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Research into catching difficulty in relation to collecting many of one species

Discussion in 'Let's Go, Pikachu & Eevee' started by Eternalserenity, Nov 18, 2018.

  1. Eternalserenity

    Eternalserenity Wanderer

    I have not seen any information on the main site yet, nor have I seen people talking about it. But I believe I have stumbled into a way to make many Pokemon species easier to catch.

    I first noticed during a defense candy grind that Geodudes were becoming progressively easier to catch until all of them had green difficulty, and the same thing happened with wild Vulpix. What was once red/yellow difficulty on Vulpix is now green difficulty.

    In terms of colors, red is hard, yellow is medium, green is easy.

    Anyway, here's the notes as I've been trying to figure this out.

    > The more of a species you catch, the more likely they'll drop stat candies in higher base quantities, larger candy variants, and species specific candies. This is especially true in chains.
    > Catching difficulty seems to only affect the species you're going after. (Using Pokeballs as a default catching multiplier, my Vulpix encounters are green but Pidgey are still yellow.)
    > Your current chain does not impact the catching difficulty.
    > The total amount of overall Pokemon caught and sent to Oak do not seem to directly impact the difficulty of catches.
    > Keeping score, it took around 90 Vulpix catches to make green the default difficulty for the species. Similar research for other species is recommended.
  2. Brajopie

    Brajopie New Member

    I have noticed similar behaviour in game. My second large Magikarp Catch Combo went a lot smoother due to always having a green catch-circle. I had caught slightly less than 100 Magikarp before this occurred.

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