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Repercussion of Sin |SU|

Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by Hydrangea, Jul 9, 2016.

  1. Hydrangea

    Hydrangea Actually a cat in disguise Staff Member Moderator

    Mankind has existed alongside Pokemon for many generations. Some people use Pokemon for battle to become the best trainer they can in order to gain a reputation and battle any and all gyms they can, others desire to simply befriend Pokemon, treating them as if they’re pets or companions, some seek to use Pokemon to better the world around themselves such as the Pokemon Rangers, and others seek to use Pokemon for their own evil purposes.

    Due to the advancement of technology, as well as new scientific advances; people have begun to experiment on humans and Pokemon alike. This isn’t exactly a new occurrence, as scientific research has lead to advancements in the human race as well as actually managing to create new Pokemon through the use of scientifically induced breeding; such as the birthing of Mewtwo through Mew. However, a new scientist by the simple name of Mulberry has begun research on the link between humans and the sins spoken of in biblical terms.

    Mulberry’s research has concluded that the seven deadly sins are very real and very dangerous and has found that within each human rests one specific sin. Mulberry’s research has also lead him to believe that each Pokemon holds within it’s heart one of the seven virtues to combat the sins, but no species of Pokemon hold this power greater than those within the Eeveelution family.

    In particular, each Eeveelution holds one of the virtues within it. As such, Mulberry took it upon himself to breed one of each type of Eevee and found that some are far stronger in their abilities. In particular he found that Espeon held humility, Umbreon held diligence, Leafeon held kindness, Glaceon held abstinence, Flareon held Patience, Jolteon held Liberality, and Slyveon held chastity. He desired to cleanse humanity of sin by pairing sinful humans with a particular Pokemon to attempt to combat the sin within them and make them a better person. To do this, he needed a small test group to ensure it worked. He hired seven students, each being identified by him and his research team to be full of a particular sin.

    The teens were haunted by the sins they had committed, what they did or had failed to do and desired rebirth. They were relieved when Mulberry offered them a chance of this, asking for nothing in return. It was a little odd, to say the least, but each one wished to be cleansed and would do anything for this chance. The humans are all from different walks of life, maybe some have a reason for their sin; maybe others realize what they did was wrong but are usually morally right. Whatever the case they each made their way to the lab, longing to be united with their new partner to aid them in the quest.

    Extra Info: Mulberry is located in Sootopolis City, Hoenn. Most of the RPG will also take place in Hoenn but initial posts will be your character heading towards Sootopolis and meeting up with the rest of the group.

    • General Forum Rules apply
    • Opting for that sick 17+ rating for violence and whatnot
    • This RPG will be slightly restrictive in certain personality traits and I will be somewhat strict on sign ups because of this.
    • Each sin is paired to an Eevee but please do not pick your sin based on Eevee, I’d love well written characters based on which sin you’d like to write for.
    • Speaking of above rules. I’m not allowing reserves. I want a first come, first serve basis; but as I stated I will be being picky so multiple people can aim for the same sin and I’ll pick who made the better character.


    Generosity. Willingness to give. A nobility of thought or actions.

    Forbearance and endurance through moderation. Resolving conflicts peacefully, as opposed to resorting to violence. The ability to forgive; to show mercy to sinners.

    Modest behavior, selflessness, and the giving of respect. Giving credit where credit is due; not unfairly glorifying one's own self.

    A zealous and careful nature in one's actions and work. Decisive work ethic. Budgeting one's time; monitoring one's own activities to guard against laziness.

    Charity, compassion, friendship, and sympathy without prejudice and for its own sake.

    Constant mindfulness of others and one's surroundings; practicing self-control, abstention, and moderation.

    Courage and boldness. Embracing of moral wholesomeness and achieving purity of thought through education and betterment.

    The Sins

    Lust - An insatiable need for sex or things of a sexual nature. This includes thoughts, desires, and actions.

    Gluttony - Over-indulgence of anything to the extreme, usually food or drink. Alcoholism is considered part of Gluttony. Drug abuse, Gluttony.

    Greed - Greed is the need for material possessions or material wealth. If this need is unfed, a Greedy person may even resort to hoarding their goods, theft, robbery, or obtaining any material possessions by means of trickery, violence, deception, or manipulation. Greedy people usually are easy to bribe, or will take any bet or do anything for a dollar.

    Sloth - Sadness, depression, or the inability to feel joy. Those who suffer from depression to an extreme usually have thoughts of or plans for suicide. Many times, Sloth can lead to another sin: Wrath. Those who have lost or lack love, usually fall into a deep state of Sloth.

    Wrath - Extreme anger, rage, hatred, or a need for vengeance or revenge. People who suffer with Wrath issues will often resort to taking the law in their own hands if they feel the justice system has failed them. To feed the need of Wrath, they may even turn to physical abuse of themself or others, murder, or even genocide. Wrath usually is a need to do harm to others. Dante described Wrath as "love of justice perverted to revenge and spite" according to the Wikipedia.

    Envy - The need to have better or be better than others. The need to have the goods of others. Wanting what others have for yourself. Many times, someone with extreme Envious needs may turn to voyeurism to feed the need to see what others have that the envious want.

    Pride - Once considered a need to be the most beautiful, Pride can also mean a need for public acceptance in all acts. Pride can also be a need to be more important than others. Those who suffer with Pride issues, usually fail to give due compliments to others, but instead fish for compliments for themselves. They find ways to be better than those around them and usually have a "One Up" story. Pride is said to be the original and most deadly of the seven sins, leading straight to damnation.​


    Lust/Chastity (Slyveon): Julia Wilczyński/Aramis (*Jean Grey*)
    Envy/Kindness (Leafeon):
    Wrath/Patience (Flareon): Nicolas Michael Vespero/Constance (Sketchie)
    Pride/Humility (Espeon): Selena Diana Artemis/Apollo (Monster Guy)
    Sloth/Diligence (Umbreon): Alain Irving/Cosmo (Schade)
    Greed/Liberality (Jolteon):
    Gluttony/Abstinence (Glaceon): Astre Tourne/Aisu (me~)

    In Consideration: GoldenHouou (Greed)

    Sign Up Form

    [B]Name:[/B] (First and Last)
    [B]Age:[/B] (15-20)
    [B]Personality:[/B] (Traits from Sin)
    [B]History: [/B](Include when you actually committed your sin or in general how your character reflects it)
    [B]Nickname:[/B] (If desired)
    [B]Appearance:[/B] (Anything abnormal? Put it here. Otherwise just leave this blank)
    [B]Personality: [/B](Based on virtue traits)
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2016
  2. Hydrangea

    Hydrangea Actually a cat in disguise Staff Member Moderator

    Name: Astre Tourne
    Age: Fifteen
    Gender: Female
    Sin: Gluttony

    Astre is a fairly young girl with a build that could be described as somewhat mature and more womanly than her age would incline. She stands at around 5’1” and weighs around 130 lbs, her frame could be described as pear shaped, small at the top and larger in the waist; as the girl has particularly large hips. Her breast size is around a D, large for her age but somewhat hard to notice underneath her choice fashion of large sweaters. Her skin is somewhat pale and cold be described as fair but it is dotted with freckles of varying sizes and shapes, she’s a little embarrassed of her freckles; believing they make her look far younger than she actually is. She likes being portrayed as girly but often dresses for comfort rather than fashion, as such her posture reflects comfort and she often stands loosely, not exerting herself in any way. She has long light purple hair, most likely dyed that colour but she’ll never admit it. It’s rather wavy and can usually be seen put up in two long ponytails at either side of her head. To accessorize her hair, she wears two clips with white daisies on them; they rest at either side of her face just above her bangs, accenting her lightly odd coloured hair. Speaking of her face, she still retains the “baby face” a somewhat chubby face that is filled with youth. Her eyes are large, full of wonder and a light blue in colour.

    For clothing, Astre likes sweaters of varying designs and shapes. As girly as she likes to be she believes that comfort is the most important thing and reflects that attitude within everything she wears. She wears loose fitting under clothes, a light sports bra covered by a tightly fitting black tank top and matching black underwear; although people don’t see this part of her, it’s what she always starts her day in. Above this, which is what people actually see; she usually wears a blue “ugly christmas” sweater, having a large white deer on it and a white border pattern. To complete her outfit she wears white tights that are slimming to her frame and tight against her skin. They’re dark enough not to be seen through and comfy to move around and also sit around in. For shoes, she loves converse and throws on her favourite blue pair; complete with white shoelaces. To complete her look, she carries a brown satchel which contains snacks and lipgloss.

    Astre is a level-headed and intelligent girl, though she can be rude if provoked, especially towards her older people, or people in authority. Astre greatly enjoys eating various desserts and sugary food, but doesn't seem to gain weight (she insists all the fat goes towards her breasts anyway). However, she acts quite enraged and sensitive whenever anyone calls her fat. She is often seen sneaking cookies or other sweet treats out of her satchel in order to eat them, she usually eats many at a time and hides herself while doing it; unless of course she’s walking or sitting around, where she usually just stuffs her face. She can be a little hyperactive due to how much candy she eats, which can be viewed as her being a little loud and obnoxious but it’s usually excusable considering how young she is.

    She’s bubbly, happy, and full of child-like wonder. She has a vivid imagination and can often be seen lost in her own thoughts, imagining all the possibilities to any one scenario. However Astre lacks a lot of self worth, she’s actually very uncertain of herself and always doubts she’s needed. She gets discouraged easily and can sometimes be extremely antisocial when lost in her thoughts, hating to even be near anyone else. However she always tries to be positive amongst others, never wanting to burden anyone with her insignificant problems. She considers herself to be a burden, never liking to make herself known in a crowd because she feels like people think they need to care for her. However, despite feeling like this she loves to cheer others up and will go out of her own way to do so.

    History: Astre was born to a high class family within Kalos, her mother being a famous Pokemon contest star, and her father aiding in some of the scientific research that Kalos prided itself in. Being an only child to the extremely wealthy couple, the girl was highly spoiled and got anything and everything she could have ever wanted. Being born in Anistar City she was surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city, watching trainers come and go for the fantastical psychic gym. Her father’s research kept him busy, looking for relations with mega stones and all Pokemon. However, her mother became a little concerned about her daughter; noticing the girl, despite being eight by this time had made no friends and had begun sitting at home and consuming huge amounts of sugar. The girl had begun sitting in her bedroom surrounded by piles of cookies and cakes and just eating until she felt sick; staying home from school due to her obsessive consumption.

