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REPOST: "Pokémon: Intensity" - Season 3 (Rated TV-14)

Jesse GS the II

I was frozen today!
REPOST: "Pokémon: Intensity" - Season 3 (Rated TV-14)

Here's the start of the third season - and it's also the first season to feature new episodes that weren't in the first go-round of the series. I only replaced one episode this season - 3ACP01 used to be "Get Buzzy", an idea I was never pleased with, so I instead brought back a character everyone's been dying to see more of...

“The Grass Menagerie”
Episode 2ACP23
Original Airdate: 9/23/05
Guest Voice: Lauren Tom as Vileplume

To celebrate the seven-year anniversary of the day they officially started going out, Ash decides to buy Misty a bouquet of flowers. Unfortunately, the Goldenrod Flower Shop has nothing he likes, so he makes a cross-region trip to Celadon City to see Erika, figuring there is no higher authority on flora than her. When he gets there, he peruses Erika’s supply of flowers while his Pokémon explore the nursery. Pikachu uncovers a room full of nothing but potted Pokénip and decides to try some, immediately getting hooked. Meanwhile, Venusaur meets up with Erika’s female Vileplume, striking up a conversation. They develop a relationship in minutes, but Ash has found the flowers he wants and is ready to leave. Venusaur reluctantly follows, and Pikachu secretly sneaks out some Pokénip of his own. Back at home, Misty is enthralled with her flowers, and Venusaur still longs to talk to Vileplume again. Ash points out that Vileplume is much younger than Venusaur, and their relationship seems too kinky to actually work. However, Pikachu has become totally stoned off his Pokénip stash and tells Venusaur to go and see Vileplume again regardless of what Ash says. Venusaur takes Pikachu’s advice, breaking out of his Poké Ball one night and setting off towards Celadon City. Ash awakens to find Venusaur missing, and he and Misty drive off to retrieve him, with a completely wasted Pikachu along for the ride. At Erika’s gym, Venusaur admits to Vileplume how much he adores her – until Vileplume admits that in Pokémon years she’s only 14, 49 years younger than Venusaur. Disgusted, Venusaur leaves with Ash, but not before Ash forces Pikachu to quit taking Pokénip.

“Not-So-Rapid Fire”
Episode 2ACP24
Original Airdate: 9/30/05
Guest Voice: Andy Serkis as Pupitar

As Class B agents, Jessie and James rarely, if ever, use their Pokémon anymore. Giovanni notes this is true for all Rocket agents who carry firearms and sends out the message that all Class A and B agents must release their Pokémon teams back into the wild. Jessie and James are reluctant to do so – having been stuck in the first four ranks of Team Rocket for most of their careers, they’ve grown closer to their teams than other agents. Nonetheless, Jessie releases Sneasel, Dustox, Seviper, Wobbuffet, Mightyena, and Eevee, while James releases Cacturne, Murkrow, Houndoom, Chimecho, and Larvitar. Since Meowth is treated as a separate agent, he is forced to resign. As James bids his team goodbye, Larvitar refuses to leave. To show its attachment to James, it forces itself into evolution, becoming a Pupitar. James realizes what a stupid requirement this is and secretly keeps his team. Meanwhile, Meowth searches across the three regions for gainful employment, but can find very few people who would hire him. Eventually, he is caught by Kanto Animal and Pokémon Control and sent to the pound. When Jessie and James are sent to the Devon Corporation to steal a shipment of computer parts, James does things his own way, using his Pokémon for everything and never touching his gun. Though the mission is successful, Giovanni reads James’ performance review and threatens to demote him for disobeying his order. James points out that Giovanni still has his Persian – according to the new rule, he should release it. Giovanni finally sees James’s point and repeals the rule. Upon the reversal, Jessie and James are sent on a special mission – using their Pokémon to stick up a bank to pay for getting Meowth out of the pound.

“Catcher and the Rival”
Episode 3ACP01
Original Airdate: 10/7/05
Guest Voice: Michael Bublé as Brendan Birch

May begins to worry about whether or not she will ever get a boyfriend. She figures that she needs someone to talk to about the matter, so she and Max visit their parents Norman and Caroline in Petalburg City. When they arrive, they see that Norman and Caroline are already receiving company - Professor Birch, who requires assistance with his newest project, a device that will allow trainers to trade Pokémon with trainers in other countries. While there, May is introduced to Birch’s 20-year-old son Brendan, whom she has never met before, and is instantly smitten with him. She is, however, unsure about talking to him. Max encourages her, and soon she and Brendan have set up a date together. Back at home, May tells Ash and Misty about her impending date, and Max begins to feel left out as well. He decides then and there to try and find a girlfriend for himself. At dinner, May engages Brendan in conversation, but Brendan quickly turns the topic to himself and all the great Pokémon training stories he has to share. May is enthralled. Meanwhile, Max looks all over his high school for a potential girlfriend, and finds one in star student Kristen Nakanishi. However, he can’t even get her to look his way, and implores Ash’s help. Ash decides that Max needs to improve his image and suggests that he get contacts and a better wardrobe. May continues to enjoy her relationship with Brendan, but after a few more dates it becomes apparent that Brendan is very self-absorbed. May doesn’t want to end her relationship, however, and continues to see Brendan on a regular basis. Meanwhile, Max’s new image gives him the confidence he needs to approach Kristen and request a date, but on the big night, she stands him up. May experiences even worse luck - Brendan feels that May doesn’t respect him enough. May tells Brendan just how selfish he is and breaks up with him immediately. Back at home, May and Max decide that they aren’t ready for relationships after all.

