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Request at your own risk...

Haunt of the Vile

Well-Known Member
DARN >xD!! I thinked really well NOT to request mixes including a legendary! It just slipped xDD.

Okay, if you just could do that shiny Metagross and Flaffy mix :D?

Kimmi the Awesome™

¿pɐǝɹq ɐuɐuɐq
Kauser79 said:
Okay, i'm working on these now! No more requests! I'm busy!

EDIT: Here's the first two:



*SQUEAK* Oh my god they're so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! *squish* ♥

I officially lurve you. :3


Kauser il più grande
Okay, i'm working on these two:

Shiny Metagross/Flaaffy

I know i said three at a time, but I'm a little busy, so no more until I'm done.

EDIT: Oh. My. Gosh! ChildofInsanity! I didn't even see your post! How ya been doing? I'll work on that mix right now!

Now i'm doing:

Shiny Metagross/Flaaffy
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