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rental pokemon or your own?

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I used rentals to beat Round One and now I'm using my own from Red/Blue/Yellow to try and get passed Round Two


Tsun in the streets
Rentals for both


I used my own pokemon most of the time, not rental Pokemon.


Back in the USSR
99% of the time, I used the rentals, possibly once I had used my own Pokemon


I like to use my own, I'm one of those 'I like to bond with my Pokemon and I think they do better' type of trainer.


Living For A Reason
I would always use my own team.

They became much stronger than the rental ones. Better attacks, better stats...
I especially enjoyed using my Alakazam, it could kick everyone's butt!


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using my own - I can always implement my own strategies that way. I always saw Pokemon Stadium as an extension of the gameboy games. After you beat your rival and became champion, you take your team to stadium and really test your skills.


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I have used both. When I was young I used rental Pokemon to complete R-1 gym leader castle and a few cups. Later, I trained my own team up and completed the entire game (except for the trophy place). I like using Pokemon I trained up rather than using rental.
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