“The Legend of Drunken Pokémon Master”
Episode 3ACP03
Original Airdate: 10/14/05

After a particularly rough day at work, Ash swings by Kevin’s for a quick drink. He winds up telling the guys a humorous story that happened to him several days ago and stays longer than he expected, ordering several more drinks. After an hour or so, he is so drunk that Kevin insists on having him take a cab home. Ash refuses and drives back to the apartment, but his reckless driving catches the attention of Officer Jenny, who arrests him for driving under the influence. Misty is appalled that Ash has received a D.U.I. and forbids him to go to Kevin’s anymore. Ash feels Misty’s ruling is unfair – he had never gotten that drunk before. But he nonetheless agrees to stop going, instead coming directly home every day. After several weeks of this, Misty decides that Ash is responsible and lets him go back. But the guys at Kevin’s don’t accept him, as they had not heard that Ash had been arrested. Ash returns home, telling Misty that he’s lost his friends thanks to her. Misty insists that they weren’t decent friends if they didn’t try to stop him from driving drunk. Ash realizes that she’s right. He decides to find a new hangout, but he realizes that he doesn’t really fit in anywhere else. Ash returns to Kevin’s to explain the whole story, and the guys forgive him, allowing him back in. Ash is relieved, and tells Kevin to never let him drive home intoxicated again.

“Censor and Sensibility”
Episode 3ACP04
Original Airdate: 10/28/05
Guest Voice: Jay Mohr as Robert Tanaka

Ash and Misty prepare to watch an all-night horror movie marathon on TV. However, the marathon is on basic cable, and all the most violent and explicit bits of Ash’s favorite films have been excised. Ash is outraged, insisting that he should be able to see the whole movie. The next day, he drives to the TV station and voices his concern. The head of the network, Robert Tanaka, tells Ash that the films have to be edited to appeal to the network’s main viewing demographic. Ash points out that the network would most likely get more ratings if they showed the movies intact. Tanaka takes Ash’s suggestion to heart, and commissions the network to re-air the marathon one week later, this time uncut. Ash is overjoyed, and he, Misty, Pikachu, and Togetic stay up on Halloween to watch the slasher films all the way through. Though Ash and Piakchu are entertained, Misty and Togetic are disgusted and terrified. They are not alone – the next day, the network is swamped with phone calls and e-mails protesting the decision to air the uncensored films. When the ratings come back, Tanaka is shocked to learn that three-quarters of the viewing audience stopped watching halfway through the night. With angry protesters on one hand and plummeting ratings on the other, Ash realizes he has nearly doomed his favorite channel to death. He returns to the station, calming the crowd protesting outside by admitting that the uncut marathon was his idea and that it was a dumb choice. Forgiven, the network remains on the air.

“The Bridge on the River Kawaii”
Episode 3ACP05
Original Airdate: 11/11/05

Ash and Misty note that Pikachu and Togetic are getting too lazy for their own good and decide to take them for a walk one day. On the streets of Goldenrod, people continually mention how cute Pikachu looks. Eventually, Pikachu tires of this, claiming that he doesn’t try to be cute anymore. Togetic, however, does not get any of these remarks, as her apathetic and intimidating attitude is enough to convince people. Pikachu decides that he should adopt a bigger “tough-guy” attitude to prevent any more cute comments. He takes Ash’s suggestion to get more exercise, becoming stronger than before. He even alters his appearance, streaking his yellow fur red and letting his overhang of hair grow wilder. Soon, he feels he looks enough like a punk to go out in public without being “complimented”. But people on the street think Pikachu looks even cuter than before with red stripes and long hair. Pikachu is outraged. He deduces that there is only one other way for him to lose his cute façade – evolve himself into a Raichu. Ash forbids him to do so, but Togetic points out that Pikachu makes his own rules now. Pikachu agrees and bolts from Ash’s apartment one day, purchasing a Thunder Stone from the Goldenrod Department Store with Ash’s money. After evolving himself, Raichu feels that he cannot possibly send the wrong vibe – but people still think he’s adorable. Absolutely fuming now, Raichu lets loose on the sidewalk with a Thunder attack so powerful, it sends everyone within a thirty-meter radius to the hospital. Raichu is to be euthanized as a menace to society, but Ash steps in and saves him, convincing him that strangers’ opinions don’t matter. Raichu returns home, where Ash uses a bottle of Devolution Spray to return him to a Pikachu.

Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior

Well-Known Member


i always wanted to see Brendan!

Jesse GS the II

I was frozen today!
Had a feeling you'd like it...Brendan is a much better character for me to revive (or just vive, in this case). Anyhoo...

“Misty the Working Girl”
Episode 3ACP06
Original Airdate: 11/18/05
Guest Voice: Jennifer Garner as Nicole

Ash gets his pay reduced at the bike shop. Misty worries that Ash’s income won’t be enough to support them in the coming years and decides to take a second job. She searches around the want ads and comes across a waitress position at a Goldenrod City restaurant that seems to fit her well. Ash encourages her to go for the interview, but when Misty gets there, she sees what the ad didn’t mention. The restaurant turns out to be Bazonga’s Bar and Grille, an establishment where all the customers are men and all the waitresses have size-DD chests. Misty decides to search elsewhere, but her potential boss Nicole Yamanaka stops her and insists that she stay for the interview. Misty does so, and Nicole tells her that she has all it takes to be a waitress except the cup size, but solves the problem with attachments Misty can put in her bra. Misty gets the job, but is secretly ashamed of working at such a place. Nevertheless, she keeps the job but doesn’t tell Ash where she’s working. On her first day of work, Misty proves adept at drink serving despite the catcalls from the bar patrons. Nicole is impressed with Misty’s ability to put up with such advances and promotes her to “barmaid”. Misty soon finds that her new position requires her to dance atop the bar as the men cheer her on, but she struggles to put up with it anyway. Ash notices that Misty is becoming incredibly stressed at home and asks her if her job has anything to do with it. But Misty assures Ash that she loves her job and is willing to keep it as long as she helps provide for their future. She goes into work the next day to find that Bazonga’s annual wet T-shirt contest is approaching, but she is fortunately exempt due to her bra attachments. During the contest, however, an incredibly drunk man dumps a pitcher of water over Misty, revealing her secret. Misty is booed by the other men, which drives her to the brink – she gets up on the bar and gives an impassioned speech about how women are not sexual objects. Convinced, the men leave. Outraged at the loss of her customers, Nicole fires Misty on the spot, but Misty assures her that she quits. Back at home, Ash convinces Al to restore his paycheck’s original amount to accommodate for Misty’s job loss.

“The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth”
Episode 3ACP07
Original Airdate: 11/25/05
Guest Voices: Annie Pastrano as Naru, Ellen Wilkinson as Shinobu, Mona Marshall as Motoko, Barbara Goodson as Kitsune, Wendee Lee as Su

May’s brother Max decides to apply to college now that he has finished with high school. When he tells Ash this, Ash takes the idea to heart – as a Pokémon trainer, he never got the opportunity to go to college. Both Ash and Max apply to the Johto Institute of Technology, and several weeks later their acceptance letters arrive. Misty and May are thrilled that Ash and Max are heading off to college. After a mistaken trip to the girls’ dorm (in which they are beaten by the girls for invading), Ash and Max locate their on-campus rooms. Ash’s roommate, Brian, is a booksmart student who insists on staying in each night and completing all his work. Max’s roommate, Roy, is a more rambunctious type, attending raves at every opportunity. Ash is put off by how incredibly dull Brian is and tries to teach him to loosen up. Meanwhile, Roy takes Max along to one of the campus parties, and Max enjoys himself, eventually meeting several attractive girls. Among them is Giselle, the former student of the Kanto Pokémon Academy who is now taking several JIT courses. Max and Giselle hit it off very well. However, after several drinks, Max loses track of what he’s doing. The next morning, he awakens in Giselle’s dorm room and discovers what they did last night. Max goes to Ash for help, knowing he can’t live with the guilt of sleeping with a girl he barely knew. But Giselle does not mind what happened – she explains that it was a consensual agreement between her and Max according to what he said last night. Realizing that he was under the influence at the time, Max decides that JIT is too corrupted for his tastes. Meanwhile, Ash realizes that his lessons in cool for Brian have taken away from both their studies, resulting in abysmal midterm scores for both of them. Deciding that college life just doesn’t fit them, Max and Ash drop out and return home.