    Her mother, worried for Astre’s health; moved her and her husband to Laverre City, the peaceful atmosphere and all the flowers had a calming aspect that she hoped would sedate her daughter. However, it did little to help Astre; her indulgences in food had become so severe that it seemed she had developed an eating disorder and couldn’t actually stop herself from consuming the cookies and cakes. The young girl was admitted to a hospital where she stayed in a regular room, similar to a suite. She was allowed to hang out in the room and do whatever she wanted, except she was restricted in what she could eat. It seemed to be helping the young girl, until she was permitted to leave. Although it had seemed that she hadn’t been consuming the sweets, it turned out she had just become much more cunning. She had begun hiding her sweets, only consuming them when her mother wasn’t looking as well as the doctors.

    A little angry at her parents for wanting her to change, the young girl ran away from home. She jumped on a boat and headed to Hoenn, where she recieved a recruitment call from someone named Professor Mulberry. He talked about how the rumoured sins of religious faith were real and her parents had contacted him to reveal that she may be corrupted by sin. He asked her to visit him in his lab inside Sootopolis City to be part of his “De-Corruption Research”.

    Now, being peaked in curiousity; the young girl makes her way to Sootopolis.

    Nickname: Aisu
    Eeveelution: Glaceon
    Gender: Male
    Virtue: Abstinence

    Appearance: Aisu is fairly normal, he’s slightly smaller than average and his fur appears to be somewhat lighter. He has a small scar just above his tail.

    Personality: Aisu is a calm and collected Pokemon, he maintains his calm and carefree ways with great ease and often strives to help his trainer remain calm and cool. He has great control over everything he does, be it from his attacks to his personality; he’s attempting to use this control to better his trainer and aid her to practice her own better self control. He loves sweets almost as much as his trainer but knows that they are only truly good in moderation.

    Last edited: Jul 9, 2016
  3. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Name: Selena Diana Artemis
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Sin: Pride


    Appearance: Standing at exactly 6'0", Selena towers over many other girls. She has a fair complexion, forcing her to use sunscreen with a high SPF when she's outdoors. She has a slim and lean figure, with decently sized breasts. (Big enough to have cleavage when wearing a low cut outfit, but not so big that they get in the way.) She has silky black hair that reaches to her mid back. She has a heart shaped face, and her features are soft and feminine. Her eyes are almond shaped, and are a light shade of blue, with long eyelashes attached to them that are enhanced by mascara when necessary. She often wears make-up such as dark eyeshadow, dark pink lipstick, rosy pink blush on her cheeks, as well as either pink or black nail polish on her perfectly manicured fingernails. She puts a lot of effort into maintaining her appearance, and she makes sure to keep her face clear of any blemishes, and to maintain a good weight. She considers herself a classic beauty, and has no problems bragging about it.

    Selena likes fashion, and likes to dress well. She often wears fancy clothes made by famous designers. She also likes paring cheerful pink with edgy black, appreciating the contrast between them. Her current outfit consists of a dark pink lolita inspired dress that is decorated with black bows, and a black hem. A pair of sheer black tights cover her legs, and on her feet she wears a pair of black and pink wedge heels that make her appear taller. She wears a black choker around her neck that has a dark pink jewel in the center. She wears a silver cuff bracelet around her right wrist, as well as a diamond ring with a silver band on her right ring finger. On top of her head, sits a simple pink headband, as well as a silver hairpin shaped like a crescent moon. Her ears are pierced with silver stud earrings shaped like crescent moons. She carries her things in a fancy pink purse.

    Personality: Selena's personality can be summed up in two parts, the part that the public sees, and how she is when there aren't cameras around. The part the public sees is as sweet as can be, and often has a smile on her face. She is kind to everyone, and is practically the epitome of goodness, always putting the needs of others ahead of her own. As far as the public knows, Selena doesn't have a mean bone in her body, and wouldn't hurt a fly. She's has very feminine tastes, and always acts always prim and proper, like a real lady at all times.

    Most of that is an act she puts on because that's what people want to see. The real Selena is vain and arrogant. She often overestimates herself and underestimates others. She will not admit to making a mistake if she makes one, and will blame something or someone else when things don't go her way. These traits also makes her a sore loser. Selena is not shy in the least, and she often finds fault with others, and is quite willing to point them out in a blunt manner. (Though, she can't stand when someone does the same to her, and will get upset and ignore their criticism.) Selena values beauty, appearances mean everything to her. She can often be seen studying her reflection in any reflective surface available. She is also quick to judge others, and she looks down on those she believes to be beneath her. (And that's a lot of people.)

    Selena is quite a Diva, and loves being in the spotlight. She despises dirt and ugliness with a passion. She hates sports, physical labor, camping, or anything that could possibly get her dirty and ruin her image. If forced to do them, she will complain. Something else she can't stand, bugs. The Butterfly-like Pokemon she's fine with. It's the creepy looking things like Pinsir, Scolipede, and Durant she can't stand.

    Selena's public image isn't completely fake though. She is extroverted, and likes people, as long as they aren't disgusting. When her gaurd is down, she is generous, and can be a pleasant person to be around. It's just hard to tell when it's an act and when she's being sincere most of the time.

    History: Selena was born in Nimbasa City, and has lived there her whole life. Her mother was a former model, who is now an editor of a major fashion magazine. Her father is not in the picture, and Selena's mother doesn't like to talk about him. From the time she could walk and talk, Selena's mother pushed her daughter to follow in her footsteps, and become a model herself. Using her connections within the industry, she was able to get a contract with one of the biggest agencies in Unova, and her career began.

    She started off modeling children's clothes for local store catalogues. With time, and coaching from her mother, she was able to book high profile jobs, and was praised by designers and photographers she worked for. When she was a teenager, she was asked to go to Kalos, where all the fashion designers were, to walk in their fashion shows. Selena loved all the attention and praise she got, which started to go to her head. Most of the other kids she went to school didn't care for her condescending attitude, and the other models she had to work with didn't think she deserved to be as successful as she was, saying that she only got there because of her mother. They treated Selena with indifference, and she had few friends as a result. Selena didn't care what they thought, believing that they were just jealous of her good fortune, and that she was better than them anyway. Her goal in life was to be a star, and no one was going to get in the way.

    Her star was rising, but she still wasn't satisfied. Everything was going well, but she felt like there was still something missing in her life. She's tried all kinds of things to relieve these feelings, but they keep coming back. She doesn't know why, she didn't do anything wrong.

    While on vacation in Hoenn, she was contacted by someone named Professor Mulberry. He talked about how the rumored seven deadly sins were real, and he believed that she may be corrupted by sin. He asked her to visit him in his lab inside Sootopolis City to be part of his “De-Corruption Research”. Selena just laughed at the ridiculous notion that she had sinned. It wasn't her fault that other people were envious of her. However, a small part of her was curious about why this professor decided to call her of all people. While she did think his idea was absurd, she also thought that maybe hearing what this professor has to say might help her feel better. In the end, she decided to visit the lab just to see what this research was all about.



    Nickname: Apollo
    Species Espeon
    Gender: Male
    Virtue: Humility
    Appearance: He is slightly bigger than the average Espeon. His fur is also a slightly darker shade of purple.
    Personality: Apollo is a calm and modest Pokemon, who tries his best to keep his trainer down to earth. He understands that no matter how good you are, there is always someone better, so there is no point in being self-absorbed. He believes that it is best to respect everyone's strengths. He is actually a little shy when it comes to accepting credit for his own achievements. In reality he is rather insecure about himself, and doesn't believe he is good enough to deserve praise. Like Selena, he is also scared of bugs. Though, the fact that he is a Psychic type may have something to do with that.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2017
  4. Hydrangea

    Hydrangea Actually a cat in disguise Staff Member Moderator

    I like her! She fits pride quite well, quick sign up too actually. But it's pretty well done, you're accepted.~
  5. Sketchie

    Sketchie it's about the CUBES

    WIP, I'm afk rn but I want to get out some ideas.

    Name: Nicolas Michael Vespero (Birthname: Sienna Maria Michaela Vespero)
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male, transboy
    Sin: Wrath
    Theme Song: Troubled Child // Journey
    Link to Spotify Playlist. (Comprised of Journey, AC/DC, Rise Against, Metallica, Bring Me the Horizon, etc. Mostly 80s - mid 00s.)

    After two years of hormone replacement therapy, it is very difficult to tell that Nico was born female. Nigh impossible, even, unless he takes off his clothes in front of you. Nico is a medium height, about 5'6", and has a very lean build to him. He has two-years-of-testosterone-and-training kind of muscles, still somewhat new and smooth but a force to be reckoned with, with sturdy calves, forearms, and upper arms. His thighs are still pretty thick, much to Nico's dismay, but it's fat and muscle, so it's not too bad. His skin is a beautiful bronze from part heritage, part sunlight. It's a little dryer than most, especially on his knuckles, which are prone to cracking and bleeding. He has a small adam's apple, which he is very proud of (but only in secret). Even before testosterone, he was blessed with a sharp and edged facial structure, and it became more prominent with the loss of fat in his cheeks. He has a strong jaw, strong brow, and prominent cheekbones, and his nose is slim and straight. His hair is a dark brown with black undertones, and he spikes up his bangs whenever possible. The back and sides of his head are shaved short, showing off a squared hairline, and when left down his bangs fall above his eyebrows a bit. He keeps himself clean shaven, though he's known to change it up every now and then, just to prove he can grow facial hair. Though his body is primarily shaded in tones of brown, his eyes are a bright and striking baby blue. His ears are pierced, and he keeps black studs through his earlobes and a black ring through his upper left cartilage. His lower left lip is pierced, and there's a black stud through that. Though on the outside he looks perfectly masculine, and even if he took only his shirt off you'd still have doubts, he hides B-cup breasts under a binder.

