discovery of Humans actually being Pokemon themselves, many finds were made. Humans are no longer entirely dependant on Pokemon. Through the use of special Technical Machines (the Fusion Machines), Humans can acquire the elemental essence of deceased Pokemon and use it to awaken and maintain their own, long forgotten powers. Those powers vary with the individual and the attacks each specie member can learn vary on their element (which awakens only when their powers are awakened by a Fusion Machine).

Humans are weak in the way that without a constant feeding of elemental energy, they will not have access to their powers and will have diminished speed and reflexes, becoming unable to fight on their own. They balance this out by being completely immune to Pokeballs ; they can never be caught. Such an immunity comes with a price however ; Humans can't use molecular compression beaming transportation networks.

Age: Humans become mature at 18 years. Usual lifetime extends to 70-80 years. Maximum lifetime is 100-125 years.

Default Description: Mews comes in two sub-species ; Light and Dark. Light Mews are up to a meter tall while Dark ones are as tall as humans. Both share some key characteristics such as a triangular, cat-like head, a long, articulated tail with an extremely sensitive tip (although Light Mews have longer, more articulated, thiner tails than Dark Mews). Both have the same usual eye colors too: blue and purple. The legs and feet are the strongest body parts of Mews. The Light Mews have short legs and very long, rabbit-like feet while Dark Mews have longer legs with feet more adapted to bipedal movement. Light Mews have very short, chubby arms with small, delicate three-fingered hands while Dark Mews sports long, skinny arms with hands that have over-inflated fingers. Light Mews have more curves and are more cute overall while Dark Mews look like their chest is covered with a body armor. Both sub-species have so little fur that it is barely felt when touched and does not change the Mew's color at all. Light Mews are usually of a single color while Dark Mews are of two colors (one for most of the body, another one for the belly and tail). Hand dexterity for Light Mews is barely existant while it is a bit above-par for Dark Mews (although not as high as humans). Usual color is white with a purple belly and tail for Dark Mews. Other common color schemes are pink/green and purple/orange.

Common Element: Psychic

Technical Pool: Psychic, Fighting, Energy-based attacks

Personality guidelines: Mews are the targets of rather extreme mood swings. When around others, Mews will usually have difficulty being serious and will tend to come out as annoying because of their incredibly optimistic and somewhat naive attitudes. However, when things tend to go wrong, Mews are fast to become depressed, becoming silent, brooding, keeping to themselves. A common flaw to all Mews seems to be their curiosity ; Mews thirst for knowledge and will stop at nothing to get it... even if it means hurting themselves and others... Maybe was this trait inherited from the fact that they do are cat Pokemon?

Background story: After the Cataclysm which nearly destroyed the world, the world was literally flooded with Mews of all sizes and colors. Mews basically went through the same process than the Humans did for their evolutions... but at a terrifyingly faster pace. In the space of merely a few generations, Mews had built their own civilization.

Taking advantage of their psychic powers, Mews built their civilization in the sky, most of their cities being, in truth, gigantic airships and spaceships. In society, Mews tend to behave differently from humans in the way that unlike Humans, who seeks out raw power, Mews seek out knowledge and their curiosity is never, ever satisfied... which leads to problems as Mews constantly carry out more or less cruel experiments on all those they can find.

While Mews first avoided Humans, as their civilization grew and their weak, limited psychic powers revealed themselves to be not enough, Mews were forced to come down to the surface to catch Pokemon and harness their powers for the good of their civilization. Tensions quickly grew, Humans facing creatures that acted as their equals and rivals... and although a few bloody skirmishes happened here and there, war as a whole was mostly avoided... for now.

Mews are not exactly a violent specie... in fact, they are way more peaceful than Humans... but because of their mood swing tendencies, Mews are also very susceptible and are not very forgiving at all. With the Humans' arrogance toward them and the constant threat of Human attack, the Mews grow restless... and wonder if war can be avoided...

Other details: Mews, although they look like the two mythical Legendary Pokemon of lore, are actually among the weakest Pokemon (and playable characters) by themselves. The Light sub-specie's tiny frame is easily broken by any attack and the larger Dark sub-specie has a sturdier frame but extremely vulnerable weak points (such as the neck) which makes Mews a fragile, delicate specie physically.

Lacking the Humans' hand dexterity, Mews uses their psychic powers to move around objects, manipulate tools, and operate machines. Their entire civilization seems to be built around their abilities too ; their cities are built in a way that without the ability to fly, getting anywhere is long and difficult. Their machines also feature so many levers and buttons usually that humans with their mere two hands may never be able to operate them correctly.

Mews (especially the Light sub-specie) can't do much with their hands and use their psychic abilities for nearly everything. Mews are not very strong in battle... in fact, they are actually weaker than Humans since Humans, while dependant on their stocks of elemental energy, can dish a variety of attacks while Mews are stuck to their pure psychic element. Still, Mews have access to some very interesting, unique, and advanced technologies and shouldn't be dismissed as useless.

Age: Mature at 6 years. Usual lifetime is 40 years old. Maximum lifetime is estimated to 150-170 years. Mews rarely die from natural reasons ; their fragile frames are easily broken.