“Separate But Equally Evil”
Episode 3ACP08
Original Airdate: 12/16/05

Giovanni announces another new Team Rocket policy – teamed agents will now be given separate assignments. One night, Jessie is given a mission to rob the Slateport Marine Museum of its valuable Stardust collection, but James must stay behind. Despite James’ complaints, Jessie insists that she’s never gone against Giovanni’s orders before, and that solo jobs may be better for them anyway. Meowth, however, secretly tags along in the back of the van as Jessie leaves. When Jessie arrives at the museum, Meowth finds that she has locked the van’s doors, inadvertantly trapping him inside. Jessie enters the basement of the museum with her gun ready and her Eevee on the lookout for any guards. She finds the shipment of Stardust she needs, but there are far too many boxes for her to lift on her own. Pushing them back to the door, she is spotted by the security guards and must flee, leaving the boxes behind. Upon hiding, Jessie realizes that she needs a second person for the mission and contacts James on a pay phone, asking him to come and help her. Meanwhile, Meowth continually tries to break his way out of the van. Jumping into the driver’s seat, he accidentally starts the ignition and speeds off down the street. James arrives at the museum and finds Jessie in the basement. They hoist the Stardust boxes outside, but find their van missing. Concealing themselves in overcoats to prevent being identified as Rockets, they follow the screeched tire marks to the Slateport Docks, where Meowth has the van teetering dangerously over the sea. Jessie and James steal ropes from a nearby boat and try to pull the van back. Eevee joins in, and in its straining, it evolves into an Umbreon. With the added strength, Jessie and James rescue Meowth, steal their shipment, and return to headquarters, where Giovanni assures them that they will continue to have joint missions. In the agent lounge, Jessie congratulates Umbreon for her heroism.

“The Color of Yen”
Episode 3ACP09
Original Airdate: 1/6/06

Ash complains that his income at the bike shop isn’t making ends meet anymore. He asks Al for a raise and is refused. Ash begins to worry that he will not be able to support himself and Misty for much longer. One night, at a convenience store, Ash decides to buy a lottery ticket just for kicks. Upon scratching off the boxes, Ash realizes that he has won eighty million yen. Ecstatic, Ash rushes home to tell Misty the good news. Upon claiming their winnings, Ash and Misty move out of the apartment into a luxurious three-story house in Mauville City. Ash tells Misty that with his newfound riches, he will buy her everything and anything she wants. Ash and Misty splurge on various items for their new home and live things up at the Mauville Casino. Pikachu, however, doesn’t see the long-term satisfaction in going on a bunch of spending sprees now. Ash shrugs him off. As Ash and Misty continue to live the high life, they grow even closer and more intimate as boyfriend and girlfriend. But before long, Ash realizes Pikachu was right – his yen is dwindling fast. He tries to cease his spending, but he still needs to complete payments on purchases he’s already made. Soon, his eighty million yen has completely disappeared. Back in the apartment, Ash fears that Misty will think less of him, now that he can no longer fulfill her every whim. Misty assures Ash that she loves him no matter what.

“Pride of the Crankees”
Episode 3ACP10
Original Airdate: 1/20/06
Guest Voices: Alex Rocco as Arnie Kinebuchi, Tara Strong as Meganium

Brock wins tickets to a Johto Electabuzz baseball game. The Electabuzz are the worst team in the league, so he gives the tickets away to Ash and Misty. They go to the game just to appease him. In the stands, they run into Casey, the Electabuzz fan Ash met during his Johto journey. Casey roots for the Electabuzz, but the team loses horribly. Casey insists that she could help the team out if she were playing. Ash suggests that she actually try out for the team if she feels she can do well. Casey sees the manager, Arnie Kinebuchi, who agrees to give Casey a tryout. Casey turns out to be the best baseball player Kinebuchi has ever seen, and he hires her on the spot. As the team’s newest player, Casey goes on to lead the team to victory after victory. The Electabuzz rise from their slump and move closer to the pennant playoffs. But as the team advances, Casey becomes steadily more arrogant. She feels that she’s the only player holding the team up, and that without her, the team would be nothing again. During a press release, Casey constantly berates interviewers who mention that she isn’t much of a team player. Kinebuchi realizes that Casey is becoming too much of a liability, as her recruitment is being labelled as “Kinebuchi’s Folly”. Ash and Misty witness Kinebuchi cutting Casey from the team moments before the final game of the playoff series. Casey is outraged, but Ash convinces her that she’s better suited to cheering on her team from the other side of home plate. Casey takes Ash’s advice and shouts supportive cheers for the team during the game. The Electabuzz lose miserably.