    His clothing is kept very simple. He often wears muscle tanks to both hide a binder and show off biceps, and they're usually either band merch or some shade of gray. He really only ever wears dark jeans -- either skinny jeans or only slightly loose jeans, you'll never catch him in anything baggy. Ever. his jeans are usually scuffed and torn because of how he lives his life. He'll wear shorts every now and then, but it's not a huge part of his style. He wears gray converse nearly all the time, and if he's not wearing those, he's wearing black combat boots, again fairly scuffed because of life. He prefers functionality over fashion, the clothes he wears all fit into the categories of "I can fight in this" and "this hides any sort of curve left on my mostly curveless body." He does occasionally wear a pair of blue headphones around his neck. Under his shirt he wears a white half binder (covers the chest, but doesn't go down to the hips).

    He can always be found wearing three pieces of jewelry: a thick celtic knot ring on his left middle finger, a thin banded ring on his right middle finger, and a corded crucifix necklace.

    He can dress up, put on makeup, take off the binder, etc., and still pass as female. He'd rather not do this, but he can do it.

    Personality: Nico is the moment a bomb goes off. Every part of him is big and loud and hot. His emotions run very high, no matter the feeling. He is passionate about everything, and every argument is enough to get worked up over, because everything means something to this kid. He has an incredibly short temper, however, and his passion can flare into fury easily. He's known to get into fist fights over a lot of things, and often comes home with bruises and bloodied knuckles. He ends up being very sensitive inwardly and can be very insensitive outwardly. He says what he means, and when it comes to his head. He has no impulse control, and ends up making a lot of stupid mistakes by running off of his anger. To make matters worse, he's incredibly stubborn, and will stand for his beliefs no matter what. His emotional outbursts tend to be loud and very violent. He's very confident in his masculinity, and if you dare question it, you've got another thing coming. Nico is masculine as hell and will fight you on it. He wants to be powerful, and will not be seen as weak.

    Justice is what drives Nico -- or rather, Nico's version of justice is what drives Nico. He doesn't want innocent people to get hurt, and gets very angry when injustices are committed. You should never hurt an innocent, it's alright to hurt someone only if it's justified. He is vengeful, and holds a grudge until the price has been paid. It's very difficult for him to forgive, even when all has been atoned for. He's very protective of those he loves, and when he loves, he loves deeply. If he cares about someone, he gives them all he has. Deep down, he's a good kid. He has good intentions. He just wants to see the world work together, and it pains him that people hurt others and get away with it. It's this sadness that fuels his anger. It bleeds into everything, and he can get very explosive even with minor inconveniences. Nico has a decent sense of humor, and likes being around people. He wants to be loved. He wants to fit in and have friends. He wants acceptance.

    Nico hates being so angry. He's angry at his own anger, and tends to take it out on himself. He hates feeling so out of control. He's reckless and self-destructive, and doesn't care what happens to him. He so desperately wants a handle on his life, but that feeling seems to go away when he gets into one of his moods. Once he's calmed down, his mistakes hit him like a train, and it hurts. He punishes himself internally, berating himself until he's numb. He's terrified of abandonment and losing who he is. He's scared one day he's going to severely hurt someone he loves, and he'll never be able to make it up to them. Nico doesn't know what's wrong with him, he wants to be better, but doesn't know how. He knows he's getting worse, which makes him angry, which makes him angry about being angry. It's a downward spiral, and he feels trapped and stuck.

    [Nico has Borderline Personality Disorder and doesn't know it. The disorder doesn't exactly help the sin, but in no means is BPD part of the sin. He also has processing issues, and it can take him a moment to process auditory signals into useful information. Noisy environments make it worse.]

    Nico is very outgoing, and when he's not being wrathful, he's a good person to be around. He enjoys making and listening to music. His favorite things to listen to are Journey, Bring Me the Horizon, Genesis, Metallica... lots of rock n roll, especially 80s rock. (He has a soft spot in his heart for Lady Gaga though, Judas is one of his favorite songs.) He plays the violin very well, and loves its delicate sound. He's very athletic, and likes soccer games and going for long runs. He's known for fist fighting under anger, but he does enjoy a good match with friends, as long as the other person's okay with it. He loves math, and staying up way too late looking at memes on the internet. He's become a pretty decent programmer by screwing around with making websites, and takes pride in his various tumblr blog themes. He is empathetic, and very caring. Nico is brave, and won't back down in the face of danger, especially if it means protecting people he loves. He loves pokemon and he loves his friends and he loves light and he loves love. And he wants to protect that love.

    History: Nico was born in Undella Town, Unova, to parents Cynthia and Lovino Vespero. They were very Catholic, and Nico was baptized as Sienna Maria Vespero. Two years later, Cynthia gave birth to another girl, Cecilia, and quickly the two children became close friends. The Vesperos were well off, Lovino was a working man in a high paying job, and Cynthia was born into a family of wealth. Unfortunately, Cynthia and Lovino's marriage was tempest tossed, and the two never stopped fighting. Lovino was very harsh in his dealings, not very loving at all, and Cynthia hated it to no end. One day, shortly before Nico's third birthday, Cynthia disappeared, with only a note that her wealth would go solely to her two children. Lovino was angered, but kept her wishes, and split her money evenly between Nico and Cecilia.

    Lovino was not a loving caregiver. He believed in strictness and being harsh, that being soft with a child wouldn't get you anywhere. From a young age Nico and Cecilia were constantly berated for every tiny mistake, Lovino's voice splintering every soft part you could find. They went to mass every Sunday, not a day was missed no matter what, and it became somewhat of a haven for the two children -- no one could yell at them in church. Lovino wasn't nearly as harsh on Cecilia, after all, she was two years younger, but there was also a bit of anger directed at Nico. Lovino wanted a first born son, he wanted a son, and instead he got two daughters. Nico, as sensitive as he was, easily picked up on this anger. He knew he was a disappointment to his father, but he didn't understand why. He got good grades in elementary school, he (mostly) got along with the other kids, he had just started the violin like his father said to, and he and his sister were the picture perfect children.

    All through elementary school, however, Nico always felt off. He hated dresses, he hated having to be with the girls all the time, he hated long hair and makeup and pink and he didn't know why. It angered him, that he was never like any of the other girls. He found himself flaring up more and more often, getting angry over things he didn't think he'd have to be angry over. He didn't understand why he kept getting hit over tiny little things, why he was called a "stupid little girl" over and over again for one step out of place, why he felt so out of place. He got into his first fistfight in sixth grade. All the other boy said was "stupid little girl," and everything snapped. Nico couldn't help himself. He decked the other boy so hard, pouring his anger and rage into his fists.

    Undella town was fairly sheltered, add to that a heavily Catholic father, Nico and Cecilia didn't know much anything about the outside world. Shortly after Nico's first fight, Lovino was given a new job opportunity in Castelia City. The move really opened both children's eyes. Things changed. Middle school and puberty was hell for Nico. He knew exactly what was changing in his body, but he hated all of it. Lovino slowly got worse, and while he never got Catherine Pelzer abusive, it was the slow and steady stream of anger and hatred that filled the house. Nico soaked it all up. Cecilia, sweet, charming Cecilia, seemed to repulse it. While many children in Nico and Cecilia's financial group went to various private schools, Lovino enrolled the two in a local public school. In all honesty, Nico and Cecilia were perfectly fine with this, and they found a far better group of friends. Nico's fighting problem seemed to get worse, but no matter. In 8th grade, Nico began to get ready for his confirmation, but in going to public school, you're introduced to concepts you'd never hear in Undella town or from a Catholic father.

    Concepts like "homosexual" and "transgender."

    Though he knew his church would never accept him, he couldn't help but feel drawn to that second concept. It held the answers. It told him why he felt like he would break down whenever he had to wear a dress. It told him why his hips and breasts screamed at him in the mirror, telling him they were Wrong. These concepts told him why in the dead of night, his sister confessed that she didn't understand why the other girls thought boys were attractive, and did you see how pretty Elesa is? But there are things that can only be confessed in the dead of night. Suddenly, Nico knew everything, but he was scared. What would anyone think? He'd be hated. Cecilia could get hurt. Neither of these things could happen. Nico went into denial about everything, and threw himself into studies of academia and the gospel, and beating the living daylights out of those who questioned him. At his confirmation, he chose Michaela as his saint name. St. Michael had always inspired him as a protector, and he wanted to be one of those.

    But things tend to fall apart in these kinds of situations.

    Nico found himself getting furious over the tiniest things, and, to his horror, he found himself becoming like his father. He felt awful, trying to tell himself that everything he felt was a lie, that he was wrong, that he wasn't really feeling it. It was only in mid-9th grade when he accidentally confided in a good friend of his that he realized he wasn't evil. That he was just... the way he was. God didn't hate him, and he shouldn't hate him either. He chose the name Nicolas on impulse, and hearing "Nico" seemed to soothe his crying heart.

    High school was fun for Nico. Orchestra was fun. Wrestling was fun. Skipping class with friends was fun. He loved the attention! He began to dress neutrally like his friends, and listen to his friends' music like they did. The only not so fun part was handling the principal after getting into yet another fight, and handling his dad afterwards. The tensions between Lovino and Nico were soon hitting a breaking point, until the angry father/passive child dynamic shattered. The tension snapped and both parties knew Nico had control. Lovino never thought his own child would strike at him, but it happened. All of Nico's rage and anger of being mistreated and ignored came flooding out, and it was clear who had the stronger will. The answer is they both did. Lovino was set in his ways, and refused to stop what he thought was the correct way to raise a child. Nico reflected his mother's kinder side, but had a sharpened edge like his father. In one of their fights, when Nico was 15-almost-16, Nico (angrily) explained everything to Lovino. He made it clear that he was never to be called a girl ever again, that his name was Nicolas Michael Vespero, and he will be addressed as such. That he will never be wearing a dress ever again. That he will be undergoing hormone replacement therapy, and if he had to do it legally or illegally he didn't care. Lovino, although angry with Nico's outburst, was admittedly intrigued at the prospect of a son, even if Nico would never truly be a son in the church's eyes.

    And thus, Nico found himself taking testosterone shots, every other Tuesday. In Nico's eyes, he had basically won. He was 16, and even though Lovino kept hitting them as he pleased, Nico didn't care. He got what he wanted. And he knew that Lovino knew that Nico could take him down at any time. At this point, putting up with his father was more of a game, a trial of endurance, proof that he could do anything. Who cares if he got hurt? He was alive.

    Poor, poor Cecilia was not.