Default Description: Mechanical Pokemon using shape-shifting armors. Their true form is that of a small, Light Mew-sized white metal humanoid creature with three eyes, one gigantic one on the stomach that remains closed at all time and the two smaller main eyes on the head. The star-shaped "hat" is actually a part of their head ; removing it is not advised. When traveling in harsh environments, Deoxys hides their form in a dark blue bio-mechanical that kind of looks like a Dark Mew with cubes attached to it's head and two pairs of long tentacles, two red and the others green, acting as arms. The armor can assume four different forms: neutral, attack (head becomes pointy, legs are shortened, tentacles grow longer and become sharp-edged), defense (tentacles grow to form large armor pieces, legs disappeared, head merges with body), and speed (green tentacles removed, legs shortened, long-pointy head).

Common Element: Steel

Technical Pool: Steel, Flying, Vacuum-based moves

Personality guidelines: Deoxys are extremely calm, peace-loving creatures that dislike fights despite their menacing armors. Deoxys are very sensitive and it is easy to hurt their feelings... as such, people may dismiss them as weak-willed creatures... but Deoxys actually are very strong mentally, their resolve not to let Hatred control them being just as solid as their Defense Form Armor.

Background story: Long ago, before Ho-oh cursed Jirachi and back when Legendary Pokemon were free to reproduce as they wanted, Deoxys and Jirachi fell deeply in love and from their union, a specie of hybrids were born.

However, at the end of the terrible war opposing the Lugias to Ho-oh and his minions, Deoxys's heart was broken as her mate was damned to eternal suffering and nightmares through never-ending sleep... and disgusted with the world full of Hatred and Sorrow Ho-oh had created, Deoxys and her children retreated into deep space, to other, better worlds...

The Deoxys arrived on other planets which Ho-oh had not infused with life and then, the Deoxys teraformed the worlds to fit their needs. Deoxys lived for millions of years, developing into a prosperous, peaceful, advanced civilization, facing very little wars through their existence, never learning of the horrors of Pokemon trainers...

As time passed, Deoxys was happy with her children on the moons of the other galaxies... but she begun to grow homesick... to long to see the blue atmosphere of the Pokemon World... to return to her rightful home.

A planetship containing filled with Deoxys as well as the Legendary Pokemon herself headed back toward the Pokemon World... and there, the Deoxys were saddened as they seen the Cataclysm war happen... but eventually, it ended and the Deoxys observed the world... and seen Evil vanish from the hearts of people.

Not knowing about the tensions that existed between the conscious species, Deoxys landed on the Pokemon World and begun to build their first cities and had their first contacts with humans... and it was then that the Deoxys realized that Evil had not been yet vanquished.

Now that they had landed, Deoxys had no choice... and they prepared for war, decided to live to see the downfall of Evil despite the sorrow they felt, going back to the ancient violent ways they had sweared never to use ever again...

Other details: Deoxys have strong offense but loosy defense... and for this reason, almost any skilled trained Pokemon can still whip them fairly easily. Deoxys are very delicate creatures in their true form ; any impact to their central eye if it is opened is almost guaranteed to be fatal to them... likewise, their armors are breached easily if the gem in the chest is struck. Fortunately, Deoxys can shape-shift very quickly when in their armored mode, allowing them to adapt easily to the situation and keep the foe off-guard. Hand dexterity is a major problem for Deoxys ; with no psychic powers and their tentacles being less than stellar, Deoxys have major difficulties using items not built specifically for them.

Age: Mature at 32 years. Regular lifetime is 350 years old. Maximum lifetime is in the ranges of about 1400-1600 years old.

Default Description: Comes in three sub-species: the common Lugias, the Latios, and the Latias. All of them are gigantic white dragon-shaped birds and usually have black or green eyes. Latios and Latias also look a bit like eggs too. Their skin is white except for their belly which is blue for common Lugias and Latios, pink for Latias. Common Lugias have their wings shaped like hands while Latios and Latias have jet-like wings on top of having somewhat grotesque-looking oval hands. All species have feet that are a mix between dragon and bird feet.

Common Element: Water, Dragon, Flying

Technical Pool: Water, Dragon, some wind-based moves

Personality guidelines: Strongly dependant on sub-specie. The common Lugias are extremely aggressive and mostly lazy... but share a common trait with all other sub-species: a deep sense of duty and loyalty. Latios are a bit cold while Latias tend to be too sensitive. Because of their personalities, Lugias have difficulties dealing with other species usually... but Lugias are actually among the better-natured beings ; they care not for ambition and despite their ferocious behaviors, actual, pure Hatred has no hold on their hearts.

Background story: The most ancient specie born from Legendary Pokemon... and maybe more ancient than Humans.

It all began long ago, before the Legendary Pokemon had feelings. At that time, they were completely genderless and their souls were hampered by no instincts... but this came at the price of their ability to understand the nature of their creations. Mew, especially, felt empty from seeing the differences between the Legendary Pokemon and their creations... and thus, seeing the way how the entire Legendary Council felt about this, Ho-oh and Lugia united their powers to give genders, instincts, and feelings to all Legendary Pokemon...

Ho-oh and Lugia first thought nothing of this, marveling in their feelings... and even begun to feel the joys of love as Lugia, as an adult male, fell in love with Ho-oh, an adult female... and from their union, Latios and Latias were born. The couple of Legendary Pokemon marveled at the newborns... but when the two newborns eventually grew up and united to give birth to the Lugia specie, Ho-oh grew worried... and decided that for the good of everyone, Legendary Pokemon had to be stripped of their gender and feelings while the descendants of each Legendary Pokemon would be hunted down and killed.