“Three’s Not Company”
Episode 3ACP11
Original Airdate: 2/3/06

While making a getaway from a bank robbery, Jessie and James drive their van down an alleyway to avoid the police. They stop near the doorway to an adult nightclub and decide to lay low inside until the police give up their chase. Inside, James is fascinated by the female performers – and recognizes one of them as Jessebelle, the woman his parents intended him to marry years ago. James tries to keep out of sight, remembering what Jessebelle had done to try and force his hand in marriage. Jessebelle does encounter Jessie, however, and asks what has become of James. Jessie mentions that she and James are married now and that Jessebelle cannot have him. When James returns, Jessebelle sees how much more attractive and mature he is and cannot help wanting him again. After Jessie and James leave, Jessebelle decides to set out to win James back again. She travels to Team Rocket Headquarters in Viridian City and applies for membership, but Giovanni denies her entry. Unfazed, Jessebelle breaks into Giovanni’s office that night and reads the list of Jessie and James’ upcoming missions. She secretly follows them to a jewel heist in Goldenrod City. On the mission, Jessie and James take two different entries into the building they need to bust. Jessebelle pulls James down to the basement and, dressed in a revealing sadomasochistic outfit, threatens to kill Jessie unless James has sex with her. James outright refuses, despite her constant beatings, and soon Jessie and Meowth find James in the basement. Jessebelle pulls James’ gun on Jessie, but Meowth attacks Jessebelle and points his shotgun at her head, insisting that he’ll blow her brains out if she doesn’t leave immediately. Jessebelle flings Meowth against a wall, pushing James to the limit – he shoots Jessebelle in the leg. With Jessebelle wounded, Jessie calls the police as she, James, and Meowth make their getaway. Jessebelle is arrested and placed in a mental institution. She vows to win James back someday.

Kakashi-Sharingan Warrior

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i love these eps

btw i have a suggestion:
Why dont you do an eigth season! like to show us what life is like now,with Ash and Misty being married and since Ash's hoenn pokemon havent realy had the spotlight you could give some of his hoenn poke's the spotlight in some eps.And so you can keep up with new captures like May's Munchlax,and some new evolvution's like Grovyle evolving into Sceptile?


Jesse GS the II

I was frozen today!
Remember, the way I ended the seventh season wrapped up all the loose threads - I didn't know where else to go. That's why I didn't write an eighth season. And besides, all those final evolutions of the main characters' Pokémon have already happened on my show - Ash already has Sceptile, May already has Snorlax, etc. Sorry, but it's the way I wrote it...although, if I do get a second wind and write an eighth season, I'll post it here for sure. In the meantime, here's a few more episodes.

“Return to the Island of the Giant Pokémon”
Episode 3ACP12
Original Airdate: 2/10/06

Misty learns that the Island of the Giant Pokémon is finally closing for good. Remembering the adventure she and Ash had there 15 years ago, she suggests that they go and visit it on the last day. Ash shoots this down when he mentions the potential trip to Pikachu, who shrieks and hides under the couch. Misty realizes that Pikachu is still terrified of the island ever since he was stranded there and left to outrun the giant Pokémon robots that inhabit it. Togetic, however, has never been to the island and surprisingly expresses an interest in seeing it, primarily due to her belief that the robots normally cause such havoc. Pikachu demands to be left home on the trip, but Ash compromises by letting Pikachu stay in a Poké Ball the whole time. After a quick boat ride to the island, Ash, Misty, and Togetic find themselves among the crowd of other tourists. When Togetic finally gets a glimpse of the island, she sees that the robots, while huge, are confined in electric fenced-in areas and barely even move. Realizing that there is no point to the island’s attractions whatsoever, Togetic secretly sneaks off from the group of tourists and makes for the main office of the park. Meanwhile, Pikachu’s Poké Ball falls off of Ash’s backpack and opens. Terrified, Pikachu soon meets up with Togetic. When Togetc tries to operate what she thinks is an employee phone box, she shuts down the power to every fence on the island and cuts off the robot’s command signals. Reverting to their default setting of “crush, kill, and destroy”, the robots break free from their habitats. Pursued by a fifty-foot-tall Charizard robot, Pikachu and Togetic make a mad dash for the main control center. Meanwhile, Ash and Misty search for their Pokémon and miss the boat back to the mainland. When they see the robots on the loose, they also head for the control room on the back of Misty’s Gyarados. Park personnel mistake Gyarados for a robot and try to shoot it down with destabilizing electricity blasts, but Ash and Misty make it to the controls, reuniting with Pikachu and Togetic and shutting the robots down. Back home, Misty apologizes for the trip, but Pikachu is already traumatized.

“The Ploy of Sex”
Episode 3ACP02
Original Airdate: 2/17/06
Guest Voice: Katey Sagal as Paula Jones

On Misty’s birthday, Ash realizes that he has not made dinner reservations at a nice restaurant like he wanted. Desperate, he takes Misty to Kevin’s Bar and Grille for the night. Seated in the non-smoking section, Kevin gets Ash and Misty a complimentary bottle of the best wine he can offer. Misty is pleased nonetheless, enjoying her time with Ash. After a bit too much wine, Misty becomes more than a little tipsy. In her inebriated state, she tells Ash that she has a gift for him too – when they get home, she plans to give him the best sex he’s ever had. Ash does not want to take advantage of Misty while she is intoxicated, but when they return home, Misty has sobered up and ensures Ash that she still wants to do this. The two go to bed together, but for some reason they cannot get anything to happen between them. They try again the next night and the nights after, trying all different means of sexual activities, but nothing works. Ash fears that maybe he and Misty don’t love each other after all, and they pay a visit to sexual therapist Paula Jones. Paula explains that Ash and Misty are not yet at the point in their relationship where they feel comfortable having premarital sex. Misty is relieved, but when the guys at Kevin’s ask Ash how things went with Misty, Ash fabricates an elaborately graphic story. Misty is appalled that Ash would lie about their personal life to his friends and threatens to leave him. To set things right, Ash tells the truth to his friends, admitting that he and Misty have not had sex yet. Knowing that Ash loves her enough to lose his “big shot” reputation at Kevin’s, Misty apologizes to Ash – and willingly takes him into the bedroom that night.