    Though her older brother, now out and enjoying himself, continued to love his faith, Cecilia felt trapped. There was no way to escape her feelings. Unlike Nico, however, Cecilia knew how to hide everything about her. She had her first girlfriend in 10th grade, hidden from sight on both ends of the scale. Cecilia didn't even confide in her brother, who she'd tell everything to. She knew she'd have to leave her faith if she wanted to keep going like this. Maybe Nico could, but she couldn't. She wasn't as strong. She was never as strong. She was soft and quiet and things hurt her. No one can know, no one can know.

    And then they did. Somehow, Lovino found out about his daughter and her girlfriend. Everything shifted once more. What used to be a battle between aggressive father and aggressive son became a fight between aggressive father and sensitive daughter. Nico felt overwhelming hatred towards his father, not just because he began to hurt sweet, innocent Cecilia, but because that attention was his. It was his job to be berated and pushed around and punished for small things! Not Cecilia! He wanted that attention back. His anger was off the wall, trying to get that attention back, tripping every wire, and yet... nothing. Nothing worked. He felt terrible. He knew he shouldn't be like this, that he had to do something, but what? What could he do? His life was filled with anger and wrath, it seemed as though he could know no other emotion. Once more, Nico was faced with the shadow of being trapped. No way out.

    Nico felt out of control. He graduated, but he still felt out of control. Everything felt out of his control, and he was angered. He was angry because his sister was hurting for no reason. That summer, they went back to Undella town, back to their old home. Just before they left Castelia, Lovino received word of a Mullberry character, who was looking for some students to help him with his research, and thought that Nico would be a perfect fit. Nico accepted, thinking it would be good to get out of this environment, that perhaps a calmer situation could help him get rid of everything that made him bad, that maybe with a clear head, he could rescue Cecilia. He had a two weeks before he departed to Sootopolis, so he could stay in Undella town for a while. Everything would work perfectly.

    Nico and Cecilia only spent one night in the room they shared, all those years ago. Nico was excited, he wanted to meet others from other regions, he wanted to see the world and this was the first step. He couldn't wait to show Cecilia everything about Hoenn. Cecilia was happy for her brother, but there were darker thoughts on her mind. Nico noted that Cecilia seemed quieter than usual, but she shook it off, and soothed her brother, saying she was perfectly fine. They said goodnight, and turned off the light. And when they turned it back on, there was Cecilia, a prescription bottle in one hand and a note in the other.

    The funeral services were beautiful. Nico gave a eulogy, and had to stop himself from crying. His sister was gone. Sixteen years of confiding in each other, sixteen years of her light, sixteen years of the only thing keeping everything from permanently shattering -- gone. Sure, it meant that his missing mother's riches now all belonged to him, but what does that matter when the light of your life is gone? When the person you knew you had to protect died right next to you? Cecilia was buried in a mountain cemetery, where she would never be hurt again, where she would never be held again.

    That last day he was home is seared into Nico's mind. Sure, he had been impulsive in the past -- alcohol, fist fights, boys -- but never this impulsive. Everything was packed and ready for Nico to leave for Hoenn. His laptop, ipod, violin, clothes, scriptures... all was ready for departure. But Nico was restless. His heart ached still for the loss of his sister, and his head burned with hatred for his father. The note Cecilia held in her hand was simple. It said that she couldn't handle her father, that she was sorry and prayed for forgiveness, and to tell Nicolas and Katarina that she loved them. Nico blamed all of this on Lovino, and wanted to make sure he'd suffer. He had nothing left in Undella town. His mother had left years ago, his sister was dead, and his father may as well be dead. Anger pulsed through his system, shutting down any impulse control he had left. His father was out of the house. The ship for Hoenn was at the docks, awaiting him. His things were already on board, taken down by Lovino.

    And so, Nico set the stove on fire.

    He watched the gas burn, dancing as it billowed up to the ceiling. It caught onto everything around it, slithering around the entire kitchen wall. He promptly walked out the door, hands in his pockets, playing with the fire alarm batteries he had taken out just earlier. No one would know that the Vespero house in Undella town was on fire until the whole thing was alight, and Nico was on his way to Hoenn. No one knew why it started, it was written off as an accident. But Nico knew. A part of him wishes he had stayed to watch the thing burned to ash.

    And another part of him wished he had burned with it.

    Other: Nico is very Catholic, and uses it as a way to not go completely flying off the handle. He has a rosary necklace that he keeps safe in a velvet pouch in his bag. Admittedly, he feels very alienated from his church -- being transgender and all -- but he refuses to give up his faith. He makes an effort to go to mass every Sunday.

    Nico likes boys, the end.

    Nickname: Constance
    Eeveelution: Flareon
    Gender: Female
    Virtue: Patience
    Appearance: Constance has especially soft and silky fur. Her neck ruff, tuft on her head, and tail are all longer and floofier than normal. She is very small for a flareon.
    Personality: Constance is the embodiment of the song "Why Can't We Be Friends." She is patient and loving, and incredibly forgiving. She loves loving, and makes friends easily. She is happy and bouncy, and gets excited over little things. She finds the beauty in the little things, and lives to stop and smells the roses. She is very curious, and tends to stick her nose where she really shouldn't. She's a quick learner though, and just wants to make people happy. Constance can be a little ditsy, though. She is easily hurt, but she pops right back up and keeps going. Overall, a good kid.
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  6. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou aberrant

    Name: Cedric Dupont
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Sin: Greed



    Cedric stands at a relatively average 5'9, although he loses a few inches due to his injured foot and the slight hunch that walking with a cane brings. He carries himself with confidence however, and his injury does nothing to detract from the almost boisterous aura he seems to radiate. He comes off as the kind of jackass who gets into fights over who bumped into whom just for the fun of it, and truth be told, that isn't too far from reality. His facial features are sharp and angular which, combined with the fact that his lips can be frequently found curled into a smirk, makes him appear sly, almost as if he's planning something. This isn't helped at all by his turquoise eyes that appear to carry an unmistakably hungry look most of the time, like he'd be constantly looking for the next thing to claim as his. And, honestly? He probably is.

    Having done martial arts for the better portion of his young life, Cedric is both tanned and well-built, particularly when it comes to his upper body - and it's a fact he doesn't hesitate to flaunt if given the chance. He's tanned as well, part of it due to his heritage, part of it from the dubious amounts of time he spent outdoors before the incident. Needless to say, his left leg is noticeably weaker than his right, and while it has recovered enough to allow him to move around without his wheelchair, he still needs a cane to walk properly. There's large scar running along his thigh to his shin from the bite, along with smaller surgery scars. He doesn't particularly feel ashamed over any of them, but at the same time he isn't likely to show them off either. Which, you know, considering his personality, is rather rare and means he's actually taking them seriously.

    Cedric's hair is naturally brown, but according to him brown is "too damn boring", so he never lets it remain in its natural color for long. At the moment his hair is a bright shade of orange, a color he feels represents energy and passion - and by extension, himself. Just don't be surprised if you one day find him sprouting a different color; he gets bored of things fast. Cedric always prefers warm colors to cold ones however, and he absolutely loathes blues of all kinds - call it a weird extension of his fear of water. These preferences show in the way he dresses: he often dons reds, oranges, browns and just because he considers it cool, blacks. At the moment, he wears a skintight, green t-shirt underneath a dark red jacket, with black pants decorated by belts. He's also a huge fan of accessories, since he feels its a good way to show off his relative wealth. At the moment, he's got on cross-shaped, golden earrings, with a matching belt and chains, as well as a small, collar-like necklace with a ruby embedded into the front. Finally, although the avatar shows neither, he has a bag wrapped around his waist, decorated with small skulls, zippers and whatever pins he felt like attaching to it at the moment. The cane he carries is dark and often decorated with belts or the like.

    Personality: Flirty, hotheaded and stubborn as all hell, Cedric comes equipped with a needlessly loud voice and an admitted attitude problem. He's boisterous, he's impatient, and if you ever point any of those flaws out to him, he'll likely thank you for the compliment. This guy loves attention and he absolutely needs things to happen wherever he goes. If nothing's going on, he'll cause ruckus or stick his nose in other people's business - anything to get things moving and all eyes focused on him. Not that his need to be noticed is the only thing he seeks, mind. See, at his core, Cedric is extremely ambitious, and it's the intensity of that ambition that both makes and breaks his character.

    At best, it makes him extremely resilient and dedicated, not one to give up no matter the obstacles he faces. He has goals and the fortitude and skill to reach them, and he's never been afraid of hard work or sleepless nights of training or practice to get to where he wants to be. He's diligent and punctual when things actually matter, and despite seeming reckless and irresponsible, he can actually be anything but. That, and not all his motivations for wanting to become the best are entirely selfish; part of him also wants to be a role model to others, to make a difference and to help - he just happens to want a little rush and some praise in return. At worst, however, his ambition makes him materialistic and power-hungry, stopping at nothing to get what he wants. And oh, boy, the things he wants are a plenty; he needs to have absolutely everything in the world, from others' attention to physical possessions to friends and lovers. He wants strength, power, and talent that he can be proud of. He wants admirers and he wants to feel powerful, influential, in control. He hungers for success so much that it can make him hedonistic, selfish and possessive - even dangerous, to an extent. Once he has his eyes set on something, he will stop at absolutely nothing to claim that something as his, be it an item, person or a goal. If he likes something, he must have it - simple as that. And while, as mentioned, he is certainly willing to work to that end, he's also willing to cheat, lie, manipulate and put others down if that's what it takes.

    And what's worse, Cedric is, at times, also extremely fickle. He gets interested in things and people very easily, wanting to have them and wanting to accomplish things - only to end up losing interest in whatever it was that he wanted so very badly once he gets it most of the time. Really, in the end there are very few individual things that can keep his interest for long, as he's always on the lookout for something better and more important than what he already has. Never satisfied with anything, Cedric is a kid who was told he could be and do anything one too many times - and so he decided to be everything. This doesn't mean, though, that he would be completely incapable of being genuinely interested in something or someone - just that it's rare. But every now and again he'll find himself enamored with something that he doesn't lose interest in quite as easily, and when that happens, he'll do anything for that someone or something. Passionate and extremely devoted when the situation calls for it, this is the guy who meticulously spent time lifting weights and attempting to walk every day for two years to be able to lose his wheelchair and reach a goal that mattered to him; he'll do it again if needed. In short, he's a curious mix of a disciplined martial artist working hard to get far and a laid back, hedonistic skirt-chaser who wants to own the world. Does the combination work? Well, not really - it leaves him unpredictable and unreliable, at best. That, and when Cedric does find something he really, really likes, he won't only be willing to sacrifice things for them; he will become extremely possessive. If something is his, it's his, and nobody else has any damn business anywhere near it. Doesn't matter if it's the top score in an online game, a new shiny hat or a girl he met last week.

