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Resident Evil Village

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Here's my opinion on this upcoming survival horror game. Compared to past RE games, I feel like this game could potentially be a cash grab. Anyway, here is why I think this game is highly strange...

Basically, in a nutshell, the whole RE franchise from 1996 to whenever, concerned biohazards due to the Umbrella Corporation messing around with viruses. Most of the time, you had to deal with zombies and other mutations. This problem eventually spread throughout Raccoon City, so they had to destroy the city with a missile, hoping the virus wouldn't continue to reach other regions.

This was pretty much what every game focused on. They were about you finding out about Umbrella. Right? But when RE4 came out, Capcom turned the series into a bland shooter series where the atmosphere was drastically toned down. All you do pretty much, is collect coins and kill farmers. Then they did these disappointing remakes, where they cut out a lot of the original enemies like the crows and the tarantulas, and other things were just muddled up as well.

Unfortunately, RE8 has you playing a guy you don't even see, named Ethan Winters. Already, that's kind of unappealing to me, as I am a gamer that likes to see who I am controlling. Furthermore, this story about vampires and his baby daughter being captured feels incredibly convuluted. It's supposed to follow up to RE7, which in itself didn't really have anything to do with the old RE games either. Besides Chris Redfield returning, it really was vastly unrelated to the general storylines from beforehand. It was about an evil family and these fungus creatures, called the Molded.

I must say, this salesman is kind of silly. "The Duke" is meant to be a mysterious vendor who sells you things, and he knows who Ethan is, and that makes zero sense. Besides that, I didn't like the idea of a merchant being in RE4 either, as it zaps away the realism aspects. Like, the whole purpose of survival horror video games is that you don't get many bullets at all, so you must explore dark corridors alone most of the time, just trying to find useful items and keys, in order to proceed to a new room. But having this plump weirdo selling you things and probably telling lame jokes, takes away from what RE is even supposed to be representing.

I don't know. It just doesn't add up. I am guessing these vampire chicks are likely infected as well. But you can just tell Capcom is desperate for new ideas. It's sometimes better for things to simply end, as opposed to carrying on for years and years, just for the hell of it.

Also, in RE7, they made up this ridiculous storyline where Umbrella came back. However, the catch is that their logo is blue now, and they are seemingly the good guys. It's honestly all just being done to milk the franchise, which more or less ended after RE5. Essentially, the primary storyline ended after Wesker died.


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RE8 is a complete and utter embarrassment to the franchise. Do you want to know why?

Vampires and lycanthropes ain't got anything to do with the series. Sure, they aren't stereotypical vampires, I know. But it's still stupid.

Like, seriously. Everybody was simping over that stupid mistress of the castle, Lady Dimitrescu. Yet it turned out she was in the game for a relatively small amount of time.

Not only that, I think the Duke is absolutely ridiculous. In fact, even the merchant from RE4 is dumb as well. How the hell can they set up stalls in the middle of nowhere anyway? That isn't survival horror. It's action. And the games shouldn't have a shopping system either. The whole point of these games is that you find things, by yourself, while perhaps receiving occasional support.

Not to mention, Capcom steals people's ideas, false advertises, and whatnot. On the case, they say this is the eighth installment. But it's not. There's 0 and CVX. But of course, they don't make Capcom any money any more, so they've quietly moved on from that era.

What a disgrace!


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Honestly this is probably up there for best in series, with 4 and 2Remake. Compared to 7 which had an amazing start and ended on good, this game's weakest part is the opening and once you fully get in control is consistently fun to play.

I was always worried 6 would have killed the series because it just did almost everything wrong, and 7 was just such a cool re imagining without too much focus on what came before.

The only real issue is Ethan is a meh protagonist, but Village does at least improve from 7 in that regard.


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Man, this YouTuber is so fond of Capcom now.

This was the same guy who said about 4 years ago, that they should be boycotted for ruining the franchise.

Like, seriously. Why the change of heart?

In the last half hour of the stream, he thought the dude with sunglasses was actually Leon. This is what happens to the best ones. They sell themselves out. :D

You have to kind of know the history with him...

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I just beat the game the other day, and I thought it was pretty good. RE4 and RE2 remake are my favorite games in the series, but RE8 is very fun. It's definitely up there with my other favorite RE games. I really enjoy the 1st person point of view in the game, and in RE7. Honestly, I think that RE7 was great from start to finish as well.

The Village in RE8 is laid out good. I like Vampires, so I was happy to see them in the game.

There's something in the game that I found very creepy, but I'll spoiler tag it.

The baby monster in the Doll House is a thing of nightmares. I was relieved when I escaped that thing haha. I have to hand it to Capcom. That monster really scared the life out of me.


8 was a great game for me in my first playthrough. But, after the fact, you realize what they left behind, how they didn’t really take advantage of the characters and scenarios they created. It leaves me wanting to wish they had let it simmer for another year. You can make the levels more complex, more linear, or improve them. The storyline is fine, but I have issues with it. Add some variety to gameplay and segments and you'll have a great game.
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