“Ghost Ridin’ in the Sky”
Episode 3ACP14
Original Airdate: 2/24/06
Guest Voice: Donal Logue as Haunter

Ash and Misty are awakened in the night by strange noises coming from the kitchen. In the morning, Ash searches the apartment, but cannot find the source of the noise. The strange sounds continue for several nights, and one night Ash gets out of bed to investigate. Opening a cupboard, Ash discovers the problem – it is his old Haunter, who has returned from the Saffron City Gym. Haunter left Sabrina after she lost her sense of humor again, and Ash agrees to keep him as his Pokémon. However, Haunter proves to be more distracting than he expected – he runs wild in the apartment building, pulling pranks on the other tenants. Leonard, the building owner, insists that Haunter cannot stay in the building unless he is kept in a Poké Ball at all times. Ash agrees to keep Haunter under control, despite Haunter’s objections. But several days later, Ash has a visitor – Sabrina has come to Goldenrod, demanding to have Haunter back. She claims that Haunter is still her Pokémon, but Ash points out that he left of his own free will. Feeling that Ash isn’t as much fun as he used to be anyways, keeping him locked in his ball all the time, Haunter returns to Sabrina again. Back at the Saffron Gym, Sabrina possesses Haunter, making him obey her every command. Haunter goes on to be Sabrina’s principal battle Pokémon, but he soon begins to fight Sabrina’s control when she starts digging into his memories. Realizing that Ash is the better trainer, he begs to be returned. Sabrina reluctantly agrees, and gives Haunter back to Ash. However, upon this consensual trade, Haunter evolves into a Gengar. His practical joke impulses gone, Gengar promises to be a reliable member of Ash’s team.

“Why Won’t We Be Friends?”
Episode 3ACP16
Original Airdate: 3/10/06
Guest Voice: Karen Maruyama as Ally

On the way home from an out-of-town trip for the bike shop, Ash and Misty stop at a restaurant for dinner. The place turns out to be a biker hangout, but Ash and Misty try to enjoy their food despite the rowdy surroundings. While there, they meet Gary, who has ridden his motorcycle up to meet his new girlfriend Ally at the biker bar. Ally constantly makes fun of Ash and Misty – and to Ash’s surprise, Gary agrees with her. Ash reminds Gary that they are no longer rivals, but Gary just jeers him more. Outraged, Ash and Misty leave. On the way home, they see Gary and Ally riding alongside their car on the motorcycle. Gary takes his eyes off the road to shout at Ash – and misses a turn, flying off the road. Ally sustains minor injuries, but Gary suffers a concussion and must be rushed to the hospital. Several days later, Ash, Misty, and Ally pay an unconscious Gary a visit. Ally blames Ash and Misty for injuring her boyfriend. When Gary begins to stir, he tells Ash that he had acted like a jerk to him before only to satisfy Ally – really, he still respects Ash. Ash tells Gary what Ally said earlier, and Gary decides to dump Ally once he is out of the hospital. Upon his release, Gary informs Ally that their relationship cannot last if she’s going to belittle his friends. Ally is incredibly upset by this and blames Ash and Misty for changing Gary’s mind. To get back at them, Ally starts hanging around Ash’s apartment building and flirting with him, believing that if Misty sees Ash with another woman, the two will break up. But Ash’s resolve remains firm, and he refuses to accept Ally’s advances. When Misty learns that Ally is trying to steal Ash from her, she gets into an argument with her, eventually punching her in the nose. Ally asks Gary to do something, but Gary refuses to reprimand his friends. Ally gives up on trying to wreck Ash’s relationship with Misty, and Gary assures his friendship to Ash once again.