War shook the world as Lugia took the side of his descendants and fought alongside them against his mate. Ho-oh, him took command of hordes of Pokemon. The other Legendary Pokemon picked their sides, giving the advantage to neither in the end...

At the end of the bloody war, Lugia and his second-in-command, Jirachi, stood defeated and humbled. While the Lugias had fought with all of their heart and that the Legendary Pokemon following them had given it their all, Ho-oh cared not for his creations and could replace them easily... and for each enemy killed, the Lugias faced ten more... and in the end, numbers dictated the victor... and Lugia stood, defeated.

For their "crimes", Lugia and Jirachi, leaders of the Lugia rebellion, were sentenced to eternal suffering through original and strongly cruel tortures. Lugia's power was corrupted, his power of creation turning into a power of destruction. Unable to control himself, Lugia had no choice but to exile himself into the depths of the oceans, where his powers would be not a threat and where he would remain, forever alone... Jirachi, him, was cursed to eternal sleep, only waking up a week per millennia in order to suffer from his inability to befriend anyone due to the curse. The mortal Lugias, them, were hunted almost to the last, only a few last survivors retreating to the oceans...

Deoxys and Celebi, disgusted with Ho-oh, vanished from the world. Celebi went into the endless void while Deoxys hid in the depths of the space, where Ho-oh could not reach. The Regis, them, gave up on their souls, not bearing the pain of what they had helped achieved... and Ho-oh carried out his plan.

A horrific curse was cast on every Legendary Pokemon... cursing them to become endless reviving mortals. Thus, Ho-oh hoped to inspire disgust in them toward all mortals by making them live the lives of mortals...

Millions of years passed... and the world changed much. The Legendary Pokemon secluded themselves in their sadness, the humans ruled supreme, the Pokemon lived in fear and sorrow... and in the depths of the darkened world... Darkness prevailed.

Light, having denied it's original purpose, having became a tool of oppression and greed, came to be a plague... and the Lugias, who had rebuilt silently under the wave, seen this as their moment to shine. Using long techniques long forgotten by humans, the Lugias helped Mew and Mewtwo to scatter the memory spheres that would trigger the memories of those destined to drive back the Poison where it came back from.

After the Cataclysm, the Lugias came out of the depths, satisfied in their deeds, sure that Evil had been purged from the hearts of the world's inhabitants... only to find out that while the Evil One who had spawned the Poison was gone, the scars were deep and as such, it was imminent that blood would soon be spilled as Evil struggled to remain alive, torturing the survivors of the Cataclysm with evil ambitions of old...

The Lugias, walking the surface once anew, will stand tall as they always did and fight for the best of the world in the face of the dying forces of Evil.

Other details: Lugias are THE strongest characters that you can choose... and unlike others, might actually stand a chance against trained Pokemon. Unfortunately, Lugias are useless with items, their hands proving to be little more than decoration unless using Lugia-specific items. While flight and power is nice, remember that their size is an issue as they are huge, easy targets.

Age: Mature at 13 years. Lifetime is usually 60 years old. Maximum lifetime is about 200-220 years old.

Default Description: Pink amorphous blobs that can copy the shapes of other Pokemon.

Common Element: Normal

Technical Pool: Transformation, Conversion moves

Personality guidelines: Ditto are rather paranoid in the sense that they constantly fear for their safety and often see life as very threatening when it is not. They also tend to become dependant very quickly of mates and are extremely sensitive. Very prone to panic in stressful situations usually. Still, despite their flaws, Dittos have a deep sense of respect toward creatures and friendship to them, is for life and beyond death. Most Dittos tend to prefer humans to other Pokemon due to historical reasons.

Background story: Dittos were the first Pokemon excluding the Legendary species to reach the state of "Awakening" for as many of their members were caught by humans, Dittos morphed into humans and learnt of feelings... and thus, slowly, generation by generation, Dittos became aware through experiences of the human way of life.

Finding themselves stuck between two worlds, neither wild Pokemon neither conscious Pokemon, Dittos divided into those who lived in the wild and those who took the forms of humans and lived in coexistence and harmony with the Pokemon trainers.

Although they knew that dire consequences might befall them if humans learnt that many humans were in truth, Dittos in disguise, the pink amorphous blob Pokemon enjoyed sharing life with humans and developed mentally.

Dittos were the specie that probably lived the most in harmony in humans among them all, going to human schools, working with them, befriending with humans, even breeding with them... and also fighting and dying alongside them in their battles to defend their ideals.

Dittos were also responsible, without humanity knowing it, for many of the pro-Pokemon advances through human civilization, bringing new points of view and helping the humans understand the other species...

Then, at the time of the Cataclysm, the Dittos stood strong, paying their debt to humans for making them "Awaken" by helping them fight their own insanity caused by the dreaded Poison. In the end, during the Cataclysm, the Dittos sacrificed their secret to help win the final battles against the forces of Evil.

Dittos stood there, their identities revealed to humanity. Feelings among both species were mixed... but in the end, many Dittos left humanity to build their own civilization while many remained as parts of human society.

As the closest partners of humanity, Dittos always stood almost as shape-shifting humans... and with the menace of the dying Evil, Dittos prepare themselves to pay off the remaining of their debt to humanity for accepting them, ready to finish off what they started...

