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Rename a Pokémon.

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i'm not dead...srsly
Tehe. I had an idea to rename leafeon and glaceon before the games pokemon diamond and pearl made their english debut. they were 'forresta' and 'frostea'. See the reseblence?


Ff Muffin to you...
Some of the Eeveelutions need a name change.
Flareon is pretty good, but i just wanted to change it.
That'd make it sound too much like Blaziken though - but to be fair, Flareon was around before the Torchic line, so meh...

Personally, I'd change Houndoom's name to Cerberus... but that wouldn't really work - it only has one head for a start :p


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Meowth = Luckat

Because it's based of the Lucky Cats... 83
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