“Do You Fear Me Now? Good”
Episode 3ACP13
Original Airdate: 3/24/06

Reporting back to Giovanni after another successful mission, Jessie and James are surprised to see that he is very irritable. Rather than praise them as he normally does, he points out all the flaws in their progress reports and tells them to get out of his office. Wondering what is going on, Jessie and James hear from the other Rocket agents that Giovanni’s evaluation is coming up. He is not the boss of the entire Rocket organization as Jeasie and James widely believed, but the head of the Japanese division, as there is a Rocket headquarters base located in nearly every country in the world. The manager of the entire Team Rocket orgainzation, Lisa Sugimori, is coming by to give a personal evaluation of the Japanese branch in the Viridian City Gym – if she thinks things are above her expectations, Giovanni could be promoted. When Sugimori shows up, Giovanni gives the alert to all Class F through C agents to exhibit their best work, knowing that his select few A and B agents (Jessie and James included) will not let him down. Sugimori reviews the progress reports from the past several months and inspects to see that the agents are carrying out their missions to the best of their ability. Giovanni recieves his results from Sugimori – the Japanese Rocket branch is above code, and he is to be promoted to the main Rocket base in Kyoto, Japan, where every Rocket branch is regulated. He is replaced at the gym by the top Class A Japanese agent, Jane Kineshi. But before long, Kineshi’s orders get to be incredibly harsh. She takes any excuse to punish or demote agents. In a matter of weeks, Jessie and James are returned to C class. Outraged, they personally drive to Kyoto to get Giovanni back, but he enjoys his new job more. But when he reads Kineshi’s progress report, he sees the Japanese base is losing all its best agents without him and immediately returns, demoting Kineshi down to Class F and returning Jessie and James to their proper rank.

“Flaw and Order”
Episode 3ACP15
Original Airdate: 4/7/06

On the way home from work after a particularly long day, Ash swings by an American-style fast food restaurant to pick up dinner for him and Misty. He has his doubts that American food can possibly be any better than Japanese cuisine, but he gets a few burgers nonetheless. At home, Ash has a strong disliking for it and throws his order away, but Misty likes her food. The next morning, however, Misty wakes up feeling sick. Ash suspects that there must have been something wrong with the food she ate last night and takes her to the hospital. Misty is diagnosed with mild food poisoning, and Ash is outraged. He returns to the fast food place and threatens to sue them for selling tained meat products to him. The manager insists that their beef is perfectly fine and up to code, but Ash ignores them and plans for legal action. Meanwhile, the events have put Misty off of eating at the fast food place anymore as well, but rather than pursue legal action, she decides to play it safe and become a vegetarian. Pikachu and Togetic think she’s crazy, but Misty points out that it’s environmentally safe and much healthier too. As Ash prepares for his potential case, he thinks he has struck paydirt when Misty wakes up sick again – but it turns out that both times her food poisoning came from the expired milk in Ash’s fridge. But even though Ash now knows the truth, he still wants to uphold his suit against the restaurant. Misty is upset and perplexed, asking Ash why he’d want to sue the restaurant for no reason. Ash realizes that his only motivation is that he is biased against the fact that the place sells American food rather than Japanese. Not wanting to be seen as prejudiced, he abandons his suit - and Misty abandons her vegetarianism, claiming that she misses meat too much.

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cooly! yeah but it would be cool to see what married life was like.........

but i love the eps!!!!

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Well, let's polish off another season...BTW, for anyone who doesn't know, Heidi Swedberg played Susan Ross on "Seinfeld".

“The Importance of Being Tracey”
Episode 3ACP17
Original Airdate: 4/21/06
Guest Voice: Heidi Swedberg as Melanie

At Profesor Oak’s lab, Tracey begins to overload himself with work. Professor Oak suggests that he take a day off, but Tracey refuses, insisting that his presence is needed in the lab. Instead, Oak decides to lighten Tracey’s workload by hiring another aide. Soon, an attractive young woman named Stephanie applies for the job. Tracey is initially unsure about having a coworker, but he and Stephanie hit it off very well. After several weeks of working together, Tracey asks Stephanie out on a date. She accepts, but afterwards Tracey realizes that he has no idea how to impress her. He calls up Ash and asks him for help, and Ash and Misty agree to go on a double date with Tracey and Stephanie to ensure that everything goes well. In the days leading up to the big night, Ash gives Tracey pointers on how to act, since Tracey has never gone on a date like this before. Finally, Tracey and Stephanie head out together, meeting Ash and Misty at the restaurant they intend on dining at. Tracey follows Ash’s instructions to the letter, and Stephanie is very impressed. Later, Tracey drops Stephanie off at her house, and she invites him inside. Tracey is once again unsure, as Ash never told him what to do at this point. He decides to wing it, and once inside, Stephanie tells Tracey how much she is attracted to him. Tracey accidentally admits that he consulted Ash for all his moves that night. Naturally, this offsets Stephanie, outraged that Tracey may not have even meant anything he said during dinner. She sends him away, and Tracey returns home depressed that he blew what may have been his only chance with a girl, but Ash assures him that he’ll have other chances.