Other details: Dittos can memorize the forms of any being they meet and change form, taking the element and attacks of the copied being. This way, Dittos can do anything... but they do nothing exceptionally well neither. Dittos do everything but also have penalties regarding everything as doing things that are easy for other species require constant effort from them. Still, through careful use of Transform and Conversion, Dittos can become formidable and hugely versatile characters that are never caught off-guard by anything or anyone.

Age: Mature at one year. Usual lifetime is 10 years. Maximum lifetime is about 20-22 years old. Spending more time in the forms of long-lived creatures slow down aging.

Default Description: Almost always hidden in black cloaks covering their delicate, feminine green fairy bodies. Have big, cute blue eyes and thing antennas with blue tips. Head extends, forming dark green "hair". Have more or less Human proportions for their bodies.

Common Element: Grass, Shadow

Technical Pool: Grass, Dark, death-dealing moves, various poison-type moves

Personality guidelines: Celebis are very religious creatures, having a deep faith in their beliefs which depicts the world as a balance between life and death which must be maintained through the use of manipulations on life and death. Living with death daily, Celebis are not afraid of death and will gladly give up their lives for their ideals... in fact, they even come off as very sacrificial and seems not to feel pain. Celebis, however, tend to be grim and depressed, living with death so much and feeling like they cannot befriend anyone since everything seems to collapse and fall to dust so quickly around them. As such, Celebis seem to be condemned to loneliness...

Background story: Celebis appeared after the defeat of the Evil One and the destruction of the comet of the End of the World. Coming in small numbers, depressed, Celebis were despised by wild Pokemon for their unholy powers, feared by the Legendary species as potential spawns of the Evil One.

The Celebis gathered to survive in small groups and if they hadn't run into the small groups of wild Dittos that lived all around the world, Celebis would have became extinct. Learning of the humans, Celebis longed to experience what the Dittos experienced... and using their dark powers, they hid in the shadows and haunted the human cities, observing them, trying to interact them...

The Celebis, unlike the Dittos, had a lot less positive contact with them. Ignoring the fact that humanity was once again pure, Celebis were obsessed with the fact that although dying, Evil still tainted every living step of the humans... and as such, Celebis left, decided never to run into humans ever again.

Using their powers, Celebis located rifts through time and space everywhere in the lands and hid in them. Using what they learnt from humans, Celebis were able to survive and grow in numbers... and eventually, the Celebis developed their own technology to deal with the strange radiations and effects caused by the lives inside of the rifts.

With war becoming imminent, Celebis came out of their seclusion, sensing that the balance between life and death is upsetted by Evil's last moments. Strongly linked to the world of the dead and spirits, Celebis felt that it was their duty to rise and make sure that the mistakes of the past would not be repeated... that the dominant species of the world would not revive the dreaded Poison that had almost destroyed the world.

Other details: Celebis are potentially party-slayers, beating up entire parties of wild Pokemon and trained Pokemon by themselves with their absurdly powerful moves... but one must remember that Celebis are, like Mews, quite delicate and furthermore, Celebis tend to hurt themselves and must bleed themselves, self-torture, and auto-mutilate to unleash their full power. As such, to prevent suicidal results, using a Celebi character require self-control and patience.

Age: Mature at about 5 years. Usual lifetime is 17 years old. Maximum lifetime is estimated at 27000-35000 years old in theory... but because of their self-harming powers, they shouldn't go over 20 years... and since the specie is recent, no individual so far could go over 150 years (although it seems that Celebi barely change once they reach maturity, aging being a non-issue for them).
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no offense but i think you made it to long and have quite a few limitatiions.

(Only 4 moves) and the attack system seems a little controlled.
Its decent but seems like another generic pokemon rpg / :

its not spaced making it even harder to read >_<

but thats just my opinion. /:
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Eternally hating D/P
There are no spaces? *checked again...* Well, this must be a problem with your layout. I think I've put a space between each paragraph. However, I think you probably meant about no spaces between individual rules... so I fixed that.

Now... about the four moves thing... I thought I had been clear but well, maybe I wasn't enough. The four moves are NOT your character's only moves. These are your starting special moves. Basic moves such as punching, kicking, that kind of thing does not require Technical Machines.

Also, although the story begins at the dawn of a war... I already planned out the main story for the whole RPG and as usual, I made it complex. The war is major... but lots of important stuff will take place behind the scenes. This isn't simply "we don't like each others, kill." Yes, the Pokemon war plot is a bit overused... but the war won't be the main event, surprisingly... but I won't give out too many spoilers now.

Anyway... thank you for the criticism (although the "TOO LONG!" argument is a non-issue in my opinion and the controlled battle system is to prevent one-post fights. I want people to use their heads to defeat bad guys, not just type "My character defeated the big bad boss. The end.").

