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Renegade Rangger Preview


The Point of Origin
This is a commercial/Prview of my new fic.

“You know you can’t own pokémon. It’s out of its habitat,” Spenser stated firmly.

Feeling myself grow even more defensive, I protested, “I’ve had this pokémon since I was eleven!”

“So you’ll have to release it!” he reinforced

“NO!” I was outraged at the prospect of giving up my first pokémon.

“Then you’re fired!”

“WHAT!” I shouted. But it was too late. Spenser left the room and there was nothing more I could say.

So yeah come Read Renegade Ranger and review. For a direct link look i my sig.



I can understand it being a preview, but you still really need description. Even in trailers and previews, you see what most of the people look like, unless it's a really early teaser. Anyway, you need description and I beleive
it has to be longer. At least a page.

What is he being fired from? Why? More explanation.

Other wise, it looks like it could be interesting. Snatching a pokemon away. Nice.

As always, be kind to the mime.;122;