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ReMarcable's Little TradeShop


Well-Known Member
sorry but that doesnt seem to fair and i do not really need dw mamoswine events sorry


Hey I can trade now if you want to


New Member
Are you interested in any of these: Touched Shiny Totodile, UT shiny snorunt, UT Shiny Shellos, UT shiny kyogre, UT shiny gyrados, UT 10 Anniv celebi, Pokemon Movie 09 Arceus, UT HEatran, GAMESTP Pichu, UT MEW, TRU Shaymin, 10 ANIV Dragonite, UT Shiny Giratina, UT Darkrai. If so just tell me what your interested in and ill give the info and all I want in return is cloning.


Well-Known Member
well i like all of them i cant clone but i can have my cloner clone them for you provided he and i can keep a copy for ourselves


I'm Asian soo.....
CMT for singing pikachu


Well-Known Member
Can I get natures for these?:

NEW Oblivia Shaymin*
NEW Movie Golurk*

Offering any event in my trade shop.


Hey, I am interested in your Saikyou Salamense

Take a look at the Pokemon that I can offer, please check this link: http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=259295

PM me what Pokemon you are interested in, and we'll continue the discussion on your thread.



i have a unused japanese celebi and i want a WORLD11 SCRAGGY.
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