Another Fan

Nothing Special
Name: Named Senenoono, Goes by Alex Stevenson
Species: Ditto
Age: Three years old. Prime of its life.
Gender: Doesn't have one. Usually to avoid confusion, goes as a male. However, is mostly asexual in its default form.
Appearance: As a ditto its appearance is a 1'02" light, light pink pile of goo. But is more often as a human. It is a fairly tall 24-25ish man with dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, fairly pinkish skin and a body shape that goes straight up however the body has pretty wide shoulders. Tends to wear a white shirt, tie, black pants and belt for work and t-shirt, sweater and khakis. When it is in a ditto environment (vactions and stuff) it has a bag with clothes (both male and female) and other stuff incase it has to change into a human.
Personality: Tends to be curious, talkative, repeats phrases, is stubborn, academic, enjoys arts but doesn't believe it appeciates them as much as an experianced artist or writer would, analytical, takes things into pieces, doesn't take risks and when it does it panics and worries, overly dramatic, seems happy but worried, has violent outbursts where it doesn't actually hurt anyone physhically or tries but hits everything that he won't feel guilty about hitting, feels guilty about most things, often tired and eats much, doesn't exercise, eats simple but non-healthy food, during fearsome situations becomes paralysed with fear and worry, during action is panicy, during good things such as winning a game goes so incrediblly happy that it jumps, runs around and asks people to high-five, worries about meeting people but when it does it just shakes hands and turns away before it turns red and starts shaking, hasn't ever battled in his life but transforms into things for fun.
Background: Born and raised in colony of ditto, moved to a human city at age 2 going on 3. There under a pseudonym of Alex Stevenson, it works and lives in a apartment in a large city. Alex works as an engineer. And got a meowth from a pet store when it moved.

Base Element: Normal
Technical Pool: Transform?
Owned Pokemon: Meowth

Name: Bred in captivity. No given name.
Nickname: Jenny
Species: Meowth
Age: 1 year.
Gender: Female
Desciption: Russian Blue breed, silver coin on head, nimble.
Personality: It is a cat. It licks fur, it eats cat food, it sleeps during the day, wanders the city at night, runs away from danger, or hisses and bares claws.
Background: Born in store, kept fed, bought by Alex, played with, house-trained, fed and preaccustomed to Alex.
Base Element: Normal
Technical Pool: I don't know what you mean (you never clarified) but I will guessimate based one what you did with the species: Normal, Dark.

You never said what was the event that triggered the RPG.


k i'm no arse hole. But now its looking good. I'm going to sign up a little later.


Eternally hating D/P
ANNOUNCEMENT: I plan for the sign-up thread to be open pretty much at all time. In short, do not hesitate to join, even after the RPG started.

Questions relating to the rules or about signing-up will be answered in this thread. Questions related to plot shall be answered by PM and later, when the actual RPG will begin, in the discussion thread... but for now, questions related to plot are to be asked via PM to avoid flooding the sign-up thread with unneeded posts.

To Another Fan: Sign-up accepted... I also edited the rules to make it clear that the Technical Pool refer to the know Pokemon moves for your characters.

As for the "event that triggered the RPG"... well, I don't quite catched the meaning of that comment but I'll assume that you're talking about the introduction. Well, I have many possible prologues written out and which one I'll post will vary on the sign-ups I receive (posting a prologue that takes place in a Lugia city while all players are humans would be a bit dumb after all).

To /Exiled/: I am awaiting for your sign-up.


Eternally hating D/P
The RPG is not cancelled. I am waiting for more players.

NOTE: Sorry for not replying to this thread... anyway, if you want to sign up then know that this RPG is NOT cancelled and that I will accept your sign-up sheet.

If you have questions and/or comments, feel free to post too.


Hmm, I'm in kinda many RPGs already, but what the heck, I always have room for just one more, plus, I have some time with the upcoming vacation and all. So, if possible, I would like to reserve a spot as a Lugia.

I also had a question, but I forgot it. I will ask it as soon as I remember what it was...


Eternally hating D/P
To GoldenHouou: Your spot is reserved. I will answer your question as soon as you remember it and ask it, also.


Here is a list of accepted users showing what are their main and secondary characters in case you're interested in knowing who is participating in the RPG and who has it's sign-up ready.

-Another Fan
Main character: Senenoono/Alex Stevenson (Specie: Ditto)
Pokemon: Meowth/Jenny (Specie: Meowth)

Main character: ??? (specie: Lugia)
Pokemon: ???
Main character: ???
Pokemon: ???



I still don't remember the question, but I'm quite confused here. So the Pokémon are now going in a war against humans, right? Well, just look trough my Sign Up and I'm sure you can see if I didn't understand some part.

Nickname: Lucy

Species: Lugia

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Desciption: She is just a normal Lugia, except that she is darker than the others. While the other Lugia are completely white, she leans towards grey, and almost even black.

Personality: Unlike other Lugia, Lucy was actually one of those who supported Ho-Oh´s actions. She wishes not to have feelings, for fightning is hard to her when she has conscious and knows she does something wrong by hurting another living being. She hates humans, looking down on them, thinking them as meaningless worms that should be crushed... and she thinks of ways to do so. Thinks of ways to kill humans. But when the time of the act itself comes, she hestitates, letting her guard down. That's why she is wanting her feelings, all emotions to be ripped of from her heart, leaving only cold emptiness behind. But, she is unable to do that on her own, nor does she know is it possible in any way. She doesn't want to talk to other Pokémon, escpecially if they are trainer´s, for she feels they are... filthy.

She pricks her ears for every rumour of beings that lack all the emotions being seen. Her brothers and sisters don't understand why she wants to kill humans. Why couldn't they live in peace? Still Lucy doesn't fight against only human, but other species that get in her way as well. Still, hurting others, causing pain... it always hurts herself as well. And that is what she came to change.