    In addition, Cedric is also competitive, and while he will never retort to physical violence unless the other party initiates it (call it a moral code of sorts, a small memento from his days as a martial artist), he can be very condescending and cocky, and can engage in arguments pretty easily if he feels someone's attacked his pride or challenged him to a battle of wits. Of course, even this is better than the alternative; that is, him simply staying silent, smiling and deciding to use his skills of manipulation to get back at you through shadier means instead. It should be noted that such situations are fairly rare, though, and mostly only happen if he really feels someone's purposefully become an obstacle. He doesn't do that in regular situations, among 'friends' - and yes, he will call you a friend very easily. For all it's worth, Cedric is actually pretty friendly and open if only superficially, and he does love having fun and socializing. He isn't out to get anyone, either, and isn't really one to want to offend anyone unless they've given him a reason to. After all, a king has to be good to his subjects, right? He has absolutely nothing against people who want to be friends with him, are ready to follow him and won't try to steal from him.

    So, see, there are good qualities to him too. Are there any more of those? Sure, they're just very effectively buried underneath all the not-so-good traits. But they're there! For one, as mentioned, he's not violent. He loves Pokémon battles and arm wrestling and will definitely indulge you if you wish to partake in either, but he will never use his strength to actually hurt someone - and it's not because he wouldn't be able to, considering his build. Also, for all his cocky talk and recklessness, he is actually fairly perceptive and learns fast from mistakes. Because yes, when he makes a mistake, he does actually recognize it and think of ways to never repeat it - he just does it all in the confines of his mind so as to not lose face. Appearances matter to him, and he wants to look cool, self-confident and like he's always in control of any given situation. Partly because, yeah, he just wants to, partly because people have worried over him for far too long. He's tired of it. He can take care of himself, and what better way to prove it than to be arrogant and not let people feel considerate for you? He's also very positive and upbeat most of the time, always looking upward towards the sky, no matter how many times he's knocked down - and he's willing to spread that way of thinking to others who might teeter on the verge of giving up as well. After all, he's been there and he's done that; seeing others in that same, hopeless state of mind pisses him off. That's why he's helping, okay? Just be sure to thank him and stroke his need for praise afterwards.

    Lastly, it should be mentioned that Cedric has a serious fear of water. Or, rather, large bodies of water big enough for him to possibly drown in. He's also queasy around big water type Pokémon, and Gyarados are the absolute worst things he can imagine. That's partly why he's taken such a liking to electric types; they fend off the water Pokémon he dislikes. He also can't swim to save his life.

    History: Being born as the son of a previous Pokémon League Champion and an otherwise accomplished trainer, Cedric was the center of expectations and rumours from a very early age, especially among family friends and gossiping locals. Would he become a Gym Leader or an Elite Four member like many of his relatives overseas? A Champion like his mother, perhaps? Surely he would grow to be something remarkable; it was in his blood, after all! People expected great things of him, and whether it was due to nature or nurture, Cedric was always an ambitious kid himself. He always wanted to do great things, to be remembered and make a difference. And his parents, wanting to encourage him, always told him that he would, for sure. He'd be a great trainer one day, better than his parents, even! And so, young and positive, little Cedric took those words to heart and threw himself at training Pokémon in order to surpass his mother one day. Only, it very soon became apparent that battling wasn't at all his forte - at least, not at six years old. He lost the very first battles he ever partook in against the other kids in the neighbourhood, and they weren't losses by a small margin, either; they were practically curb-stomps that led to many of the others making fun of him. Was he really the son of a previous Champion? Maybe his mother wasn't that good either, then!

    Cedric came home crying that day, apologizing vehemently and feeling like a failure. His parents, kind as they were, quickly tried to cheer him up - however, all attempts to explain that losing wasn't necessarily a bad thing but rather an opportunity to learn were met with nothing but even louder sobs, and so eventually they decided to forgo explaining such a difficult topic in favor of just repeating a mantra of "it's okay, you're a great kid, you can do anything you set your mind on for sure" instead. And, in order to demonstrate this, they offered to play a few rounds of different games with him, allowing him to win each and every one. Slowly, the tears stopped, and a new kind of expression found its way on the young boy's face. He was happy as one would expect, but there was also a certain kind of... spark in his eyes. He liked winning. He liked it a lot. He wanted to win more.

    However, the memory of those lost Pokémon battles still stung, and he was dead afraid of letting his parents down again, so he didn't aim his newly found ambition towards that. Instead, he aimed it at literally everything else; he tried every sort imaginable, threw himself at every subject once school started, and through immense amount of diligence, studying and practice, he did fairly well at all of them. He got praise from his abilities in soccer and math alike, and his parents always claimed they were proud. But... but that wasn't quite enough for Cedric. He was very good at many things, even exceptional in some, but he was the best in none - and so, his lust for victory was not yet satiated. He wanted more. And so, one by one, he dropped every hobby he picked up, having both grown bored of them for being too easy and for failing to provide him with a chance to become the best, to be revered and respected.

    That was, until he found one thing he absolutely shone in; martial arts. It was by pure accident that he'd happened upon the dojo in his home city of Saffron one day, when he'd been so engrossed in his cellphone that he'd accidentally went in through the wrong door on his way to meet a relative that worked as a trainer in the Saffron City gym. However, when he saw the amazing moves the others in the dojo pulled, his interest was piqued almost instantly, and he didn't hesitate to ask to become a pupil there. Immediately, he was told that becoming a martial artist wasn't just a hobby; it was a way of life, and he truly wanted to be good enough for competitions or other such shows of prowess, he had to train every day. Cedric had absolutely no problem with that - and that was how he found himself immersed in a completely new world. He was a diligent student, and throughout his childhood all the way to his early teenage years, Cedric never skipped practice or complained even once. Particularly not when he found out about all the other perks that came with the art. For one, he was physically very strong and his body toned for someone of his age, and that was certainly an asset when he wanted to show off to his friends or when he wanted members of the opposite sex to notice him. To boot, he'd appeared in multiple tournaments, and the price money he'd won from many of them was starting to build up. Things were looking good - and yet, Cedric wanted more still. This wasn't yet enough.

    It was around that time, in his early teens, that Cedric's need for attention started to peak, as well. Part of it likely came with being a teenager and imagining he was the center of the world, but part of it was also the fact that... while his parents did support him in his martial artist pursuits, the fact that Cedric and the rest of his family had such different areas of interest (them all having a profession relating to Pokémon training in some form) had made them slowly grow a bit further apart with each passing year. His cousins and parents had to attend various battling-related events held around the region (and sometimes even overseas), with Cedric opting to stay behind whenever he could. And while he did have a babysitter most of the time, that might've merely made things worse as far as seeking attention went. See, the babysitter was a young, pretty girl from their neighbourhood, and considering how often the young boy was left alone with her, Cedric eventually started to seek approval from her instead of his parents - especially as he reached adolescence and started to view his young nanny in a completely new light. He developed a crush on her, but seeing how she was eighteen and he wasn't yet of age, it never went anywhere.

    It didn't stop him from trying, of course. However, as Cedric's attempts to woo her failed time and time again, his motivation for trying started to also shift. And at some point, he realized that he wasn't so frustrated because he liked her per se - he was just frustrated because he wanted something he couldn't get. And he couldn't stand it. So, the fourteen year old Cedric made up for it by developing a habit of flirting with all the other girls at school instead, using their attention to fuel his bottomless greed for affection instead. And then, after being rejected one more time by his babysitter, he went and got her fired by hiding some of the house's most expensive items in her purse and making it seem like she'd been stealing them. Yeah, maybe he hadn't gotten her, but so what? He had all these other girls now - and she wouldn't be babysitting anyone else ever again, either. He'd still won. He'd gotten more than he wanted - and he rather liked it. With a few choice lies, he'd managed to affect another person's life to such an extent. It... made him feel powerful. So he did it again. If he didn't like someone or something, he used a few choice words and actions to alter things, slowly taking over the neighbourhood that had once bullied him for a lost Pokémon battle. He was rich, popular and influential, and he had no doubt he could take over the entire damn world one day.

    At least, until one fateful night in Vermilion City. The class was on a school trip, their aim to go on a small cruise aboard S.S. Celestia. They'd arrived the evening prior, and with nothing else to do, some of the boys had taken to the docs in the middle of the night to find something to do - and Cedric was among the group. A greedy thrill-seeker, he never turned down a chance to have fun, and this time was no exception. It was a stupid idea to begin with, of course; a group of half-drunk teenagers playing around in the harbour, daring each other to do the craziest stunts. It started out as a competition on who could swim the farthest before chickening out and turning around, evolved into a diving competition and finally culminated as they found a sleeping Gyarados near the docks and decided to see who had the guts to go bother it. Little did they know that the Pokémon was already injured and not in the most forgiving of moods, so naturally the dragon didn't take kindly to being bothered by loud, possibly dangerous kids. And so, once it was Cedric's turn to go and poke the beast's side, the Pokémon finally retaliated with a bite that sent Cedric to the hospital for weeks - right after he was rescued from almost drowning in shallow water dyed with his own blood, that was.

    That accident changed everything. Lying in the hospital with a newly acquired phobia of water and no idea whether or not he'd ever walk again, Cedric slowly and painfully came to realize that his dream of becoming the best and most revered martial artist was pretty much over. Even though his parents kept telling him he could still be whatever he wanted, do anything he set his mind on and succeed, he knew it just,... couldn't freaking true, now could it? He'd never be the best like this. How could he, when he couldn't even get to the bathroom by himself? And even if he did somehow make a full, miraculous recovery, his leg would never be able to give him the support he needed for martial arts again. As such, unable to attend his usual practice, the crushed teen slowly drifted back to "playing with Pokémon" as he referred to Pokémon training as. He borrowed some of his parents' Pokémon and started to loiter around the city's Gym, battling what little wild Pokémon found their way into the city. That was, until his relative in the Gym asked him to at least come inside and train with them. Rolling his eyes, Cedric agreed and dragged himself inside, sitting aside as he watched the others battle. But his relative hadn't invited him in to just watch. No, seeing how depressed the teen was, he invited him to join the battling in an attempt to help him take his mind off of things, and reluctantly, Cedric agreed once again. Using some of his parents' Pokémon, he found himself faced with one of the best trainers in the gym, and truth be told, he very much expected to lose. After all, he'd sucked at this when he was a kid, why would things be any different now?

