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Resident Evil 2 Remake Discussion

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Discuss the newley released remake of the classic survival horror game Resident Evil 2.

The game came out today and have the Deluxe Edition downloading as I type.

I played the 1-Shot demo a few days ago and was quite impressed. The graphics are amazing, the low-lit areas (where there are no lights) kept me on my toes and it doesn't play out exactly like the original so anything could be around that next corner. The zombies took quite a bit of punishment despite shooting them in the freakin face multiple times and sometimes they would quietly play-dead and follow me. Not having played a RE game since 5 im not sure if zombies following the player into the next room is a new thing or not but it was cool. However 1-shot really does mean 1-shot. You get 30 minuets of game time and then you are locked out from playing anymore so I didn't get very far.

I'll post some thoughts later after a couple of hours gameplay of the full game.


I'am a very big fans of Resident Evil, they did a super remake
With many years of expectations but a perfect game. Graphically, music, epic scenario, beautiful atmosphere, resident will always remain a very good survival horror games.


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Locking this thread as it's been over 60 days without discussion.

Feel free to remake it to continue discussion.
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