She has lived under the sea like other Lugia for her whole life, but one day, she saw a shadow being cats upon the water's surface. Intrigued as to what it was, she rose from the waters, only to get blasted back down with somekind of cannon. The human shouted something of lower beings staying where they belong. As Lucy fell back in the waters, she felt a weird feeling... a feeling they weren't supposed to comprehend... yet, she was now filled with it. Filled with that new feeling. It consumed her, set her heart ablaze. She rose from the waters once more and flew to the beach. Looking around, she saw human playing with Pokémon. Using them in fights against each other. They treated them like underlings... like something below them. When, in fact, humans were the ones who were lower. They were inferiors. They had to be eradicated. Within secionds, the beast was destroyed. Some humans had fled using their Pokémon, while few had caught by surprise and the wave had taken them. Taken them to the deep blue. Forever.

But after seeing the destruction she had caused, something hurt Lucy inside. Her feelings. She shook her head as her feelings, her conscious gave her no peace. No, feelings... they must... must get them... away... With that she flew to the horizon, not even looking back to her old home under the sea. She had a mission now. She would show the humans. Show them that she, a Pokémon and a Legendary to add, was better than them. Above them. Nevermore would they catch Pokémon in small spheres, never again would they treat them as inferiors. Never.

Base Element: (Err, I'm a bit unsure as to what to put in this... err Lugua´s types?) Water/Psychic if we can choose whatever combination we like

Technical Pool:
AeroBlast, Psychic, Recover, Surf
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Eternally hating D/P
Well, as for the plot... the plot (in the beginning) is that other species (such as the Lugias) have built civilizations of their own and begun to catch wild Pokemon.


Humans + new species that were supposed to be inferior rising to be rivals + those same Pokemon upset for the way humans treated them for years + different goals for each specie = tensions

And when tensions reach their peak... then war break out.

This is such a case... altough the story is far from being limited to that (I won't spoil anything, however).

Now for some details...

Base Element: Unlike in the games, where the Pokemon had set elements, you can alter your main character's element... as long as it is logical. As such, a Grass Lugia wouldn't make any sense (probably).

Technical Pond: Your moves are mostly OK... except for the presence of Aeroblast, which can be considered an "uber" move.


While your character is a Lugia, keep in mind that your character will be NOT be uber. Lucy's strenght will be equivalent to that of a regular trained Pokemon.

Anyway... your sign-up is quite good.

You are accepted. Now... I shall wait for a few more days for other players to join and will PM /exiled/ to see if his sign-up is completed and ready to be posted.


Oh, okay, I got it now. ^_^ So, would it be possible for to my Lugia character have Pokémon as well?

May I Edit the sign up now? I would alter her elements a bit, and Edit out Aeroblast. That okay? Oh and if se can indeed have Pokémon, I woudl like to give her two.


Eternally hating D/P
Well, you can do all that. I'm awaiting the edited sign-up.


Ski > You
Me! Me! Me!
Third sign up today! Wheeee!
Today, I will be using Ski!
Oh, and by the way... It's species, with the 's'.

Name: Silver Keeran Evon Etherlight aka Ski
Age: 16
Species: Human
Gender: Male

Tall and male. No, more than that. Much much more than that. Silver was perhaps the strangest human one would find in many years to come, and he knew it too. Perhaps it was because of his heritage, for he was said to have come from a stupidly long line of Wizards, Witches, and Sorcerors, even though he barely believed in their existence. He gathered that it was most likely a Ditto that had forgotten the complete human form.
With blood red eyes and shining silver hair, he looked like a cross between a vampire and something from the generic RPGs from today. Only he was a bit shorter and younger than them, but he rarely gave that little detail a thought.
He had let his hair grow, ever since he was allowed to, and now wore it as a ponytail of sorts, which fully revealed the rest of his face in all of its glory.
As mentioned above, he looked like a cross between a vampire and an RPG character, which meant his skin was pale. Almost deathly pale, which never seemed to go away unless he spent eight hours straight in the sun, and even then his pigments readjusted within seventy-two hours.
For clothing, Ski generally chooses comfort over style, leaving him with a rather basic and unadorned set of dark coloured tees and sets of jeans that rarely varied unless he decided it was prudent to go for a swim. Then, he wore surf shorts.

A quiet person, who never seemed to be talking at all, and in fact kept to his training, his books and his Pokemon. It would seem as though he was a loner, who did not want any friends and would bite you if you went close enough for him to. That was not the case though, he appreciated every form of friendship, even though he rarely seeked it out for himself. This was partially because of a non-speaking complex he had, and because he believed that those that befriended you would have less trouble accepting you for who you were than those you befriended.
Whether that was true or not, he could not determine. Simply because one could not live two lives and see which path worked better.
Fiercely proud of his heritage, skills, and knowledge, one would say he bordered the line between simple pride and pure arrogance. Sometime he was on one side, and some other times on the other, even though he had mellowed down quite a lot over the years.
Even so, if one found it prudent to insult what he took pride in, his hair and eyes for example, one might not be able to sit down for weeks for fear of burns and bruises. Not inflicted by him, but painful nonetheless.
Because of the abovementioned pride in his Pokemon Training skills, Silver eschewed the use of TMs and Fusions, and instead took the historical and lesser walked path of Trainer. Pure Trainer who relied on brains, wits, and skill to survive, not to mention trust and friendship.
As opposed to strength and skill alone when it came to using oneself's one innate abilities.
As such, one would see him kick and punch at best, but even then it was more than possible for him to break several noses with his well placed and quick kicks.
It should be noted that he opted to have limited Psychic abilities trained for purposes of telepathy though.