    Imagine his surprise when he actually won. Part of it was due to his parents' highly trained Pokémon to be sure, but everyone presented was also aware that part of it was because he'd actually managed to be a surprisingly good strategist when it came to directing the battle. Cedric was taken aback, his eyes still wide minutes after the battle was over, and slowly, he felt that previous spark return. He felt ambition flare up inside him, with his parents' mantra ringing in the back of his mind louder than ever. You could do anything. You could be anything. Yeah. Maybe he... maybe he really could. And if he had to choose? He'd be everything. Except, it was around that time that a new face appeared in town. A boy slightly older than he was, the newcomer was already a seasoned Pokémon trained who'd travelled the world with his parents, and never missed a chance to boastfully share his adventures with everyone else in school. And at first, Cedric ignored him. He wasn't really all that envious, having always been come concerned over getting himself to be the absolute best than worrying what others were doing - until, one fateful day, the boy chose his words very wrong. He happened to claim, in a very loud voice, that since he'd travelled so much and seen so many things, he practically owned the world.

    Hell. No. The world was his.

    He owned it. And nobody else was going to touch what was his.

    Cedric left the room, and a few weeks later, the new boy transferred out of the school in tears, having been bullied to the brink of breaking down. And as the boy boarded the bus to leave, Cedric was there, sitting in his wheelchair at the bus stop, waving him goodbye - and bidding him good riddance. Served him right.

    Nobody ever found out who was truly behind the hell the poor boy had been subjected to. But Cedric knew, and it gave him a small rush. To think that he'd be able to get rid of someone just like that... it made him feel powerful, influential. And that was just what he wanted. His confidence restored both due to the battle at the Gym and the perceived victory over a rival, Cedric focused the next years of his life on making a full recovery, all the while building his influence in the city to "take it over" (his words). He'd get his leg fixed up, and he'd pick up martial arts again. And while he was still unable to do that and prove himself physically, he'd control absolutely everything through other means instead. He would get everything he wanted, and nothing would be able to stand in his way. He'd become the best and be remembered, and he'd be a role model to every little chap who ever doubted themselves.

    It was a little after his eighteenth birthday, when Cedric's parents returned from a long business trip, that they brought with them a letter from someone. It mentioned something about sins and him being chosen for a program of sorts, and his curiosity piqued, Cedric figured he'd go see what was up.



    Nickname: Thunderpaw, or more commonly, T-Paw

    Eeveelution: Jolteon

    Gender: Female

    Virtue: Liberality

    Appearance: Her fur is even more jagged than is normal for a Jolteon, and she definitely looks battle-worn; there's a small piece missing from her left ear, and she's usually covered in mud and bruises from her little escapades.

    Personality: A free spirit at heart, T-Paw is laid-back and open-minded, never judging a book by its cover. Not one for material possessions, she can get by with very little; as long as she can run around and have adventures and excitement, she's content. Also, despite looking a little rough and coming across as very straightforward at times, she's very friendly and caring when things come right down to it, always making sure everyone else's needs are met, and she actually considers herself the "cool big sis" of any group she's in (whether or not her supposed little siblings agree or not). This does, however, lend itself to her becoming overbearing at times.t
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    Schade Iron Defensive

    Name: Alain Irving
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Sin: Sloth
    Appearance: Alain is tall and slim, yet has a rather fit physique despite his lazy nature. He is not overly fond of spending time outdoors, and has somewhat pale skin as a result, which goes well with his bleached, silvery blue hair. He styles his hair in order for it to look good, allthough it doesn't need too much tending in order to do so. Hi eyes are deep blue, and goes well with his hair. They also always have that laid back, chill look to them, giving Alain a certain carefree natural look. he has thick, dark eyebrows in contrast to his hair, but other than that, his face is overall fair. Luckily for Alain, he has a certain natural beauty to him, since he doesn't really bother using the best potential of his looks.

    For clothing, Alain doesn't really bother with looking awesome. He has a fondness for practical and comfortable clothing, despite his "Ability" to afford finer clothing. Despite his views, he is not oblivious to fashion. His usual attire consists of his favorite pair of dark blue jeans, matched together with a pale yellow shirt, which he keeps un-buttoned at top, revealing his chest. He doesn't wear any kind of accessories, allthough he occasionally wear an expensive silver watch to formal events. He dresses this way since he doesn't want to stick out in a crowd, somewhat ironic, considering his unntaural haircolor.

    Personality: Alain comes across as a very calm and collected person due to his very lazy habits and absentmindedness. He has a natural lack of awareness about things going on around him, and often takes a step back in social settings. He dislikes being the center of attention, despite his social nature. He never show any signs of worry, anger or any other emotion, which makes him difficult to read. His absentmindedness also prevents him from picking up on sarcasm, irony or insults directed at him. He likes to just go with the flow, and dislikes thinking things through. He is all but impulsive, and is a surprisingly good planner for when he actually gets his act together. They say lazy people get the job done in innovative, effective ways, and Alain is definitely a guy one can say that about.

    Despite being somewhat of a goof, Alain is fairly simple to get along with. He is easy going, kind and considerate towards more or less everyone, and enjoys the company of others. His laid back and trusting nature can make him seem somewhat naive though, as he trusts people easily. His lack of awareness can also be beneficial for him. He is very good at focusing on things he sets his mind to, and is very determined to see things through, allthough he struggles with actually starting on things. He is one of those "I'll just do it tomorrow" kind of types that can procrastinate things forever, but when he starts doing it, he does one heck of a job. He is intelligent and cunning, allthough he rarely shows this off. To him, it is just a means to a goal, and not something to brag about to others. He definitely thinks more than he speaks, and doesn't always speak his mind, just judging others from a safe distance.

    History: Born into a wealthy family living in Goldenrod City, Johto, Alain had a rather privileged childhood. He always got whatever he wanted, regardless of expenses etc, and as a result, he grew to lacking any sorts of excitement in his life. He also grew very lazy by this, considering how he didn't have to work for more or less anything in life. Due to this, his parents were strict with him and made him start working out to compensate for his laziness. Not wanting his lifestyle to change, Alain reluctantly agreed.

    In school, Alain initially kept to himself, s he found it to be easier not to be around others. This made him a popular target for bullies though, and due to his lack of awareness, he mistook their social engagement with him as friendliness, and started following them around. It took a while before they accepted Alain as their friend, but he had found his rightful place in their shadow. Alain was a genuinly kind kid, and easy to befriend, and in turn, the bigger kids would hold other bullies away from him. It was a pretty sweat deal for Alain, and the cycle continued. He also got above average grades, though it was clear he wasn't an overachiever, or an achiever at all.

    After high school, Alain went to college in Rustboro City in the Hoenn region. It was always clear he would take up a working life rather than the exciting pokemon trainer life, and he was fine with that. It didn't take him long before he managed to fall into a steady routine, getting a decent part time job, and a social setting he could benefit from. He liked having this steady schedule, each day eeriely similar to the last one. He got occasional visits from his parents, who always scolded him for his lifestyle. They wanted for him to be doing something extravagant, that would make a famous name out of him, but Alain didn't bother with that. He was just fine with how things were, and didn't want things to change.

    However, one day Alain recieved a letter in the mail by a professor Mulberry. He spoke of nonsense. Professor-ish nonsense. But it had a certain interesting topic to it. According to him, Alain was inhabited by sin. Or sloth, in particular. that did make some kind of sense, sure. But what about it? Alain was happy with how things were for him, and he enjoyed the course of his life. He did, however, decide he would attend this. "De-corruption research" the professor mentioned in the letter, allthough he was pretty certain it would just be some sort of weird exorcism.

    - He speaks in a low and monotone voice.

    Nickname: Cosmo
    Eeveelution: Umbreon
    Gender: Male
    Virtue: Diligence
    Appearance: His fur is a slightly darker shade of black than normal Umbreons.
    Personality: Cosmo, unlike Alain, is a very energic Pokemon that has troubles sitting still. He is a go-getter, liking to get things done, and eager by nature. He also works kind of like a motivating factor for Alain. If Alain needs to get something done, Cosmo will in 99% of the cases pull him towards his destination, bring him whatever he needs to do like homework etc etc. Like Alain, Cosmo is very friendly, allthough he has a little more cautious approach to others.
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    So, something I've been wondering. Do the Eeveelutions speak human speech?
  9. Hydrangea

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    Somewhat, it'll be explained further once the RPG begins.
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    You know what, I'd like to reserve Lust and Sylveon! Fun to see a sexpot Goth with Sylveon anyway! I'll edit in a WIP in a bit! XD
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    Not taking reserves, it says so in the rules. It's first come first serve, posting a wip doesn't guarantee you a spot either but posting one is fine.

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    Going for someone who can have elements of these three tropes.

    Name: Julia Wilczyński

    Age: 20 (December 16)

    Gender: Female

    Sin: Lust

    Appearance: [​IMG] (pretend there's a cleavage window in there...Julia's vest is supposed to have a high collar but low neckline)

    Julia is beautiful, but in a seductive and sensual way, rather than being a classic beauty. She's tall and lean-muscled, standing at 6'1" in height, with a pale skin tone. Her hair is one of her most prominent features, being a light shade of auburn, slightly wavy and its length reaching past her hips..."sex hair" as some people would call it. While she leaves it down a lot, she also braids it or puts it up in a ponytail whenever she feels like it...or does dirty business, especially when said dirty business involves blood or concentration...though not the other kind of dirty business...no, no, she leaves her hair down and flowing for that. Her eyes are an emerald-green color that is further emphasized by the lightness of her skin, as well as the dark circles under them. Said eyes are surrounded by long lashes often coated with dark mascara. As her make-up is cheap and not exactly of good quality, it tends to smudge, and when it gets wet, runs quickly...not that she cares much, especially as it's bound to smudge during some particular types of rough encounters anyway. Her face is heart-shaped, though a bit gaunt in the cheeks, and her nose is pointed. Her body is slender and lean-muscled, with long legs. It is not rare to see her limbs bruised, either, considering that she's not at all averse to fighting or getting busy in particularly rough ways. Her other most prominent features are her very large, ample breasts, only further emphasized by her less-than-proper attitude and personality, as well as a manner of dress that highlights them one way or another. Around her left bicep is a black tattoo in the form of a band made of barbed wire. Her right nostril is pierced, with a silver hoop through it, and as are her ears, with three each, decorated with black cross studs.