“Fuzzy Yellow Fugitive”
Episode 3ACP19
Original Airdate: 4/28/06

While Ash and Misty are out one rainy night, they leave Pikachu in charge of Togetic. Pikachu keeps Togetic in her Poké Ball all night and decides to do something with his freedom. He ends up finding Ash’s beer in the fridge and decides to sample it himself. Without anyone to stop him, Pikachu empties an enitre six pack and ends up totally smashed, ultimately passing out in the bathroom closet. Hours later, Ash and Misty come home soaked from the rain. Ash goes into the bathroom to dry his hair off, but the frayed hairdryer wire touches a puddle by the sink and electrocutes him. Misty takes the unconscious Ash to the hospital. The next morning, Pikachu crawls out of the bathroom closet with a severe hangover and finds that nobody is home. He stumbles down to May’s apartment where he learns that Ash has been hospitalized for his electrocution. May takes Pikachu and Togetic in to see the recovering Ash, and Pikachu is suddenly overcome with a massive wave of guilt, believing that he shocked Ash while he was intoxicated. Ash spends the remainder of the week in the hospital while Pikachu continues to beat himself up with guilty feelings. When Ash is finally ready to return home, Pikachu can’t bear to see him, worried that he can never make up for his mistake, and he runs away. Ash is distraught when he learns that Pikachu is gone and sets out to look for him. Meanwhile, Pikachu wanders back into the Kanto region alone, trying to forget what he’s done. He eventually stumbles upon the wild group of Pikachu that Ash once considered releasing Pikachu into 16 years ago and decides to begin life anew with them. When Ash finally tracks Pikachu down, Pikachu admits that he’s incredibly sorry but can’t return to Ash. Ash tells Pikachu what really happened, which eradicates Pikachu’s guilt. Relieved, Pikachu willingly goes home.

“Altercation: Desert Storm”
Episode 3ACP20
Original Airdate: 5/5/06

After a romantic dinner out to make up for the mediocre night at Kevin’s they had several months ago, Ash realizes just how close he is to Misty now. After mulling things over, he realizes that he loves her more than anyone else he’s ever known, and he feels that the time has come to ask her to marry him. He runs this by Pikachu, Gary, and Brock, who all think it’s an excellent idea. Ash decides to go through with it. To make the best impression, Ash decides to buy the flashiest engagement ring he can find. Tracey tells him of a fine jewelry store in Lavaridge Town in the Hoenn region. Ash makes the lengthy trip to Lavaridge and has the ring custom made with Misty’s birth stone. On the way back home, Ash is detoured by extensive roadwork and must drive through the Hoenn Desert. Unable to see where he is going, he nearly hits a plateau and swerves at the last minute. The engagement ring goes flying out the window into the windswept desert. Distraught, Ash begins searching for it, but it is near impossible with the massive amount of sand and the strong winds. Still, he does not give up – he loves Misty too much to call off his plans just because it’s not easy to find the ring. Eventually, he locates it, but realizes that he has walked too far away from his car and has no idea where he is. He sets out trying to retrace his footsteps but realizes that he has no chance of finding his way out of the desert. Finally, he pulls out his cellphone and calls the Lavaridge Police Station, saying that he is lost and needs help. He is soon located by the police, but by that time he is in such bad shape from the sandstorm that he needs to be rushed to the hospital. As he is carted into an ambulance, Ash realizes that he has not told Misty where he is, and needs to get home to propose to her…

“Ring Around the Misty”
Episode 3ACP21
Original Airdate: 5/12/06

In the apartment, Misty recieves a call from the Lavaridge General Hospital – Ash is in the intensive care unit after being trapped in the sandstorm. She, Pikachu, and Togetic rush to Lavaridge to see him. In Ash’s room, Misty tries to say hello, but Ash cannot speak. The sand has damaged his respiratory system and vocal chords, and he has inhaled too much of it. Misty instead waits in the hospital as Ash is treated. Ash notices that he still has the engagement ring with him and needs to propose to Misty. He tries to get to her, but the nurses forbid him to get up until he has been treated. Meanwhile, Misty decides to stay the night in the hospital as she waits for Ash to heal. She and Pikachu are too nervous and cannot sleep, but Togetic has no problem. She says that it isn’t her problem that Ash was stupid enough to get trapped in a sandstorm. Completely outraged at Togetic’s apathy towards her boyfriend, Misty tells her that she must have respect for her friends or else leave. Togetic chooses to release itself. The doctors take Ash to be operated on and have the dust removed from his lungs. Misty continues to stay awake, confiding in Pikachu about how much she truly loves Ash, and how she admits that she has no idea what she would do if he were to not surivive the operation. Fortunately, Ash makes it through, but must stay on a respirator for a while before he can leave. In the morning, Misty comes to Ash’s room again and tells him everything she told Pikachu the night before. Ash forces himself to speak to her, holding up the ring box and finally asking Misty to marry him. Overjoyed, Misty readily accepts. The next day, Ash is allowed out of the hospital, and Misty happily takes him home – where they find an apologetic Togetic waiting for them.

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coolie eps!!

oh and btw thank for the tips on my fanfics Jesse!

im just editing my new fanfic series which will be posted after 'Ho-oh and the sacred flame'