There is nothing much to say here, as he is simply a boy, with no true mission and no real found purpose in life yet. Right now, he simply tries to walk the ancient path of a pure and whole Trainer, and hopefully excel at it.
However, there are two major events in his life that moulded him into what he is today.
The first one was when he was seven, and playing around with his first Pokemon, Charmander. Just then, a bunch of larger boys walked up to him, and felt it was required to mock him, laugh at his face, his hair, laughed at his lack of power. It was then that something flared within him, a sense of family pride, and the feeling that was rage. Commanding his Charmander on them, he had sent them all home with shredded behinds and burnt clothing, courtesy of a series of Metal Claw and Ember attacks.
This forced him to think, and year later, when he was decided his path, it was this single incident that made him think about being pure. Pure Trainer. He would show those kids, and he would prove himself their better, even if he could not muster even a pathetic Water Gun, or even a Bubble. It also showed him what was the meaning of pride in oneself.
The second one was at the much less tender age of thirteen, when he was training with his Pokemon. He was convinced that he was the best, and had so far nobody proved him wrong. Until he was beaten soundly by a single, no doubt very well trained Latias. This made him think, made him realise the power of Pokemon and their powers, and suddenly he knew that he had a very, very long way to go.
The rising of pride and the lowering of it, no doubt engineered by a group of Ditto that had allied themselves with his family years ago. Far before he was even born. How he knew, he did not even begin to fanthom, but he did.

Others: Ski's strengths does not really lie in training, although he still shines in battle, but his copious amount of Pokemon are made extraordinarily strong via the power of his Move Tutoring, which gives him an edge few can understand. For example, his Charizard Pyro, has the ability to use Sky Attack and Razor Wind, moves that no Charizard has the ability to normally learn.

Base Elements: Normal/Psychic


Phew, this is going to be long.

Name: Hepheastus
Species: Charmander
Gender: Male
Age: One year
Description: A Charmander, a very generic one at that. Orange and little tail flame and all. Although it could be noted that the Charmander had a knack for certain accessories, such as a belt that held cutomized knives and any other thing he found prudent.
Personality: Frighteningly loyal to his trainer, he has been with Silver since birth, being the child of the Charizard that Ski had had with him ever since the age of six. Now, the Charizard hung around at home while Ski brought out her child for a spin. Knowing only the kind and loving Ski and not the proud and vengeful one he had been just a year before his birth. When not defending all of his trainer's rights, Hepheastus spends most of his time playing with the other children that Ski brought with him as his team.
Other: Hepheastus' father is a ditto, as are all of the other five Pokemon's parent that is not of the species itself.
Main Elements: Fire
Technical Pool: Flamethrower, Thunderpunch, Slash, and Rock Tomb

Name: Bahamut
Species: Dratini
Gender: Male
Age: One year
Description: A Dratini, as in the long, blue Dragon Pokemon... You know, that one?
Personality: Also extremely loyal to Ski in every way, Bahamut however, was very different from Hepheastus in that he preferred to know what was going on before doing something, which was rather like a Mew-ish curiousity as opposed to a rebellious questioning of authority. It does have a rather individualistic streak though, and will a lot of the time do things without waiting for the affirmitive, which suprisingly Ski has no negative reaction to. In fact, sometimes he views upon it with a smile.
Others: Bahamut's fashoin accessory of choice is a pair of goggles, which are rather useful for defending against things like Sand-attack.
Elements: Dragon
Technical Pool: Quick Attack, Dragon Dance, Dragonbreath, Thunderbolt

Name: Excalibur
Species: Geodude
Gender: Male
Age: One year
Description: I believe I can start skipping this now? They are all pretty generic looking Pokemon. Any quirks will be mentioned later on.
Personality: Possessing an iron will, and like all of the other Pokemon amazingly loyal to Ski, Exaclibur was an asset to have around, because it would never give up until it was completely and utterly defeated, which was a rarely encountered trait in Pokemon that were barely mature. Never willing to give up inside and outside of battle, it turns Exaclibur into a very serious, brooding Pokemon.
Others: Excalibur is rather weak in the arms, but more than makes up for it with strength in the body as a whole, therefore he shuns the punching that make Geodudes famous amongst the Rock-type Pokemon and goes for more basic things like Rollout.
Elements: Rock/Ground
Technical Pool: Dig, Curse, Rock Slide, Rollout

Name: Shiva
Species: Abra
Gender: Male
Age: One year
Personality: Highly destructive in nature, Shiva rarely gives a thought before attempting to utterly destroy whatever is between him and his target, which made quite a problem for his cleanup crews at home, despite the fact that he was part of one of the richest families this side of the human world. Out in the wild though, the cost problem was rectified, but the destruction sometimes went out of hand due to the lack of the Pokemon's father's presence. This makes them an easy target for whatever came along, and until recently, forced Ski to make one of his adult Pokemon tag along. Outside battle, this Pokemon is a prankster, although no match for Loki in terms of pranking ability.
Other: Shiva found a spoon on the ground one day, and now plays around with it, pretending he is a Kadabra or Alakazam.
Element: Psychic
Technical Pool: Psybeam, Recover, Thunderbolt, Ice Punch

Name: Horus
Species: Machop
Gender: Make
Age: One year
Personality: Extremely quick on the comeback to everything on the face of the scorched and damned Earth, Horus seems to counter everything in his face with a vengeance. Not to say that it was a bad thing, seeing what it did for them in battle, but it made the fighting Pokemon quite short-tempered as well, which did not bode well for the two pranksters Loki and Shiva.
Other: Horus is faster and stronger than most Machop, but due to the amount of stress placed upon himself during combat, is also much less resistant to damage.
Element: Fighting
Technical Pool: Revenge, Low Kick, Shadow Punch, Bulk Up