    It's easy to see that Julia's clothes are unconventional, yet still manage to look good on her. She favors the color black both for practicality reasons, as it doesn't easily show things such as blood and dirt as well as allowing her to blend in when on the run among other things, and taste-related ones, being that she dislikes most other colors, especially pinks, earth tones and pastels, deeming them unattractive and unsexy. She likes clothing that emphasize her best parts, knowing that they sometimes help her get what she wants. She however, refuses to wear extremely restrictive clothing like long dresses, as well as high-heeled pumps and sandals. Her shirt is black with long, belted sleeves, open shoulders, a low neckline that emphasizes her cleavage and a standing, buckled collar. Two black belt closures fasten it in an asymmetrical style. Under this, she wears short black denim minishorts with zip pockets, a chain hanging from its left belt loop. On her feet are heavy, black combat boots that close with a combination of buckles and shoelaces. On her hands are black fingerless gloves, and her nails are painted with black nail polish. A simple black choker encircles her neck, and on her head is a black newsboy cap with a skull print.

    Personality: Julia is a street-smart and headstrong young woman who knows her way around things and never backs down from a challenge when presented with one. Having grown up moving around, and then later on joining a small gang because of poverty and a lack of credentials, she learned that life is never easy and she had to tough it out the best way she could, propriety be damned (unlike most girls who'd balk at the thought of hurting anyone or sleeping with strangers), not run away from her problems. Thus, she developed a straightforward, impulsive and brash way of dealing with and getting about things, and is one to reject prissy and girly manners; she's very much a tomboy in her mannerisms and actions. She isn't one who would have reservations about doing certain, less-than-savory things...she follows her impulses and goes forward if it must be done. If she has to hurt someone, or even feels like it, she will hurt that person without hesitation. Not one for thinking too deeply or too long, she often acts instead of pausing, knowing that many opportunities could be fleeting. This often got her into trouble as a new gang member, but as she was a quick learner, she also knows what exactly not to do in such tight situations. This girl has courage and a confidence about her that allows her to do things most people would shy away from, and not to panic in difficult spots, whether against a rival gang or when trying to handle particular targets by bedding them. She is not averse to brawling or using violence either, even towards grown men, being a very good fighter as a result of her developing into her gang's hitman, among other unofficial designations. Additionally, violence is something that she finds extremely pleasurable to carry out, and not "pleasurable" in the innocent, simple sense...it's a more lustful sort of pleasure. Growing up at at the bottom and often being teased and taken advantage of in her youth, in time she gained a particular lust for violence, be it in bed or out of it...it's much better than tenderness and sweetness, after all. "Sadist" is a good word to describe this girl. Julia is one who absolutely dislikes being bored, wanting to get things done in the fastest, most gratifying and smoothest way possible instead of the fairest, most honorable and cleanest, one of the many reasons why she prefers her dirty work and less-than-admirable sexual practices, rather than go for something safer, but ultimately less exciting. She also has a bit of a temper, which manifests itself when her easily-worn patience grows thin, loses something she's good at or her ego gets the better of her. Julia also despises feminine ideals, a lot, as they condemn the person she is and prefers to be. Pure, sweet, innocent, soft-spoken, submissive and virginal? She prefers her lusty, dominant, tough, gritty and sexual self, thank you very much.

    Julia is far from being a cultured, refined individual. She swears a lot, uses a lot of sexual innuendo in her manner of speaking, touches people shamelessly, drinks and smokes regularly and has especially flirtatious tendencies towards both genders whenever she feels like it...she knows she's attractive and can easily use it to her advantage. Boys, girls, anything in between, she doesn't exactly have a particular "taste"...as long as she stays the dominant one in the relationship, whether in bed or out of bed. She will pursue and flirt with almost anyone. Commitment is a different story, however. While she's one who enjoys sex, she's very reluctant to actually commit to anyone, due to her mother's bad experiences, as well as the fact that she prefers not to fall in love with anyone that she inevitably knows she has to "take care of" later on. Plus, she has her urges...commitment is something that restricts her urges, damn it! Having one of the more physically difficult, as well as mentally difficult, jobs in her gang gave her this pride over not being "just another pussy", and thus, turned her into someone who does not accept pity whenever she finds something difficult. Very passionate, she gives her all in everything she enjoys doing, which can be either good or scary (mostly scary though...arousing but scary), depending on what exactly it is and the situation. She is far from unsociable however, not hesitating to talk to people most of the time, though the way she seems and acts could possibly turn others off at first impression...especially when it's obvious that she's flirting. There are some types of people that she doesn't like however (such as said "moral guardians"), and it takes her a lot of time to get used to them. These are also the types of people whom she may bear a grudge on a lot more easily, especially if they get on her bad side in some way. You see, while Julia is not entirely cold-hearted, she holds grudges almost as easily as she forgives, boiling down to the person who got on her bad side, and when she hates, it's difficult for her to get over things like that, and it takes a lot to try and reason out with her. She could be open and friendly to someone, and openly hostile to another. Thus, it could be said that she swings hot and cold.

    Julia still has a kind heart under her less-than-ideal exterior, however. Though she has no qualms about her questionable sexual practices, her violence and her tendency to disregard societal norms, she also knows how to look out for those she considers close to her, despite potentially being a bad influence (with her tendencies and attitude). Behind the sex and sadistic tendencies is an individual with a courageous, brave soul who loves life and lives it daringly and boldly, yet also tries to better things for anyone whom she holds close. She might not be the softest girl, nor the first person whom one would choose to trust, but if you're close to her, she will protect you and help you, no doubt about it. She does take care of people in her own way, despite not showing it in conventional ways.

    Julia enjoys things such as pool, drinking games, strip poker and different card games. She also has a soft spot for canine Pokemon, vastly preferring them over feline Pokemon, as she finds them annoying, among other things.

    History: Born in the lakeside mountain city of Anistar, Julia was the product of an accidental pregnancy. She never really knew her father, who left after he found out about what he had done. Roksana, her mother and a young woman with a promising future as a PokeStar actress, was disowned by her parents, themselves famous actors, when she had told them, thinking that they would at least understand her. This forced Roksana to end her prospective career at the age of eighteen due to the fact that she could no longer afford the life of an aspiring actress with the little money she made when she was forced to work as a bartender in a small, run-down pub, a far cry from the money she had when her parents supported her. Soon, Julia was born and as she grew, the first thing she learned was that life was hard, from how tired her mother looked whenever she arrived home at their cramped apartment in the otherwise-glittering city, to the cuts and wounds her mother sometimes had whenever she was forced to step in between bar fights. Roksana however tried to take care of Julia the best she could, sent her to Pokemon school and made sure she didn't have to worry too much. Luck was not on their side however, and when Julia was five, her mother lost her job as the bar closed down. Because Roksana could no longer pay for the rent, they moved to the most run-down part of the city, and Julia had to adapt to a new environment.

    This cycle of inconsistent employment, moving and transferring schools happened over a span of four years until Julia was eight. Roksana, who at that time was still in her twenties and beautiful, with her strawberry-blonde hair and bright green eyes, was forced to turn to prostitution after getting fired from a waitressing job two years later in order to allow them to keep their apartment, which they shared with a Unovan roommate. This brought in more money than most of the serving jobs she had to take, but it also came with shame as rumors spread. There wasn't anything they could do however, it was that or wander on the streets. Julia learned to watch over herself from an early age because of this, becoming desensitized to the strange men her mother was forced to bring home, finding the courage to get between said strange men and her mother when she thought that her mother was hurting, and picking up skills such as haggling and gaining a more forceful, less passive personality in order to cope with the difficulties of life. Her mother, however, always cautioned Julia never to become like her, never to sink that low. Julia growing a pair, however, came with a negative consequence. The girl got into trouble in school more often, mostly because she started getting into fights a lot more, even initiating some with the people she despised for openly insulting and humiliating her or making her school life less than bearable. While she was once a more quietly accepting and non-confrontational girl who let things be, she grew up to become feisty, impulsive and oddly charming. She was naturally proficient at battling and self-defense, but was very experimental, often broke rules and couldn't seem to avoid trouble. The trouble she got into did not help her grades or reputation and in the end, she was expelled after a year for being found in a compromising position (seemingly picked up from somewhere) with what seemed to be a very unwilling guy. This didn't bother the sixteen-year-old, however, as it allowed her to work full-time in order to help her mother get on her feet and quit the job she so despised.

    Roksana assured Julia that it would only be a matter of time before she would quit and they would have a normal life, but revealed nothing of her plans, telling Julia that she would know when the time was right. Meanwhile, the teenager started to work as a bartender at a rather glamorous establishment in the crowded part of Anistar. Though she was only sixteen, her height and developed body made her look twenty-one, and she was popular among the customers. She kept up the pretense of being a young adult, discovering that she enjoyed the intrigue, attention and advances she received while on the job. Not that she didn't have comebacks of her own - she always knew how to take the upper hand, and allure many a customer, both male and female, take her home and spend a night with her in exchange for larger tips, something she found she increasingly enjoyed, despite what her mother always cautioned her about protecting her body. Another year passed, and this was when Julia's life took a sharp turn and when Roksana's fears were confirmed. Ever since Roksana became a prostitute, she knew that her employer had a special eye for teenagers, and dreaded the day that he would ask to see her daughter, not that she was aware of the girl's frequent one-night stands or the actual source of the extra money. Seventeen-year-old Julia was kept in the dark about it until her mother told her that they were going to leave very soon. Roksana revealed that she had been saving up money over the years so that they could go to Unova and perhaps, start a better life, already saving up just enough. The next two months were a rush and August of that year, Roksana and Julia left Kalos for good.

    Settling down in a cheap housing project in the seedy red-light district of Castelia City, they began their new life. Roksana at first tried to send her back to Pokemon school, but the teenager refused to, at least not until they were fully adjusted, though the real reason was that she was sick and tired of rules...if she wanted to better her Pokemon knowledge, she might as well do so by experience damn it! Though life was still hard, they were somehow less burdened by it, making friends with the people in their building and both of them finding work fairly easily, Roksana managing to get a job as a cook in one of her friends' eatery, while Julia took another bartending job, enjoying both the easy pace as well as the, ahem, opportunities she had after work hours. Her loose tendencies gained her a notorious reputation at the workplace and even on the streets of Castelia's seedy area. How talk escaped her mother, however, she did not exactly know. Maybe Roksana thought them false, or maybe someone was making sure that Roksana did not know? This life continued for a year, until Julia's life changed once again. The eatery her mother worked at was attacked and set afire by one of the most violent Castelian street gangs, killing everyone inside, Roksana included. This tore Julia apart, and she became even more difficult as a result. She was laid off her job, and soon was kicked out of the apartment and onto the streets. She was angry and wanted to kill whoever that gang was, no matter what it took. For another two months, she lived on the streets and life looked bleak for the bitter young woman, until she was approached by a couple of young men. After talking to them for a short time, Julia realized where they were from, from what she had heard back when she still lived in the apartment. They were part of another of Castelia's notorious gangs, and happened to be the rivals of the people responsible for her mother's death. She decided to accept their offer to allow her in, knowing that there were less exciting possibilities than that, and that she wasn't about to live life restrained and sitting behind a cash register anytime soon. While she was at first assigned to less important tasks at first, she was a fast learner and showed a particular aptitude and zest for fighting and shooting, her forceful nature and nerve only adding to it. Eight months passed and from neophyte, she became a very adept fighter and six months later, she was taking on multiple roles, her talent for seduction became apparent during that time, and the gang was pleased - here was a woman who shamelessly owned her body and was so confident in it that they allowed her to "take care" of their enemies in any way she saw fit.

    Julia gained more notoriety among civilians on the streets of Castelia after she managed to convince a particularly bothersome police officer to come to bed with her. He was her first kill, and boy was he a kill. To have someone at her mercy in bed, to satisfy her bloodlust and the pleasure she derived from the entire experience. It didn't at all feel wrong, not when the man had been the bane of hers and her friends' existences for the past year. In fact, his pain was her pleasure, and so was the pain of her next few targets. It was almost always the same thing...either kill upfront, or sleep with, torture, then kill. They were the methods she enjoyed best, and she never regretted them after. They were inconveniences after all, foolish tools who stood in her way and for most of them, gave in to their own loins.

    She would've been widely whispered about, she would've been the most feared woman in the dark side of Castelia (though not without her better qualities...but only quite a few people have seen this, people she really cares about of course), but a timely call from a certain Professor Mulberry put an end to things for the present. He talked about how the rumoured seven deadly sins were real, and he believed that she could be corrupted by a sin. He then asked her to visit him in his lab inside Sootopolis City to be part of his “De-Corruption Research”. This call annoyed Julia. What right did the man have to judge her? Did he even know her? However, a small part of her was rather flattered that word about her exploits reached as far as Hoenn. Maybe the professor was fooling her...but that did not mean that he wasn't attractive, or incapable of handling a bit of, ahem, roughing up. In the end, she decided to head to Sootopolis...but only to find out what the hell he really wanted from her.



    Nickname: Aramis

    Eeveelution: Sylveon

    Gender: Male

    Virtue: Chastity

    Appearance: Has three ribbons instead of two (much to Julia's horror). The extra ribbon is on his other ear.

    Personality: The ironically-named Aramis (named after a character portrayed onscreen by Kalosian actor Andre Bellamy) is very much unlike Julia in most respects, being one who always thinks about the right thing to do, or what helps people most. He's not one to take the easy way out, preferring to go out of his way to do what he feels is right, no matter how impractical. He's not one who'd leave a friend behind, and doesn't hesitate to try convincing Julia to control herself. Also unlike Julia, he likes eating nice, healthy food rather than just about anything or alcohol. However, what he shares with the girl is his courage and daring - hardly anything fazes him or stops him from doing what he needs to do - as well as a certain stubbornness and strong will...he isn't easily swayed by sweet talk. Danger? Not a problem for him.
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    It is three in the morning, but Nicolas Michael Vespero is finally done.
  14. Hydrangea

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    Ayyy it's 4am so I feel your pain.

    He looks great! You were super descriptive (Your warning about long was right haha)

    You're accepted~

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    Aaand my SU is done. I think. Sloth was surprisingly difficult to shove into a personality.
  16. *Jean Grey*

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    I think I'm done? Julia's disgusting, I know...but I'm all too used to going overboard with sexual characters. XD Damn, she really is thinking of banging Mulberry, chaining him to his bedpost and...yeah. XD
  17. Hydrangea

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    > Checks thread; sees how much I have to read. Cries slightly.

    Anyways, your guy's characters look great! Julia is slightly perverted and perverse but I love her.~

    And really? I actually almost snatched sloth up for myself because I thought it seemed like one of the easier, although depressing, characters to write for.

    But anyways, you're both accepted! We just need envy to be snatched up and we'll be good to go for the most part.
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    Screams I'm new to this but hey I'll give it a shot!

    This is wip I'll add more to appearance and personality later

    Name: Bianca Arianna Minola
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Sin: Envy

    Appearance: Bianca is an average height, standing 5'7.

    Bianca is your typical blonde beauty, with soft curls down to her shoulder and starling blue eyes. Her petite figure allows for her to wear bright dresses, usually patterned with polkadots or hearts and colored pastel blues and pinks.

    Personality: With her sweet, simpering voice and a bat of her lashes, Bianca can get a man to do anything she desires. Even with this attention, nothing is ever enough for her. She is harming to anyone she thinks she can get something out of, and bratty to those who she sees as an opponent.

    History: Born and raised in Castelia City, Bianca has never known discomfort. Her father, Baptista Minola, had grown up on the streets of Castelia until he became acquainted with the business, in which over the years he accumulated wealth in various, unmentioned ways. His firstborn a disappointment, he showered his second daughter with affection and gifts.

    As Bianca grew up, she learned very quickly how to manipulate someone to get her way. As a young child, her primary target had been her family. He gladly doted upon her, giving her everything she asked for, believing every word she said. Her older sister, Katherina, began to become more and more overshadowed by the blonde beauty, to the point where her father suggested leaving his estate to Bianca instead of its rightful owner, Katherina. Seeing the power she had over Kate, Bianca started to encourage the dislike her father had for his eldest, starting rumors about Katherina's temper and playing the victim when any arguments between the two were interrupted by an outsider.

    Katherina grew closer with her mother as the two sisters grew up. Maria Minola could easily see through her younger daughter's sweet facade, and wasn't at all surprised when Kate confided with her about all the years of tension that had been built up between the two, and how the source of nearly all of it had been Bianca. Some discussions between the two parents were made, several more arguments followed. The rift in the family only widened as the two girls were old enough to attend a private school, where Katherina was immediately made into a social outcast by her queen bee sister, who within a few weeks had already started to run the school behind the scenes.

    The tensions in the family were put to the side as Katherina started dating a boy, an older student named Peter that could match her sharp wit and understood her sarcastic remarks. Peter was handsome, charismatic, and came from money, which instantly made him a favorite in the family. Even Baptista, who had had rocky relations with Kate from the beginning, started to warm up to his oldest child again. Bianca sensed her power over her father slipping out of her grasp, and instantly began plotting against Kate – and the charming boy she had brought home.

    As Kate and Peter's senior year drew to an end, the jealous little sister had formulated a plan. Bianca convinced her parents to throw an end of school year party, and invited essentially the entire school, including some of the staff. At some point drinks were being passed around, and soon enough both Katherina and her boyfriend were as drunk as could be. All it took was some bribery and a couple of cameras, and soon enough Bianca had the footage and setup she needed.

    This particular class's graduation would be remembered in the school for quite a while. As Kate was handed her diploma, the slideshow of yearbook pictures up on the screen disappeared, and was replaced with a video. Every screen in the room started playing the same video of a drunken Katherina and Peter in one of the house's bathrooms, making out excessively in the bathtub. Catcalls and nervous laughter were heard around the auditorium as the crowd watched the scene play out, and only when their principal, who had only started a year prior, was dragged into the room as well by Kate did any of the staff try to turn off the screens.

    Humiliated, Kate moved out with her mother to Virbank, mortified by the graduation fiasco and heartbroken over Peter, who had quickly dumped her after. At first, Bianca felt both accomplishment and pride at her success, but quickly recognized she had taken things too far. The divorce between her parents were made official, and soon enough her father turned to alcohol to get him through it. With both his focus and wife gone, connections were lost, and the Minola wealth spiraled down into debt, and the name became a laugh stock at school thanks to it's association with the video.

    Confused, humiliated, and alone, Bianca dropped out of school and left her father. At first she left for Virbank, to try and gain her mother and sister's sympathy, but was quickly denied. She returned back to Castelia City, where she worked odd jobs and scraped enough together to rent out a small apartment.

    Nickname: Calvin
    Eeveelution: Leafeon
    Gender: Male
    Virtue: Kindness
    Appearance: A heart shaped mark on the back of his head
    Personality: If you ever need someone to cover your shift, or to cover for the last twenty cents on a bill, Calvin's the guy for you. Sweet, kind, considerate, he's kind and openminded to all, no matter their past. He's quiet and shy at first, but once you earn his trust he's very flamboyant and silly, and just wants to make everyone around him laugh. His mind can wander quite easily, and can be distracted by just about anything, but truly means well.
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  19. GoldenHouou

    GoldenHouou aberrant

    Aaand I'm done! I think. I feel like I should elaborate on so many things in the personality and proof-read the history but it's super late and I gotta sleep for work so yush. Done for now.
  20. TheBlackNoivern

    TheBlackNoivern TheBlackNoivern

    I'm pretty sure you missed out vaporeon/
    sorry I relised there were only 7 sins
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