Name: Loki
Species: Gastly
Gender: Male
Age: Six months
Personality: The youngest amongst the entire group that was the seven of them, this did not mean that Loki was to be discounted in any way. He was just as capable in combat as the other five trained Pokemon, and had long surpassed the trainer long ago.
This slot used to be for a more powerful Pokemon to keep the others in check, but now that that phase was over, especially with Shiva, Ski wanted to place his older Pokemon back at home for the to enjoy their well deserved rewards for their hard training.
Now however, it was used for the most immature little prankster ever, and this reflected in his fighting style, often stooping to low and dirty tricks to get the job done. Not that Ski cared of course. It was a fair fight, and dirty did not break any rules as far as he knew, and he most certainly just wanted to win and reprimand any bad behaviour at a later time and date.
Other: Young, and therefore gets pampered by the others.
Element: Ghost
Attacks: Shadow Ball, Confuse Ray, Hypnosis, Volt Tackle

Please let me be accepted, this took me hours... -Yawn- G'night all.

Edit: Well, I threw out the Earthquakes, but I would prefer to be allowed to keep Volt Tackle. Mayhaps I could explain it as a cross between his uber-move tutor skills and all-powerful Ditto parents?
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Eternally hating D/P
To skiboydoggy: Shall correct mistake.

Now you are accepted... but there are just a few details that bother me...

First, the presence of "Earthquake" in your Pokemon's move sets. Earthquake is the strongest Ground/Rock move. Well... do I really need to state other facts why it should be replaced?

Also... Extreme Speed should be replaced with Quick Attack. Extreme Speed is basically the advanced version of Quick Attack and is just a bit too much early on.

Finally, unless Loki's father knew Volt Tackle, I doubt he would know it.

Well, apart from that, you're in.


Well, it seems like we're pretty much ready to go... but since it seems that it is now that people are starting to sign-up, I guess I'll wait just a bit longer...

... and anyway, /exiled/ has yet to post his sign-up and GoldenHouou must edit his own as well.

Leaf Green

Can I be/reserve a celebi?
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I went away from the regular signup if that's all right with you. If not, I'll edit it. But for now...

Name: Chrom Vinnos Olinn

Specie: Light Mew (used to be human)

Age: Appears 6, in form for one month (19 before transformation)

Gender: Male

Description: Chrom has been transformed into a pink light Mew. Being a light Mew he has the characteristics associated with the aformentioned specie. The only thing the differs is that he sports a metal ring with odd writings on it around his neck, a sign of his punishment. Chrom's eyes are silvery-green and are prone to gaining sharpness, kindness or even a fearful look depending on the situation.

Personality: When Chrom was still human, he was a trainer wise beyond his years with a kind, gentlemanly attitude. Since his transformation, though, Chrom has been highly prone to mood swings. Generally, though, Chrom is more bitter than in his trainer days. Chrom has not yet gained a full grasp on his Psychic powers, and therefore has slight trouble adapting into the Mews' lifestyle and cannot fully operate most of the Mews' advanced machinery despite his great intelligence.

His philosiphies have also been changed slightly by his life with the Mews. He now dislikes, even slightly despises, the human race to which he once belonged. Being a pokemon has shown him that capturing pokemon is something that goes against Chrom's morals, and using them for battle even more so. Perhaps this was the transformation's intended effect...

Background: Chrom was origionally a human, a respected journeyman who competed in the Johto League many times. His wisdom and tactics led him to many victories in the Silver Conference and he has come in the top eight twice, and just last year came in second. However, all trainers' stories must meet roadblocks and ends, and Chrom's career recently hit an extraodinary one.

Just over one month ago, Chrom was training a recently-evolved Steelix atop Mt. Silver. Chrom was training so enthusiastically that he did not notice that his Steelix was literally squeezing the life out of the Graveller he was battling. The moment that the Graveller lost its life, there was a brilliant flash of light that blinded Chrom. A voice that seemingly came from inside his head told him that he had just allowed a pokemon under his full control to commit murder.

The voice went on to his punishment. Chrom was forced inside the body of a pokemon, a Light subspecie Mew, for the rest of his life. Further, all his captured pokemon would be released and an unremovable metal band would be bound around his neck. Before Chrom could work out how to respond, he found himself in a Light Mew's body. Chrom wandered his way to the Mews' civilization, where he found his use of brainpower over force to make him a right fit. Ever since, he has been trying to adapt and gain control of his new psychic powers....

Base Element: Psychic

Technical Pool: Light Screen, Reflect, Psychic, Hidden Power

Owned Pokemon: None anymore...


Eternally hating D/P
To Leaf Green: Yes, you can reserve a Celebi character.

To Oblivion0807: Accepted... although you should PM me the identity of whoever transformed your character into a Mew.

To skiboydoggy: New moves are correct. All set.

Now... all that is needed for the RPG to being is:

1- for Leaf Green to post his sign-up.
2- for GoldenHouou to edit her sign-up.

Well, that's all. Have a nice day, everyone.

NOTE: My late reply is due to sickness. I was basically blind for the last few days and had to remain far away from any TV or computer screen for my eyes to heal. I'm OK now so I should be able to reply at least once a day once again.